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30 Low Fade Haircuts for Stylish Guys

Choose a low fade for a subtle and sophisticated look


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The low fade is a simple technique used to add a touch of class and elegance to any style. With a low fade, the hair on the sides tapers down, and the taper occurs lower on the head, hence the name “low fade.” The low fade is incredibly versatile, and we’ve selected 11 of our favorite examples.

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High Volume Top with Subtle Low Fade

Here’s another voluminous hairstyle that pairs well with a low fade. It’s a trendy, youthful cut that will work well with almost any hair type.

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@rpb_nq / Instagram

Low Fade and Medium Wavy Crop

Curls, a very low fade, with the top being all dense and thick is not a very common sight. The beard doesn’t have a blend and that is what makes this one slightly more exotic than the others. Make the beard thicker towards the goatee for a touch from the gods.

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@napolesbarbershop/ Instagram

Fringe Or Low Fade Or Both

This messy crop is made unique by lowering the fade about an inch. The result is a cool, hipsterish style which we absolutely love.

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@nickbarford / Instagram

Thin Long Afro Curls with Neat Fade

Curls are always special but this one has a special sweet spot. They’re permed with thick rough hair that is curled into a thin long spiral shape. That in itself is quite a statement plus the taper on the side with drop-shaped low fade. The overall cleaner approach to this look is just perfect.

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@iamtyrikjackson/ Instagram

Temple Fade with Irregular Fringe Cut

This casual haircut features an irregular fringe and swooping hair on top. The low fade keeps the hair looking thick and full.

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@hayden_cassidy/ Instagram

Low Fade and Quiff

This young style is extra long and wavy. You’d think that doesn’t work with a low fade, but you can see here: the side hair is slicked back at the top, with the lower hair trimmed into a fade.

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@jakelansley_jbs/ Instagram

Short Drop Fade

Here’s another crop featuring a low fade around the sides. Notice the curvature of the hairline along the side, as it swoops back and downwards, towards the neckline.

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@menshairuk / Instagram

Almost Hipstered Plain Top with Drop Fade

This plain top hairstyle features a dropped, low fade on the sides and back. Did we mention the low fade gives you an awesome place to put tattoos?

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@mintbarbershops/ Instagram

Low Faded Band with Shaved Neckline

Is the low fade not enough spice on its own? Why not incorporate some hairline or neckline patterns? This simple band around the head is an easy extra.

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@eddie_rtb / Instagram

French Crop with Trendy Low Fade

Here is a look that will get you stares at a party, especially with that twin slit shave, it is nothing less than a game-changer. The top is french cropped with high volume and a slight brush up feel to it. The sides are tapered with low fade and to top it off, the line-ups are neat and short.

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@kings_style1/ Instagram

Hardline Side Design and Textured Waves

We mentioned hairline patterns earlier, and this one is a great example! The shaved design really contrasts against the thick side hair.

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@fleetwoodthebarber/ Instagram

Short Wavy Top with Fine Low Fade

Here’s a short, curly hairstyle featuring the low fade. This style is elegant, easy to maintain, and works for anyone!

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@ahmadd.m0m0/ Instagram

Exceptionally High Volume Top with Sharp Mid Fade

This low fade creates loads of negative space around the ear, which perfectly contrasts the thick, voluminous top and messy facial hair.

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@rpb_nq / Instagram

Casual Wavy Taper

If you have thicker hair and prefer to have a more relaxed appearance, then this hairstyle might be your next look.

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@barbersandbrews/ Instagram

Dense Volume with Bright Low Fade

Low fades help to balance out extremely high volume hairstyles. They create great contrast, as you can see with this fohawk-inspired look.

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@ neverjustacut/ Instagram

Fluffed Pompadour with Tapered Lineup

Layers in pompadour are works of fine art, it is definitely not easy to pull it off. Here, they are done with attention to detail making it look like a fluff yet very much controlled pompadour. The sides are not undercut which makes this whole and the low fade is dropped.

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@joshconnollybarber/ Instagram

Subtle Temple Fade

With an even and full appearance, this low-key hairstyle uses an extremely subtle sideburn fade for maximum neatness.

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@hamedjavanacademy/ Instagram

Cheeky Pony with Low Faded Slit Shave

Just look at this piece of work! The top is slicked back with a straight thin-haired pony at the back. And then the sides although are low faded, are very much fancy due to that cheeky slit shave with a very sharp line up. I mean just look at it.

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@ neverjustacut/ Instagram

Mohawkish French Crop with Cheeky Line Up

Mohawk doesn’t have to be always the one that is hardcore pocky and brushed up. This one is a subtle version of mohawk styled french crop where the top is pinched together and the front is fringed for that french crop look. The sides are low faded with a sharp line up for that key detail.

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@m15barbershop / Instagram

Classy Gentleman Side Parted Low Fade

This side part resembles a middle part as well but the sides being tapered a little makes this one quite exotic. That being said, the top being pushed back at the same time adds a slicked-back look to the style. All of that jazz with a cheeky low fade makes up for sheer class.

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@nickbarford / Instagram

Caesar, a Mullet and a Low Fade, Best Trio

How can we not like this cool combination of a mullet, a slightly curled caesar, and a sleek low fade? The low fade here also acts like a temple fade which amplifies the look by a thousand. The beard is a smart way to balance the face and make this style look even.

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@mattjbarbers / Instagram

Classy Caesar Buzz with Low Drop Fade

How better can we style a gentleman better than this. The texture is slightly pocky with caesar cut feels to it. The volume all over is dense yet it is quite short with a side brush to the top. The lineups are kept tapered yet quite angular. The cheeky drop low fade is just the cherry on cake.

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@menspiresalon / Instagram

Wavy Pompadour with Cheeky Low Fade

If you are someone who likes going that extra mile to take care of your hair then here is the style you should consider. It is both, retro and modern altogether. The top is slightly waved out with sides being tapered, which is a classic move but the temple is vanished due to low fade.

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@joshconnollybarber / Instagram

Controlled Curls with Short Line Up

Highlighted curls are definitely a thing, let this be a prime example where the curls are dense yet not all over the place. The volume is all equal all over with sides being tapered with a very low drop fade to end it all the line up are shortened with taper texture.

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@ deco_thebarber/ Instagram

Grizzly Casual Top with Tapered Line Up

Having a low maintenance haircut is a dream of many but not all of them know that it is easier than one thinks. The top here is tossed and is grizzly curly, however, the sides are mid tapered and low faded. That enables the temple to be faded and the beard to have more panache.

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Pushed Back Line Up Low Fade

Balance on the face is something one should strive for, here we see the low fade acts as a temple fade that helps blend into the beard. that being said the volume is concentrated on the extreme ends of the beard and the top of the head. The push-back texture acts like a cherry on the cake.

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@the_ramsey / Instagram

Short Curls with Low Fade

We talked short curls this is even shorter curls with that afro hair texture. This is what volume does to you and that is why you gotta finesse it that way. The sides are tapered but look at that lineup that is tapered clean and trimmed all angular, notice the beard that balances the lower face.

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@odyzzeuz / Instagram

Fine Low Taper Fade

This one doesn’t have that drop fade tinge and is more like a straight taper that is not very common. The top is a pocky and pinched texture with that low faded lineup. The top has a slight brush up feel to it with hints of being tossed here and there.

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@ moohammad_hamze/ Instagram

Low fade and Side Line Design

Here’s another pompadour, again featuring carefully trimmed hairlines and a pattern in the neckline. Contrast, contrast, contrast!

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@ moohammad_hamze/ Instagram

Low fade and Curly Top

Here’s a curly top featuring a low fade on the sides. This cool, young look really does reflect the basic principles of an undercut — and everyone knows the undercut is a great look.

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@ moohammad_hamze/ Instagram

Medium Styled Pompadour

This simple but bold pompadour features a low fade around the sides. There’s nothing particularly unique about this cut, but there’s no denying that it’s a great look.

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@rtgtmiami/ Instagram

Cozy Low Fade with Silky Push Back

Create a handsome look just like this one with only a few elements: a slicked-back top, a low fade on the sides, and some connected facial hair.

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@menshairuk / Instagram

Puffed Quiff with Neat Low Fade

This light quiff is complemented with a low fade at the sides. The neat hairlines on this cut really demonstrate the importance of contrast.

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@napolesbarbershop/ Instagram

Neat Short Pompadour with Extreme Low Fade

Add some spice to your pompadour with the low fade. This fantastic example features some connected facial hair, but we promise that’s optional.

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@cal_newsome/ Instagram

Classy Temple Fade

Because the low fade is so versatile, it’s easy to modify it. This cool variation features a shaved line that seems to pass underneath (or through) the ear, creating an amazing visual effect.

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@rpb_nq / Instagram

Simplest Low Key Scissor Cut

Looking for simple and stylish? It doesn’t get much simpler than this straightforward scissor cut with low faded sides. Even though it’s simple, it’s still sharp and sleek.

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@lanedorsey/ Instagram

Simple Top with Clean Sides

If you prefer a shorter hairstyle, you’ll enjoy this close-cropped cut. Here, the low fade blends the hair smoothly and gives the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

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@aaron_kiely_hair / Instagram

Sneaky Temple Fade with Curls

Medium waved curls with sides being tapered are quite fun. The low fade here is quite sneak especially as it is so subtle that one might not notice it instantly. The lineup is quite short with a clean shaved look that makes everything cleaner.

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