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The Classic Flow Hairstyle is Back – Gallery

From naturally curly to straight: a universal men's cut with a modern touch

written by The Editors

Are you looking to make a fashion statement that will last all season long? The flow hairstyle also referred to as hockey style or bro flow is perfect for those who want an effortlessly cool look. This classic hairstyle works just as well on both straight or curly hair – with some molding cream, everyone can rock this trend! And when the cooler weather hits, no need to worry – its length provides extra protection against cold temperatures while also maintaining your stylish appearance! Top it off with a snapback hat and you’re ready to go wherever life takes you.


What's the difference between mullet and flow hairstyles?

The mullet is characterized by short hair on the sides, with longer hair in the back that falls just below the neckline. On the other hand, the flow hairstyle features long hair all over. It typically has soft layers of varying lengths and wavy or straight strands that can be styled in various ways. This style gives off a more effortless vibe than the harsher look of the mullet and can be adapted to fit any face shape or lifestyle. Both styles have their plusses and minuses; the mullet offers an edgy look but requires regular trips to the barber for maintenance, while the flow hairstyle allows for greater versatility.

How often should I trim my hair?

For a flow hairstyle, it’s essential to get regular trims to help keep it looking healthy. Generally speaking, you should aim to get your hair trimmed every four to six weeks. Getting it cut regularly can help prevent split ends, keep the length even and ensure that it keeps its shape and style. Regular trims are especially beneficial for people with thick or curly hair since their strands tend to be more prone to damage and breakage. The frequency can vary depending on how quickly your hair is growing – if it grows faster, you may need a trim more often than every four weeks – however, getting into the habit of visiting the salon will ensure that your hairstyle looks its best at all times.