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60 Stylish Modern Mullet Hairstyles for Men

A haircut that will make your appearance remarkable


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The modern mullet can refer to quite a few different men’s hairstyles. While a mullet on its own is defined by long hair all over, especially at the back, a modern mullet is shorter on top and the sides.

The mullet is often seen as an out-of-date, unattractive style, but if you can wear it right then, it does look the part. Here is what you need to know to make the modern mullet work for you.

Is Mullet Coming Back?

The quick answer to this is “Yes.” Formal in the front and party at the back is returning.

Various athletes and actors first rocked this hairstyle to signify style and a non-mainstream look. It has been a blend of a meeting room with a nightclub due to its look, which is different from top that to from the back.

Mullet’s focal points are those strands at the back which try to pop out of the cluster, making it look like a bunch of strands all over the place where the top is orderly short haircut.

Some people believe that this retro look will look amazing on people having longer face structure as the hair gets area to expand and cluster.

Modern applications of Mullet with faded sides or brushed up top will surely innovate the classic look so get ready for some new versions of mullet.

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What is the Modern Mullet?

The modern mullet is characterized by two things, a long mullet (i.e. a lengthy body of back-hair and short side-hair) and medium length front and top hair. The word ‘modern’ in this haircut simply refers to the shorter hair at the front, so you are left free to style it however you please.

Because the term ‘modern mullet’ is so broad, you might see it describing quite a few different cuts. Just remember that it’s a mullet with a short-ish top, however it may be styled.

monroedelsolehair / Instagram

How Do You Style This Cut?

The modern mullet takes quite a bit of length off of the standard mullet, but there’s still more than enough to style with. You can do this however you like, but here are some good suggestions to start with:

  1. Brush or comb it to one side
  2. Gel it up and towards one side
  3. If long enough, comb and/or gel it back
  4. Gel it up into spikes (while this may be seen as a bit too ’90s, it’s still a possibility)

While those suggestions only pertain to the top, you can try styling the mullet itself in a few different ways. You can leave it to drop down, bunch it up into a ponytail, or flare it out.

How Do You Get The Modern Mullet?

If you want to try the modern mullet, you’re going to need some relatively long back hair to start with. You’ll need to have your hairstylist — or whoever else may be cutting your hair — cut the front and sides to your desired length.

Typically, the modern mullet involves relatively short sides (up to an inch or two) and a somewhat longer front and top (between one and three inches).

As for the back, you can choose how long you want to keep it. Then, you’ll need your stylist to fade the long back hair into the shorter top hair.

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Beckam's On Field Hand Tossed Strands

This tasteful take on the mullet uses a messy foundation to create a natural appearance all over. While some mullets can look like two hairstyles smashed together, this mullet is seamlessly connected from front to back.

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@ renjworld / Instagram

Retro Peaking Mullet

Mullet doesn’t always have to be a foot long. This one is quite a subtle look, mullet is subtle and the top is quite chill too. The French crop feel to it is perfect.

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@tailorfade/ Instagram

Blonde Retro Yet Hip Mullet

There is just so much to talk about this, first, the temple is faded for that tattoo to shine bright, second, the forehead fringe just reminds of the french crop with that tossed top, it just gets better every time. next the pocky stranded mullet is just perfect to give that retro yet hipster vibe with this hairstyle.

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@ thedeadface/ Instagram

Semi Curled Medium Strands

Slight curls are very cool and especially when done this way, which is slightly touseled and yet controlled on the top by short length and tapered on the sides. The temple is faded which is common in a mullet but here it makes more sense as it balances the dense volume on the back.

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@arcaicos_barberia/ Instagram

Classic Retro Mullet Look

The classic masculine look from the ’70s-’80s is herewith some extra styling on top. The top is mix curled brought together with sides kept longer without any taper or fade so as to bring it back. The mullet is the highlight of the show with that extra length and rough texture.

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@mulletdragon/ Instagram

Blonde Highlighted Tossed Mullet

This mullet is all about the good volume that is used to apply a touseled look which gives a very less maintenance undertone. Moreover, the combination of black to blonde is very hipsterish that adds an extra layer of panache. And to finish things off that stubble comes in handy.

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@ jessecoltonhenry/ Instagram

Long Top with Short Mullet

We heard of log top and short sides but adding a mullet on the back is certainly a gesture. It shows how one can blend old and new look altogether moreover the dye on top is what separates the flat hair from the spiked ones. The sides are slightly tapered to maintain the volume.

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@r.braid / Instagram

Sharky Fringed Top with Fancy Mullet

Where do we start with this fashion statement? The top is all tossed with sharky fringe. The sides are undercut and fade on the sides. The mullet is what makes it pop real good and the mustache makes it even better.

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@skillsthebarber / Instagram

Semi Curled with Chopped Temple

Side sweep comes in many forms and this is one of them. The top is semi curled which increases volume by slight or so. The sides are slightly tapered in layers for that stealthy look. The mullet here is quite subtle which makes everything so neat!

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@jarredsbarbers / Instagram

Thin Mullet

A mullet can be super voluminous or kept simpler by leaving the hair shorter. We all can agree that something in this style blends perfectly with the latest fashion trends.

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@ david.fad3z/ Instagram

Curly Back with Temple Faded Mullet

Temple fade is something that instantly pops out and grabs the attention tray. The mullet here is curled for more panache with the top being pushed back. The pushback is subtle yet makes a style statement.

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@ marcovfialho/ Instagram

Subtle Mullet with Fancy Temple

Just when we thought about how mullet can be made fancier, this slit pattern comes right in to excite us even more. The top is fairly subtle with a chill French Crop top with a pocky top.

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@ marcovfialho/ Instagram

Long Strands Make the Best Mullet

More often it is the tops with short hair length that make up a nice mullet but here it is quite a different one. The top is fairly long as it reaches the back whilst the back is similarly extended to form a curled mullet. 

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@dsj_oxb/ Instagram

That Faded Temple with Thick Beard

We always strive to strike a balance between hair and beard. The volume density on top with a beard is where the fun is. The fade on the sides makes this look neat overall whereas the top is all tossed with length kept relatively short.

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@ blackriverbarbershop/ Instagram

Mullet and Mustache is a Couple

Mullet and mustache is quite a bold style statement here. The top is quite casual with the french crop feel to it. The mustache here is grown pretty good whereas everything else is quite shaved. This look is borderline hipster-ish.

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@iamdanielwinter / Instagram

Frizzed Short Mullet with Brushed Up Top

The mullet is quite short here especially since the rest of the volume is quite grown. The top is brushed up with sides being slightly tapered with a temple blending into the beard for a balanced look overall.

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@collinanthonyhair/ Instagram

Dense Curled Mullet with French Crop

One of the fanciest mullets we have seen in a while but the volume here steals the show. The hair is thin but fluff is what separates it from other styles. The French crop and the mullet are very thick but the curls is what helps the style pop.

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@jodytaylorhair/ Instagram

Strands All Over The Place

A flashy twist on this 80s classic, this tousled mullet has a bit of a blown-out look that tosses strands all over. This style works especially well with wavy hair.

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@jarredsbarbers / Instagram

Frizzy Top with Manly Mullet

This mullet is a gem on so many levels, first, the taper faded sides with the top being all long and thick makes an impression. Next, the temple fade, although a subtle move is a good one, next the mullet itself is so long that one can hardly not notice it. All of this and then to top it off with some highlight dye is perfect!

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@hugolartiste / Instagram

Flying Side Part with Mullet

One of the craziest mullets we have seen in a while with the side part flying out of the park. The sides are also kept longer where they are pushed back with some product and the back is left to grow long.

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@cutsbycameron / Instagram

Hard Parted Mid Part

While most hairstyles incorporate one or two “designer” trends, this mullet style incorporates four: two hard parts (on the top and side), a double-flanged fringe, and dyed tips.

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@jeremywexlerhair / Instagram

Mullet w/Drop Fade

A good way to contrast the length of the mullet is to shorten the sides considerably. The best way to do this is with an extreme fade like the drop fade shown here.

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@glennmcgoldrick / Instagram

The Retro Mullet with Frizzy Top

For a full-on retro look, try out this cropped mullet that features a short, messy top and larger mullet “wings” for a vintage-inspired appearance.

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@cutsbycameron / Instagram

Pushed Back Top with Curled Mullet

This richly textured mullet pairs a brushed-back style on top with tangled curls in the back. This combination of textures adds an interesting touch that you won’t find in many haircuts.

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@z_ramsey / Instagram

Vertical Hair and Mullet

If you want a haircut that combines today’s high-volume cuts with the longer styles of yesterday, you might like this look that has a quiff in the front that terminates in a short mullet.

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@rumbarber / Instagram

Blonde Brush Up with Taper Fade

This brush-up is an interesting take on the mullet; rather than making the mullet the focus, it places the spotlight on the short quiff and uses the mullet as an accessory.

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@jelle.vissers / Instagram

Fancy Mullet with Undercut Top

This look reminds me of those styles from that rider group. The hair from top to bottom is quite exquisite with the top being tossy. The sides are undercut with that dye match with a mustache. This is pure art and a work of detail.

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@skillsthebarber / Instagram

Puffy & Curly Mullet

Here’s a mullet option that’s great for men of all ages. The mullet itself is airy and curly, while a sharp fade adds some definition.

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@anthonythebarber916 / Instagram

Rusty Flat Top and Mullet Yes Please

Flat Top by itself is quite a jazzy hairstyle but when paired with a cheeky mullet it becomes even better. This is a blend of two retro hairstyles and nothing about it is subtle, which is quite special.

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@krispyfades/ Instagram

Next Level Asian Mullet

For those of you with thicker hair, this style will really let you show it off. This is one of the longest mullets on this list, so if you really want to channel 1987, this one’s for you.

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@ jediclippertricks / Instagram

Curled Mullet with Tapered Temple

Looking for a shorter, subtler mullet? Give this one a try. The mullet consists of thick curls that only hang past the ear a little, which gives the hair a tidier appearance.

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@chadius_maximus / Instagram

Frizzy and Pocky Asian Mullet

This short and spiky mullet combines the classic spiky look with a short mullet. What’s great about this haircut is that the mullet is a natural extension of the spiky look.

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@jarredsbarbers / Instagram

Peacock Colorful Mullet with Temple Fade

Temple Fade can be very skillfully made very artistic with the strands being dyed to some glowing colors. The golden pinkish dye brings out the pop in the style. The temple fade supported the clean look here.

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@evan_thebarber / Instagram

Blonde Wavy Mullet

Is this a blend between less maintenance and funky. The sides are faded to bring the tattoo to pop out. The top is semi french crop with the back being semi curled. The texture is rough and yet the strand is lively. The dry hair products work wonders.

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@transformationcuts/ Instagram

Modern Temple faded Shaved Slit

This is what modern hairstyle looks like, the undercut on the side is just a smart move in order to separate sides with that cheeky taper fade. Moreover, the slit shave makes it more trendy and the curled mullet in the back is where all the attention is.

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@ hair_bykami/ Instagram

Dense Curled Goodness

Let’s start with all the fun stuff on top and sides. The undercut is subtle but helps to differentiate sides from the top. That being said the density of the curls is show stoppers. The top is slightly less thick than the back so as to emphasize the mullet.

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@havanaclub_barbers / Instagram

Not Your Usual Mullet

Wow! Where do we start, first is the shaved slit Jesus. That being said the temple is drop faded with a bling low fade. The texture is semi curly with messy tied with the neckline being faded. The Mullet is curled at the end that adds extra panache.

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@kevinluchmun / Instagram

Some Burgundy Undertone and Mullet

This eye-catching style uses a crisp medium fade and long, luscious locks to create a mullet style like no other.

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@thebarbercole/ Instagram

Buzzed Mullet with Temple Taper

Mullet with some rough thick strands is always fun as it stays in place and when topped with this thick buzz cut makes everything sick and in proportion. The sides are tapered and not completely faded so as to have that balanced face.

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@ sa__tc.hu/ Instagram

Intense Mullet with Blonde Shades

Not your usual mullet here especially when we see the top is semi-french cropped and curled a tad. The sides are just layered for that volume to show up. The mullet here is blonde dyed with temple rusty blonde which is quite a unique look to go for.

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@figarosbarbershoplisboa / Instagram

Long Haired Mullet with Retro Feels

Mullet is an instant receipe to a retro look. The long haired top makes it one whole unified look. The side burns here are extended in the good old 80’s times. Not to mention the mustache is that last KO punch for the retro style.

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@collinanthonyhair/ Instagram

Dense as Amazon Forest

Density is that one word that comes to mind when one sees this style. The balance of hair to beard is quite special especially the sides are tapered. All of that plus the beard is quite thick and dense for that balance.

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@poolethebarber / Instagram

Pocky Thinned Mullet with Temple Fade

Mustache with tattoos and a punky dope mullet, can one ask for more? No! The temple being taper faded makes it all weigh at the back with the top being almost buzz cut. Moreover, the back is tossed and casual. All of it with the oomph of tattoo near the temple, dang this is godly!

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@iamdanielwinter / Instagram

Pompadour with Mullet For Life

Here comes the retro-styled classic mullet. The top as always is a sleek pompadour with the temple being tapered which is just enough to blend with the beard. Next up the mullet itself which has a controlled volume yet, in the end, is longer with curl. Don’t miss the sharp line ups!

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@DTownBarbers / Instagram

Braided Mullet or Braids with Bullet?

Braids with Mullet? Surely the bar has been raised here. The sides being gently tapered and slightly faded towards the end. The braids go all the way along with the end being slightly loose making it a distinct mullet but don’t you miss the line ups and neckline. It’s all in detail folks.

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@darth_fader_12 / Instagram

Wavy Temple Faded Mullet

Here’s a more relaxed style that uses the natural waviness of the hair to create a cascaded mullet. A well-done temple fade adds some tidiness on the sides.

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@adribarbeiro/ Instagram

Neat Undercut Mullet with French Crop

Mid Fade is something that we have seen but ever heard of mid undercut? And here we are with a chill mullet that is slightly curled. The top is french cropped with a slit side.

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@gabi.barber/ Instagram

Undercut Pushed Back Long Mullet

Long hair is very versatile but this will always be a cool hairstyle as it blends with a very retro look. The slightly curled texture brings everything together with the top being long. The hair is quite thin which makes it easy to grow yet maintain volume. Mullet in these situations is the best.

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@ gammaplusuk/ Instagram

Thick Rusty Mullet with High Fade

Thick mullets are always on fire and this one literally looks like it is. The high fade on the side with semi curled thick textures make it perfect. The lineup is tapered a bit with a sharp angular fade.

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@benwardscissorhands / Instagram

Retro Mullet with Quiff

For a retro-meets-modern look, try out this style that combines a wavy quiff with a short mullet. This is a great option if you like the mullet but want something a bit formal.

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@joshcraig.hair / Instagram

Short Fringe Mullet

Keeping it shorter on the sides makes this variation of the mullet much fresher to wear than the classic look.

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@juliuscaesar / Instagram

Splayed Dyed Mullet

If you want to go all out and make a fashion statement with your hair, then this mullet might be for you. It features a gradually dyed look and mullet spikes that make this look a definite attention-grabber.

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@evandellbespokebarber/ Instagram

Dapper Mullet with Mini Brush Up

Brush-ups are the face of trendy styles with this high faded mullet is one cool style statement. The fashion has it, the subtle it is, the better it looks. This look is utterly inspired by that, it is subtle in a general sense but it only gets deeper.

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@nick_kinsley/ Instagram

Smash That High Fade with French Crop

High fades really give that neat outlook with that french crop coming in hot. The mullet here is quite short with an overall smaller length. All of that being said, the hair is kept quite short for a very managed look.

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@dencioaguilar/ Instagram

Pocky Thin Strands

Is this what a rockstar should look like in the beginner stage? Absolutely, the pocky strands all over the head are such a style. Plus the volume is quite good with mullet being long is quite a statement, don’t forget the layers and temple.

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@joshcraig.hair / Instagram

Drop Temple Faded Mullet

The sides are a very important part of style and that high fade with a temple fade with a semi drop fade is something that cannot be missed. Plus the top is kinda side swept with mullet starting from the top and being pocky all the way down.

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@reyesthebarber / Instagram

Styled Mullet and Drop Fade

Layers and pushed back dyed strands with dropped temple fade. The top is longer than the sides with strands being straight and thin. Using how hair products make all the difference. The really subtle low fade is just hard to miss.

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@havanaclub_barbers / Instagram

Mullet or Just a Long Pompadour?

Does this qualify for the most hippie mullet? Most probably yes! The undercut taper is just the beginning, the peculiar low fade seems so subtle yet so obvious. The line ups are carved with a steep drop fade with mullet being waxed and maintained quite well.

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@barbergreg/ Instagram

Flat Top with Mullet

This one comes straight from the land of style! A thin hair brush up on top with sides being tapered and not faded with mullet being brushed out. The key to this style is using hair products and keeping those sides short.

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@jelle.vissers / Instagram

Highlighted Mullet

Mullet with longer top with tapered sides with dyed highlights, wow there is so much going on in here. The temple aka sides are tapered but not too short whereas the top is significantly long and dashing. This is the style to go for if you are an aspiring rockstar or a cool person in general.

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@ evagoras_/ Instagram

Rough Mullet with Brushed Up Quiff

We hardly see two dense spots in one hairstyle but this here looks new and cool at the same time. The quiff at the top is dense and the mullet on the back is quite a balancer haircut. The thin hair makes this look controlled as it also has a tossed feel to it.

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@arcaicos_barberia/ Instagram

Classy Pompadoured Straight Mullet

Thin hair is done right, how else could one rock this combination? To start things off the cheeky pompadour on the top with sides pushed back gives a very retro yet classy look. All of that along with straightened mullet on the back makes it very much of a gentleman look.

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@nouhausalon/ Instagram

Candy Floss Mullet

Slight curls with candy-inspired colors make a very bright and optimistic hairstyle. Moreover, the blend of dye is what makes this one poppy and beautiful. And adding a mullet in this scenario makes it even further exciting. The black stubble beard makes it a balanced look.

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@adhbrand / Instagram

Pocky Mullet with Taper Faded Sides

If you’re after a neat and even style, this mullet might be your cup of tea. The hair on top and in the back is long and thick, but the sides are faded and seamlessly connect the beard and the hair.

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@themorningaftergroomingco/ Instagram

Shoulder Length Mullet

If you embrace the rocker style, you’ll probably like this shoulder-length mullet that features shaved lines in the side. Perfect for headbanging!

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@blackfishbry / Instagram

More than Buzz, Less than Long

Can it be any more retro than this? The classic mustache with sides faded slapped on with a short top and a long mullet. The top is brushed up with mullet is wavy yet rough-textured. Get on a muscle car and that’s all you need.

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@cutthroatsteve / Instagram

Short Mullet

This short variation is full of texture on the sides, keeping the traditional mullet shape but holding back the length.

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@ area_studio_/ Instagram

Buzzy French Crop with Hard Parted Fade

Can somebody not endorse this as the coolest Mullet? The sides are undercut faded with the top being semi french crop. That’s not it, the mullet has a rough and dry texture with side shaved hair part. All of it yet it is not too bling, amazing job!

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@barberobengie / Instagram

Flat Temple Faded Mullet

We all know the flat top, please welcome flat mullet. This is what one can do with rough dry texture hair. The back is totally flat with sides being mid fade. The line up is sharply carved with the top being pushed back yet brushed up. Can one miss this?

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