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Top 20 Elegant Haircuts for Guys With Square Faces

Learn how a haircut can visually change your jawline and frame your face in a new way

written by The Editors

Has anybody compared your face shape to that of the famous ever-immaculate pompadour-wearing Johnny Bravo? The animated character might be deemed narcissistic and always making sure that he presents himself in a macho manner, but who can blame him? The quintessential masculine face shape is considered to be the square one – which puts a huge emphasis on the jawline.

Having a square face shape means that the length (from your temples to just before your jawline) is proportionate to its width making this wide-set bone structure mostly uniform. This results in two things aside from a symmetrical face – an angular jawline and prominent cheekbones. Now, for most guys, a square face shape is actually a good thing. A-list Hollywood actors that have this face shape include Superman actor Henry Cavill, Brad Pitt, and Twilight star Robert Pattinson, to name a few. However, though these characteristics define a square face shape – not everyone will have the same proportions. Others might have an angular jaw with a longer chin, some might have a shorter chin, others will have low-set eyes, and so on.

But like most things, there’s a caveat to this. The square face shape tends to come on strong and there’s really no way to hide it. The tricky part is to sport a flattering haircut and style that would tame it down a little but not overpower it. Somewhere in between. And the key to making this happen is to remember a simple rule – you should avoid any cut that only widens your face. This means that if you have hair volume on your sides, you should complement it with the same hair volume on top.

Still not sure how this works out for you? Here are some of our favorite haircuts for guys with square faces.