Surfer’s hair falls into the category of ‘tousled hairstyles’ — which are purposefully messy, disheveled, and untidy, but still look the part. This haircut, in particular, is long (with hair hanging to as low as the neck), unkempt, and very often curly or wavy. This haircut takes its name from the stereotype of a hardcore surfer whose hair has been bleached by the sun, soaked in salty sea waters, and received minimal care.

Surfer Messy Style

Although these might not sound like the healthiest things for your hair, you can create a similar effect at home without causing any harm to your hair. Here’s our guide on how to achieve this adventurous, cool look.

How to Get Surfer Hair

This goes without saying, but if you’re looking to rock a surfer hairstyle, the first step is letting your hair grow long. Be sure to resist the temptations to just ‘trim a little off’ when your hair gets to an impractical length, as otherwise, you’ll never quite manage to grow it long enough!

Surfer Hair

Let your hair grow down to about chin height around the sides, and eye height at the front — or even lower. Higher variations of this cut can be worn, but we’d advise against it unless you have a clear plan of what look you are trying to achieve.

Don’t worry about trying to add any curls or ‘flicks’ to your hair just yet. Any texture will come with time, and — when it does come — let it be natural.

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How to Style This Cut

Despite being so long, this cut is quite low maintenance. Most of the time, you can get away with a ‘bed-head’ if wearing surfer’s hair.

If you’re looking to add some more excitement, feel free to use some hair product. In fact, there are even specific products designed for this cut, which attempt to mimic the sun-bleached, salt-soaked look that surfer’s hair originated from (without damaging your hair!).

Surfer Hair

When using hair products, pick something which will create more of a matte finish — as opposed to a shiny one — for a more authentic look.

You might occasionally find yourself in a situation where you need to formal-up, but don’t want to shave your long-awaited hair off. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered — in this case, do choose a product which will create a more glossy finish, and brush through your hair before styling it all back, a la Brad Pitt.

See the gallery below for more inspirations:
Partially Wavy Texture with High Volume
Wavy Texture with High Volume
Messy Bun and Highlights
Messy Bun and Highlights
Messy Curls Lying Around
Messy Curls Lying Around
The Surfer Messy Hairstyle
The Surfer Messy Hairstyle
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Touseled Hairstyle
Touseled Hairstyle
Touseled Hairstyle, by @andrewdoeshair / Instagram
Undercut Surfer hairstyle
Undercut Surfer Hairstyle
Curly surfer Medium Long Hair
Curly Medium Style
Wet Iconic Surfer Hairstyle
Wet Iconic Surfer Style
Medium Straight Surfer Hair
Medium Straight Hair
Curly Bond Shorter Surfer Hairstyle
Shorter Curly Style
Messy Surfer Hairstyle
Messy Surfer Hairstyle
Kjell+Leknes /