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50 Best Hairstyles for a Receding Hairline (Extended)

How to eliminate a hair loss issue with a great-looking haircut


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The receding hairline is one of the most common forms of hair loss. Thankfully though, it’s also one of the easiest to work around.

A lot of people think that you need to cover up your receding hairline, but this really isn’t the case.

There are plenty of styles you can choose to wear, but here are our top favorites.

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Blonde Widow's Peak with Mid Fade

Less is more when it comes to being elegant. Like as we see her,e the top is pushed back and being thin textured strands, the top is pushed back with minimal fluff. The sides are then tapered and then mid-faded for even more sleek volume.

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Thin Hair Side Brush with Temple Fade

Temple Fade is very fancy and when they’re done right. Just like this one the top is side brushed with that high to medium to low fade which also happens to have a drop fade texture. Having a decent fluff gives a good one.

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Wavy Thick Hair with Side Brushed Taper

Doesn’t he look like Chris Pratt? Well, a lot of it is due to similar hairstyle. This one’s another simple looking cut which can work well in a party or a date or a meeting, you name it. There is no clear side part that gives this style one unified look. And as always taper does wonder.

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Longer Crew Cut for Thin Hair

This cleaner look makes receding hairline look sleeker. It is one of those cuts where there is minimal maintenance. How do you rock it? Simple, taper on top with brush up with strict taper on the sides. And lastly, brush your hand on top to ace it.

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George Clooney's Neat Comb Over

George Clooney is the exception, any cut on him looks marvelous. But here we see him wearing a toned comb over with sides just tapered and not faded. He blended it with a beard to make it pop like crazy.

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Side Brush Up with Temple Fade

After seeing this do you really think that receding hairline is really a problem? Like the top is here is amazingly side brushed with sides being tapered and that cheeky temple being faded. The fade makes way for a beard which helps balance the look.

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Classy Ginger Side Part

Going back to the roots this one is a very classic look. The top is side-parted with some side brush makes it fun with that thin part for the side makes it all retro too. The taper on the side pushes the attention on the top.

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Classic Tapered Scissor Crop with Front Volume

If you have thin hair then this is the key, brush em up slightly or so and taper is on sides which makes your top look dense and suave. This semi wavy hair is due to shiny dye with some hair oil to have that gloss.

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@andrewdoeshair / Instagram

Wavy Strands Have Their Own Mind

Really long top and having an undercut side makes the hairless corners hide very well. This cut is very well executed with pushed back top with faded sides. The cherry on the cake is the beard which is very well kept and grown.

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Temple Fade and Side-Swept Long Quiff

If you want to hide there’s no better trick than this. Very lengthy and dense top with thick volume. Which is accompanied by undercut taper and skin faded temple. The thick volume on top makes it easier to hide those forehead corners.

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Close Cut

Even James Bond has to deal with a receding hairline. Man does he make a close cut look handsome!

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Brushed Up Shorter sides

Who says receding hairline is not good? This dense casual cut looks absolutely flashy and balanced with a similar beard is just so manly. Don’t make it all sharp, a little carefree touch makes it look perfect for casual and party occasion.

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Tapered Business Cut and Beard

Have you imagined a combination of Adam Levine and George Clooney? In case you’re wondering, this is the result! This brush-up makes so much difference and the beard balances it off and that grey-ish hair makes it more George Clooney.

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Long Side Parted Top with Thick Beard

Longer the top, better the part. The side part here is the highlight of the show with the thin hard part coming to the rescue. The sides are tapered and have a good volume on them so as to blend them well into the beard.

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Hugh Laurie Layered Classic Cut

Hugh Laurie has his own way of dealing with a receding hairline, or so it seems.

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David Beckham’s slicked back undercut

If David Beckham’s slicked back undercut + facial hair combo isn’t sexy, then what is?

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Slick Brushed Up Quiff

Quiff is usually an open pompadour with sides being taper faded. The fade is what makes this very neat hairstyle and the receding corners of the hairline don’t even come to notice as the fade starts up quite high.

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Puffy Pompadour with Taper Fade

Receding hairline if done right can be a trendy fashion. This one is a puffed pompadour with sides being taper faded. The faded here makes the look clean by a notch.

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The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is by far one of the best styles to go with when you’ve got a receding hairline. Not only does it tone down the visibility of the ever-shortening hairline, but it can also be made to look extremely handsome.

Just take the actor Jason Statham, who uses this style, doesn’t he look manly and attractive?

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The Close Cut

You don’t need to do anything fancy to look good with a receding hairline, as Patrick’s close-cut shows us. This cut is like the crew cut, but even longer on top.

You’re not trying to keep your hair long enough to style it in any amazing way (that’ll come later), but you want to keep enough length to ruffle up over your hairline.

This works particularly well in the earlier stages of the receding hairline – you can hide it effectively and still look handsome. Embrace some length (or ‘hide’ it) while you still can!

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The Mohawk

The Mohawk is a longer style than some of the others mentioned here. We don’t mean anything crazy, but just a short to medium length Mohawk with trimmed sides.

The trimmed sides will take attention away from your receding hairline, allowing you to define the shape of your hair with a Mohawk.

The ‘Mohawk’ can be as long as you please, even if that’s just a centimeter. Now that is embracing your receding hairline.

Anyway, who doesn’t like a little mohawk action?

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Gordon Ramsay

If a crew cut is good enough for royalty, who isn’t it good enough for?

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@travisanthonyhair / Instagram

Thin Hair Small Puff

Thin hair makes small puffs quite good and this is a prime example. The sides are tapered quite well and reduced the volume so as to push the attention to the quiff. The beard supports the look quite subtly but well.

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@henlo_ / Instagram

Combed Pushed Back with Faded Undercut

This wing-shaped hairstyle will surely make you fly. All you need is a dope undercut with tapered sides. Remember you can always add a fade on the sides but sometimes less is more. Use hair wax to push hair to the back in its entirety.

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Classic Combed Back with Tapered Sides

This is more of a subtle Chris Evans look with a semi van dyke beard. This one needs to maintain the volume from time to time or else the top will start hanging out which might make it less neat. Forget the corners but look at that taper fade with slicked back top, just amazing!

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Highlighted Brush Up with Temple Fade

Receding hairline is not a good excuse to not brush up your hair. The brush up here is so on point with the sides being tapered and that temple having a cheeky temple fade is what makes it finesse. The highlight makes sure that the hairstyle pops well.

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Pomp & Regulation Mix

You think you have thin hair and that’s a bummer? Nope, here’s the example! All you have to do is to start with a hard side part with taper sides with gradual descend. Next on the list is to side brush the top yet not to touch the volume much. And some hair wax always helps!

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@andrewthebarber316 / Instagram

Frizzy Tossed Top with Slight Brush Up

Uni looks are very hard to ace but this one sure looks like a piece of cake. The casual brush-up makes it very much along with the fact that the very balanced look makes this perfect. This one even though being casual can be used for formal occasions.

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@travisanthonyhair / Instagram

Tossed Semi Curled Pocky Hair

Receding hairline is a problem if people can see it, this one is a classic example of covering up the hairline. The semi curls pocky tossed texture is quite trendy with this fade on the sides for that suave cleaner look.

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Sharky Brush Up Fade

Do you really think that receding hairline means you cannot style it anymore? Have a deeper look at how suave this looks, the top is brushed up with pocky texture while sides are tapered and then skin faded, so cool!

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Slim Yet Puffy Top with Subtle Mullet

One doesn’t need more hair but needs a better stylist just like we have here. The top is slim yet a tad puffy to add volume whereas sides are tapered thin with a subtle mullet at the back to distribute volume all over and compensate those corners.

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Gavin Rossdale's Front Highlights

Rossdale is an evergreen name. This one is all about keeping the volume overall with a fairly longer top and shorter sides. Next is the highlight on top that goes with it. Notice the irregularity in the top and sides, that’s intentional and makes this style look casual.

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Lose Long Fringe

Is that you Chris Evans? This is very close one can get to Chris Evans and to spill some beans, this hairstyle is easily feasible. Keep the top hair longer and sides tapered. But keep a note, no fade, we don’t fade with this one. And next up is some hair wax and brush your hand loosely to have those fringes hanging out!

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The Crew Cut

The crew cut is a hairstyle we’ve already written about in our article regarding army haircuts. Well, here it is again.

You might already be seeing a theme popping up here – short haircuts tend to work better with receding hairlines (not to say there aren’t any other options!).

This cut is clean, low-maintenance, and won’t harm your appearance. Short haircuts do tend to bring a lot of attention to other parts of your face though, especially its shape, so you might want to have a think about whether this will work for you before you trim almost all of your hair off.

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The Clean Shave

Sometimes haircuts can get a little complicated. How about a clean shave? Going for a clean shave over your head is one of the most obvious solutions.

If you’ve got no hair, then you’ve got no receding hairline to deal with. Admittedly, this style is very effective and can look great – the only thing is that you’ve probably already had this idea, and you’re looking for something else.

That’s totally understandable, but you should definitely consider a clean shave if you think it might suit your face shape.

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Longer Haircuts

Everyone’s favorite pirate shows us just how well long hairstyles can work with a receding hairline. Longer haircuts. You might be asking yourself ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

By longer haircuts, we mean rocking any sort of hairstyle with a receding hairline. Too many people think that you should cover up your hairline if you’re losing hair, but the truth is that you can continue rocking almost any haircut.

Long haircuts can work quite well here, like the quiff, or whatever you please. Why not try Googling some of your favorite cuts and ‘receding hairlines’ to see if others have successfully worn a similar style in the past?

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Nic Cage’s long, slicked-back

Whether you like his movies or not, Nic Cage’s long, slicked-back hairstyle is a pretty unique way to take control over your hairline. That’s all there is for this article!

The big take home is that you should not just try to cover up your receding hairline, but be confident and experiment with different styles.

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The Taper Fade

The taper fade, like most short haircuts, also does your style a big favor if you’re struggling with your hairline. The general idea is that the top hair is kept long while the sides and back are slowly faded out to bare skin. Because of the styling freedom that comes from having so much top hair, there are many different variants of the taper fade.

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Stranded Brush Up with Crisp High Fade

Who says receding hairline is for the oldies? Here we are with a very funky and modern pocky brush-up. And how do you add that oomph? Taper fade the sides to bring all the attention on the top. Don’t forget the beard, it’s part of the fun!

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Jamie Dornan's Medium Scissor Crop

Having a semi curly hair can be a bit messy but not here. All you need is some hair wax to calm it down. And taper it equally all over the head. Lastly, have a normal side part to shape it up a little.

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@blackfishbry / Instagram

The Classy Undercut with Taper Fade

This is the look one has when the haircut goes just about right. And how do you have the perfect haircut? Start with a dense top and undercut taper fade. Next, if you happen to have a hairline that is receding then use a classic side part and see your style rocking again.

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Parted Comb Over

The comb over is a pretty controversial style. It can work well, but it can also go disastrously – which is why we’re putting it so low on the list. The deciding factor with a comb over is whether you have thinning hair, or just a receding hairline.

If you have overly thin hair, just admit this style isn’t for you and look for something else while you try to grow your hair thicker. Otherwise, this haircut might just be what you’re looking for.

If you’ve got relatively long hair and want to keep it that way, then do consider this style (whatever you do, just please don’t let it hang and try to hide your hairline).

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Classic Old Side Parted Quiffed Top

Here is the classic, cigar version of receding hairline. The ingredients to this look are quite simple: A side part, Temple taper, and a lot of panache. The side part technically covers those corners but the cleanliness of this one makes it stand out of the room.

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Thin Haired Pompadour with Temple Taper

Such a balanced hairstyle this is. A temple fade along with high volume straight strands. The whole bunch of hair is pushed back with some hair wax. If possible having a full-grown beard like this makes it all balanced and compliments the pompadour.

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@m15barbershop / Instagram

Retro Classic Comb Over Drop Fade

This is the ultimate retro work look. A classic drop skin fade with a shaved side part. Now, if you wanna rock this look then start with a side part, and shave the part using clipper size 0 and then slap on a classic drop skin fade. The next thing you know is you are doing wonders.

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@thecommodoreatl / Instagram

Curly Beard with Slicked Back Top

This is one of the most enjoyable hairstyles with receding hairline but you really have to pay attention to details for the best results. The key in this one is neatly done line ups and meticulously tapered sides. It might pop in the widow’s peak but push all the top back with some product and boom!

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Tightly Side Combed

What happens when you have high volume, thick hair, yet receding corners? Do this, make a side part, and brush it to the side for this clean look. Moreover, taper the sides for a more sleek look with a slight fade towards the end. No one will even notice the corners anymore!

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The High and Tight

The High and Tight is a variation of another cut on this list — the crew cut. This cut involves shaving most of the back and sides almost down to the scalp, and then tapering it in upwards. A bit of hair is left on top (typically quite short), and is occasionally combed to one side. Adding a bit of texture, for example in the form of spikes, can help to draw attention away from the hairline and to the hair itself.

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Business Cut

This is one of the easiest cuts to maintain and have. All you need is some hair wax to push the top hair back and let it take its shape naturally. If you want to make it sleek then shape that line up more angular and blend it with beard seamlessly.