What is Two Block Haircut?

As the name suggests, the two blocks are the divide of one’s top hair and the sides to back. These collectively form “Two Block Haircut”. This hairstyle previously popped in South Korea and then it got picked by some famous icons from the KPop it became an international trend that many people use as a style statement.

The basis of this hairstyle is quite simple, the top is usually longer than the sides and the back. The sides and back can be either faded or tapered but they are always undercut to bring that separation into the light. That being the basic way, many stylists add their own touch to the look with a middle part, dyed top, and sometimes an overgrown hair on the top while the sides are very short. This hairstyle can be very versatile if one wants it to be but at the same time even on its own, it is quite a modern and fashionable look.

How to get Two Block Haircut?

Usually, hairdressers will start from the sides where they use clippers to balance the hair length while also bringing down the volume. Next, some might fade the lower ends of the sides and back to make it even sleeker and sharp.

After the sides and the back have been taken care of, it is time to work on the top. The length of hair strands won’t be clipped by a lot, but a slight touch to make it uniform is necessary. Depending mainly on what style one is going for, the hairdresser might part in between for a middle part or push it towards the foreheads for the strands to hang freely Like a French Crop.

Let’s check out some iconic takes on Two Block Haircut and see which one stands out the most!

Spread Strands with Undercut
Tom Wang/ Shutterstock.com

Spread Strands with Undercut

As the legend says, the Two Block Haircut is the one with shorter sides and a long top. This one is exactly the way it is supposed to be plus some trendy touch to it. The sides are clipped aka tapered and the top is allowed to grow and sit on all sides. The long upper strands are spread all around giving bowl-cut vibes here.

Clipped Sides Two Block
AJR_photo / Shutterstock.com

Clipped Sides Two Block

Two-Block Hairstyles comes with this package of versatility. The key to this variation is to regain the volume of the hair with the sides and back being completely short. The clippers have been used with size 1 or 2 for a uniform and short trim on sides and back. The top is kept longer as we know with a tinge of wavy texture.

Happily Side Parted Two Block
Chaay_Tee/ Shutterstock.com

Happily Side Parted Two Block

Side parts are also vital to Two Block Haircut. The texture and volume on top is what separates itself from the sides and the back. the key here is to keep the density on top intact with sides tapered. the slight wavy look is always an advantage as it adds more panache to the whole style.

Brushed Up Two Block
kiuikson/ Shutterstock.com

Brushed Up Two Block

A very trendy version of Two Block right here with a casual brush up that goes all over the top with equal volume. The reason this pops quite well is due to the sides and back being tapered but one thing to note is that there is no fade so that the undercut can be subtle and the look uniform overall.

Cheeky Middle Part
aSuruwataRi/ Shutterstock.com

Cheeky Middle Part

So here is the deal with Two-Block Hairstyle, it helps top to be longer and that is exactly what is done here. The sides are tapered and hence the middle part can sit nicely without the fear of sides looking all fluffed. The slight and rough brown dye makes it pop.

Viking Inspired Rugged Two Block Haircut
Just dance/ Shutterstock.com

Viking Inspired Rugged Two Block Haircut

A very rugged approach to Two Block haircut with sides still being tapered and then subtly faded in order to blend it into beard. The top is kept substantially long with pushed back strands and a slightly side brush as it helps those fringes to hang freely.

Suit and Dyed Side Part
alexkich/ Shutterstock.com

Suit and Dyed Side Part

Another version of Two-Block is the one with sides equally tapered. The top is side-parted but the fluff gets to be independent with that long-stranded top. The dye here plays an important role to make it pop and the black undertones are fun to support that white frosty dye.

Undercut Faded Two Block Haircut
Krakenimages.com/ Shutterstock.com

Afro Undercut Faded Two Block Haircut

Although originated in Asia this hairstyle has successfully made its way everywhere and this afro is just another addition to the variance of the style. The sides and back here are neatly faded for maximum pop on the top especially as you see the top is long and side brushed for that clean yet funky look.

Cheerful Retro Two Block
aslysun/ Shutterstock.com

Cheerful Retro Two Block

Is that a middle part or a side part? I guess we will never know but that is the fun in the syle as it brings some new panache into it. The sides however as the concept goes are tapered so that those top strands can chill on the top.

Buzz Cut Two Block Haircut
lenetstan/ Shutterstock.com

Buzz Cut Two Block Haircut

As we go deeper we realize Two Block Haircut has so many different combinations as this one is paired with buzz cut on top but the rule of thumb always stays the same. The sides and back always short than the top. The top is just kept long enough for sides and the sides are almost faded. Not to mention, the beard adds depth to the look.

Jackson Wang’s Tousled Two Block Haircut

Jackson Wang's Tousled Two Block

Got7’s Jackson Wang sports a two block haircut with the top tousled for a cool and relaxed look. We’re also loving the brown dye job.

BamBam’s Red-Dyed Two Block

BamBam's Red-Dyed Two Block

Got7’s BamBam makes quite a statement with his two block haircut that he’s dyed a bright red color. He keeps it voluminous and messy at the top but clean-cut at the sides and back. So cool!

Lay Zhang’s Two Block with an Off-Center Part

Lay Zhang's Two Block with an Off-Center Part

Here, Exo’s Lay Zhang wears a simple two block haircut with an off-center part. Perfect if you want to keep it relatively low-key yet stylish.

Kai’s Messy Straight Two Block

Kai's Messy Straight Two Block

Exo’s Kai looks super cool wearing this straight two block haircut with a side part and a messy top. We’re loving the “unstyled” vibe!

Mark Tuan’s Curly Two Block

Mark Tuan's Curly Two Block

Show off your curls with this edgy two block haircut. Got7’s Mark Tuan is wearing his in a mussed-up style with eye-grazing bangs and blond highlights for an edgy, statement-making look.

Lucas’ Silver Two Block Pompadour

Lucas' Silver Two Block Pompadour

Now this is how you make a hair statement! The height of that pompadour paired with the silver dye job makes NCT’s Lucas’ haircut a truly head-turning look.

Kai’s Gray Two Block

Kai's Gray Two Block

Here, Exo’s Kai demoes another way to rock the two block haircut. Straight and slicked down with eye-grazing bangs and dyed a gray hue, this style really grabs attention!

Chanyeol’s Two Block Bowl Cut

Chanyeol's Two Block Bowl Cut

Exo’s Chanyeol can definitely pull off a two block bowl cut in a light pink color. The bow-adorned cat-ear headband is optional, but why not if you’re going for a quirky look?

Baekhyun’s Wavy Two Block

Baekhyun's Wavy Two Block

Exo’s Baekhyun keeps it casual yet cute with this wavy two block. The bangs reach down to his eyes in a messy style, which makes for a youthful and trendy look.

Lucas’ Rockabilly Two Block

10. Lucas' Rockabilly Two Block

Lucas of NCT is giving us rockabilly vibes with this sculpted two block which features an off-center part, a voluminous top, and brow-framing bangs. So cute and cool!