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Top 80 Hairstyles For Men With Beards

From a regular beard to a stylishly framed hair look - find your unique way here


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When most men hear the word “hairstyle,” they think of the hair on top of their head. However, they don’t always consider the hair on their faces. By not paying attention to how your facial hair interacts with your haircut, you’re missing out on an opportunity to take your style to the next level.

We’ve deduced that beards will play an important role in many of 2017’s trending styles. More guys are realizing that beards can nicely balance and complement haircuts, and they’re considering both when looking at different hairstyles. Beards not only add an extra dimension to men’s hairstyles, but also provide another outlet for self-expression and creativity.

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There are several elements to consider when pairing haircuts and beards. You have to consider hair type, beard growth ability, comparative lengths, and other factors that can make or break a haircut-beard pairing. It sounds complicated, right?

But fear not––that’s why we’ve written this article. You’ll find our top hairstyles for men with beards and a little about why exactly they work. Whether you can grow a fine moustache or a burly beard, you’ll find a haircut and beard pairing here that works for you.

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Neat Pompadour with Beard Slit

Beard slits are getting so common but it needs more attention than you think. The beard grows thicker towards the bottom leaving the sides a little thinner so that the cheeks don’t look fluffier. Plus, the hair is also very fancy with that slant temple and a thin pompadour makes it a perfect boogie style.

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braidbarbers / Instagram.com

Side Swept Undercut with Beard

If you have a longer beard, you can pair it with a longer hairstyle to create a bold, striking look. This particular style features a long side swept overhang that reaches all the way down to the mustache area.

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Brush Up on Top and Brush Down Beard Down

Balancing the face is one of the priorities one should consider while styling. Here we see the brush up is quite dense and so is the beard. being sheer opposite it balances the face perfectly with the side being tapered and a neat beard blend makes it perfect.

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@hair_bello / Instagram

Ginger Rugged Thick Look

One of the quite balanced looks we have seen in a while. The top is slicked back nut has a slight fluff. The top is thin-haired hence it is easy to push it back. The sides are undercut tapered with that thick. the beard that balances the face quite well.

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@luiiisc_/ Instagram

Textured Skin Fade

Lately, those upright slit shave near goatee have been getting more and more popular just like those slant shave at the temple have been getting as trendy as a style could get. This beard being thicker than the hair pulls weight towards the jaw and makes hair look very calm and laid back, I mean who doesn’t like that?

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mattjbarbers / Instagram.com

Skin Fade Flat Top Afro

Now that’s what we call a very well kept and maintained hairstyle with an afro curled brush up top and beard being thick enough yet tapered on the cheeks to pull the length towards the cheeks just as the hairstyle. Remember to have sides taper faded just enough to blend it well.

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mattjbarbers / Instagram.com

Side Swept Quiff

Let’s call this one the one with massively good volume, the hair strands on top and on the beard are just perfectly thick and the growth tells it all that they are maintained. Having volume on top and bottom is what makes this one a great style, and the rule of thumb is again the same, blend the sides just enough to charm.

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urednistvo.pricesk.robert / Instagram.com

Top Knot Blonde Style

Let’s be honest we all were waiting for a cheeky top knot with a scattered beard. Here it is, the sides are pocky hair stranded with more thickness towards the mustache and chin strap beard. That being said, the top is similar with all the attention to the top knot, making this a very center face based style.

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Longer Curly Hair

By now I think you know the formula, balance the length and the volume on the top and in the bottom. This is no different, the longer texture on top is slightly curled with the beard having longer strands as well. The density overall is similar to the top being dyed to a silver shade.

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Slicked Back Undercut

If you’ve ever taken a glance at a Haircut Inspiration article, you’ve probably seen the undercut pop up. It’s one of those classic styles that goes with almost everything, and unsurprisingly, it’s one of the best hairstyles for men with beards. The length of your undercut and the length of your beard should be the same. If you get a #3 clipper on the sides and back of your hair, then trim your beard with a #3. This creates an even, balanced look. The beard continues the undercut’s trim and creates unison between the beard and cut. Also consider how a fade will affect this pairing. If your beard naturally stops all of a sudden in a certain spot, getting a fade might clash with this. On the other hand, if your facial hair gradually tapers, a fade will match this. Of course, you can choose either––it’s all about how you shave.

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Pointy Brush-Up

This reminds me of Chris Hemsworth’s style with that Thor: Ragnarok look. The top is slightly tamed to brush up with a faux tinge. The sides are tapered just enough to blend the beard and then as we go down the density increases massively. The thickness is what counts in this style.

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@moohammad_hamze / Instagram

To Dye For Pompadour with Designer Fade

Dye, a fluffy pompadour, tapered sides with shaved fade and a temple faded blend beard. This beard is quite versatile so that one can hide the tennis patches and have a dense goatee with that texture so more focus is distributed on the fancy top and the fancy beard.


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@ tombusson/ Instagram

Tossed Top with Thick Beard is a Pair

Tossed hair with short length reminds me of Chris Hemsworth and this style in specific is a lot like him. A thick beard brushed up tossed top with all blonde look is just that perfect touch. The sides are tapered and see there is no undercut for that one wholesome look.

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@ slackerblack/ Instagram

Slicked Back Brush Up with Taper

Can any other hairstyle be as balanced as this one? The top is slicked back with a very straight strand. The sides are thin side-parted with tapered sides for more attention to the top. The beard is what balances the look and makes it a dense one.

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@finn.brock/ Instagram

Tied Hair with Thick Beard

Is this the definition of being classy? Yes, you bet it is. The hair is quite thin yet it ties all the way with some strands falling down. The beard is quite overgrown here which adds up to the volume of it. The light tapering is what helps it blend it with the hair.

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@hair_bello / Instagram

Stubble Bubble with Curls

Stubble is one step towards that clean yet rough look. That being said, the top is thick and has fluffy curls, along with the stubble that makes things so much neat. The sides are slightly tapered but still have the volume.

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barbermikethomas / Instagram.com

Curly Hairstyle with Beard

Rough scuff is what they call it, and this one is done quite well. it is blended via temple with the help of sides having similar volume. Another reason this looks one whole look is there is no obvious side part with the top having short curls and the hair texture, which is quite thick.

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@_robweston / Instagram

Thick Beard with Hard Part Undercut

Did someone say 100% rugged look? Yes, plus the trendy outlook. The beard is ginger and thick enough to balance the top. The top is side-swept but not your usual one, it is a hard parted undercut with a cheeky skin fade.

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@chambers_sheffield / Instagram

Suave Long Top with Long Beard

Is this the manliest look so far? Maybe! The balance on this one is insanely good. The top is long-haired pompadour with sides being all tapered and faded. All of that, with the beard being all long and maintained gives a very tough and rugged look.

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@kaidenfayhair/ Instagram

Puffed Slicked Back with Temple Fade

First things first, the balance of this look is amazing. That being said, the top is fluffed slicked back with tapered sides, and in the end a neat temple fade. The beard here plays a huge role in making the hairline go unnoticed.

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@cutsbyerick / Instagram

Thin Hair Brush Up

Beards always bring out the best of a look if the top compliments it. Here that’s the whole story. The top is brushed up with volume kept intact, the sides are taper faded with a slit shave to look very dope. The beard is the mirror image of the top.

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@seuelias / Instagram

Buzzed Butch Cut with Twin Slit

Buzz Cut always goes well with a thick beard, it gives a very tough military outlook. All of that, plus the twin slit shave makes everything ten times better. The sweet mid-fade makes the sides very sleek.

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@thehammerbarber/ Instagram

Bloated Pompadour with Temple Fade

If you look closely the concentration around jaws and on the top is quite neat. The sides are tapered while the temple is faded neatly. The beard also has a slit shave that only makes this slightly better, can anyone go wrong with this look? Nope

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@adhbrand / Instagram

Tossed Hair with Thick Beard

Thickness is the trend and here we are witnessing it in its all-mighty form. The beard is just as thick as the top and the best part is that the top is tossed for that neat casual look.

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@giuse_laguardia / Instagram

Mohawk Style Brush Up

What should we talk about first? Beard is as rugged as the top with the top being dyed and brushed up with semi mohawk texture, does it even get any better? Have sides faded for the beard to make a neat entry.

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@seuelias / Instagram

Captain America Look

If we had an award for a neat and balanced look, this would make a strong contender. Low fade here plays an important role in making that beard-to hairstyle connection, the top is a brushed-up pompadour with a slight taper on sides.

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@marianodivaio / Instagram

Intense Layered Side Sweep

Everything about this look is marvelous. The top is layered perfectly with a tinge of side sweep with sides being slightly tapered and the beard is just imitating the top with its thick density.

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@thebarbercole/ Instagram

Longer Beard to Balance the Side Brushed Top

It is all about the contrast that the top has with the beard. The beard is long and grizzly makes the hair pop which is its opposite. The side brushed pocky textured top makes up for a great combination with that neat high fade and a temple fade.

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@collinanthonyhair/ Instagram

Thick Beard with Fringed Mini French Crop

Top here is quite neat with its angular fringe and a mini french crop is just. A cool touch to the whole look. The sides are taper faded with that cheeky low temple fade that makes beard blend in quite easily with that thick beard everything seems balanced.

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Quiff Messy Hairstyle Variation

This one has to do with the shape of the face, having a long face structure a thick beard with full texture makes it look very mature. That topped with semi curled quiff on top with a thick texture is something that makes you stand out pretty easily. Rock on a suit then see the magic happen.

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barberhooligan / Instagram.com

Hipster Faux Hawk with Beard And Glasses

Is it just me or you also see two brush-ups? One is on the forehead and the other one is right at the chin with that long beard hair. The density or volume overall is so dense that it makes it look all rugged. The trick here is to have a blend at the temple with thick volume, no fade, no taper, just rugged volume.

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@ virgiltb/ Instagram

Sober Tapered Side with Quiffed Top

We often see a low fade or a temple fade in order to start a beard but this is something different. The equal volume taper on the sides with the same volume for the beard makes it one unified body. Now, the beard grows the hair length as we continue going down. This is an example of a nice long beard towards the chin.

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tombaxter_hair / Instagram.com

Undercut + Brushed Up Fohawk

After a fun, slightly punky look? This hybrid haircut uses a casual faux hawk and a neat undercut to create a style that’s a little bit rebellious and a little bit reserved.

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@adamjosephchase/ Instagram

Side Swept

If you like adventurous haircuts and gnarly beards, this is the hairstyle for you. Of all the hairstyles for men with beards featured here, this one is by far the most daring. It’s a long, asymmetrical cut that’s well balanced by a bigger beard. In this style, all of the hair flows together, and both the hair and the beard are focal points. While this isn’t the best hairstyle for the office, it’s one of the most attention-grabbing hairstyles for men with beards. However, it requires a good cut and some serious styling. Typically, the side swept style is paired with an undercut. We included the side swept undercut in our guide to the undercut, so check that out if you’re interested in the style.

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Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Side Part

Just like the undercut, the side part is one of the most classic hairstyles for men with beards. This is ideal if you’re looking for a cut that works in a variety of situations. Whether formal or casual, a side part and beard combo will serve you well. This style combines the dapper slickness of a side part with the ruggedness of a beard. Any beard size will work here; even stubble or a five o’clock shadow will accent and complement the part. And the side part affords you a benefit that most of the other hairstyles don’t. If you want to go completely clean-shaven with a side part, you can without ruining the style. Styles like the side swept undercut don’t look their best with a smooth face.

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@mattjbarbers/ Instagram

Combed Side Part

The side part is one of the most versatile men’s hairstyles, so it comes as no surprise that it works extremely well with beards. It doesn’t take much work, either––as shown here, a basic combed part can work wonders.

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@spizoiky/ Instagram

Blonde Rough Texture

If your beard has a coarser texture, why not sport a more textured hairstyle? This long haircut allows the rough texture of the hair to shine, creating lots of motion.

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@barber_djirlauw/ Instagram

French Crop with Skin Fade

A neatly trimmed beard and a neatly trimmed haircut are a perfect pairing. The French crop is an especially great option for this look.

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@andrewlampebarber/ Instagram

Hippi Combed Slicked Back with Faded Sides

Retro styles are still as popular as ever. This slicked back cut pays homage to the greaser look of the fifties, with the beard rounding out the style.

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@boar_and_blade / Instagram

Brushed Back Style with Long Beard

A tall quiff is a great match for a lengthy beard. This particular brushed back style uses finger combing to create waviness in the hair.

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@blackfishbry / Instagram

Simple Swayed Top with Wavy Beard

Many guys with longer beards opt for shorter hair in order to showcase their ample facial hair, and this short, wavy style does just that.

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Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.com

Side Brushed Thin Hair

Here’s a great look for men with thinner hair. The hair is grown out and brushed back, making the hair look thicker than it is, and the beard further enhances that illusion.

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@jarredsbarbers / Instagram

French Crop

Just have a look at this thick, dense, and beard with high volume. The beard as it progresses towards the lower face gets even thicker pulling all the balance for the french crop above. The French Crop is quite neat but the fade on the sides is what compliments the beard perfectly.

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@blackfishbry / Instagram

Tattooed Side with Side Sweep

Who said only hairstyles can have longer hair strands? Check this beard out with longer and thicker hair strands. These hairs get that straight texture from combing regularly with that heat comb. The mustache is no different with longer hair laid all the way down.

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@eddie_rtb/ Instagram

Subtle Temple to Beard Fade with Line Up

We see this one is highly inspired by Drake, with that hair texture especially. The beard very seamlessly starts from the temple and that temple fade just makes this easy. Plus the mustache is thinned for that specific Drake look whilst the hair is low faded brush-up.

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@collinanthonyhair/ Instagram

Balanced Volume Up and Down

Casually side brushed the top with tapered sides but the best of all quite dense in its volume. The top is slightly longer than the sides as it is side swept and then left to hang on the side. The temple is blended into a thick beard for maximum uniformity.

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@moohammad_hamze / Instagram

Designer Sideburns

If this doesn’t qualify as a masterpiece then not sure what will. The top is pushed back with comb layers plus the sides are quite unique with that nice temple and a lineup. The beard starts with a lineup slit and grows from thinner to thicker, this is what style looks like.

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@nickbarford / Instagram

Buzzed Top with Shaved Slit Side

Tattoed neck with a shaved slit is a clear look of a hipster trend. The top is buzz cut with sides that are very finely faded. The neat sides that make the beard look quite exquisite make this whole look quite a fashion.

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@phils_barbershop / Instagram

Thick Beard with Mohawked French Crop

As intense as this look is the hairstyle and beard are not behind in the competition. The top is mohawked with sides being tapered and faded in the sides. All of that is slightly french cropped with a beard holding the weight pretty good.

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@thehammerbarber/ Instagram

Thunder Shave with Dapper Mullet

This beard to mullet combinaton is just over the top with the thunder-shaped shave is what makes this look very trendy. The beard is what anchors the look with the slicked-back look.

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@renaud_mtlbarber / Instagram

Regulation Cut and Long Full Beard

When you intend to pull all the attention towards your beard, let it grow exponentially, and then have your top as calmly classy as it can be. In this case, it is side swept with a fine hard part. The drop fade is just what makes the beard pop with a curved lineup, how can one get old with this cut?

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DFree / Shutterstock.com

Pushed Back Slight Wave Texture

For a classy, professional appearance, match a well-groomed beard with a slicked-back haircut. This simple combination is elegant, timeless, and low maintenance.

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Thick Texture High Volume Top

If he is not in a movie by now, he sure is filming one right now! So much panache in person, the beard is slightly rough textured with hair being thicker so as to have an overall balanced feel to it. The hair is side-parted in a fancy way with taper blend into the beard.

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@olliefosterhair/ Instagram

Thug Light Beard with Brush Up

This look is very hippie especially with the tattooed on the neck. The sides are high fade with the top being brushed up and dyed makes it so much fun. The beard is concentrated towards the chin and sides are tapered for that faded look.

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@seuelias / Instagram

Unique Goatee Beard with Frizzed Top

The top is quite frizzed and dyed to give that popping feel to it. However, the bread is what steals the show here. The goatee, to begin with, is quite thick with the temple which is blended into a beard takes this look to a whole another level.

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@hairmenstyles / Instagram

That Stubble and That Quiff

This stubble is something that totally compliments the top with that thin hair quiff that is pushed back. The sides are undercut tapered but there is no part so it all feels one unified look.

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@boar_and_blade / Instagram

French Crop Twist

This style complements a naturally frizzy beard with an equally tousled French crop. A small asymmetrical fringe is a cherry on top of this highly textured haircut.

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by @virogas.barber / Instagram

Neat Quiff

This one’s slightly tougher to pull off but only because of the styling involved. If you’re up for the challenge of creating a great quiff, then pair it with a beard for ultimate style. The volume of the quiff is best balanced out with a smaller to medium sized beard. This creates visual contrast and doesn’t detract from the quiff as the focal point of your hair. The beard simply makes everything even; it’s not the point of attention here. A trimmed, even beard looks the best with a nice, stylish quiff. When all the hair is in place, you get a wonderfully classy look. This is a nice choice for men who can’t naturally grow a lot of facial hair, since a shorter beard is recommended.

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@thebarbercole/ Instagram

Leading Thick Beard with Pocky Top

Sometimes you have to let the beard take the lead with its amazing texture and almost perfect volume. The beard here totally steals the show with its straight and dense strands standing tall. The top however is pocky pinched slight brush up.

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Gardinovachki/ Shutterstock.com/ Shutterstock.com

Thick Mustache with Sick Side Part

Isn’t this a very bartender-ish look especially with a neat side-parted top. The beard and mustache comprise of thick long strands that are allowed to grow out which totally increases the girth of the face.

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Shaggy / Messy hair

Pairing a beard with messy hair also might seem like a no-brainer. For decades, the beard has been the emblem of the devil-may-care look, and the pairing of shaggy hair and a beard is arguably the epitome of this style. It exudes a certain confidence and even rebelliousness that some guys aim for. As the name of the style might suggest, it’s perfectly okay to have a slightly uneven or scruffy-looking beard. This means you don’t have to regularly trim your beard for evenness. If it gets too out of control, a quick trim is a good idea, but otherwise, messy is fine and adds to the carefree appearance. If you can’t grow a full beard, fear not––you can wear this style with some stubble. The lightness of the beard will add another level of scruffiness to the overall look. A shag hairstyle or a tousled look is ideal for a cut here. Layers can also help bring out volume in your hair to complement your messy beard. This is one of the few hairstyles for men with beards that looks good with minimal styling and maintenance.

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Cookie Studio/Shutterstock.com

Man bun / Top knot

This is perhaps the most obvious pairing on the list, since the man bun was probably designed to go with a beard. The beard balances out the bun and adds a nice contrast. The hair on the head is in a small bun at the back, and the beard allows the head to be unified as a whole. The same goes for a top knot. The man bun and top knot also work well with all kinds of beards. Here, stubble is probably the beard style that won’t work that well. A mid-sized beard will probably do the trick. That’s about 4 to 6 weeks of growth, depending on how fast your facial hair grows. This is also often the type worn by most guys who aren’t going for the clean-shaven or lumberjack looks. It’s right in the middle.

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@ cutsbydk/ Instagram

Waved Curled Top with Dense Beard

The volume management on top and bottom is just perfect. The semi waved and short curled is a great combination, to begin with. The sides are drop faded with chill temple fade that blends into beard quite well keeping that sleek look on the sides.

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@sunshinesnipps / Instagram

Jawline Beard with Side Brush Quiff

Volume concentration is what rules this style and let me tell you that it is done with utter attention to details. The top is side brushed quiff with mid fade which makes way for the beard and both are dense towards the peak.

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@carlito_thebarber / Instagram

Frisked Beard and Thin Curls

Who says a beard is good when thick, check this thin one out with a long chin beard. This suits the top so well that it is both thin-haired yet tapered on the sides with the curly volume on top.

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Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.com

Golden Slicked Back with Tapered Sides

If you’ve got thinner hair but want a thick and full look, try out this longer style. The hair is brushed straight back into place, and the beard is grown out to add more depth and dimension.

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mattjbarbers / Instagram.com

Loose Curly Hair

Curly hair lends itself well to lose, casual styles like the one shown here. The hair is kept longer for optimal curliness, and the beard is trimmed shorter to balance everything out.

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toastiestyles / Instagram.com

High Quiff Hairstyle for Men

Ramit Sethi, is that you? The volume that we see in this picture tells it all, with such amazing volume one can pull off quite an array of different styles. The top is thick-haired side brushed quiff with hints of dye. The beard is similarly thick blended by a cheeky taper.

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@squirebarbershop / Instagram

Side Part Disconnection

The disconnected side part is a trendy twist on a classic style. The result is a suave, sophisticated look that goes well with any kind of beard.

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@shawn_barbz / Instagram

Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

If you’re after a low maintenance style, look no further than the classic buzz cut. It tends to work best with a shorter beard or goatee but can also be used to dramatically emphasize a long beard.

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@thecommodoreatl / Instagram

Majestic Curly Shag

The whole point of having a beard most of the time is to balance the look. The top is short curled so that the dense look makes it very cool. That being said, similarly, the dense beard makes it equally fun and jazz.

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@v.hugostyles / Instagram

Braided Top with Faded Sides

If you look closely the whole look is quite sleek. The beard is flattened with size 1 clippers. That with the top being faded with braids on top is where the fun is. The cleaner look is both, funky and classy.

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@ivanshavethesailor / Instagram

Hard Side Sweep with Low Fade

Thin beards are equally trendy as thick beards. This one in specific is a chill one where the top is balanced by a thin beard. The top is side swept with a side part which is also a drop fade. The fade makes good entry for the beard.

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urednistvo.pricesk.robert / Instagram.com

Pompadour Side Parted and Moustache

Bonjour! This style drips an amazing french undertone with the classic side-parted pompadour with all gelled up pushed back top with that shiny product. That is not it, the beard with toned mustache adds to it making it an even better style. See that side part, that is also a hard part, too much style isn’t it?

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@iisakkinummi/ Instagram

Hidden Knot with Undercut Tapered Sides

The top knot is an infamously popular look that mixes nicely with a beard. This simple yet fashionable style takes the knot to the back of the head to keep everything neat.

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@ace.symmetric/ Instagram

Almost Mohawk with Hard Part

Is this what we call Tom Hardy’s look? Yes, sir! The top is mohawked with a pocky texture and the sides are hard parted taper faded. The beard however is what pulls the look and anchors the face.

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@agusdeasis / Instagram

Disoriented Top with Sharp Strands

This is called what balance looks like with that being said, the top is very pocky yet stranded with a side swayed brush up. The sides being faded gives the beard a good starting point and that fade blends well for hair and for the beard. This beard is well shaped with no taper, in order to establish balance.

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@nickbarford / Instagram

Pompadoured Push Back with Thin Hair

Best part about thin hair is that they are comparatively easier to set with a lesser product. The top here is straight-up pushed back with sides being taper faded. The fade is mid-fade for that neat look plus the dense beard that aces the face balance.

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urednistvo.pricesk.robert / Instagram.com

Side Swept Elegant Glasses and Beard

If this doesn’t give you some serious vibes then nothing else will, the volume is massively exaggerated towards the beard and it is kept quite controlled on the top with a simple side part. The beard, however, has a rusty feel to it with a maintained shape.

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@juanmapeluka/ Instagram

Textured Top with Line Up Taper Fade

Looking for something stylish and adventurous? Check out this flowy textured top with a tidy line up that adds symmetry and definition.

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@jerrinhaweshair / Instagram

Full Beard and Short Crop with High Fade

Only if french crop and brush had a baby, this is what it looks like. The small brush up can also be laid down for that french crop look. Plus, the sides are faded without blending beard into it. The sides are quite thick and dense, as it goes down it gets, even more, thicker providing a very fuller look, don’t forget to trim from time to time.

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@juanmapeluka/ Instagram

Line Up Taper Faded Pompadour

For that windswept beachy look, consider this blown out pompadour. Finger combing is employed to create the wavy strands of hair, and the super short beard provides balance.

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@criztofferson / Instagram

Curled Brush Up with Star Shave

The Star Haircut, well not literally but it does have a tapered star shave with a slit shave for that cheeky mid fade. The top is curled yet brushed up with some undercut on the sides for that style to drip.

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@thaddeus.10/ Instagram

Dropped Fade with Curled Top

Drop Fade with curled top makes such a dashing look plus the mullet in the back makes a perfect combination. The top is quite casual yet tossed with that irregular texture. The blend into that beard is due to the temple fade.

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