The faux hawk hairstyle also known as Fohawk has been one of the most trendy cuts over the last few years, and for good reason. This haircut mimics a mohawk — hence the name “faux hawk” or “fake hawk” — with the ‘wave’ riding through the top, but gives you much more freedom when it comes to what you do with the sides (and of course, how extreme the actual ‘hawk’ is).

The faux hawk has been worn by many famous celebrities, including American singer Adam Levine (before shaving down to some more receding-hairline-friendly cuts), actor Zac Efron and soccer player David Beckham.

It also happens to fit round faces quite well, like the 7 other hairstyles we suggested in this article.

Simply defined, fohawk is a haircut with the top styled into a toned-down mohawk, with no other criteria.

Getting The Faux Hawk

The odd thing about this style is that it is more of a ‘hairstyle’ than it is a ‘haircut’. While a mohawk might require you to shave your sides off, only leaving a long-haired strip across the top of your head, one can transpose to a faux hawk from plenty of other haircuts.

That said, it is necessary to have medium to long top-hair if you want to successfully emulate a mohawk on top. It is entirely up to you what you want to do with the sides, though.

Seeing as all of the above isn’t too useful if you’re trying to decide on how you want your hair to look, we would recommend taking a look at some various photos of this style across the internet and from there choosing exactly how you want the different parts of your hair to be cut.

Also, if you’re looking to taper the sides or shave a pattern in, now is probably the right time to do it!

Zac Efron faux hawk hairstyle
Featureflash Photo Agency /

Styling This Cut

Styling is, as usual, the fun part of getting a new haircut/hairstyle. Make sure that before you start your hair is dry, so that things stay in place, and you have some gels, pomades or sprays on hand (these will be needed to keep the hawk in shape and robust).

The top of your hair is the most important area with this style. To get the characteristic mohawk effect, brush your hair upwards lightly until it stands up on its own, and then using both hands push your hair together to create the basic ‘hawk’ structure.

From there, you can choose whether or not to add more texture, for example using your fingertips to make the occasional spike (as we mentioned in our spiky hairstyles article) or pushing the top forwards slightly to create some waviness.

As for the sides, you are free to do whatever you please. Most often the hair is relatively short, so there’s not much styling to be done whether desired or not. If you do have some length there, you can use your fingers to gently brush into your sideburns or tuck it behind your ears.

If you think this cut might be the one for you check more examples in our gallery below:
taper drop skin faded fauxhawk

Classic Faux Hawk

This simple faux hawk is combined with some well-trimmed facial hair for an easy, unique style.

Disconnected Design with Dyed Fohawk

Dyed Fohawk with Disconnected Design

In this style, the light-dyed hair and the line that cuts through the close-cut sides add a radical, eye-catching textural element.

Hipster Faux Hawk with Glasses

Volume Fohawk

The sharp line in this disconnected fade gives the impression of extra volume, and adds a very chic, modern touch to the style.

Fohawk with Disconnected Undercut Design

Fohawk with Disconnected Undercut Design

On this style we see a drop-fade that is intersected by close cuts of disconnected design, creating a contrast in the texture that the fade goes for making it even more compelling.

Colored drop fade faux hawk

Dyed drop fade faux hawk

The wild use of colorful hair dye in this faux hawk speaks for itself: “I don’t care what you think.”

Spiky Textured Faux Hawk with a Line Up

Spiky textured faux hawk with a line up

By adding spikes to the faux hawk itself, this style creates volume and texture without the need for any wild trimming!

Skin sharp fade faux hawk

Skin sharp fade faux hawk

The high fade in this style works together with the crisp, pointy faux hawk for an outgoing masculine appearance.

Precise Faux Hawk

Precise faux hawk

This gelled faux hawk holds up distinct locks of hair in every direction for a precise and creative twist.

Hipster Faux Hawk with Beard And Glasses

Hipster faux hawk with beard and glasses

The length of this cut, the connecting sideburns, and the full beard combine to create a very trendy, hipster look. Of course, the cool glasses help too!

Finger Combed Faux Hawk

Finger-combed faux hawk

This finger-combed style makes the most of a long faux hawk, creating a little volume while keeping things super slick.

Disconnected undercut faux hawk

Disconnected undercut faux hawk

The sharp line and spiky top both add textural interest to this unique style.

Dead Punk Spiky Fohawk with Drop Fade

Dead Punk Spiky with Drop Fade

A spikier take on the faux hawk, this style is accentuated by the sudden drop fade on the sides, giving it a punk-inspired look.

Low Key Faux with Angular Fringe

Low Key Faux with Angular Fringe

This hairstyle takes the faux hawk and tones it down a bit, creating a small “hawk” in the hair that adds texture.

Layered Fo-Hawk

Layers with Undercut Skin Fade

This haircut combines a fohawk and a pompadour, resulting in a unique style that’s trendy and outgoing. If the pompadour is your mainstay, this is a good way to change things up a bit.

High Fade Fohawk
High Fade Fohawk, Faded Mohawk + Hair Design + V-Shape, by @z_ramsey

High Fade Fohawk

If you like your hair to have a looser, more casual look, then consider this faux hawk. It uses texture to create a sense of motion and implements a high fade to keep all the focus up top.

Informal Faux with Temple Fade

Informal Faux with Temple Fade

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a full-on faux hawk? You might want to try out this variation first. More of a casual faux hawk, this is easy to style and wear.

Taper Faded Faux

Taper Fade with High Volume Top

Looking for a more voluminous hairstyle? This faux hawk variation gives you plenty of height and is brushed up at the front for a quiff-like effect.

Casey Affleck Faux Hawk
s_bukley /

Dyed Quiff

If you’re feeling bold, you can dye the faux hawk part of your hair and style it any number of ways. You can create a casual and messy look, as shown here, or go for something more angular and defined.

Disconnected Faux Hawk

Textured Faux Hawk with Bald Fade

This high contrast looks pairs a highly textured, spiky faux hawk with a bald drop fade on the sides.

Faux Hawk
Faux Hawk, by @rumbarber

Matte Fo-hawk with Long Taper

This is a very different take on the faux hawk that yields a stylish result. Since the hair is kept longer and gradually tapers down, it creates a full, well-rounded appearance.

Drop Fade + Faux Hawk
Drop Fade + Faux Hawk, by @ryancullenhair

Drop Fade + Faux Hawk

Curled up at the front like a quiff and messy on the top, this fohawk is a great hairstyle for fashionable, adventurous guys.

Low Drop Fade + Faux Hawk
Low Drop Fade + Faux Hawk, by @jackrobinsonpullen

Low Drop Fade + Faux Hawk

Here’s another haircut that blurs the lines between a faux hawk and a quiff or pompadour. A low drop fade keeps the hair thick and full all around.

Undercut + Brushed Up Fohawk
Undercut + Brushed Up Fohawk, by @tombaxter_hair

Undercut + Brushed Up Fohawk

This straightforward faux hawk uses a brush up to create visual interest and symmetry. As shown here, dyed hair really pops with this style.

Longer Faux Hawk with Brushed Up Front
Longer Faux Hawk with Brushed Up Front, by @tombaxter_hair

Longer Faux Hawk with Brushed Up Front

High volume cuts definitely have their time and place, and this tall fohawk is a stylish choice for those occasions. The brush up adds volume, while the messiness provides motion.

Longer Faux Hawk with Brushed Up Front
Longer Faux Hawk with Brushed Up Front, by @tombaxter_hair

Front Wave Faux Hawk

This eye-catching style requires the hair to be brushed up and backward into a frontal faux hawk that resembles an ocean wave.

Faux Hawk with Shaved Sides
StevenK /

Faux Hawk with Shaved Sides

Get the dramatic effect of the Mowhawk without fully committing with this edgy version of the Faux Hawk. This hairstyle can definitely help you decide if you’re thinking about getting a full-on Mowhawk in the future, perfect for a period of transition while you make up your mind.

Thick Textured Faux Hawk

Thick Textured Faux Hawk

The length of the central strip doesn’t always have to be even all the way down. This tousled fringe version combines exquisite texture on top that tapers nicely down to your nape, combined with a subtle burst fade. This is about as relaxed and casual as a Faux-Hawk can get.

Spiky Short Fohawk with a High Skin Fade
Spiky Short Fohawk with a High Skin Fade, by @javi_thebarber_

Spiky Short Fohawk with a High Skin Fade

Fine taper with a clean fade is so cool, this only gets better when one top is off with a pocky stranded top with a brush-up texture. The line up is mid faded with sides being high fade, this mixture of fades is what makes this one special.

Textured Faux Hawk
Textured Faux Hawk, by @tombaxter_hair

Casual Top with Tapered Fade

And here is the casual brush everyone is trying to get with that layered dye. This is just the tip, the taper fade sides are as clean as they get. The temple fade here is all blended which makes it all sleekier and the casual top just makes this a perfect party look.

Faux Hawk with Disconnected High Skin Fade
Side Swept Undercut, by @conortaaffehair

Faux Hawk with Disconnected High Skin Fade

Thick volume is often appreciated with a sweet top that is partially brushing up with half of it is laid down texture. The sides are very trendy with that shaved slit with line up being cut in half. Plus, the undercut from a shave is quite good which makes the fade very clean.

Millennial Faux with Patch Fade
@ moohammad_hamze

Millennial Faux with Patch Fade

Wait, are we looking at a piece of art? Yes, it is, the sides are tapered but never have we seen this pattern. The lineup is crafty with that angle and a curve. The temple is undercut faded, something that rarely happens.

Disconnected faux with Taper Fade

Disconnected Line with Taper Fade

Curly hair is very fair. The thick hair with that afro texture is what makes this one a special one. The sides are taper faded very finely with that slit shave that only gets better with that lineup and that cheeky temple fade. The temple fade pushes the attention to the top with that cheeky faux.

Faux Hawk
Faux Hawk, by @andrewdoeshair

Formal Side Brush with Faded Burst

Now that’s what we call a perfect hairstyle, an amazing sleek top with a side sweep plus the sides being taper. There are hints of fades towards the temple is what makes it look slightly rugged which works very well with formal and casual times, don’t forget to use some product so that it stays.

Blonde Faux Hawk for a Teenage Guy
Blonde Faux Hawk for a Teenage Guy, by @barberdeano

Blonde Faux Hawk

Who said thin hair doesn’t get you a lot of panache. The brush up is quite strict with an undercut on the sides. The sides are tapered with a mid fade but that is not it, the dye makes this a whole lot brighter. All of that with a clean shave makes it better.

Mini Faux with Faded Line Up

Mini Faux with Faded Line Up

Let’s talk about that military-style influenced haircut with that top being afro hair texture. The hairline is all straight and has a short undercut, that matched with the sides being taper faded makes so much sense. The line up is faded as well with sides being very clean.

Faux Hawk
by @travisanthonyhair

Burst Fade with Wavy Top

Rough thick texture with a bloated puff is very cool if pulled right. The taper fade on sides is what makes it happen. The fine fade is what makes this one a special one with a drop fade texture. The neckline fade makes so much sense here.

Curly Faux Hawk

Curly Faux Hawk

Curly hair has its own benefits and one of them is that those curls make it look very handsome. The key here is that sleek temple fade that stands in the end. The line up is a right angle with a slight taper so that top is all clean and neat!

Comets Design and Curly Faux Hawk
@ moohammad_hamze

Comets Design and Curly Faux Hawk

Talking about curls, the shine highlight dye makes it only better. The sides are tapered and drop faded. The taper is size 1 clippers which also feels a lot like a fade with that line up standing all neat. Don’t forget the slit shave that makes it a very young look.

Long Faux-Hawk
ljupco /

Long Faux-Hawk

A crazy faux is all you need with that leather jacket. This faux is not a very normal one with all that dye sitting on top with an undercut and n fade. So this one is blended right into the beard which takes care of the lower face, balancing it perfectly.

Light Brown Faux-Hawk
henningstad /

Light Brown Faux-Hawk

Since we are talking curly hair this one takes the whole discussion to another level with the rough texture. The dyed curls make the top look thick even though it is puffed with the sides being undercut, the taper and layering on the sides making it a class trendy hairstyle.

Faux-Hawk Fade

Faux-Hawk Fade

Sides being tapered and fade makes this one so cleaner cut. The top being multi-faceted, first being a slight french crop with a tinge of brush up. The pocky strand makes this one stand out especially when the temple is faded with the short line up makes this a whole new ballgame.

Messy and Curly Faux-Hawk

Messy and Curly Faux-Hawk

Afro hair is something that can look amazing if done right, and here is an example of if done right. The top is brushed up along with those strands as well, that being said, the sides are drop faded with a high taper that goes with it. The temple is partially faded so that it can be blended in the beard.

Dyed Faux-Hawk

Dyed Faux-Hawk

Woah! Where does this come from? The layered dye is totally a thing with that stranded pocky bundle with that thin hair brushed up with a frizzed texture. The sides are tapered with that cheeky clean drop fade along with the temple. This is not one of your everyday hairstyles.

Spiky Faux Hawk and Mid Fade

Spiky Faux Hawk and Mid Fade

Is this a brush-up or a brush down? Either way, it is one lovely piece of hairstyle. The top is pinch pocked with brushed down texture. All of that plus the isdes being mid faded and a shaved slit to go with it. The temple fade makes it ten times better pushing all the love on the top.

Afro Faux with Faded Line Up

Afro Faux with Faded Line Up

Drop fade with a high taper fade with a line up that is tapered as well makes it a whole look works out pretty well. The top is all dense and thick, plus the added brush up texture makes it look very sporty. the neat hairline tells the attention to details with the clean line up.