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50 Outstanding Quiff Hairstyle Ideas – A Comprehensive Guide

The most universal haircut for men that does not require regular touch-ups

written by The Editors

Over the last few years, the quiff hairstyle has become one of the most popular men’s hairstyles. It’s up there with the undercut and the pompadour. If you’re looking for a fashionable style that’s survived the test of time, then the quiff just might be for you. Quiff is suitable for a wide range of professional and casual situations.

The quiff hairstyle has actually been popular since the 1950s. It has a multitude of variations and can be modified for nearly any face shape, hair type, and aesthetic. This versatility allows you to modify it to your liking and since It’s suitable for a wide range of situations, it’s great for most jobs. It’s also a good look for schools that don’t have strict dress codes.

Another benefit that the quiff hairstyle gives you: While the quiff is widely seen in the men’s fashion world, you probably don’t see too many quiffs in your everyday life. That’s because it’s more of a fashion style and less of a casual style. This means if you choose to rock the quiff, you’ll immediately stand out with your style. To help you choose a perfect style for yourself check the gallery below.

What is the quiff hairstyle?

In terms of the cut, the quiff hairstyle is basically like the undercut: longer on top and shorter on the sides and back. The real difference is the top of the hair, which is styled upward and combed slightly back for a textured, eye-catching look. The styling process is vital here, and we’ll be going into detail on how you can get this contemporary look for yourself.

And like other voluminous styles, such as the disconnected undercut, the quiff is a high-contrast style. This means that the long hair on top provides a stark contrast to the short hair on the sides and in the back.

In terms of the look, the quiff is closely related to the pompadour. Both are voluminous styles that sweep the hair back. However, there are some important differences between the two. Guys who sport quiffs tend to focus on vertical volume at the front of the head, and this isn’t always the case with a pompadour. Lots of pompadours can be smaller and less extreme.

Another defining characteristic of the quiff is its somewhat messy nature. The hair at the front of the head is often slanted and takes on a wavy appearance. Pompadours, on the other hand, tend to be tighter and have a bit more slickness and shine to them.

What do I need for the quiff hairstyle?

The quiff hairstyle is a medium-length hairstyle because of the volume needed on the top of the head. 3 inches is a bare minimum for a good quiff. Going longer, from 4 to 6 inches, will give you massive volume and a taller quiff. Like the pompadour, the quiff allows for a variety of lengths, so experiment and find what works best for you.

You’ll also need high-quality products, and you can choose pomade, gel, or wax, depending on the exact type of style you’re going for. Pomade will give your quiff a shinier, slicker look to it. Gel and wax will accentuate the texture of your hair and also help to maximize and preserve volume.

You’ll need a fantastic blow dryer, which will play a vital role in shaping the quiff and setting it into place. A good blow dryer will also help to add a ton of volume and get the most natural texture out of your hair. A diffuser nozzle for your blow dryer can also help optimize the drying process for styles like the quiff.

Since the styling process is so crucial to forming a nice quiff, you won’t want to opt for anything less than the best. By using hair products and a blow dryer that perform well and are high quality, you’ll be ensuring you get the best quiff possible.

How to style the quiff?

There are 3 steps to getting a great quiff:

  • Step 1: Start with a freshly showered, towel-dried head of hair. Your hair should still be damp.
  • Optional step: You can blow dry your hair at this point to add more volume. (Copy Step 3.)
  • Step 2: Apply a small amount of product (about the size of your fingernail) to your hair and work it in evenly.
  • Step 3: Blow dry your hair in the direction you want your quiff to go. You can use a comb to tease your hair higher and get more volume.

That’s it! While it seems simple, it’s a matter of experimentation. You’ll have to find the exact technique that works for you to produce a fantastic quiff. If you’re not getting results you like, try using a higher heat setting or a diffuser nozzle on your blow dryer.


See this tutorial on how to style quiff style: