Top 30+ Professional & Business Hairstyles for Men


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So you want to sport a snazzy, stylish haircut, but you also want to come off as professional. And at the same time, you want a style that reflects your personal style. How do you meet all of these demands simultaneously?

Ed Westwick’s Tapered Side Part. DFree / Shutterstock.com

Or maybe you want a conservative cut for a different job-related reason. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2015, 39% of Americans were employed in white collar jobs. If you’re one of these workers, chances are you have to follow a dress code, and hairstyles are often mentioned in such codes.

Whether it’s for personal or work-related reasons, finding great-looking business hairstyles can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of of our favorite business hairstyles for men and a few notes on what makes these haircuts stand out.

Classic cut - Natural loose slick back
Classic cut – Natural loose slick back hair, Credits: Braid Barbers

Elements of a Business Hairstyle

Traditionally, many office jobs have required more conservative haircuts in order to maintain a well-groomed appearance among the staff members. Recommended haircuts are typically anything from super-short crew cuts to a slightly longer cut like the Ivy League or classic taper haircut.

When fashion-forward men enter the workforce, they might find it difficult to abide by company code and find a style that suits them at the same time. Of course, not every white collar worker wants a mohawk, but some men crave a more stylish hairdo that fits the confines of a traditional business hairstyle.

Classic taper slicked back. @adamjosephchase/ Instagram

So what makes a good business hairstyle for work or the office? There are three essential components to a good business hairstyle:

  • Conservativeness: This doesn’t have to mean “plain” or “boring.” The aesthetic of the business hairstyle is often more laid-back and nondescript, but it can still be stylish. In other words, a mullet with a spiky top would be a bad business hairstyle.
  • Cleanness: Good business hairstyles are nicely and closely trimmed around the edges. The cut is even, and the haircut looks tidy. This is often the result of the barber or stylist who’s cutting your hair, so make sure you choose a reputable stylist.
  • Versatility: This might seem counterintuitive at first, but a true business hairstyle can be worn in a wide range of situations. It should be appropriate whether you’re heading to work, having dinner with your family, or attending a prestigious ceremony. Many guys choose business hairstyles for their flexibility.
Classic Side Part with Loose Hair

If you’re having trouble finding a good style, we’ve compiled a list of cuts that meet all three of the above criteria. There’s plenty of different sizes and shapes for you to choose from, so whether you’re a fan of the classic, early twentieth century style or a no-fuss, shorter style, you’ll find something here to love.

Here are our top business hairstyles for men: