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30 Handsome High Fade Haircuts You’ll Love

Step up your hairstyle game with a high fade


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The high fade hairstyle is one of the most popular men’s haircuts today. Why? The fade creates a striking look that pairs nicely with a wide range of styles. With this list, we’ve curated 10 of our favorite high fade styles, and we know you’ll love them as much as we do.

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Classic Laid Top with Shaved Neckline

This hairstyle exemplifies what the high fade does best. Though the hair on top is short and even, the fade makes it seem longer, creating a nice contrast.

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Slit and Line Up with Dyed Front

Don’t get me started on how easy it is to amp up a relatively simple hairstyle by adding a few purposeful tweaks to it. Like the detailed curved line that follows down the beard to the shaven strike on the side.

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Semi Curled Short French Cropped Top

The layers done in this style are very neat plus the top being short makes one crazy subtly elegant look. The top is french cropped with sides being taper faded for that clean look which is then topped by that temple fade that lets beard in, balancing the whole face.

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Simplicity at its Best

Less is more, isn’t it? Here all we have is simple elements that blend in together to make this amazing style. The top is high faded and kept short, the beard imitates a similar texture with that top, and being nicely tames it balances the face the best!

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Man Bunned Dreaded High Fade

Who does not like watching a good old man bun? Here it only gets better with dreads that too dyed, literally, this is a dream of many. That being said, there is always a way to push more attention to the top by high fading it. The straight undercut high fade isolates this style on top so that the beard can do its magic down there.

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@ barber_bronson/ Instagram

Dyed Casual Pocky Undercut

It is easy to say this is quite a hipster look with that pocky tossed casual top. That being said the sides are dropped undercut which is all style and no typical undercut. The dye makes it very casual and modern. Not to forget, that stubble and tattoo always add to the style.

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@giuse_laguardia / Instagram

Side Swept Pompadour with Fade

Puffed side swept with that small subtle lineup makes up for that crazy masculine look. The taper fade on the sides pulls all the attention to the top. Not to mention, the beard balances the lower face with that grizzly thick texture.

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@kevinluchmun / Instagram

Classic Afro Gentleman with Clean Look

The trend gets all the eyes but elegance takes away all the attention. The sides are very clean with a lineup that is shaved and shortened. The top is very maintained with the equal volume all around and that straight fade.

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Textured Angular Fringe

Generally, high fades look the best when there’s an interesting style on the top of the head to compliment it. Here, an angular fringe provides that balance.

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@jayroberts_ / Instagram

Disconnected High Fade

A straight-up disconnected undercut and a high fade are a match made in heaven! If you see, this isn’t an elaborated style, keeping it simple we accomplish everything we need for this sleek-looking look.

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@cresswellbarberco/ Instagram

Short Top with High Fade

The high fade here keeps the sides super short and refreshingly it merges in a short crop that’s been styled in a fool-proof way. This haircut will have you looking your best no matter what.

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@barber_djirlauw / Instagram

Flat Dyed Strands with High Fade

This looks like an expertly dyed french crop! A sharp high fade on their naturally dark hair makes total sense to show off those highlights. We’re also looking at you, Bad Bunny vibes!

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@hayden_cassidy/ Instagram

Low Key Faux with Angular Fringe

This look combines several styling techniques into one unified haircut. A high fade contrasts a slightly asymmetrical fringe and a subtle faux hawk on top.

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@bladeandsoulbarbershop/ Instagram

Short Fade

This simple haircut keeps the hair at a uniform length on top for maximum neatness while a high fade adds depth and dimension.

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@justmikethatsme/ Instagram

Short Line Up

This style is for guys who want a straightforward, low maintenance haircut. The combination of the high fade and line up makes for a very tidy style.

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@z_ramsey / Instagram

Casual Brush Up with High Fade

This is a casual, laid-back cut that’s great as an everyday hairstyle. You can style it to be neater or messier depending on your personal style.

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@r.braid / Instagram

Designer High Fade with Textures

Here’s a French crop variation that features arrow shapes shaved into the side of the head, changing up the high fade with a designer touch.

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@z_ramsey / Instagram

Brush Up with Classic Fringed Drop Fade

If you’re after something with lots of texture, you’ll love this brush-up look. The high fade really accentuates the teased hair, making this a uniquely eye-catching hairstyle.

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@napolesbarbershop/ Instagram

High Faded Thin Brush Up

With a cool and wavy top comes a fantastic high fade that plays around with their features following the naturally-occurring lines.

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@tailorfade/ Instagram

Undercut Curled Slit Shaved High Fade

Curled texture on top, slit shaved line on the sides and a cheesy undercut to separate them both, how well can one be styled! The cleaner approach to the look makes it even more exotic pushing all the attention to the top and sides. The high fade here is slightly low but that adds to it, that’s why the undercut!

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@tailorfade/ Instagram

Very Hipster High Fade with Mustache

The skin complexion with the color of hair is a really good start here. Adding up the high fade instantly makes the whole hairstyle quite neat. The brush-up adds up to the look with that mustache holding the weight quite well down there.

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@ arcadianofficial/ Instagram

Thin Hair Layered Brush Up

Fades have this job of making a certain look sleeker, that is exactly what is going on here. The top is quite long and brushed up whereas the sides are high faded. This results in all attention pushed towards the brushed up top.

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@ blackriverbarbershop/ Instagram

Unique High Fade with Short Top

Probably one of the unique looks we have seen so far. The high fade makes the look quite neat with the back being dropped down but adds to the style. The top is short for a maximum neat look with the beard coming in handy.

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@reyesthebarber / Instagram

Dyed Short Curls with Fade

Curls do the magic and that fade just makes that magic even better. The top is all finesse with that cheeky fade. Best of all the dyed curls bring out the best in them. Get your curls dyed and you’ll know about it.

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@mizzyke / Instagram

Buzz Cut Drop High Fade

Now that’s a combination of styles resulting in something that is subtle yet can not go unnoticed. The top is a classic buzz cut with a short length, however, the slit shave in the middle adds life to the look. Moreover, the sides are high faded with angular line ups to bring out the details.

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@rpb_nq / Instagram

Fancy High Fade with Shaved Temple

Looking for a super trendy style? This suave high fade has you covered. With close-cropped hair and two ultra-fine hard parts, this haircut is a sophisticated choice.

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@the_ramsey / Instagram

Textured High Faded French Crop

The French crop is a classic low maintenance style that has stood the test of time. This contemporary twist adds a high fade for a bolder look.

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@ sharperimagebarbers/ Instagram

Thin Hair Short Brushed Up Top

Sometimes one doesn’t even need any hardcore product to shape the hair, the magic is done by hair drying and comb. This one happens to be a prime example of the same. The brush up is quite fluffy and airy, thanks to blow-dry. Next up, no part makes high fade very unified with the top.

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@ barber_selim / Instagram

Classic Brush Back with High Fade

The standard brush-back can be taken to the next level of ‘freshness’ by pairing it with a high fade such as this one. Notice how the part in the back meets the longer top by relegating the fade to the front.

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@forbesbarberco/ Instagram

Long Straight Curled Mullet

Mullet is always a cool retro look but the way to pull it off is what makes the difference. The top is brushed up with tossed texture with sides being high faded is what pops it up. The slightly curled texture makes it more fun and adds up to the style.

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@jose.crespo_ / Instagram

That Versatile Lineup fade

Classic high faded side with slight drop texture with the top being tight curled to pull that subtle yet fancy look. The clean-shaven look makes it a perfect style for formal as well as informal occasions. The lineup and hairline are very vivid with the lineup being very sharp.

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@peteyrock_thebarber / Instagram

Thick Short Rugged Curls

Curls by itself is an attention grabber and all of that puts curls at a top tier but when layered with some sleek undercut with thin tapered fade. That with angular lineup puts emphasis on the details. The curls are highlighted with a puffy texture with a cleaner approach.

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@_robweston / Instagram

Sharp Fade and Thick Fringe

First off, love the highlights, and secondly, what a sharp cut fade! This really is bordering a disconnected undercut. If you look close enough that effect is caused by how short the fade has been kept by shaving most of the sides down.

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@barber.josh.o.p / Instagram

Parallel Fade and Disconnected Blonde Top

If you have dark hair and are willing to bleach it for this specific style, I am happy to encourage it!

The color contrasts work in tandem with this special high fade design. If you take a good look the fade doesn’t just go in one direction but it works around the lines the barber has created. Magnific!

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@fadegame / Instagram

High Fade Undercut

Easy breezy brush-back and this fade make the perfect low maintenance look. Whether you decide to go with that like clean line up is up to you but, trust us, it just works!

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@joshconnollybarber / Instagram

Thick Afro Matte Top with High Fade

Afro hair can be quite a mess if not tamed it right. Here as we see the top is kept short with sides high fade and with temple vanished as it helps blends into the beard. The lineup has been kept quite sharp and neat.

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