2 Block Haircut
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10 Latest Two Block Haircut Styles | Inspired by Kpop

Let's make it pop like KPop!

written by Danny Puopolo

As the name suggests, the two blocks are the divide of one’s top hair and the sides to back. These collectively form “Two Block Haircut”. This hairstyle previously popped in South Korea and then it got picked by some famous icons from the KPop it became an international trend that many people use as a style statement.

The basis of this hairstyle is quite simple, the top is usually longer than the sides and the back. The sides and back can be either faded or tapered but they are always undercut to bring that separation into the light. That being the basic way, many stylists add their own touch to the look with a middle part, dyed top, and sometimes an overgrown hair on the top while the sides are very short. This hairstyle can be very versatile if one wants it to be but at the same time even on its own, it is quite a modern and fashionable look.

How to get Two Block Haircut?

Usually, hairdressers will start from the sides where they use clippers to balance the hair length while also bringing down the volume. Next, some might fade the lower ends of the sides and back to make it even sleeker and sharp.

After the sides and the back have been taken care of, it is time to work on the top. The length of hair strands won’t be clipped by a lot, but a slight touch to make it uniform is necessary. Depending mainly on what style one is going for, the hairdresser might part in between for a middle part or push it towards the foreheads for the strands to hang freely Like a French Crop.

Let’s check out some iconic takes on Two Block Haircut and see which one stands out the most!

Danny Puopolo is an expert that works at Rakis, a professional hairdressing salon in Melbourne. His work has been featured in a variety of publications such as OK Magazine, Vogue, and INSTYLE. He has also managed classes for Shu Uemura Australia and Loreal Professional.