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The Curtain Haircut – Fun Blast from the Past, or Infamous Blunder?


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In the dark days of the Macarena, Furby and annoying AOL dial-up noises, the center-parted curtain haircut reigned supreme.  Leonardo, Brad, JTT and Robbie Williams all famously sported one. It was a non-threatening, suburban take on the laidback surfer’s long drape.  But like prepackaged boy bands and acid wash jeans, the style seemed to fall out of favor around the early 2000s, only popping up on the heads of insufferable donuts like Shrek’s Prince Charming and pre-redemption Jaime Lannister (Season 8 doesn’t count). 

Recently the look seems to be making a comeback, though usually with subtle changes. Here’s some blast from the past examples and some modern takes on this infamous hairdo.

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