100 Modern Men’s Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Change your look and upgrade the style with just a few freshly cut curls


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If you’ve ever seen a hairstyle you loved and thought, “I wish I could get that with my curly hair,” wish no more! Curly hair can get a bad rap for being hard to work with, but it’s as versatile as any other hair type. From short curly styles to long man buns, here are our favorite 30 men’s hairstyles for curly hair.

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Low Fade Curly Top Blob

Curly hair makes up a great amount of volume and this is an example of using that volume for the benefit of the style. The low fade pushes the volume on the top plus the temple fade bridges beard that also has a decent amount of volume.

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@nastybarbers/ Instagram

Curly Top with Sharp Low Fade

Leave the curls a bit longer on top for this playful look. Play on the fade with a sharp low fade ending just beneath the curls. This is perfect for a later man bun or top-knot when the curls get in the way!

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@barbercarlo/ Instagram

Curly Undercut with a Disconnected Fade

The sharp lines of the undercut contrast well with the voluminous curls, making this style bold and attention-getting. For even more impact, consider dying the tips of your curls a funky color like blue or light blond.

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@juliuscaesar / Instagram

Side Part with Curly Hair

Changing your part can make a huge difference in your look. A deep side part draws attention to your eyes and contrasts nicely with large curls.

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@mikeyyyyyyy_ / Instagram

Gradual Fade with Styled Curls

For this style, get a gradual fade and let it naturally lead to your curls. Then, style your curls so they stay in place.

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@braidbarbers / Instagram

Fade with Sideburns and Beard

Let your curls sit on top and ask your barber for a fade on your head and on your beard. Skinny sideburns tie this look together.

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s_bukley /

Nick Jonas's Tousled Curls

Get Nick’s look by keeping a short cut, two to three inches is good enough! Tousle the curls with your fingers (large curls are best for this look) and keep it together with a light hold mousse or spray.

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Mika's Curly Hair

This shows a perfect example of a haircut done right for the hair type, in this case curly. To flaunt the curly texture on you hair, you can go for a classic scissor crop like Mika here. It works so well because the hair has been moisturized and left with a soft look that allows movement. We love it!

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@myke.frost/ Instagram

Fancy Curls with Tapered Design

Strike the perfect balance between the longer curly look and a tapered fade design. To achieve this look, go for a mid to high-fade. Tousle the curls at the top of your head and use a light hold wax to keep everything in place! Now you are ready to step outside!

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@mikeyyyyyyy_/ Instagram

Rusty Waves and Curls

Up your color game with this reddish hair color for a “rusted” look. Leave the top wavy, then comb the sides backward for a distinct look, ideally the back of the head should be left curly. Works great if you’re going for a suave retro look!

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@kevinluchmun/ Instagram

Messy Curls Lying Around

Try this surfer look with a short haircut! This look is good for thicker, wavy hair. Use the weight of your hair and let your curls lie down for this sleek, no-fuss look!

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JochenConrad /

Classic Taper and Scissor Crop

Bringing back that tapered look, except this time with a scissor crop. The look allows you to play with a more textured style. The slight taper brings the look together seamlessly!

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@lanedorsey/ Instagram

High Volume Curls

These curls can’t be tamed! Great if you have voluminous curls, let them out and style it with a side-swept look. This look is definitely for the bold and fashion-forward!

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@nastybarbers/ Instagram

Fine Faded Side with Dyed Curls

Get this sexy, playful look with a fade and some dyed curls! Keep the color only to the curls atop the head and try a light brown highlight.

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@poolethebarber / Instagram

Fine Curls with Vivid Mid Fade

Take the curls and fade into a whole new world with this look. This is a play on the classic “curls-and-fade” look but instead of a full fade, ends halfway right above the browline. Good for people with oval-shaped faces, but of course perfect for anyone, anywhere!

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Blonde Short Curled Afro Hair

Beard and hairstyle go hand in hand where the beard is quite thick and long and the hair is kept very short. The top is short yet thin curled blonde hair and as it is afro-textured the hair stays in place. The best part is the sides being taper fade with a cheeky beard blend.

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mattjbarbers /

Loose Curly Hair + Undercut Fade

This version of the undercut fade showcases loose curls or waves. Use a holding product to amp up the volume.

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@cutsbycameron / Instagram

Highlighted Curl with High Fade

This messy afro has blonde highlights and ultra-short sides for a modern twist. With the two-tooth hairline design and clean shave, it’s both youthful and mature.

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@andrewdoeshair / Instagram

Tapered Bed Head on Wavy Hair

That look with those massive semi curls looks so intense. The sides are just tapered enough to maintain the volume and make the top look even thicker. The side part is very subtle and one can hardly see it but that is what separates the top from the sides. Use brush up strokes to keep these textures.

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@theliamkenny / Instagram

High Blob Top with Low Fade

Need mid fade? Got it, need a curved lineup? Got that too, need a fade? We got that too. These tight sides and thicker top makes this so much better. To have this have top dense and thick while trimming downsides and back. That temple though, that’s not quite common.

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@adhbrand / Instagram

Dense Curls with Fancy Neckline

To have this amazing top you need to bring sides and back down which in return brings fun to the top. The semi-curved top makes it look dense and that neckline design is as sleek as it can get.

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@dencioaguilar / Instagram

Wet Dyed Curled Top with Low fade

Short yet thick curls are always eye candy. The goldeny-blonde dye with a wet texture makes it very much poppy. That alone is enough to make this look casual yet trendy. The sides are low faded to maintain that thick texture overall.

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Everett Collection/

Mid Part Curled Up Shag

Mid parts can be quite interesting but this one might triumph them all with these short thick curls just to have it shagged into a big massive cluster. The chill stubble look balances the face with letting curly shag take all the attention.

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@travisanthonyhair / Instagram

Curly Brushed Up Shag

Usually, it is either a cleaner look or a rugged one. Here we see it is a mix of the two. This totally makes this style unique, the top being brushed up and rugged while the sides are taper faded. Great combination indeed.

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@ bestofmenhair / Instagram

Stylish Curly Mess

Does this come straight from a Hollywood movie set? Maybe yes, maybe no but the look itself is so mesmerizing. The key is quite simple, the curls are all over but the volume is quite controlled but the hair is allowed to sail free.

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@aseadoymasculino/ Instagram

Messy Curled Side Brushed Shag

Long hair doesn’t always have to be straight and tied. Sometimes it has to be loose in the air, and this one is one notch better with its side brush. There is no obvious side part here but one can easily see that sneaky one.

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Equal Thin Curled Shag

Curly hair has many dresses to wear and this happens to be one of them. The equal length and texture make it one unique look. The thin curls go in all directions with attention to detail just like the hairline is all straight with a subtle lineup shape.

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All kind of people/

Dense Curled Shag with Temple Undercut

If your face frame is on the bigger side of the spectrum then these shags are really great option as they enhance with greater volume. The sides are layered but not tapered with some temple undercut and then balanced with a neat beard.

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@jakeyjim/ Instagram

Thin Curled Strands with Rusty Blonde Dye

Thin curls with this rusty dye as a highlight is quite a neat touch of style with a high fade on sides makes like ten times better. The high fade makes it trendy plus the temple fade makes it easy for the beard to make its way.

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@collinanthonyhair/ Instagram

Subtly Mid Parted Curled Mess

When thin hair textures curly strands the result is what we see in this style. One has to use some hair products in order to keep the volume in control. Longer the strand the better it looks especially with the casual beard makes it chill.

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andrewdoeshair /

Curly Undercut

This is another style that will look great even if your hair is a little messy. The undercut is neat, so you will still look trendy and professional.

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@nickbarford/ Instagram

Intense Curls with Subtle Widow's Peak

This short, curly hairstyle features a fade on the sides. What with the subtle widow’s peak, it’s a simple cut with a lot of power.

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@andrewdoeshair / Instagram

Layered Curled Shag

The process for this hair style is quite simple. Leave the hair to grow for three months without doing anything and then layer the sides a little for maximum volume regain with top left idle with minimum trimming.

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braidbarbers /

Curls Faded Undercut

If you’re feeling bold, this is the hairstyle for you. Keep your curls voluminous and bouncy to get a bigger contrast between them and the fade.

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braidbarbers /

Heavy Angular Fringe

Mess up your curly hair for this angular style. This hairstyle mixes a fade on the sides and back with an overflowing head of hair, giving this hairstyle a firm presence and a lot of volume.

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braidbarbers /

Curly Skin Fade

Even more dramatic than the drop fade, this skin fade variation leaves the hair on top and all but eliminates the hair on the back and sides. If you want to emphasize your curls and nothing else, check this out.

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In The Light Photography/

Tangled Curly Style

For a highly textured, flowing men’s hairstyle for curly hair, this tangled style is one of our favorites. The curls get twisted and packed together to give the hair presence and volume.

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Man Bun

Tying all your hair up into a man bun is an easy and fashionable way of taming curly hair. We especially like this combo because the curly hair gives the hairstyle a unique texture and appearance.

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s_bukley /

Tousled Top with Short Sides

For this look, trim the sides of your hair shorter than the top. This style looks youthful but doesn’t take much effort to achieve.

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@rokkmanbarbers/ Instagram

Textured Curls with Undercut

This is a great way to fix morning bed head. Use a generous amount of your favorite styling product and run it through your hair until it looks the way you want.

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braidbarbers /

Natural Curls

Rock this look when you’re having a good hair day. Avoid a lot of product; simply run your fingers through your hair to brush it without damaging the curls.

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Short Messy Style

If you like keeping your curls together for texture, this shorter style is an excellent choice. The curls are bunched up together for a rounded, rippling appearance.

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tombaxter_hair /

Curls Brushed and Textured

For this look, brush your curls out to relax them. Then, add some texturing product to make them stay in place.

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Dean Drobot/

Short Textured Curls

This is a great look if you have thin hair. Adding product to your curls will help them look fuller and healthier.

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menofpaulanthony /

Curly Frindge Style

Let your curls grow long, then trim up the sides. Don’t be afraid to let your curls get a little unruly! You don’t want them to look too polished.

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Long Curly Style

This hairstyle accentuates the natural corkscrew nature of curly hair and lets it loose. Fluff up your hair and grow it long for this daring look.

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Featureflash Photo Agency/

Medium Curled Side Brush Up

Curled hair if straightened a little makes a lot of difference and this is a prime example of that. This is one of those looks that go great on almost any occasion. This one is tapered towards the side so that it isn’t that curled with the top being longer and brushed up.

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@ _esteban_santana_/ Instagram

Spring Rolled Blonde Thin Curls

Thin curls are getting more and more popular especially with their utter panache! The blonde highlight here makes it, even more, finesse and the added tinge of undercut for the sides in order to make way for the taper makes it pitch-perfect.

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@barbersandbrews / Instagram

Thin Hair Curly Shag

Isn’t this from the soccer world where we see some of this style on the television during a match. The thin hair helps this curly shag to come out in its full glory. The long strands help it being curled so that it looks all controlled and the beard brings everything home with consistency.

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@ romainjl/ Instagram

Messy Curled Shag

With thin hair and medium curls one can conquer the world, just joking but one can at least conquer this hairstyle. The volume is the key with medium-sized curls so that it is not very dense and not too loosely frizzy, it is just the right amount. The beard here acts as an anchor to the face.

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@tyler.gary/ Instagram

Short Afro Curls with Temple Fade

We hardly see undercut in such unusual places and especially at the temple, no one would imagine but here it is and the amount of style it drips is just pure gold. The whole texture is quite equal especially those short curls that look thick and that temple fade is just finessed.

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@barberbarrass / Instagram

That Curly Stare

Curly shag or curly texture all around is what folks call it and is quite a cool hairstyle. The puff due to curls makes it very thick and makes the head look fuller. However, the key here is to taper longer strands to have it all under control, also, check the tapered temple!

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@thaddeus.10/ Instagram

Short Curled Mullet

Would you look at that lovely temple fade but wait, that top is very interesting too, and please don’t forget that curled up yet dense mullet at the back. The temple fade on the sides makes way for a beard that perfectly balances the face providing a good dense look.

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@ace.symmetric/ Instagram

Medium Curls with Christ Fade

Curls are one of those trends that will never get out of fashion and this one is a prime example where the sides are low faded with a chill taper. The top is kept long with curls kept intact for more girth and volume. That being said the christ shape shave is what pulls all the attention!

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londonschoolofbarbering /

Curly Drop Fade

This style combines tousled hair with a chiseled fade, and it’s a hairstyle that’s sure to make a lasting impression. The drop fade works especially well to accentuate the curly nature of the hair while the sides stay nice and neat. It’s a messy, informal style that’s still fashionable.

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@rpb_nq / Instagram

Overloaded Curls with Thin Hair

Thick volume at its best, the longer the curls, the quicker it is to show the volume. The key here is not to trim the sides too much, doing so will make it organized and cut out the volume from the sides. Use some products to keep it in a slight shape while letting it live its life.

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@alevirgilio / Instagram

The Golden Curls

Puny curls with that blonde dye look so good and the key to that look is the equal slightly thick texture. The thing with thin curls is that one can grow them longer and it still looks quite good and dense without looking shabby. Remember, trim the sides for a better look.

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@alexthegreatvivar / Instagram

Casual Curls Top with Tapered Sides

These short curls don’t even look like curls and they bring the fun subtly. The sides and back are finely tapered and not faded so that it doesn’t look very intense. However, the top is tossed and let those curls hang as fringes, it gets more casual as you go with it.

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Curly Fringe

A pronounced swoop and a tousled head of hair make this hairstyle stand out from the rest. The curls take center stage, flowing downward to give this style a sense of motion.

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@andrewthebarber316 / Instagram

Less Maintenance Curled Mess

How better can this be? The top is dense short curled with rough, dry textured matte dye. That being said, the sides are taper faded with a cheeky low fade The lack of undercut makes this a whole look.

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@ thedeadface/ Instagram

Short Tight Brushed Up Curls

These short tight curls need a good amount of product to keep them in place when you do then it becomes a jewel of a style, the one like here! This is brushed up top with sides being tapered gradually is so much fun. The side part here is quite vivid to help bring attention to the top.

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Elquest /

Short Choppy Curls

If you want a haircut that can tame your curls, this one’s for you. The curls are cut short and close to the head, and the result resembles short spikes that give the hair a ton of texture.

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@zeke_the_barber / Instagram

Thin Afro Curled Top with Drop Fade

Afro curls are the thinnest yet are the curliest curls out there. That being said the top is a thick volume with thin hair. The undercut taper fade is what makes it come to life. The beard that balances the face is a game-changer.

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Thick Curls with Retro Touch

Retro looks are all about finishes especially this one with an undercut on the side for that sleek sides with tapers. Plus the top is quite plumped with those fluffy curls and one falls down just perfectly on the forehead.

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@mellow_mikey / Instagram

Drop Taper with Beard Blend

If one wants a very casual approach to the curly hairstyle, then this is the look to go to. The stubble is very neat with the top being tossed yet short in length to make it look controlled and in place.

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cutthroatamsterdam /

Side Swept Disconnected Undercut

This extreme style pushes the boundaries of the disconnected undercut. The hair on the sides is almost nonexistent, emphasizing the flowing hair on top of the head

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@ jameswilliams_jtt/ Instagram

Rusty Blonde Highlights with Curled Top

Short curled top with sides being tapered is quite fun. The temples and sie burns have been extended yet the beard is a thin stubble. The rusty blonde highlight is quite playful and drips pure trend.

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@ the_bloody_butcher/ Instagram

Thin Dense Curls with Tapered Sides

Curls are very artistic and when done right it can be something like this of great panache. The key here is quite simple, the top is curled whist the sides are tapered with an extended temple to a beard which surely is retro.

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@ marcovfialho/ Instagram

Big Curls Shag with Undercut Taper

Curled shag is not one of the easier to pull off. Especially with this big fluff, one needs to taper on the side to calm things down otherwise the volume just takes over. The taper makes the face looks neat and also pushes those neat vibes.

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Minerva Studio/

Professional Curls

Don’t want to get too wild with your curls? Try this clean and tidy hairstyle. The curls give the haircut a high amount of presence, but they’re not too unruly.

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@thebarbercole/ Instagram

Trendy Curled Top and Mid Fade

A casual top with such curled texture is something that many strive for. The sides are mid-faded for that slight rough look especially the tossed texture. The best part is temple fade that blends beard quite well is a cherry on the top.

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Messy Curly Quiff

Looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t follow the beaten path? Check out this combination: a short quiff in the front and messy hair in the back. A great casual look for having fun.

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Jochen Conrad/

Dusty Rugged Curled Toss

Less is more but the style here is just shouting its name quite loud. The curled rugged texture paired with dusty blonde dye makes a great combination. The subtle brush up which is also tossed makes a chill yet casual look.

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Featureflash Photo Agency/

Thin Curly Style

Vincent Cassel takes a unique approach to his thin, curly hair by sweeping it back on the sides and letting the top retain its natural look. The layering of the hair gives it extra volume, and the long top and short sides provide a nice contrast.

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z_ramsey /

Skin Fade Fringe

This fade is less dramatic and more gradual than others, but it still emphasizes your curls. This look is trendy but still classy.

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s_bukley /

Simon Baker's Carefree Curly Slick Back

Regardless of texture or tightness of curl, anyone can rock this look. Don’t be afraid to get your hair messy! Use hairspray or gel to hold everything in place.

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@ jessro_abq / Instagram

Curly Taper Fade

This messy, curled hairstyle is also finished with a fade on the sides. The haphazard locks on top are what gives this look plenty of mean character.

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Everett Collection /

Justin Timberlake Bleached Curls

If you’re feeling retro, grab your favorite gel to hold your curls in place for this ‘90s hairstyle. This look is great if you have tight curls and want to let them grow longer.

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Tinseltown /

Soft Short Curls

If you have loose curls or even wavy hair, consider this look. Tousle your hair with your fingers or a brush, but don’t worry about gel or product for styling.

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spukthebarber /

Super Curly Undercut

Achieve this crown of curls by brushing them out. Not only will your hair be soft, this will add all the volume you need to create this look.

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barbermikethomas /

Curly Hairstyle with Beard

For this style, let your curls sit on top and trim your hair shorter as you move down your face. Let your sideburns and beard grow out but be sure to keep them trimmed to the same length.

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s_bukley /

Long Curls All Over

This look is perfect if you are carefree and don’t want to spend a lot of time or energy on your hair. Simply let your curls grow long all over!

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goinyk /

Shaggy Curls and Fringe

Look effortlessly cool with this rugged look. Rather than going for the slicked-back style, try this out for a more laid-back approach. Just go for a chin-length shag and let the curls loose! Of course, a “beard-and-shag” look never goes out of style.

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Allkindofpeople /

Side-Swept Curls

Want the preppy look without all the prep? Opt for this side-swept curly hairstyle that is easy but elevates your look. Start with semi-wet hair, then use a hydrator and a volume product to ensure proper hold. Use a comb to sweep curly hair to one side!

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@mattjbarbers/ Instagram

Curly Top with Pointy Line Up

This look accentuates strong features, like a jawline. Works well with thicker, tighter curls. Playing on the lighter version of a fade, this is a versatile look you can take anywhere!

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Wavy Curly Style

With a little bit of styling, loose curly hair can take on a wavy appearance. This style retains the hair’s curliness but also makes it smoother and more manageable.

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@ madylenn / Instagram

Curls with Cuts

Try this fierce look, curls accompanied with a cut. A straight cut from the brow to the hairline creates the illusion of a real cut and adds an extra dimension to your style. Of course, having the beard is just a plus!

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@nickbarford/ Instagram

Sleek Temple Fade with Short Curls

Get this sleek and textured look with a fade that ends right at the temples. Leave the curls a bit longer for a more versatile look.

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@kevinluchmun/ Instagram

Bowled Round Curly Top

A bowled top is nothing special if you have straight hair, but with curly hair it’s a surprisingly handsome look. Best of all, it’s easy to get and even easier to maintain.

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Dave Pot/

Medium Curly Quiff

Here’s a nice variation on the classic quiff that’s ideal for curly-haired guys. The curls give the quiff extra volume, making this a neat yet exciting style.

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@cresswellbarberco/ Instagram

Tight Curls and Drop Taper

Here’s another look with plenty of messy, thick curls. This curly hairstyle is an easy choice for any guy, and is especially practical for kids.

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@elevatemalegrooming/ Instagram

Different Shades of Blonde

Super messy, super curly, and super dry. This look is exactly what you think of when you think “short surfer hair”, and it’s made extra edgy with a dividing line on the side.

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Dean Drobot/

Long Messy Curls

In this hairstyle, there’s nothing but curls. The hair is grown out long and styled to create this vibrant style.

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@ppreshaw / Instagram

Front Curls with Side Fade

Here’s an undercut with a quiff of long curls at the front. The well-conditioned, smooth hair lends itself well to this length.

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Wet Curls with Clean Line Up

Here’s another undercut with some higher density curls on top. Complemented by the connected facial hair, this look is an excellent choice for any young guy.

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Medium Fade and Curly Top

This simple undercut is extremely handsome. And it just goes to show that an undercut can work for anyone, no matter whether the hair is straight, curly, or wavy!

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Extra-short Curls

Here’s another style that tames curly hair. This extra-short style turns the curls a unified tousled look.

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@jeremywexlerhair / Instagram

Curly Short Crop and Taper

Short and thin curls have their own statement, plus they are very good having shorter hairstyles. The key is keeping shorter sides helping to pull attention towards the top. The line ups are sharp and tapered, not too intense but not too chill too. Keep the texture tight by shorting the length slightly or so.

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@anthonythebarber916 / Instagram

Thin Hair and Thin Curls Are The Best

Thin curls are easier to style and yet they look so good when done right. The texture here is kept quite full with the top falling off the forehead making a great style whilst the sides are classic taper faded inorder to keep it all under control. This is the sweet blend of hot and cold.

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urednistvo.pricesk.robert /

Longer Curls

This is a relaxed look that requires little time and effort. Just let your curls do their thing or hold them in place with some product to look more polished.

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@ace.symmetric/ Instagram

Fancy Curled Mullet with Side Patterns

Where do we start talking about this hairstyle? The mullet is far the fanciest and the curliest part of the haircut. The sides are undercut tapered with a block pattern for a designer look. The temple here is pointy with a faded sharky look.

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@eddie_rtb/ Instagram

Intense Short Curls with Crystal Mid Fade

These thick curls are kept short; as are the tapered sides. The angular hairline brings a unique, sharp contrast to this hairstyle.

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@paddy_corrigan_ / Instagram

Dense But Controlled Curls

These large, dense curls cover the entire head — top, back, and sides. The result is a unique look that’s easy to maintain and somewhat edgy.

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@nomadbarberbln / Instagram

Shiny Thick and Small Curls

Long on top, short on the sides! That’s three undercuts in a row, and you can probably see why this is such a great style for guys with curly hair.

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All kind of people/

Forehead Falling Medium Curls

Curls when done right does wonders just like this one. The top is medium shagged with sides being taper faded. Those free-falling curls are the result of using some product and letting it flow.

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@elevatemalegrooming/ Instagram

Temple Fade with Curled Top

This undercut features curly hair on top. It’s certainly a unique look, and feels rather hipster when complemented with some facial hair.

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braidbarbers /

Curved Fade with Curls

This fade is more involved and eye-catching with the addition of the curve. Trim your curls in the back and let them grow longer in the front.

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Round Curl Shag with Blonde Thin Hair

Subtle yet effective is what the taper in this haircut shouts. Can you easily tell that the sides are tapered so that the top shines brighter. Not to forget, the whole shag is a round blob with thin hair doing its magic on short spiral curls.

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@zeke_the_barber / Instagram

Thin Side Parted Short Curled Brush Up

Formal looks are real game-changers. This thin part with a side part for the sides and then a cheeky low fade makes this a very chill yet gentlemanly style. The top is brushed up and swayed side!

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@ evagoras_/ Instagram

Brush That Curl Up

Who said curls are meant to be only laid down? Here is one with brush up and undercut taper on the sides. The neatness of this style makes it what it looks like, the gradual fade brings more attention on top with the beard balancing the weight towards the chin.

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@jose.crespo_/ Instagram

Curled Top with Clear Mid Fade

The small curls on top of this style almost form an afro. With short, faded sides and some light facial hair, it’s definitely a masculine look.

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@marconybarber/ Instagram

Undercut Curls with Sleek Fade

Here’s a unique look based on a man bun with curly hair. The sides are kept short and the top reaches extra high for a pompadour-like contrast.

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@iamjoshdylan/ Instagram

Semi Wavy Textured Side Part

Semi waves are always fun because that is the best of both worlds, they have straight texture and then there are few waves here and there. The volume is what plays a major role in making it look this neat. The thick volume gives it girth whilst undercut taper on the side makes it pop.

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Curly Slicked Back Style

If you’ve got a larger forehead, this slicked back style is an excellent choice for you. The face is the focal point, while the hair is kept curly in the back and on the sides.

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Asymmetrical Curly Fringe

Be stylish without going over the top with this asymmetrical curly fringe. A few curls drape over one side while the rest is disheveled.

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@chris_barbercode/ Instagram

Curly Top with controlled Volume

Equal curls are the new thing and the best part is the equal density which makes this cut what it is. The sides are very slightly tapered so that top still looks dominant and those curls look like fringes on the forehead.

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Curled Brush Up with Mid Hard Part

This one is a mix of casual to formal and we surely are going crazy after that trend. The top is simply brushed up but being curled, it just makes everything ten times dapper. The sides have a hard part shave to add the party vibe to it.

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Short Fohawk with Lineup

Fohawks can also be made with curly hair. This easy style is made by brushing the hair on top in towards a central apex, and keeping the sides trimmed short.

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