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6 Best Men’s Hair Products For Thin Hair

Bringing out your hair's best features!


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It’s early morning, everything seems to be going fine. You’re sticking to your normal routine and when you take a look in the mirror you notice your hair isn’t as full as it once used to be, it looks thinner. Are you going bald?

It can be scary to think about, but fret not! Thinning hair is just one of the early signs of what the slow process of balding looks like. So, my friend, the fact is you still have time. And with time come the options!

Have a look at our top pick products for thin hair:

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Biotin Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning

How much attention do you pay to what’s inside of your shampoo? My guess is not much, but that needs to change! PURA D’OR takes especial care to the ingredients they formulate their shampoo and conditioner to make sure none of the bad stuff for your hair touches a strand. 

The formula has no Parabens or  Sulfates. It is gluten-free and cruelty-free. 

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Intensive Biotin Hair Growth Serum

To tackle hair-loss, you’ll need to be proactive in how you manage your hair. That means keeping your scalp in good condition is a must.

The biotin infused formula is designed to target the hormonal imbalance known as DHT in the body and encourage healthy growth from deep within, as well as protecting your scalp from environmental pollutants. 


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Biotin Veggie Softgels

If you decide that you’re going in on all fronts, you should give these biotin capsules a try. Just like you’d buy a few vitamins to add to your diet as a way of having a healthy balance; Taking a biotin supplement is a way of supporting your body’s ability to grow, hair, skin, and nails. All wins!



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Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Deep conditioning? Yes, please! In order to keep your hair the healthiest it can be, experts recommend that every once in a while, say once a week, or once every two, you take your time and do a deep conditioning session along with your usual hair-wash routine. 

This particular treatment aims at your dry itchy scalp, leaving it moisturized and ready to grow some more hair! 

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Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair

Let’s say you’re in the market for a solution that will work instantly, making you look good no matter what. We’ve got you covered! Boldify’s new clump-free formula promises the appearance of thicker natural hair and filling up the spots where hair tends to be scarcer. 

Being rain, wind, and sweat-resistant it washes out with regular shampoo, hassle-free!

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Castor Oil

I’m sure you’ve heard that castor oil promotes hair growth, the truth is that its antifungal and antibacterial properties protect your scalp from conditions like folliculitis, dandruff and scalp infections all the while the ricinoleic acid is an aid to your scalp circulation.

Surely this method that’s been used since the beginning of times has to hold some truth in it? We believe so and it definitely deserves a spot on your healthy hair journey. 

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