Top 33 Elegant Haircuts for Guys With Square Faces

Brad Pitt Slicked Back Undercut
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Earlier this month, we posted some of our favorite haircuts for guys with round faces. In this post, we’ll be looking haircuts for guys with square faces. We’ll go over some stylistic tips to help you get the most out of a square face.

Key Points

The square face are widely considered to be the most masculine face shape, and it looks great with a wide variety of hairstyles. It’s characterized by a prominent jawline, a square forehead, and straight sides. As a result, a square face is quite angular and sharp. The key is to soften the face’s angles.

Rob Lowe comb over hairstyle
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If you have a square face shape, you should emphasize either your hair or your facial features. To emphasize your hair, go with a longer cut, preferably one with similar lengths on the top and sides/back. To emphasize your face, go with a tighter, shorter cut.

Avoid center parting or cuts with heavy fringes. These throw your face off balance and detract from its strong features.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some of our favorite haircuts for guys with square faces.