Some guys don’t want the fuss that comes with high maintenance hairstyles like the quiff or pompadour. They want to have a stylish cut, but they also don’t want to spend an hour in front of their bathroom mirror. That’s where the French Crop comes in.

Layered Top Skin Fade

The French Crop is a classic style that is one of the shorter men’s styles. It features short hair all around the head and a noticeable fringe. Many people confuse this haircut with the Caesar cut. While they are similar, the main difference is that the French crop features a long fringe, while in a Caesar cut, the fringe is short.

The French crop haircut is great for guys who want a low maintenance hairstyle. It’s a truly minimal cut that requires minimal styling. It also doesn’t require frequent trips to the barbershop to maintain. This cut is also especially nice for older gents with grey hair, as the cut complements the hair. The French crop is a great looking cut that’s easy to get, so read on for more information on this timeless style.

Skin Faded French Crop
by @tombaxter_hair / Instagram

What do I need for the French crop haircut?

The French crop is a shorter style, so you won’t need much hair for this cut. You’ll probably want one or two inches of hair in the front, and it will be shorter throughout.

One of the big advantages of the French crop is its flexibility. It works well with most face shapes (round perhaps being an exception) and hair types. If you have coiled hair, then a French crop will still work, but it will be tougher to manage.

Textured French crop
@z_ramsey / Instagram

How to Get the French Crop Haircut

Since the French crop is so similar to the classic Caesar cut, most barbers will be able to tackle the cut with just a little direction from you. Of course, you can just ask for “a Caesar cut with a long fringe,” but if you want to go more in depth, here’s what to say.

Ask for the sides to be clipped or cut, depending on the kind of texture you want. Consult with your barber to figure out which option is best for you. Also, the length of the French crop can vary, so make sure to bring in a picture so your barber can estimate the length of the sides and back.

Curls and Crop

For the hair on top, you have a couple of option. If you want more volume and texture, ask for the hair on top to be point cut. This creates a ragged look, and it’s ideal for taking out weight if you have thick hair. If you want a neat appearance, ask for the hair on top to be blunt cut. This allows for your hair to appear flat and tidy, so if your hair sticks up, go with blunt cutting.

If you want to take a super contemporary approach to this classic, ask for the sides and back to be clipped or cut shorter so they contrast with the top more.

Medium Skin Fade Textured Crop

Since it’s such a short cut, the French crop doesn’t require too much styling. You’ll need a pomade, gel, wax, or similar product. You’ll mostly style the hair on top in the front. Work the product into towel-dried, damp hair, and style to your liking.

Need more examples? Check the gallery below:
Soft Crop with Fade
Soft Crop with Fade

This French crop has short sides and a layered fringe for a sleek and modern look. While you don’t need the tattoos to complete this look, they definitely add a hipsterish youth to the style.

Simple To Spiky Convertible
Simple To Spiky Convertible

Hairstyles don’t need to be complicated to look good. This French crop, with some natural texture on top, is a textbook example of the style.

French Cut With Fangs Fringe
Fangs Fringe

If the basic French crop is a little too boring for your tastes, you can let some tufts grow out at the front. The resulting horn or fang-like appearance is fierce and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

French Crop with Clean Skin Fade
Clean Skin Fade

For the practical man, an ultra-short French crop is definitely the way to go. With a buzz cut on the sides, fading up and into a short, 1 to 2-centimetre crop, this cut is a winner in our books!

Long Fringe French Crop_
Long Fringe French Crop

In the hairstyling world, there are no set rules. Grow your fringe out and we’ll still let you call it a French crop, just like this 21st century spin on a classic hairstyle.

Strendy Irregular French Crop
Strendy Irregular French Crop

The French crop is absolutely one of the best styles for adding texture. Just some light strands on the top can take this haircut to another level.

Skin Faded Undercut
Skin Faded Undercut

Here’s another spin on the French crop. With a hefty fringe on top, under-cut real short on the sides, you’ll find this hairstyle surprisingly practical…

Crop and Fringe with Glasses
Crop and Fringe

Let your French crop part naturally on the fringe, and you’ll be left with a cool effect like this. Throw on some glasses and grow some light facial hair and you’re good to go!

french crop
Forehead Hide Cut with Faded Sides

For thicker hair, you can ruffle up the top of your French crop for a similar, rugged look. It contrasts brilliantly with the short sides, which is a major pro of the French crop in general.

Textured Top Short Fringe
Blonde Textured Crop

If you need something a little more reserved, your French crop can be a little less “French crop” and a little more “long on top, short on the sides!” It’s the texture that makes this look so cool, though.

Undercut with Hard Line
Undercut with Hard Line

As with any hairstyle, you can lines and partitions to create contrast and stand out from the crowd. Here’s how that looks with a French crop.

french crop
Very Subtle Front with Tapered Line Up

If you look at all the French crops on this list, you’ll notice that there are a lot of ways to approach the top hair that’s further back on your head. Let that grow out thick and this is the look you’ll get.

Disconnected Undercut with Modern Textured Crop
Disconnected Undercut with Modern Textured Crop

This is another disconnected French crop, but with bounds of texture added on top. Some tufts are going up, some are going sideways, some are going down. It’s messy and we love that.

Frech Crop
No Frills French Crop

This isn’t much of a variation on the French crop. It’s just a plain, old French crop. But it still looks pretty cool, right?

Messy French Crop with Fringes and Taper Fade
Blonde Angular Fringes with Fade

Let’s say you’re a free spirit, and you want to communicate that through your hairstyle. Here’s how you do it: get a French crop, leave the top long, and add plenty of spikes!

Textured Crop
French Crop with Light Spikes

Leave the top hair on your French crop nice and long, and you’ll have ample opportunity to immediately create new styles if you get bored. For this look, add spikes to the back, not the front.

Modern French Crop with Fade
Modern French Crop with Fade

The French crop is a hairstyle as old as the Roman times, if not older. To make it more modern, why not combine your crop with a faded undercut, like this?

Skin Faded French Crop
Wavy French Crop with Burst Fade

Embrace your wavy hair and leave it to curl up. That’s what this gentleman has done with his French crop hairstyle. The authentic look that results is definitely worthy of some praise.

Longer Textured Crop Red Hair
Longer Textured Crop

As another simple variation on the French crop, grow your hair to about 3 or 4 centimetres before getting the sides trimmed down close.

French Crop
Side Styled Short Front Fringe

The sides of your French crop don’t always have to be trimmed right down to the skin. Here, a little length on the sides plus the tiny tuft at the front is what sets this style apart from the rest.

Fresh and Short French Crop
Fresh and Short French Crop
Casual French Crop with Mullet
Casual French Crop with Mullet
Textured French Crop
The Hulk Highlights and Hard Line Design
Textured French Crop, by @z_ramsey / Instagram
Disconnected Top Crop with Sharp Fade_
Disconnected Top Crop with Sharp Fade
Dyed French Crop and High Fade, Yes Please
Dyed French Crop and High Fade, Yes Please
Textured French Crop
Laid Back Spiky Texture
French Crop
Uneven Front Fringe
Simple French Crop with Messy Top
Simple French Crop with Messy Top
French Crop with Sleek Drop Fade
French Crop with Sleek Drop Fade
French Crop
Natural Textured Top and Short Fringe
Skin Faded French Crop
Medium Fringe and Voluminous Top
Skin Faded French Crop, by @spukthebarber / Instagram
French Crop with Coarse Hair
French Crop with Coarse Hair, by @aaron_kiely_hair / Instagram
Fringe Hairstyle + French Crop
Classic Medium Fringe and Side Line Designs
Fringe Hairstyle + French Crop, by @anton_marchenko_ / Instagram
French Crop
Straight Medium Fringe
Crop straight fringe Beard
Textured Crop over Hairline
Manicured Long Beard and French Crop
Manicured Long Beard and French Crop
Lonely Comet Side Design
Lonely Comet Side Design
Color Disconnected French
Color Disconnected French
Messy Top with Mild Line Up
Messy Top with Mild Line Up
Choppy French Crop
Choppy French Crop