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Top 30 Hairstyles For Men With Beards


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When most men hear the word “hairstyle,” they think of the hair on top of their head. However, they don’t always consider the hair on their faces. By not paying attention to how your facial hair interacts with your haircut, you’re missing out on an opportunity to take your style to the next level.

We’ve deduced that beards will play an important role in many of 2017’s trending styles. More guys are realizing that beards can nicely balance and complement haircuts, and they’re considering both when looking at different hairstyles. Beards not only add an extra dimension to men’s hairstyles, but also provide another outlet for self-expression and creativity.

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There are several elements to consider when pairing haircuts and beards. You have to consider hair type, beard growth ability, comparative lengths, and other factors that can make or break a haircut-beard pairing. It sounds complicated, right?

But fear not––that’s why we’ve written this article. You’ll find our top hairstyles for men with beards and a little about why exactly they work. Whether you can grow a fine moustache or a burly beard, you’ll find a haircut and beard pairing here that works for you.