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Top Afro Hairstyles for Men in 2022 (Visual Guide)

Go big or go home.


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The afro is a legendary haircut for men. Everybody knows at least one 80s song or movie featuring a cool guy with a big afro on his head, and it’s up to you to continue that stereotype. With that said, there are dozens of approaches to the humble afro; we’ve compiled some of our favorites in this image gallery, so you can choose the perfect contender.

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Trendy Afro Hair with Shaved Pattern

Who doesn’t like art and that too when combined with a hairstyle, it is bliss. The afro hair here is divided between the top and the temple sides. The top is all brushed up and the sides are patterned with combinations of slits shaves, tapers, and fades.

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@nickbarford/ Instagram

Fine Fade with United Thin Afro

This square afro is short on the sides and neatly managed along the hairline. The light facial hair gives a punk-ish look with endless character.

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@the_ramsey / Instagram

High Faded Temple Fade

One only needs this in life, I mean just look how perfect the style looks. The sides are nicely tapered and then subtly faded towards the temple. The top is curled afro hair but dense enough to look like a brush without being one. Those angular line ups though, always get the attention.

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@mattjbarbers / Instagram

Coconut Tree Afro Curls

Is that coconut tree cut with that amazing matte gold dye? The undercut on the sides is quite good as it pulls the attention to the very unique top. Slapped on with a taper and a mid fade is just so much better.

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@dencioaguilar/ Instagram

Classic Brush Up

Is it to increase height by 2 inches? No, just kidding but having brush up with those semi braided strands are just outta the usual world. The sides make it better by having an almost high fade and a tapered line up. It cannot get any better.

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@hartbarbering/ Instagram

Low Bust Temple Fade

Usually, the bowl cut is not paired with a low fade or any sort of undercut but this one looks new. Not only that but the tattoos on the neck compliment the beard which in return compliments the face and the haircut. Don’t forget to have an equal volume all across.

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@dannyandcobarbers / Instagram

Flat Top

Well, flat top, yes but slightly concaved and that adds that extra flair to the classic flat top. Plus the sides are taper faded with no line ups. How often do we see that? Not too often, also not to forget that clean hairline.

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@cant_be_faded/ Instagram

Clean Buzz Cut with Faded Sides

Buzzcut makes the buzz if done correctly, and here to make it even better the sides are taper faded but it is not just that. The low fade with neckline fade brings all the fun towards the top with waves on the top are the best. Afro hair is best when that detailing is done right.

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@kevinluchmun/ Instagram

Elevated Afro with Strict Undercut

How cool is this, that elevation to the left is just something one would not see every other day. Next, the hard part on the side makes everything so obvious and clean plus the straight hairline is just a banger. See that shaved line? That is what makes it modern.

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@jodytaylorhair/ Instagram

Irregular Strands

Strands are a super outgoing motif for any afro. These medium-long length strands stick out in every which way for a very vibrant afro look.

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@barber.theory/ Instagram

High Fade with Volume on Top

High fade really does justice when it comes to sleek looks, like here. The top is high volume with thin afro curls all cramped together. The temple fade makes it neat that in return helps make way for the beard.

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Old School Afro

We think the best afros are the old school afros that look like they’re fresh out of 80s Los Angeles. It’s big, it’s messy, and it goes great with those glasses!

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DFree /

Donald Glover's Afro

Apparently it’s not just cool actors from the 80s that wear afros, since Donald Glover is man enough to wear this wild and frizzly cut.

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s_bukley /

Drake's Short Afro

The short afro is almost it’s own haircut. It’s incredible how sharp you can look with just an afro hairstyle, a little facial hair, and a black bow tie.

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@xbigwesx / Instagram

Frizzly Afro with High Fade

Trimming the sides of an otherwise big and messy afro creates a totally different look. It might be classified as a mohawk at this point, but there’s one thing we know for sure: it’s fun and it’s unique.

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Luna Vandoorne/

Afro with Top Bun

Did you know you can tie your afro into a man bun? This rare men’s afro hairstyle combines the best features of two controversial styles: the afro and the bun. We love it, and, as an added bonus, you can switch to and from this style whenever you like.

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by @travisanthonyhair / Instagram

Low Fade with Short Curls and Line up

Here’s another short afro, this time styled for extra flare. The clean-cut hairlines and soft side fade are what really do the trick (plus that earring!).

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mattjbarbers /

Skin Fade Flat Top Afro

Technically speaking, this men’s afro hairstyle is extremely similar to the previous one. In practice, added length on top, an out-facing shape, and a skin-close fade on the sides gives off a youthful vibrance.

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z_ramsey /

Mid skin afro with line up

This is another top heavy afro hairstyle, but this time there’s a disconnected line up trimmed in for a little je ne sais quoi. As always, the length of the fade is entirely up to you.

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@ pedrinho_cabeloearte/ Instagram

High volume Afro Top with Faded Temple

This voluminous afro is carefully shaped for a youthful, yet reserved, modern look. The result is a style fit for city life, especially in the warmer weather.

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@sean_the_barber_ / Instagram

High Volume Afro Top with Mid Fade

Flat tops are getting very common these days but what makes it fun is the little variants that everyone pairs it up with. Here, the sides are high faded and that line up is quite small which is cute in a way. Notice the temple fade? Smooth.

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@rancejohn / Instagram

Broken Line Up with Shaved Temple

How often we see a lineup cut into half, almost never I guess but here we are this look fresh out of the fashion. The top is dense and brushing it up makes it look wholesome. The sides are low faded and that gives it a very neat outlook.

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@louistheiii/ Instagram

Line Up with Taper Fade

The recipe for this one is quite simple: Start with a dense curled afro top and add a shaved slit in the middle, then move on to sides and mid fade, remember to do it cleanly and then have those line up carved pretty angular.

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Top Heavy Long Afro

This afro hairstyle is a great example of just how easily you can manipulate the length of an afro. It features long, curly top hair which stands proud and shorter side hair to better suit this face shape.

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@criztofferson/ Instagram

Line Up with Low Fade

This hair texture is a mix of silky and afro hair strands. The combination of both results in this plus if you add those semi curled strands then it is perfect. Brush them up and taper fade them along with the line up makes the top look dense while sides tapered.

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@jelle.vissers/ Instagram

Bowl Top with Burst Fade

Check out this bowl top, and notice how different it looks with the sides trimmed close. As with all undercuts, this is a youthful twist on the base hairstyle.

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@evan_thebarber/ Instagram

Taper Fade with Mild Line Up

High fade with faded line up added temple fade and high volume on top what else could one ask for? This texture on the top makes it so much better and don’t miss those details with the hairline, that straight line makes it perfect.

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@nastybarbers/ Instagram

Symmetric Curly Afro Hair

Here’s a unique, curly afro with a line-up at the hairline. It’s short, cool, and different. This is definitely a good introduction to the world of afros.

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@patty_cuts / Instagram

Mo-Hawk with Eagle Paws

This afro is extra special, with its scraggly faux-hawk down the middle and even some light hairline designs. Just add gold chains for maximum impact!

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Trendy Afro Buzz Cut with Shaved Slit

Is this what we call “Perfectionism”? I think so, everything here is top-notch. The lineup is angular and sharp with a hairline straight as a line. The shaved slit on the forehead makes it very trendy and hippie. The sneaky temple fade blends in with the beard quite well.

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@cglcuts/ Instagram

Shapely Afro

Here’s another bowl-shaped afro. This classic look is super simple, and we think it’ll work for most guys. The clean shave is a cool touch in this slightly more elegant variant of the style.

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@xbigwesx / Instagram

Brush Up Taper Fade

Here’s another undercut-esque afro, with a long, brushed-up top and skin-close sides. This is an awesome, free-spirited look, especially for younger guys.

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@lucas_kemper_hair/ Instagram

Afro Top Knot with Faded Sides

Speaking of combining two worlds, ever wondered what it would look like to combine the trendy man bun with an afro? Look no further: this is the distinctive appearance it creates.

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@yakuzabarber/ Instagram

Faded Line Up with Dense Top

Why not combine the best of two worlds: the afro and the undercut? Short on top and shorter on the sides, this clean afro works great with and without facial hair.

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@seuelias / Instagram

Hardline Design on Relaxed Afro

We love this natural, relaxed afro. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a long-ish afro, but the hairline and eyebrow design adds an eye-catching flare.

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@ceejayfadez/ Instagram

Flat Top with Clean Line Up

Flat tops are definitely a thing and combine it with a small line up and that thin temple makes it a whole style. Moreover, the key to this style is the attention to the details. You can also have a temple fade in here which would look pretty cool.

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