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20 Edgy Men’s Haircuts You Need To Know

Bad boy look you might be looking for.


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The once “rockstar exclusive” is now an all-time high, and it is an amazing way to give your hair that bad boy look you might be looking for.

What defines edgy men’s haircuts are their experimental tendencies, being tussles, undercuts, mohawks, bright colors or even bleaching, you name it. As long as it is innovative, the sky is the limit.

Among the advantages of choosing the edgy style, is the fact that it has enough shapes to go nicely with any face type. Either square, round or oval, you can easily get a fresh edgy men’s haircut after a 5-minute talk with your hair stylist.

We prepared an especial selection of edgy men’s haircuts examples that you can use as inspiration for your own exclusive cut. Check it out.

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