The ducktail is a classic cut dating back to the 50s, where both sides of the hair are slicked back to meet in the middle. There are loads of variations of this style, allowing you to get a look as classic or as modern as you want. In this picture guide, we’re walking through ten of the top ducktail hairstyles for men.

Inverted Ductail on Crop
Inverted Ducktail on Crop

This inverted ducktail hairstyle takes the concept of the ducktail and flips it around. Instead of slicking the hair backward, the two sides are slicked forwards to meet in the middle of this cool crop.

Light Classic Ducktail

Here’s a classic ducktail haircut that’s been brushed into place. Notice how it’s not an overly “sticky” look, like some heavily-gelled ducktails. This one is stylish and super clean — we love it!

Modern Ducktail with Tapered Neckline

This is a more modern take on the ducktail, where the slicked sides have been layered onto the back hair. It might take some time to grow locks these long, but the final result is definitely worth it.

Front Volume and Curly Ducktail

For a twist on the regular ducktail, use the line along the middle as a guide for adding extra volume at the front. This curly ducktail hairstyle definitely has that technique down!

Deconstructed Ducktail

If a plain ducktail haircut is a little too rigid for you, try adding some more texture. This deconstructed ducktail is layered up with locks of hair pointing in all different directions, for a carefree, modern look.

Formal Duck Tail with Undercut
Formal Duck Tail with Undercut

The ducktail works great in formal situations, and you can save yourself a lot of hassle by keeping the back nice and short. Remember to apply the same ducktail principles to the top, to really keep the soul of the style present.

Neckline Design with Modern Ducktail
Neckline Design with Modern Ducktail

Here’s a super messy, super curly ducktail that’s a lot less work than it looks. We love the volume up front, and the cool neckline design is definitely a bonus.

Ducktail and Neckline Design
Ducktail and Neckline Design

This ducktail has some very interesting patterns running through it, with the two sides slicked back to meet along a wavy line. Yes, there’s a neckline pattern in this cut too; and yes, we think it’s a much-welcomed extra.

Ducktail and Messy Quiff
Ducktail and Messy Quiff

Like in one of the earlier styles, this ducktail uses the central line as a guide to add plenty of volume to the top and front. It’s the added height on this style which makes a classic style feel modern.

Short Ducktail
Short Ducktail

Here’s a simple, short ducktail with some light fading down the neck. We think this is an excellent choice for guys who like to keep things low-maintenance, but want to experiment with an age-old hairstyling motif.