Aware of the fact that both parents and the kids from time to time are looking for very unique haircuts we’ve decided to present some of the coolest haircuts for kids out there.

We have some classic cuts with a twist but mostly quite avant-garde haircuts that surely by it’s original character will let the kids shine. When your children are looking for something different you may find some inspiration to look further then the more or less regular haircuts.

Josh Flitter classic old style top mop hairstyle
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Divided into two-part – the first one brings us hairstyles that all parents would like to see and the second part more unique cuts that’ll make our little ones jump on the barber’s chair with joy.

Disconnected Side Pompadour Blonde Kid
Disconnected Side Pompadour Blonde Kid

This dapper hairstyle is an excellent choice for boys who are going for a more formal look. We like how this style highlights the blonde color.

Buzz Cut with Tapered Fade
Buzz Cut with Tapered Fade

Simple and easy to maintain, this buzz cut is ideal for active youngsters. The slight taper on the side is a nice touch that changes things up just a little.

Ginger Kid with French Crop
French Crop with Skin Fade

If your little one is after a more unique haircut, this French crop is definitely a cut to consider. It’s straightforward and a little different.

Layered Mo-Hawk
Layered Mo-Hawk

Best for slightly older boys around the middle school age, this hairstyle will stand out in a crowd. It’s a short mohawk that’s very dramatic and attention-grabbing.

Taper Shaved Sides with Brushed Up Top
Taper Shaved Sides with Brushed Up Top

For a really suave look, consider this classy brushed up hairstyle. It features a shaved design on the side that adds a bit of edge.

Angular Fringe
Textured Angular fringe

Inspired by popular athletic hairstyles, this heavily textured style belongs in its own category. The contrast of the fringe and the messy top is interesting and stylish.

Brush up Skin Fade Blonde
Brush up Skin Fade Blonde

This is a fun hairstyle that’s great for boys who want a very casual and playful look. The hair stands straight up for an eye-catching appearance.

Twice Disconnected Slicked Back
Twice Disconnected Slicked Back Blonde

Here’s a very slick hairstyle that features brushed up hair and two shaved lines on the side. This is a bold, trendy look that’s ideal for a more preppy style.

Layered Side Brushed Blonde Kid
Layered Side Brushed Blonde Kid

This layered haircut creates a nice wavy motion in the hair. This is another cut that can easily accompany a highly active lifestyle, and it suits boys of any age.

Comfident Kid with wavy Brush Up
Wavy Brushed Up Hair

For boys with thick and wavy hair, this brushed up style will work very well. It emphasizes the waviness of the hair and looks quite smart.

Textured French Crop with Disconnection
Textured French Crop with Disconnection

Here is an incredibly trendy hairstyle that will easily set you apart. The sharp disconnected line and messy top are distinctive and stylish.

Blonde Mo-Hawk with Disconnection
Blonde Mo-Hawk with Disconnection

This disconnected mohawk is easily one of the most extreme hairstyles on this list, but it’s an undeniably eye-catching look. The dyed tips really help to contrast the disconnected sides.

Comb Over Fringe Little Boy Hairstyles
Comb Over with Fringe

Here’s a simple combed over hairstyle that you can’t go wrong with. Great for both casual and formal situations.

Designed Side with Line Up
Designer Afro Hair

Inspired by athletes and urban style, this shaved design helps to accentuate the small afro. If desired, the hair on the top can be grown out a bit.

Ivy League with Hard Part
Ivy League with Hard Part

The Ivy League is a classic haircut that’s always been popular as a young boys’ cut. This variation adds a hard part for extra style points.

Kid with Line Up and Disconnect
Disconnected Side Part with Line Up

Another style with dual hard parts, this disconnected side part style is a more mature look that will suit slightly older, fashion-forward boys.

Thin Hair with Side Quiff
Side Quiff

This side quiff is a good option for all hair types, ideal for boys who want to be a little stylish but don’t want anything too extreme.

Textured Skin fade Thin Hair
Textured Skin Fade

Skin fade haircuts offer a very clean look, and this haircut is no exception. With textured hair on top and even hair on the sides and back, this is a very respectable cut.

Spiky Disconnected Blonde Hair
Disconnected Spiky Soccer Hairstyle

Another athletic-inspired look, this hairstyle features hair spiked up into a slight faux hawk, while a curved line is shaved into the side for a unique flair.

Scissor Cut with Line Up
Back To School Scissor Cut

This scissor cut is traditional on top and trendy on the sides. The disconnected line up on the left adds an asymmetrical twist that makes this style stand out.

Undercut Slicked Back Blonde
Undercut Slicked Back Blonde

An undercut is always a solid choice for older boys. Here’s a simple, neat variation that’s classy and elegant.

haircuts for kids
Textured Fringe

Good for boys who like short hair, this textured hairstyle is especially beneficial for thinner, finer hair, as it adds a lot of motion without requiring volume.

haircuts for kids
Wavy Pompadour with Design

Here’s another take on the pompadour that adds a bit of waviness to the hair. The design on the side adds an interesting angular element to the cut.

haircuts for kids
Double Disconnected Brushed Up Style

Yet another style with two hard parts, this brushed up hairstyle looks messy yet fashionable at the same time.

Hard Side Part with Taper
Hard Side Part with Taper

For a classy haircut, this side part style will serve you well. It’s mostly formal and tidy, but the swooped hair adds just a touch of messiness.

Low Key Hard Part with Undercut Side Brush
Low Key Hard Part with Undercut Side Brush

Who said hard parts are only for grown-ups? This style proves that boys of all ages can rock a hard part.

haircuts for kids
Messy Top with Short Strands Texture

Messy hair doesn’t have to look scruffy or unruly. It can create tons of fun and exciting texture, as shown here.

haircuts for kids
Thin Shaved Hairline with Casual Top

This trendy haircut has a lot going for it. With a slight hard part, a messy top, and a subtly asymmetrical fringe, this is a fashionable yet casual haircut.

haircuts for kids
Wavy and Curly Top with Tapered Sides

Have extremely curly hair? Try out this haircut. It’s simple and low maintenance but allows the curliness of the hair to shine through.

Spiky Texture Skin Fade
Spiky Texture Skin Fade

If you’re looking for something daring, then this spiky look definitely fits the bill. The bald fade dramatically emphasizes the large spikes, making this haircut a sure-fire head turner.

haircuts for kids
Hard Part with Side Brush

Side part styles can be versatile for young boys. They can be styled to be neat and proper or messy and laid-back (as shown here).

haircuts for kids
Simple Ivy League

The Ivy League is traditionally a shorter style, but it can be adapted for long hair. This provides more room to style the hair while ensuring the hair stays tidy.

Classic Side Brushed
Classic Side Brushed

For fine hair, short styles like this one often work best. There’s just enough length to allow for a bit of styling, so you can brush it up or slick it back.

haircuts for kids
Thin Part with High Volume Top

Here’s a style that affords lots of volume without sacrificing neatness. The prominent side part adds a point of visual interest and separates the hair nicely.

Artsy Back Hair
Holidays Haircut

Shaved designs are all the rage today. If you want a bold and adventurous style, then definitely consider an inspired design like the exciting pattern shown here.

Faux Hawk for Toddler
Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a tried and true haircut that works well with a variety of hair types. It’s a fun and spiky style that young boys are sure to love.

Asymmetric Texture
Asymmetric Texture

Here’s a haircut that will make you stand out in a crowd. The sharp fringe is obviously the focal point, but the messy texture on top is also very visually impactful.

Dyed Burst Fade
Dyed Burst Fade

For curlier or coiled hair, you can opt for a burst fade to help manage the hair’s texture while still preserving its character.

haircuts for kids
Side Combed Brush with Tapered Sides

This side-swept style is a timeless look that’s perfect for boys of any age. It’s a good choice for a multipurpose hairstyle that’s ideal for both casual and formal situations.

Faux Hawk for School
High Volume Loose Brush Up

Many boys want a hairstyle that will match their energetic personalities. This high volume brush up communicates youthfulness like few other haircuts can, so it’s an excellent option for kids.

haircuts for kids
Spiky Top with Taper Faded Sides

Spikes can be styled in lots of different ways. Here’s a take on a loose spiky look that results in a slightly blown out style.

Disconneced French Crop
Disconneced French Crop

Neat yet full of texture, this disconnected variation on the classic French crop is extremely striking. A large hard part divides the hair into two sections that greatly contrast in length.

haircuts for kids
Subtle Line Up with Faded Temple

The line up is a very convenient style for kids. When paired with a temple fade, a line up creates a tidy, well-kept appearance.

Sharp Skin Fade + Side Swept Hair
Sharp Skin Fade + Side Swept Hair

This distinctive haircut is good for older boys who want to express their individuality. We especially like how this style uses a skin fade in an unconventional manner.

Comb Over with Hard Part
Comb Over with Hard Part

Retro-inspired haircuts have always been popular for boys. This suave comb-over is a simple, low maintenance cut that’s easy to get and style.

Skin Fade with Step and Skin Fade
Skin Fade with Step and Skin Fade

A preppier style with lots of volume, this dramatic quiff uses a sudden skin fade to create a powerful visual effect.

Short Sides Longer Top
Short Sides Longer Top

The formula of “short on the sides, long on top” forms the basis of many boys’ haircuts. This style uses that formula to create a textured, windswept look.

Kids Boys French Crop Undercut
Kids Boys French Crop Undercut

The undercut is yet another good style for boys. This undercut uses a French crop on top and features a symmetrical fringe.

Combed Over Side Part for Kids
Combed Over Side Part for Kids

If you like the side part style but want something a bit longer, try this look. The bulk of the hair is brushed to the side while the sides and back are nice and even.

Junior Pompadour Blonde
Junior Pompadour Blonde

The pompadour is a great look, but a tall pompadour can cause imbalance when worn by younger boys. One trick is to shrink the pompadour so it fits better.

Curvy Brush Up Top with Low Fade
Curvy Brush Up Top with Low Fade

Where do we even begin? The top is curled brush up which is quite a soccer look and the sides are undercut tapered. That’s not it though, the extreme low fade with temple fade brings all the fun to thin haired dense top. Brush those fingers through it from time to time.

Dyed MoHawk
Dyed Mo-Hawk

Too much panache from this age, firstly the obvious, the mohawk is just on point and what makes it better is the snow-white dye but only the mohawk is dyed. The undercut with that drop fade just adds more to it and makes it gradual towards the temple. Lastly, check the line up, sharp isn’t it?

Sweet Boy Mop Top Hairstyle
Sweet Boy Mop Top Hairstyle

Classic 90’s kid’s go-to haircut, that mop top is a good blend between casual and not so casual. The free-flowing strands give it some life whereas the sides are slightly tapered in layers to keep that volume intact but to also have it under control.

Cook haircuts for kids
Thundered Shave Pattern

Shave come in all shapes and sizes but this one has to be one of those unique ones and with that perfection, there is no coming back. The sides have been evenly tapered for that thunder to shine bright and the top is side swept with fairly shorter hair on top. It ain’t easy as it looks to be.

Haircut for kids
Dripping Sides with Pony

That drip undercut is no joke, it is very hard to come by and harder to stop it from dripping style. Moreover, that pony also feels like a mullet if done right but is also long enough to transform into a man bun, so much going on with long hair right? Just grow and fade the sides, boom!

Mohawk for kids

This mohawk with surely hit different with that pocky soccer texture. Also, the strict undercut fade is out of the world. The best part, the fade has a cyclone shave with a star because that is what one becomes after having this haircut. The key is to keep the same length strands all over.

Blond Mohawk Boy Haircut
Blond Mohawk Boy Haircut

Introducing a subtle and easy version of mohawk with a tinge of side sweep. What makes this possible is the long strands with that brush-up texture to it. Moreover, the sides are undercut tapered with the temple fade. It just gets sleeker as it progresses towards the temple.

Brushed Up Fringe Boys Hairstyle
Brushed Up Fringe Boys Hairstyle

There we have it, a skateboarder version of the style. The top is quite thick with pocky texture but brush up towards the forehead. The sides are slightly tapered so that it doesn’t get messy but still regains girth. Less maintenance as well, who doesn’t love that?

Short Messy Blond Hairstyle
Short Messy Blond Hairstyle

Side sweep to any hairstyle just makes it ten times better as it gives a direction to the hair and makes it look less disoriented but this one, in particular, is just perfect because it is not too struct neither it is too clumsy. The sides too are tapered just to the point where it feels under control.

Quirky Brushed Up Fringe Boy
Quirky Brushed Up Fringe

The undercut brush up or mohawk? This one sits right in between that thin line and that hard part just makes everything even clearer. The sides are just tapered and not faded so that it doesn’t become very generic, so much thought goes into it ha!

Neat Side Part Little Boy
Neat Side Part Little Boy

Is that Harvey Spectre in the making? The hard part clearly separates top to the sides and that combed slicked back texture tells that details are everything and no hair is allowed to move. The sides are equally tapered without fade to regain that weight on the sides while the top still looking dominant.

Ombre Fade Design and French Crop
Ombre Fade Design and French Crop

Where do we even begin? The top is a classic french crop with that pocky straight texture, the sides, however, are very stylish with that mid fade but line ups are not included in the fade. Lastly, the temple is usually faded but this is not your usual haircut, the pocky temple tells a lot!

Textured Caesar Crop
Textured Caesar Crop

Do you say your haircut is cool? That is what he says! This messy yet shiny bowl cut with that volume is something not to be messed with. The sides are layered and slightly tapered to be shorter than the top. The fringe with the french crop is just another layer of dripping style here.

Side Swept Little Pompadour
Side Swept Little Pompadour

Is that Mike Ross in the making? The pushed back top with a slight quiff on the forehead tells that he is ready for a meeting and he is going to win! The sides are slightly tapered to respect the top but that hard part is subtle yet present enough that you feel it

Life Line Cut
Life Line Cut

Here it is again, the classic fohawk looking brush up. The thin hair with dense volume does absolute justice it is easy to taper it on the sides with that hard part which then also serves as the styled shaved line. The temple is faded which balances the overall look.

Gecko Mohawk Cut

Chameleon haircut is something we hardly have seen, and more like so rare that very few of those are available. The sides are shaved with tapered patterns for legs and the top is brushed up with brush up the texture to make it look like chameleons back.

Roman Cut

This brush-up has a very semi mohawk texture with an undercut on the sides is just making it all perfect. The sides are taper faded but the low fade makes everything much better. The sides have a tapered pattern with a slight shaved pattern to make it perfect school cut, not too boring at all.

Snowman Cut

Remember the chameleon cut? This one is a big upgrade to the same haircut with a hint of celebration. This one includes a size 1 clippers all around the head with a tapered pattern of a snowman with dye, nothing cannot beat that.

Bat Cut

Chameleon cut and then the snowman cut and then here we are, he is the “Batman”. The top is semi curled with thick hair and the neckline is a whole new deal. The taper and the shave combination makes this batman cut the sleek one.

Pattern Prince

You know when it is the last day of school and then you can get your hair styled the way you wanted it when you saw that favorite soccer player of yours? Well, this is the haircut we’re talking about then, clipped with size 2 clippers all around with the shaved pattern, also, don’t forget the perfect line ups and hairline.

The Cat Cut

So you really thought that the batman cut was the peak? There we go, introducing the puma cut, the top is brushed up with the nice, thick volume and the sides are taper shaved with temple fade, there is so much style into this, hardly one can miss it.

Jet Part Cut

The slicked back mohawk style is really something custom and rare, moreover, these days this is the only flight one can possibly enjoy so why not? The hard parted hairline adds an extra layer of fanciness with the pushed back texture of medium length hair is just perfect.

Superhero Cut

How can we not have all these superheroes shaved on our head when they saved so many lives on the television. This is possible if one uses size 0 or 1 clipper for the lighter texture areas and taper shave for areas with a thicker texture, there is no in-between.

Hardline Design on Kid
Hardline Design

Have you ever seen side part mixed with slicked back? Well here we are, this is a classic example of one, with sides being tapered and faded at the right spots. The shaved lines are just too much of a style statement to handle and the neckline is skin faded, can you take all of it in?

Squares Cut

Can it be any squarer than this? The overall texture is size 2 clippers with sides being taper faded in a square pattern. The temple is sharp and pocky showing the love of geometry in the style. Moreover, even the line up is pretty angular so it tells how perfect this style actually is.

Mohawk Pattern Cut

This is no less than a mathematic equation with so much going on on all the sides. The sides are taper shaved with a temple slit into half. The top, however, has a mohawk texture with mullet at the back mullet is what steals the show.

Pattern Cut

The top is side swept with a side part so that undercut is seen clearly. Moreover, sides and back are tapers shaved with a pattern. We must admit that these patterns make the whole hairstyle a lot times sleeker and have much more panache than the usual taper fade.

Action Figures Cut

Lego, batman, star wars, and that clean haircut can you even ask for anything more in life? No! The size 2 clippers all over the head with shaved sides for the figure with some sleek dye to bring out the details and all the attention is yours.

Joker Cut

This one is quite unique with the back being dyed to the colors of joker and this one is quite unique because there is no tapered head with shaved shape. Instead, it quite dense with the temple being all sharp and perfect and line up being all angular.

Brush-up -Pattern-Cut
Brush Up Pattern Cut

Brush up with a mohawk texture and an undercut makes everything ten times prettier to look at and that too with a clean dye has no competition. Moreover, the patterns on the sides and back are a result of attention to detail with a taper and shaved lines. Also, don’t forget the hard part.

Deadpool Cut

Ryan Reynolds should check this out, he thinks he can pull off Deadpool, not until he sees this. The shave that works well with taper makes it much better and that is exactly how we get the shape. Add that sleek shave to it, which makes it lovely.

The Amazing Spiderman Cut
The Amazing Spiderman Cut

The web and the spiderman both are dyed and that itself pops out pretty well. The shave and taper make it possible with that sharp line up. Not to mention, the temple is sharp yet dyed just enough to make this look enough better.

Wavy Side-Line Design and Burr Crop
Wavy Side-Line Design and Burr Crop

Sides being taper faded with this blend is what makes this style special. The top, however, is tapered with clipper size 2 and maintains an equal volume all over, notice the temple? It is faded just enough to look perfect that also complements the pattern.

Side Line Design and Styled Long Top
Side Line Design and Styled Long Top

Dripping undercut with side-swept can always be a combination that gets all the attention. Not to mention, the pattern on the neckline is also quite fancy and adds that extra oomph to the overall style, oh but this can be done when in the holiday season, cannot rock this on school days.

Simple Yet Trendy Hairlines
Simple Yet Trendy Hairlines

Fine faded sides with that shaved line can either be a hard part or it can be a part of a pattern but for sure it is full of style. The temple, however, is faded with top gaining volume to look thick and lively.

Simple On Top and Trendy On Sides
Simple On Top and Trendy On Sides

You know when you see that cheeky smile that you had a great haircut with that straight hairline and divided line ups, what else can you ask for? The sides are taper faded with the top having short and thin hair texture.

Small Spikes with Faded Sides
Small Spikes with Faded Sides

Brush up? Yes please, tapered sides? Yes please, and a sleek fade, definitely yes, please. The shaved line adds the soccer haircut look to the whole style and this thin brush up just supports the whole outlook.

Fine Fade with Shaved Line
Fine Fade with Shaved Line

Look at that sharp line up, don’t touch it or else you’ll feel it. Plus the hard part that dictates the undercut taper with that sleek fade on the side. There is so much going on in here that it is hard to take care of everything at once, rock this on and forget the rest,

When Summer Holidays Hit
When Summer Holidays Hit

Is that smile making the whole look ten times better? Hell yes, the curly texture on the top is always fun because it regains the length of the hair and even if it is thin it looks heavy due to the product. Moreover, the shaved slit on the sides is just perfect.

Hardcore MoHawk
Hardcore MoHawk

Kids and mohawk is not a very usual or common sight that you’d have but here is the exotic look. The sides are straight up shaved for a better emphasis on the top with the temple being faded completely. The top is all thin hair yet frizzy and brush up for that perfect chill look.

Stranded Top with Fade
Stranded Top with Fade

Harry Potter is that you? The falling fringe with that side being faded adds so much panache to this cute hairstyle The top is all frizzy and since the hair is thin, it looks like it has tossed texture with that silky shine to it. Those glasses make it a million times better, don’t they?

Blonde Spiky Highlights on Kid
Blonde Spiky Highlights on Kid

Spikes with that pocky thorny texture are quite hard to come by these days so let’s enjoy this one for now and see what it really is. The taper fade on the sides is just too good with that perfect line up with a brush-up texture always comes in handy, don’t forget that sleeky blond highlight dye.

French Crop and Hardline Design
French Crop and Hardline Design

Can it be any cuter than this? The sleek shaved line on the side makes it so soccer styled while the top has a short french crop which totally compliments the hairstyle and makes it a million times better.

Thin Haired Brush Up
Thin Haired Brush Up

Thin hair has its own adventures and this is one of them where the brush up is sleek and thick at the same time. The frizzy look overall is so special where the sides are taper faded and the temple is completely skin faded.

Short Top Tossed Taper Fade
Short Top Tossed Taper Fade

Do you see another Lionel Messi in the making too? Here’s the soccer-inspired cheeky hairstyle with that tossed brush up with that sides being taper faded which makes everything formal yet informal.