Side swept undercut is an unusual variation on the undercut hairstyle that’s definitely not for everyone. In this version, the sides and back are trimmed short in the traditional undercut fashion. However, the top has several inches extra length. The hair in front can reach as far down as your chin or even past your chin. It’s a one-of-a-kind asymmetrical take on the undercut that combines the sophisticated look of the undercut with the bold look of long hair.

Undercut Long Hair
Credits: Braid Barbers

This is a nice hairstyle if you like long hair but desire the aesthetic of the undercut hairstyle. The hair on top can also be worn in a top knot, which is a version of the man bun. Despite its wild differences from other undercut variations, you can do quite a bit with it. However, it’s not the best hairstyle for the office.

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@adamjosephchase/ Instagram

How to Style the Side Swept Undercut

Since this is a super long style, it’s going to need a product with a heavy hold. Like the disconnected undercut, the side swept undercut requires volume. The Suavecito Firme and Layrite Super Hold are excellent choices for this cut. Work the product in well and comb the hair to one side. This provides the asymmetrical look that’s key to the side swept undercut.

For more ideas check the gallery below:
Justin Bieber’s Side Swept Dyed Fringe
Justin Bieber's Side Swept Dyed Fringe

Justin Bieber has had his fair share of haircuts over the years, including this striking side swept undercut. The long strands of hair hanging down in front are instantly noticeable and give this style a unique impact.

DFree /
Drop Fade with Afro Disconnection
Drop Fade with Afro Disconnection

This fashionable combination of an afro and an undercut is a standout style. A large shaved part disconnects the two distinct styles and unifies the haircut.

Side Brushed Strands with Undercut Taper
Side Brushed Strands with Undercut Taper

Elegant yet fun, this trendy side swept look is an ideal option for guys who want a haircut with a generous dose of personality.

Skin Fade with Layers
Skin Fade with Layers

Here’s a more extreme style that almost enters faux hawk territory. The high fade and side-swept hair create a dramatic disconnect that sets this style apart.

Side Brushed with Undercut Taper Fade
Taper Faded Blonde Hair

Featuring a drop fade and finger combed hair, this preppy style is a great haircut for enjoying a day (or night) out.

Wavy Regulation Cut
Wavy Regulation Cut

This swoopy style demonstrates how the elements of an undercut can be stylishly modified. The dangling hair at the front perfectly suits the wavy motion of the cut.

Side Combed Taper Faded Ginger Hair
Crown Taper Fade

Thanks to a high side part, this style exposes the crown of the head, creating a unique circular focal point.

Modern Elephant Trunk
Modern Elephant Trunk

The elephant trunk has become a category of its own, categorized by a trunk-like strand of hair hanging in the front. This undercut uses a trunk to continue the motion created by the finger-combed hair.

Side Swept Undercut with Beard
Side Swept Undercut with Beard

If you’re after a very long and trendy style, look no further. An extreme skin fade emphasizes the cheek-length hair and long beard.

Undercut Curly Long Hair
Undercut Curly Long Hair

Another long and eye-catching style, this undercut relies on both length and volume. Again, a skin fade is used to place all the focus on the hair in the front and on top.

Blonde | Undercut, dyed, blow-dried
Blonde Highlights with Undercut

Firstly I want to address the contact lens somehow compliments the whole look of medium stranded loose pompadour with sides tapered with fade towards the temple. That also enters the low fade territory but those tattoos bring out the fade pretty well.

textured, side swept, anagular fringe
Textured Side Swept Angular Fringe

This side-swept qualifies as one of the trendiest ones you’ll find because of the medium-length strands which increase the thick texture on top. The sides are as always tapered but you won’t find any fade because sometimes less is more.

Side Brushed Open Puff
Side Brushed Open Puff

How often do you see thin hair with so much volume and this thick texture? Not often right, well here it is. The recipe is quite simple, run the hairdryer on the opposite side of the side sweep and then use hair wax to turn it the other way round to have that quiffed fluff. Don’t forget the taper faded sides which enhances the top.

Almost Elephant Trunked Blonde Hair
Almost Elephant Trunked Blonde Hair

Sleek thin hair grown into long strands on the top and a quiffed sweep make it look full of life. Next up here is the undercut with a taper on the sides and the loose stranded look brings up the volume although the hair texture is thin.

Bull’s Horns
Bull's Horns

So wait, there is an undercut then there is a taper fade plus the sleek side sweep with medium strands top. Interestingly, the strands are dyed towards the ends and that just bumps up the panache by whole lot. We haven’t even mentioned the classy mustache yet, that’s cherry on the cake.

Wavy Hair with Undercut Drop Fade
Wavy Hair with Taper Fade

Thick wavy hair on top with a fine mid fade is what we call suave style. The temple fade which is blended in the beard makes all the difference with stubble beard balances the whole face pretty well. The line up which is angular and sharp pops out just fine.

Dirty Blonde Side Swept_
Dirty Blonde Side Swept

There are so many small elements to this style that build-up to this whole combination of a street smart look. The big side sweeps with thin hair medium strands with sides being tapered is what makes all the attention to the top. Moreover, the dry blonde dye just makes it better.

Undercut Swaving Hair
Undercut Swaving Hair

The undercut with sides being taper faded with the temple being blended into the beard makes the overall look. The line up with a pointy sharp angle shows off the details and the nitty-gritty of the look. The silky medium stranded top with highlight dye, wait until the wind gushes through that hair.

Undercut Side Brushed with Tapered Sides
Side Quiff with Taper

The puffed quiff with medium stranded top with that thick volume gives a very dapper yet rugged look. Plus, the sides are tapered, and the undercut side sweep with a thick beard makes all the balance one needs. Using some hairdryer and hair wax together.

Side Swept Undercut
Undercut and hard Line Design

The hard part with thick side sweep looks trendy and modern. Adding up to it, the drop fade and tapered sides bring attention to the top. The highlight dye with a smoky rough texture makes it more fun. The shaved slit on the back compliments line up to makes it poppier.

side swept undercut
Medium Length Top with Undercut

Thick hair with dense volume plus added side sweep make this a perfect retro yet modern look. The low fade is extremely low and giving a slight drop fade tinge plus the lineup being so suave it cannot go unnoticed. The top is so intense it never brings less attention.

Side Swept Undercut
Mid Fade with Voluminous Quiff

Is that a low fade and mid fade? Maybe both with an essence of temple fade. Next up the tapered sharp line up, next, the top is like medium strands. The big curled top with tossed texture and silky hair makes it just fine.

Fringed Quiff with Undercut
Side Swept Taper Fade

The undercut in here is quite obvious with the sides being tapered although there is significant girth while blending it into beard to have one whole look. The top is thin hair but the long strands make it look dense and thick, don’t forget some wax to keep it in place.

Disconnected Side Swept Undercut
Disconnected Side Swept Undercut

Woah! No one saw that coming right? The beard slit is for sure some new trend and quite poppy. The hair on top is another story all in itself, the dyed loose thin strands make it hippie. Not only that but the mid fade with sharp line up pushes all the attention to the top and the beard.

Disconnected Side Swept Undercut, by @criztofferson / Instagram
Side Swept Undercut
Low Fade with Styled Medium Top

Hail to the classy side-swept undercut with an infusion of pompadour and a very retro English look to the style overall. The sides are elegantly tapered with no sudden undercuts or fades, just sheer class. The top is styled to stay in place with the fluff that comes by using hairdryer.

Side Swept Undercut, by @ambarberia / Instagram
Long Quiff
Long Quiff

Is this a quiff or a pompadour, well looks like maybe both and one more thing, elephant trunk! The mid fade is very sleek with the straight line up which is not very common. The volume on top is a very thick and dry texture with curls always do the trick.

Side Swept Undercut
Bed Head Elephant Trunk and High Fade

Elephant Trunk is just getting more and more popular with this retro style becoming the new normal. The fade on the sides though is tricky because it is in between mid fade to high fade and the temple being faded. The top is dense with dark shade dye.

Side Swept Undercut, by @barberdeano / Instagram
Side Swept Undercut + Faux Hawk + Angular Fringe
Side Swept Undercut + Faux Hawk

The mid to low fade around the temple is surely making this style pop with medium-sized long strands with a frizzy texture. The strands are side swayed with no product so that it looks casual yet stylish on all grounds. Tie it sometimes when wearing a suit and boom, that’s what we call panache.

Side Swept Undercut + Faux Hawk + Angular Fringe, by @barberdeano / Instagram
Side Swept Undercut
Medium Side Swept Undercut

Welcome the thin-haired frizzy elephant trunk with a sharp undercut at the hairline. Next, the sides are taper faded very finely, and the temple blended into the beard to make it look even more dash. You will definitely need a hairdryer and wax to keep this style in place all day.

Undercut Side Swept Strands
Undercut Side Swept Strands

Elephant Trunk just got new touch to it, the pocky stranded top with sides being trimmed for tapering and then faded is what makes this a very classy yet modern look. The mid fade is just so sleek giving a clean look to the overall style.

Side Swept Tapered Undercut
Side Swept Tapered Undercut

Firstly, smoking is really injurious to health but the style never is. This side sweep is not just another side sweep. The undercut here is hidden so as to have a fluffy side which is also slightly stranded. The thick texture with golden dye makes this a very wholesome look, minus smoking.

Side Swept Tapered Undercut, by @mattjbarbers / Instagram
Side Swept Undercut
Side Swept Undercut

The best part about side sweep is its versatility and that too as we see here it is almost an elephant trunk. The sides are undercut tapered with the temple being tapered as well and not faded. The finger pattern brushing is a very casual one but uses a hair comb when rocking a formal look.

Side Swept Undercut with Moustache
Side Swept Undercut with Moustache

What else one needs? A very clean side sweep with a fluff on the side. That added the intense undercut with a side that is tapered and then blended into a very thick yet well-kept beard. All of that plus that mustache makes the day. All in all, this is a very thick hairstyle that is well balanced.

Wavy Top with Classic Undercut
Wavy Top with Classic Undercut

Another day, another look of a side sweep undercut with such cool panache. The top is wavy with semi curls all over with sides being tapered just enough to blend well into the beard. All of that with a matte dye on top is perfect.

Wavy High and Tight
Zero Back and Sides Undercut

Didn’t I tell you that side sweep undercut is just something that is highly tweakable. All of that and just look at it, the slicked back texture with shaved sides with size0 clippers makes anyone’s day. The top is thick and pushed back with puffy texture, who wouldn’t be intimidated by this.

Undercut Disconnected With Fringe
Undercut Disconnected With Fringe

Remember we saw an elephant trunk before, well this is just an inverted elephant trunk with more panache. The sides are very slightly tapered and the rest is clipped by size 0 clippers. The stubble down there makes it very cool and gives hints of balance.

Angular Fringe Bleached
Angular Fringe Bleached

This one can never be paralleled with all the length of the strands. All of that with the sides especially being tapered makes it so much fun of a style. The blonde dye on top makes it even more prominent and the straight texture of hair can be turned either way depending on the look you going for.

Side Swept Undercut Shorter
Side Swept Undercut Shorter

Please welcome the dapper and gentleman version of the side sweep undercut. This is what we call a very balanced look with no compromise on the style part of it. The sides are tapered with size 2/3 clippers and that helps to blend with the stubble. The top is side brushed but the length makes all the difference.

Undercut Brush Up
Undercut Brush Up

Who says undercut side sweep has to be all clean? Just look at this, doesn’t this give a very biker, rugged feel to it? The top is very thick and dense yet it is slightly curled, all of that with sides being undercut tapered with patterns on the sides is what makes it all fun.

Long Side Fringe
Long Side Fringe

This one is straight from Met Gala it seems like. The classic recipe keeping the top long, like very long, straighten it for more fun, and then undercut is on the sides. Lastly, the sides are tapered in such a fine way that it helps to blend in the beard.

Side Swept Undercut Wet
Side Swept Undercut Wet

This is one of the variations of a slicked back which also happens to fall under side swept as we can see it has a clean and thick side part. The side part also acts as a hard part with sides being drop taper faded with temple cleanly faded. The clean shave look is what makes this neat.

Zachary’s Side Swept Undercut
Zachary's Side Swept Undercut

Zach, can you stop your panache just for a second? Like just look at this, the stranded with elephant trunk-ish vibes are too good to watch. The sides are tapered and not faded, but look at the temple, that is a sharp one, not the one that you see every day.

CarlaVanWagoner /
Simple Side Swept
Simple Side Swept

Side sweep does not have to be all fancy all the time, this is quite a generic one which can be rocked at a party and also on a formal occasion. The recipe is simple, the sides are tapered and the top is tossed with slightly better texture.

Burst Fade and Side Combed Top
Burst Fade and Natural Part

Side sweep can be one of the most formal styles if you want it to be, like this one. The top is pompadour-y with a side sweep to it. The fluff makes is very lively and increases the length of the face. That is enhanced by sides being tapered and faded. The temple is faded to give a slightly cleaner look.

Alones /
Side Fade and Long Half
Side Fade and Long Half

Presenting the most hipsterish side sweep. The top is very long with sides being taper faded where the fade is drop faded. The temple fade helps in blending the beard with the top being all very long. One can even have a cool top knot.

Clean Undercut Fade with High Volume Top
Clean Undercut Fade with High Volume Top

If slicked back had a puff this is how it would look like and lucky for us this is also side-swept. Moreover, the undercut is quite prominent with that clean sides what more can we expect. That being said, the temple is faded but not the beard, the thick beard also anchors the look pretty good.

Gentleman Side Swept Alert
Gentleman Side Swept Alert

This one is the new normal, especially with the sides being tapered and not faded so that it blends into the beard pretty well. The top, however, is very simply pompadoured and then side brushed, and to make it to that extra mile, the highlight dye makes it very cool.

Drop Low Fade with Side Parted Side Swept
Drop Low Fade with Side Parted Side Swept

When rocking a tuxedo, one needs this hairstyle. Especially with that clean side part with a subtle thin part. The sides are mid faded with a very cheeky beard fade. The thin part is backed up with a twin line up which is not very common, so in all, this one is quite an exotic look.