Is it time to redefy your look? Want to give that man bun of yours a literal twist? Meet: the top knot. The top knot consists of a smaller bun of hair formed not at the crown, but at the exact top of the head. And though you may think your man bun dreams can’t be accomplished, the top knot is an ideal look for those of us with a little short of a bob.

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How To Get A Top Knot

So how do you get a top knot, you ask? The hair on the back and sides of your head should be clipped, not cut with scissors. This creates a uniform look that will unify the top knot and make it the most noticeable. This is also the element that separates the top knot vs man bun.

Disconnected Undercut Top Knot
Menswear Style

How To Do A Top Knot

As the name suggests, a top knot is situated on top of your head, usually in the center. First, start by identifying the placement of the top knot. Next, gather all of your hair up and tie it as you would with a man bun. The result is a new ‘do complete‘. This is a great style for guys who like the man bun but don’t want to wait months to grow out their hair!

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How To Style & Maintain The Top Knot

Like the man bun, the top knot trend requires care and maintenance. Since you don’t have as much hair to deal with, you can get away with not using conditioner. However, your shampooing routine should put all the attention on those locks and your scalp. This will keep your top knot in tip-top shape.

Types Of Top Knots

top knot
Top knot undercut fade

A slightly faded undercut paired with a top knot.

top knot
Top knot with disconnected undercut

A dramatically faded cut or totally shaved sides paired with a top knot.

The samurai top knot

Referring to the samurai’s of ancient Asian cultures, the “samurai ponytail” avoids the common practice of forming a bun with the hair in the tie or band, but instead forming a short tail.

Hidden Knot with Undercut Tapered Sides
Hidden Knot with Undercut Tapered Sides

If you’re looking for a top knot style that’s a little more reserved than most, why not opt for a hidden knot? For this look, the hidden knot is combined with an undercut and carefully trimmed facial hair, giving a youthful, hipsterish look.

Top Knot with Beard
Shaved Sides Top Knot

So, you like the look of a top knot but not the inconvenience of having long hair? Why not opt for a knot on the top with totally buzzed sides?

Top Knot Blonde Style
High Skin Fade Top Knot

Here’s another variation on the top knot undercut, where a high fade is used on the sides. This ultra modern look is a great choice for guys all of the ages.

High Man Bun with Beard
High Sleek Knot

Top knots and man buns can look particularly creative when you allow facial hair — sideburns, beard, and all — to grow around the face. This fresh style certainly doesn’t sacrifice on masculinity.

Taper Faded Top Knot
Taper Faded Top Knot

Looking for a little more flare in your topknot hairstyle? Why not ruffle up the bun, complement with facial hair, or even trim in a line? Here’s a look with all those pieces put together.

High Man Bun
The Full Head Bun Knot

With topknots, you’ve got an unlimited choice on how much or how little hair to tie into the bun. What’s more, you can vary the length of the hair around the head to get your bun just the right size. Here, all of the hair is pulled together for a big, majestic knot.

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Temple Shaved Undercut
Temple Shaved Undercut

This topknot undercut uses the line we mentioned earlier, plus some cool hairline patterns, to create a style that stands out above all others!

Undercut with Taper Fade
Undercut with Taper Fade

If you end up with a slightly thinner mass of hair to tie into your knot, you might want to forget about the knot entirely. With just a few hair bands or a rubber band, you can leave the hair loose for a scorpion tail look.

Taper Fade
Undercut Taper Fade

You don’t NEED to have a straight line parting the undercut if that’s the style you’re looking to sport. The trendy top knot is more than enough to bring some life to the whole ‘scruffy’ vibe we get from this stud. 

Top Scaled Dense Knot
Top Scaled Dense Knot

Honestly, this is the best of both worlds. He’s got a pretty good amount of hair to knot or to let loose. If you’re looking to do a similar style with long hair take a look at our selection of the +10 Modern Long Hairstyles For Men.

The Undercut Top Knot
Undercut Top Knot

Classy and put together, we love the simplicity of this cut. You can always opt for a fade for added flair. 

Surreal Neckline with Top Knot
Surreal Design with Top Knot

Want something a little more catchy for the eye? Check out this awesome spacial-looking design. Use this example as inspiration the next time you’re trying to mix things up a bit at the barbers. 

Braided Top Knot and Undercut
Braided Top Knot

To be fair, this hairstyle does take a little bit of skill to achieve by yourself, especially if you have got no clue how to braid hair, much less your own. 

That’s not a reason to not learn, right? Who knew the next skill you might take on involves braiding hair?

Curly Top Knot and Undercut
Curly Top Knot and Undercut

A home-run for the curlies out there! All you need do is tie your knot and let the free ends do their thing. A great simple look with no effort at all.

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Top Knot with That Fade
Top Knot with That Fade

Definitely love some grading play! A taper fade that starts with an inch of hair length can provide the look we see above.

Grey Top Knot
Grey Top Knot

No matter what life stage you’re on, a top knot will always give your look a much cooler edge than a lot of haircuts around there. 

Add a clean-shaven high fade and your bad-ass look is complete!

Top Knot and Medium Fade
Top Knot and Medium Fade

The fade of the sideburns blending into the beard and how shiny and healthy their hair look is totally a plus on our look!

Snow White Dyed Knot
Snow White Dyed Knot

Oh, mother of dyes! Platinum is a bold color for sure but it can take this particular haircut to a whole new level bringing an extra edge to it.