10+ Exclusive Men’s Slicked Back Side Part Hairstyles

Slicked back hairstyles for men have been popular for over 100 years, especially since the creation of water based pomades. In the 1930’s, the slicked back side part hairstyle was created and kept very flat by the use of a lot of oil, and oil based pomade. Today, however, with the variety of hair products available, many different looks can be achieved.

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In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the popular hairstyle was the Quiff. It was a popular variation to the pompadour hairstyle that many greasers would wear. The quiff featured a slicked back side part, but with some of the height and angle of the Pompadour and a touch of a Mohawk look.

For many years, the side swept has been dominating the realm of slicked back side part hairstyles. Men from differing lifestyles have made this style popular since the early 1900’s. It has even been seen in Hollywood more recently on Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Great Gatsby.

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How to get the Slicked Back Side Part Hairstyle

The side swept is created by using a medium shine pomade and parting the hair, then combing it as flat as possible while making sure to curve along the direction of growth to blend in any cowlicks. By using a wide-tooth comb and a strong pomade on the hair, this hairstyle is possible even for men with curly hair.

By parting the hair at the corner of the forehead, or at the arch of the brow, a deep part can be created which works well with a textured side sweep. This hairstyle is very popular this year and with a strong-hold pomade and a sweep back and up of the hair, a very strong look is created.

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Some things to remember when creating a slicked back side part hairstyle are:

Use a sea salt spray mainly on the top section of hair to help tame the hair. Spray onto hair, then create the desired part. Blow dry hair, making sure to comb the front of the hair across the face, the sides toward the back, and the back down flat. Depending on desired look apply a hair wax, pomade, or wet look gel with hands and comb hair into place.

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Side part slicked back hairstyles are popular for nearly every face shape. Square faces will do well with a more angular style, while oval and oblong faces will do well with most styles as long as there is a more proportional cut, being not too long or too short on the top or sides. Oblong faces will also do well with a style that combs the hair onto the face to help balance the look. Round faces generally do well when adding volume and angles to the hairstyle, making sure not to have a blunt fringe, which can emphasize the round shape. Heart and diamond faces do well with a bit of length and a side swept look.

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The slicked back hairstyle with a side part is a timeless and versatile style, suitable for many men. It can be classic and reminiscent of the early 1900’s or updated to suit today’s styles. It can be modified for many facial shapes and should be considered by all as a worthy style.