Asian countries such as Korea and Japan are the cutting-edge of brand new hairstyles and amazing fashion. If you want your hair to be “on point”- as they say now and days- have a look at these best hairstyles, that range from unique and wild to Korean Pop Trendy.

Wild Child

If you would like your hair not to be so simple, but to be a little more edgy, then this hairstyle is the perfect one for you! This pointy and whacky hairstyle with short straight sides will be the hottest of 2017. A perfect example is Korean star Kim Sung-Kyu who rocks the style without any effort, whatsoever.

The Messy Medium

The Messy Medium hairstyle is the traditional Japan/Korean undergraduate look. It is a medium length messy hairstyle that has a lot of jazz. With using a few products such as Gatsby hair wax is completely essential to getting the school-boy look with this hairstyle.

College Boy

This is one of my current favorite Asian men hairstyles. With a medium length fade with a long top and extremely short sides, this hairstyle is sure to attract some attention from the right people. Do not forget to brush the top of your hair to the side (which is very similar to an undercut) to give it the added look.

Samurai Bun

With the extreme vast popularity of the men bun hairstyle, it is only fair if we go straight to the origins! This asian men hairstyle is a man bun featuring a little bit of hair hanging off your face. The samurai bun becomes truly jaw-dropping, if only you have the angular facial features to pull it off.

The K-Pop Hairstyle
The K-Pop Hairstyle

This asian men hairstyle is similar to a Justin Bieber haircut (when he first started his musical career, that is.) It features heavily layered hair with straightened up sides. This is very similar to the angular fringe hairstyle with shaved sides that has recently spiked up popular in K-Pop.

Jin’s Messy Curtain Hair
Jin's Messy Curtain Hair

Even though the BTS member can be notorious for his colorful hair dyes, we see him here with a more natural and reserved look that favors his features.

Textured French Crop with Taper_
Textured French Crop with Taper

This crisp French crop works perfectly with a clean shave to create the ultimate Asian guys’ hairstyle. The high taper really kicks it up a notch, too.

French Crop with Straight Bangs_
French Crop with Straight Bangs

Here’s another French crop in action — just this time a little more free-flowing. The messy, unkempt sides and top make this an easier style to pull off day after day.

Classic Back Slicked with Taper_
Tapered Classic Slick Back

This classic slick should fall into every Asian guy’s classy hairstyle repertoire. Whether it’s for the club or church is up to you, but how will you style the sides?

Sie Part
Neat Side Part

It’s the extra long sides that give this Asian hairstyle a classic look to it. While you’ll need a little more time getting ready in the morning, you’ll have a formal style guaranteed to impress even the pickiest boss!

Messy style with a disconnect undercut
Messy style with a disconnect undercut

This wild, messy style with long locks on top is perfect for the younger crowd. Trimmed sides help to make the most out of a simple face shape.

Slicked Back Undercut – Asian Men Hairstyles
Slicked Back Undercut

Who says the legendary undercut can’t work for Asian guys? This carefully slicked-back style is ultra cool, and definitely not too difficult to pull off!

Classic Taper
Classic Taper

A simple tapered style will work for anyone. Here, a little bit of gel is used to create extra volume and slightly more exciting curves, but you can play with this cut however you like.

s_bukley /
Asian Angular Fringe Style
Angular Fringe

The angular fringe is one of our favorite longer hairstyles, especially for Asian guys. It’s easy and looks fun — what’s not to like?

Side Swept with Taper Fade
Side Swept with Taper Fade

Sweep any haircut off to the side and it’ll look good. Here, though, the quiff is carefully architected for added style points!

French Crop with Subtle Taper Fade
Tapered Classic Cut

Brushing a crew cut forwards is an easy way to create the French crop vibe in shorter haircuts, and we love how it looks with these close-cut, tapered sides.

French Crop with Taper Fade
Silent Taper Fade

Speaking of shorter, brushed hairstyles, this tapered classic is an easy Asian guy hairstyle to fall in love with. It really shows how a little bit of texture can elevate any old style!

Neatly Side Brushed Hair with Low Faded Sides
Neatly Side Brushed Hair with Low Faded Sides
Low Key Subtle Fade
Low Key Subtle Fade
Triangular Brush Up
Triangular Brush Up
Dape Angular Fringes
Dape Angular Fringes with Textured Spikes
Wavy French Crop
Wavy French Crop
Combed Pompadour
Combed Pompadour
Combed Up with Undercut Taper Fade
Combed Up with Undercut Taper Fade
Textured Angular Fringe with Taper Fade
Textured Angular Fringe with Taper Fade
Touseled Spiky Texture
Touseled Spiky Texture
Burst Fade with Side Fringe
Burst Fade with Side Fringe
Centered Part with Longer Hair
Centred Part with Longer Hair
Denis Makarenko /
Simple French Crop with Mini Fringes
Simple French Crop with Mini Fringes
Levelled French Crop
Levelled French Crop
Asian Man Hairstyles
High Skin Fade