Over the last few years, the quiff hairstyle has become one of the most popular men’s hairstyles. It’s up there with the undercut and the pompadour. If you’re looking for a fashionable style that’s survived the test of time, then the quiff just might be for you. Quiff is suitable for a wide range of professional and casual situations.

Garrett Hedlund quiff hairstyle
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The quiff hairstyle has actually been popular since the 1950s. It has a multitude of variations and can be modified for nearly any face shape, hair type, and aesthetic. This versatility allows you to modify it to your liking. It’s also suitable for a wide range of professional and casual situations, so it’s great for most jobs. It’s also a good look for schools that don’t have strict dress codes.

Another benefit that the quiff hairstyle gives you: While the quiff is widely seen in the men’s fashion world, you probably don’t see too many quiffs in your everyday life. That’s because it’s more of a fashion style and less of a casual style. This means if you choose to rock the quiff, you’ll immediately stand out with your style.

What is the quiff hairstyle?

In terms of the cut, the quiff hairstyle is basically like the undercut: longer on top and shorter on the sides and back. The real difference is the top of the hair, which is styled upward and combed slightly back for a textured, eye-catching look. The styling process is vital here, and we’ll be going into detail on how you can get this contemporary look for yourself.

And like other voluminous styles, such as the disconnected undercut, the quiff is a high contrast style. This means that the long hair on top provides a stark contrast to the short hair on the sides and in the back.

In terms of the look, the quiff is closely related to the pompadour. Both are voluminous styles that sweep the hair back. However, there are some important differences between the two. Guys who sport quiffs tend to focus on vertical volume at the front of the head, and this isn’t always the case with a pompadour. Lots of pompadours can be smaller and less extreme.

Another defining characteristic of the quiff is its somewhat messy nature. The hair at the front of the head is often slanted and takes on a wavy appearance. Pompadours, on the other hand, tend to be tighter and have a bit more slickness and shine to them.

What do I need for the quiff hairstyle?

The quiff hairstyle is a medium length hairstyle because of the volume needed on the top of the head. 3 inches is a bare minimum for a good quiff. Going longer, from 4 to 6 inches, will give you massive volume and a taller quiff. Like the pompadour, the quiff allows for a variety of lengths, so experiment and find what works best for you.

You’ll also need high-quality products, and you can choose pomade, gel, or wax, depending on the exact type of style you’re going for. Pomade will give your quiff a shinier, slicker look to it. Gel and wax will accentuate the texture of your hair and also help to maximize and preserve volume.

You’ll need a fantastic blow dryer, which will play a vital role in shaping the quiff and setting it into place. A good blow dryer will also help to add a ton of volume and get the most natural texture out of your hair. A diffuser nozzle for your blow dryer can also help optimize the drying process for styles like the quiff.

Since the styling process is so crucial to forming a nice quiff, you won’t want to opt for anything less than the best. By using hair products and a blow dryer that perform well and are high quality, you’ll be ensuring you get the best quiff possible.

How to Style the Quiff

This is the basic styling process for a quiff. We’ve also included some of our favorite quiff variations so you can choose the perfect style for you.

There are 3 steps to getting a great quiff:

  • Step 1: Start with a freshly showered, towel-dried head of hair. Your hair should still be damp.
  • Optional step: You can blow dry your hair at this point to add more volume. (Copy Step 3.)
  • Step 2: Apply a small amount of product (about the size of your fingernail) to your hair and work it in evenly.
  • Step 3: Blow dry your hair in the direction you want your quiff to go. You can use a comb to tease your hair higher and get more volume.

That’s it! While it seems simple, it’s a matter of experimentation. You’ll have to find the exact technique that works for you to produce a fantastic quiff. If you’re not getting results you like, try using a higher heat setting or a diffuser nozzle on your blow dryer.

Once you’ve mastered the art of the basic quiff, here are some of our favorite quiff variations for you to try.
The Modern Quiff

The Modern Quiff

The modern quiff is today’s answer for a classic, clean hairstyle with a little personality to it. A sharper fade on the sides and back will give you a sharp, modern look, while a less pronounced fade will have a more relaxed feel.

How To Style the Modern Quiff – Towel dry hair, leaving it slightly damp. Rub some pomade or wax onto your fingertips and run it through your hair, teasing the front up and combing the rest back. If you want a little more volume, add a little mousse. Finish by blow drying the quiff into place.

Ryan Gosling Clean Sweep Without Part March 2013
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The Short Quiff

The short quiff is like the modern quiff, but it offers a younger, more casual feel. The top is cut much shorter at about 2-4 inches and typically is accompanied by a sharp fade or undercut on the sides. This cut is perfect for guys who want a clean cut look with minimal hassle.

The Curly Quiff

The Curly Quiff

The curly quiff is basically the long quiff for guys with curly hair. The effect is less sleek and polished, but more artistic and relaxed.

How To Style the Curly Quiff – Style the curly quiff as you would a regular quiff. However, you may need to use a wide-toothed comb to manipulate the hair more easily. And if you want curls on top of your quiff, make sure you don’t flatten them with product or blow drying.

Long Blowdried Quiff

Long Blowdried Quiff

The long quiff is a much more dramatic look for a contemporary, well-groomed man. Like the previous styles, the sides are kept short, but the hair on the top is kept longer. This gives it significantly more volume. Typically, the longer your hair, the more time it takes to style, and this rings true here. But the final result is well worth it.

How To Style the Long Quiff – The styling process is almost identical to that of the basic quiff, but there are two important differences. First, you might need to use a higher heat due to the amount of hair involved. Second, you might need a little more product to give your longer hair the hold it needs.

Touseled Side Quiffed Hair

The Messy Quiff

This is the perfect mesh of classy and casual. The same principals for any quiff still apply, but instead of primping, the aim is to get your hair roughly into shape without caring to make sure everything is sleek. The effect is a devil may care attitude while still looking well put together. This is the best way to look stylish without much effort.

How To Style the Messy Quiff – Do your basic quiff preparation, but instead of meticulously combing your hair into place, just comb some mousse with your fingers and blow dry. You can add a little hairspray in the front to keep hair from falling in your eyes.

The Side Quiff

The Side Quiff

The side quiff hairstyle is essentially a modern quiff with a pronounced part. You can simply part your hair, or, for more definition, your barber can cut a hard part into your hair. This variation on adds a nice dapper touch to this hairstyle.

How To Style the Side Quiff – Start out as if you’re styling a modern quiff, but pull your hair over to one side so there’s a definitive line separating your top and side. Apply a little hairspray and press your fingers along the line. Finish the look by combing the rest of your hair in the opposite direction of your part.

Side quiff, taper fade

The Undercut Quiff

The undercut quiff is another hybrid quiff hairstyle. It looks like a modern quiff on top, but the sides are completely shaved down, giving it an alternative edge. Perfect for the modern hipster.

The Rockabilly Quiff

The Rockabilly Quiff

This is the father of all men’s quiff hairstyles. Think of Elvis or John Travolta in Grease. The longer top is combed and styled up out of the face with a bit of height. It’s also combed into a point or curled forward in the front. A variation of the rockabilly quiff is the Morrissey quiff, which has shorter sides and is done up a little looser.

How To Style the Rockabilly Quiff – Apply product evenly into hair. Comb it up out of the face, and blow dry into shape. For a touch of vintage rockabilly, take a lock of hair from the front of your head, curl it with your finger, and pull it forward onto the forehead.

The Psychobilly Quiff

The Psychobilly Quiff

The psychobilly quiff is the punk version of rockabilly, combining a severe undercut quiff, the classic rockabilly quiff, and a mohawk. The psychobilly quiff is also sometimes referred to as a wedge because of the sharp angles the hair is styled into. This style is great if you’re looking for a dapper way to maintain your edge.

How To Style the Psychobilly Quiff – This requires some time and patience. Start with damp hair. Apply a generous amount of extra firm hold gel and comb it through the hair. Starting on one side and working across, apply hairspray and comb your hair upward. Finally, blow dry it into place.

Johnny Depp’s Messy Quiff

Johnny Depp's Messy Quiff

This crazy quiff hairstyle is as crazy as the pirate himself! It’s long, spiky, and funky — what more could you wish for?

The Breezy Quiff with Side Part_

The Breezy Quiff with Side Part

The clever proportioning of quiff volume to side volume accentuates an already handsome face shape in this unique haircut.

Side Brushed Taper Fade

Hand Brushed Fade

The quiff is yet another hairstyle that shines when paired with tapered or faded sides. This contrast in length also plays on the face shape.

slicked back undercut quiff vertical haircut
Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.com

Neat Quiff

A neat quiff is the perfect option for when you need something a little more restrained. It’s still incredibly stylish, but it’s now something you could wear to the wedding.

Dyed Broken Quiff with Layers

Broken Quiff with Layers

Layering any hairstyle can be a lot of work, but this painstakingly architectured quiff shows you just how worth it that can be.

Dyed HAnd Brushed Quiff with Tapered Sides

Dyed Highlights with Hand Brushed Up

Hand brushed styles are a favorite for anyone who’s adjusting their style on the go. Whether it’s right off the field or out of the ring, you won’t be needing any implements to fix this cut.

Quiff, by @we_married_hair

Classic Quiff

This long and lush classic quiff is the perfect style for guys looking to make a statement. No, that statement isn’t just “look at me!”

by @virogas.barber

Simple Quiff with Beard

This easy quiff really is taking things “back to basic.” Needless to say, a basic quiff is still a good quiff — especially when paired with cool sunglasses and fresh facial hair.

Quiff Style Man Hair

Finger Combed Quiff with Undercut

Here’s another example of a quiff that’s nothing too extreme. The undercut style is smooth and sexy, and works for any occasion.

Brad Pitt’s Messy Quiff
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Brad Pitt's Casual Top

Think of this messy, tangled style as a loose quiff. Strands of hair fly in every direction, yet the overall look is intentional and stylish.

Stranded Quiff with Tapered Side

Stranded Quiff with Tapered Side

Quiffs and lots of volumes go hand in hand. This tall quiff makes a bold statement that will set you apart.

Brushed Quiff Hairstyle Blonde
Viorel Sima/Shutterstock.com

Brushed Quiff Blonde

Not all quiffs have to be neat and tidy. This messy, side-brushed quiff proves that you can still sport a quiff and rock the “just rolled out of bed” look.

Messy Blow Out

Messy Blow Out

If you’ve got thick, coarse hair, then this quiff is for you. The quiff itself is blown out in multiple directions, creating lots of motion.

Elegant Quiff Hairstyle

Elegant Quiff Hairstyle

This suave, gentlemanly quiff adds a touch of class and refinement, elevating this trendy hairstyle from casual to formal.

Taper Fade with Quiff

Taper Fade with Hand Brush Up

This quiff may be small, but it’s packed full of style. To achieve this look, the hair is brushed back with the fingers instead of a comb, providing a more relaxed swoop.

Quiff Hairstyle
Quiff Hairstyle, by @menshairstyles

Those Floppy Thin Strands

When a quiff gets long, strands tend to hang loose from the sides. Why not take advantage of that with this laid-back style?

Winged Wavy Quiff

Winged Wavy Quiff

For a one-of-a-kind look, try out this winged quiff style! The hair in the back is shaped upward into two wings, framing the quiff in the middle.

Irregular Top with Taper Fade

Irregular Top with Taper Fade

If you’re a fan of that finger combed look, try out this haircut. The quiff is finger brushed to create distinct pillars that angle upward.

Brushed Back with High Volume

Brushed Back with High Volume

Here’s a neat, even look that’s fashionable and timeless. A taper keeps the sides organized and draws attention to the high-volume quiff.

Messy Quiff

The Messy Quiff

Another take on the messy quiff, this hairstyle is characterized by tons of volume and texture. This is great if you have finer hair but still want a quiff.

Textured Quiff
Textured Quiff, by @ambarberia

Textured Quiff

If you have thick hair, and if you’re after maximum texture, this look is for you. The quiff is extremely textured, featuring a matte finish that unifies the style.

Ginger Pompadour with Taper Fade

Hand Brushed Layers with Taper Fade

This quiff toes the line between neat and messy, resulting in a windswept appearance. The fade and subtle line up round out the style.

Open Quiff with Layers

Open Quiff with Layers

This long, flowy quiff utilizes layers to create a very full-bodied style. At the same time, it’s very casual.

Disconnected Undercut with Quiff on Top
Disconnected Undercut with Quiff on Top, by @javi_thebarber_

Disconnected Undercut with Quiff on Top

This extra-tidy quiff takes inspiration from retro styles. The extreme disconnect emphasizes the quiff and adds even more flair.

Quiff Hairstyle
Quiff Hairstyle, by @menshairstyles

Quiff Hairstyle

Simple and straightforward, this is a no-nonsense quiff that you simply can’t go wrong with. Longer sides add to the relaxed feel of this look.

Modern Quiff Hairstyle

Modern Tousled Quiff

This isn’t your typical quiff––instead, it’s an extremely stylish take on the original cut. The top is tousled for a wavy appearance.

Longer Quiff Brushed Beard

Longer Quiff

Here’s another great quiff that’s versatile and comfortable. Medium in length, this quiff relies both on volume and texture, resulting in an even look.

Long Quiff
Long Quiff, by @spukthebarber

Wavy to Curled Top with Taper Fade

What can we say about this stranded textured quiff? The side sweep texture with sides being taper faded is what makes this a great one. Moreover, the temple is finely faded with a pointy beard connect. Next up, the line up is straight yet partly faded. Plus, the balancing beard is pretty cool ha!

Brushed Up Quiff

Brushed Up Quiff

This quiff has a flavor of pompadour and the unified look makes this one pop real nice. The thin hair makes it easy to have this look and have sides tapered where it doesn’t squeeze the face instead makes the whole look lift. Lastly, the beard to make it balanced with a good trim.

Slight Wavy Texture with Clean Quiff
@ jediclippertricks

Slight Wavy Texture with Clean Quiff

This is what a good hard part with side sweep does to you. That plus the semi wavy texture with a sleek taper fade on the sides makes all the justice to the face with that blend of stubble beard with chin strap beard. Not to forget, the top is dense in volume in spite of thin hair strands.

Loose Stranded Quiff

Loose Stranded Quiff

Ever wondered what does a pompadour and quiff look altogether? Well, this is it, the thin long strands also give a brush-up tinge but don’t forget the classics, tapered sides balance that looks with longer temples to ace that retro feel.


Casual Temple Fade with High Volume

Is this temple fade or drop fade? or maybe both? In either case, it is a whole lot of panache. That being said, the top is close in the competition, it is dense yet it is one with thin hair. The side-swept pompadour gives it a perfectly retro feel whilst the sides being taper faded add up to it. Don’t miss the sharp line up.

Side Swept Quiff
Side Swept Quiff, by @mattjbarbers

Side Swept Quiff

Now that is what we call a dense top with long strands. This look is due to the puffed top which is the courtesy of pompadour. Plus, the medium-sized top strands are straight textured with sides being finely taper fade. The details are taken care of with that sharp line up.

Touseled Quiff
Touseled Quiff, by @alan_beak

Touseled Quiff

Introducing one of the coolest casual styles with a mix of side sweep and quiffed top. Moreover, do you notice that slight widow’s peak? Looks cool, doesn’t it? To make this one pop out even further, the sides are tapered with the top being dry-waxed. To make this even better, balance the face with a beard, and kaboom!

Messy Quiff
Messy Quiff, by @jelle.vissers

Messy Quiff

Messy is the way to go but is it really messy though? Let’s break it down, the top is semi wavy plus it has medium length strands, that with sides being just tapered to maintain the volume. Lastly, the subtle side sweep keeps the hair managed in all sides of the head and also gives that tossed look.

High Volume Hairstyle
Viorel Sima/Shutterstock.com

High Volume Quiff

Long face structure often goes will longer strand but this is whole another level, the top has medium length strands with sides being tapered with an undercut. That’s not it, the stubble beard tops the whole look by balancing the face just fine. Lastly, don’t forget the shiny dye that makes the top pop.


Simple Tapered Sides

Thin hair is often underrated but wait until you rock this hairstyle, the top being thin hair is quite dense with sides being finely tapered with a hint of fades but nothing obvious. Plus the slicked-back texture makes all of it so good and gives it that dapper style look.

Top Heavy Texture

Skin Fade Quiff

If “I know I look cool” had a face, this would be it. The top is casual and retro at the same time with longer strands and sides being undercut taper faded. The subtle side sweep makes it all fun and jazz. Add the quiff making it almost perfect. The stubble beard, in the end, gives it that perfect closure.

Brush it up for Quiff

Brushed Up Quiff

Not just another day with this, not just another hairstyle. The subtle undercut with sides being tapered with a blended beard is what makes this stand out. Next up the top is side swept with that thick volume with shiny dye is what all it makes it pop. Also, don’t miss the slight widow’s peak.


Highlighted Wavy Brush Top

This is an example of classic brush up with dye but the ends are curled just a bit to make it a subtle quiff which is a win-win for formal occasions and casual ones. Moreover, the lowkey undercut makes it quite trendy.


Long Top with Side Brush

Thin hair is not always too thin, this way introducing a slight volume makes it thicker. The side-swept with medium-length strands makes it look longer than it is and the sides are taper faded. The temple is faded with an undercut on the side part. Next, the thick textured beard is what balances the face and gives that whole look.


Combed Pompmadour

The comb pattern instantly makes it a very gentlemanly style with its teeth trails. Moreover, this quiff gives a very pompadour-y feel to it. The key here is to have a thick and well-maintained top with sides being taper faded. Can you ever go wrong with this one, NO!

Ben Hardy’s Natural Quiff
DFree / Shutterstock.com

Ben Hardy's Natural Quiff

Hardy as a whole knows how to style him well, his face structure is perfect for this quiff and the quick fluff on the top makes it just perfect. The sides, however, being thin are quite under control without being too tapered or skin faded. Next up, the clean gents look is all it takes to pull this one-off.

Side Quiff and Low Fade

Styled Side Quiff and Low Fade

Can this be any better? I would say no, the massively long quiff on the top with sides sleekly taper faded to give that clean look. But it doesn’t end there, the stubble beard enhances the look by balancing the whole face and lastly, the dye on the top is more than amazing.

Tangled Strands with Tapered Sides

Tangled Strands with Tapered Sides

The stranded look is always the best for quiff as it keeps the top quite open-ended and casual at the same time. The sides, however, can be tweaked as per preference, this one is a straight taper from hairline to ears, keeping the volume intact and check the temple, it doesn’t exist and how often do you find that?

Loose Quiffed Elephant Trunk

Loose Quiffed Elephant Trunk

Elephant trunks are getting modern day by day and this is a prime example of panache plus retro. The top is quiffed with a unified look overall. The line-ups have been detailed quite well plus the light stubble makes the day.

Neat Semi Waved Brush Up
@ arcadianofficial

Neat Semi Waved Brush Up

Receding hairline is not a big deal when done right, hence this look makes it a point. The top is quite puffed with sides being taper faded with that cheeky temple fade that comes in handy.

Side Parted Quiff with Retro Glasses
sergey causelove/ Shutterstock.com

Side Parted Quiff with Retro Glasses

Who doesn’t like being all suave with this side brushed quiff. The top is neatly side-parted with a thick dense chin strap beard balancing it right. The key here is tapering the sides for that neat approach.

Gentlemanly Side Sweep with Slight Fluff

Gentlemanly Side Sweep with Slight Fluff

Fluff with uniformity is quite neat, especially when done with thin strands like this. The top isn’t too long however it is not as short as the sides are. The sides are taper faded for maximum neat approach.