On one Friday evening in September of 1984, the world was introduced to Sonny Crockett and it was never the same again. Crockett was an undercover cop on the ultra-cool Miami Vice show, and more importantly, he gave the world the stubble beard. This meant that every day, Crockett showed up to work and it hadn’t looked like he had shaved for three days.

He never had a full beard. He never was clean-shaven. He only had a stubble beard. From that day on, men have been pointing to Crockett as their inspiration for not shaving for a few days.

Calvin Harris Signature Stubble
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Calvin Harris’ Signature Stubble

While dancing up the EDM and pop charts, Calvin Harris is a dreamy DJ to many. Here, he shows that not shaving for a week or so is still a very sexy look.

Stubble to Beard Fade

Stubble to Beard Fade

This straight-from-the-salon sky-high pompadour looks great when two or three days worth of finely shaped stubble is below the skin fade.

Side Burn Fade and Stubble

Sideburns Fade and Stubble

There is a very fine line of a few days of not shaving and then a full beard. This fade at the sideburn area walks that line perfectly.

Kellan Lutz’ 5 O’Clock Shadow
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Kellan Lutz Five O’Clock Shadow

When he’s not playing a vampire in the Twilight series, Kellan Lutz is growing his five o’clock shadow, and wooing the ladies while doing it.

Light Stubble and Pomp

Light Stubble and Pomp

The pompadour is looking very in for 2020. Add to that a little nostalgia in the form of the stubble beard, and you have a great look for modern times.

Robert Pattinson’s Stubble
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Robert Pattinson's Stubble

Robert Patterson is finally making a name for himself outside the Twilight saga with his acting, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t have the time to shave and really work the stubble beard.

Mustache and Super Short Stubble

Mustache and Super Short Stubble

Part porn star, part construction worker just getting off work, this guy looks like he cleans up really well with the mustache and stubble.