Top 10 Men’s Hair Care Products for Every Type of Hair

List of the top-recommended products that every hairstylist has in the kit


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Appearance has become an asset of today’s lives, so everyone is focused on looking good, that means having healthy skin, and hair, in the first place. Thus, the hair is an important accessory of one’s presentation and image. We are not surprised though that people start spending more and more money on hair products, with the aim of obtaining the best results and engaging a modern and elegant hairstyle.

Given the relevance of how our hair looks in the eyes of others, and because we all want to make a good impression, we consider useful to inform our readers on the most used hair products, discussing their utility in relation to the type of hair, style, and personality of the individual. Therefore, we made up a top 10 list of men hair products.

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Another popular hair product is the fiber. This should always be used on dry hair. It is suitable for medium and short hair only and has the advantage of obtaining a finished and perfect hairstyle, so that your hair does not go in all directions anymore. Also, fiber has the ability to provide more volume. In case you have long hair, you should not try this product, as you may end up with a messy hair.

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If you are a man of medium or long hair and need a low hold and a medium natural shine, as well as hair separation, you should try the cream. This is to be used on dry hair only. Creams have to be applied only on curly hair, or thick type of hair. Their components are made of oils and amino acids. Due to these elements’ properties, the hair becomes strong, flexible, and has a natural appearance. Creams act like conditioners improving the texture of your hair. In addition, it is the best substitute for wax or pomade products.

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The wax has to be applied on dry hair only. It is more suitable for medium and short hair types. The effect is a shiny hair with medium hold. Also, in case of messy hair, it can provide the perfect and structured finish. Further on, experts do not advise to use wax on curly hair, but on straight type of hair. This product has the same properties as the pomade, only that it provides less hold. However, the degree of hair shine is from medium to high, which should compensate the low level in hair hold.

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Dry Shampoo

We all want to have a beautiful hair, that looks healthy and clean all the time. Unfortunately, this is in most of the cases an illusion, because usually, the hair becomes greasy after some days of washing it. According to traditional beliefs and myths, hair should be cleaned and washed on a daily basis. Still, experts sustain that this has more negative effects than positive ones, as the hair is going to become drier, and it won’t look healthy anymore.

Besides being an unnecessary waste of time and effort, washing your hair daily reduces the quantity of natural oil and makes it have an unhealthy appearance. However, the solution for those who want to avoid having a greasy hair is the dry shampoo hair product, which had the capacity to reduce the oil excess starting from the roots, and in the same time make it more voluminous.

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Finally, pomade is the solution for men who want a shiny, medium hold hair. Its components can be based on mineral oil or water. The reason why we attributed to pomade the 1st rank in our top products is because those who use it are able to rearrange their hair whenever they want and as many times they choose during the day, in contrast to other hair products, such as gels, waxes, etc. In addition, there are no side effects for using it, as it does not leave your hair hard or dry after the application.

Pomades are suitable for curly and thick types of hair. Should not be used by any means on thin hair.

An improved version of the pomade is the clay, which provides shiny hair at high hold. However, the greatest plus of this product is the volume conveyed for the hair. Further on, clay has the ability to clear hair impurities, nourishing the hair, and controlling curly or frizzy hair, while maintaining its natural oils, and providing a set of nutrients and minerals for the scalp.

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Texture Powder

Texture powder is mostly used by men whose hair needs to gain more volume and light that last in time. There are many categories of texture powders, which are addressed to different hair types (long hair/ short hair; fine hair/sticky hair/curly/ straight etc.).

However, it seems that few people know about the properties and benefits of this product. One might ask himself: how can a powder help my hair look better? The answer is quite simple: due to its characteristics of silica components (that is something different from traditional silicone), the hair becomes rough and volume is induced automatically through the mechanism of fibers friction. And this is not all: the powder also contains chemicals that have the ability to retain the oil excess from the hair, leaving it clean and healthy. In other words, what texture powder does is to separate your hair, from the roots to the ends. Therefore, in order to obtain best results, texture powder needs to cover all your hair, starting from the roots. Still, the hairstyle has to be defined in the end with some paste or pomade, so the powder is not enough for obtaining a perfect hair look.

The disadvantage is that you can forget about having a soft hair after applying the texture powder, and, at the same time, if you exaggerate with the quantity of powder, you might get an opposite effect.

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Hair Serum and Hairspray

The hair serum and the hairspray are two substitute hair products. If you want to obtain a shiny and flexible hairstyle, the hair serum is the right choice for you. On the other hand, if what you need is just a finish, the hairspray should be more suitable.

The hair serum should be used in case of curly hair, for instance, but also for long hair or dry hair type. Its properties allow a softening treatment, making it soft, moisturizing, smooth, and shiny. It is advisable to use it together with a shampoo and apply it on wet hair, or after bath, on dry hair.

The hairspray, on the other hand, provides hair protection and makes the hairstyle last longer. It varies from flexible-hold hair spray to the medium one, and last, the maximum-hold hair spray. Sometimes its application needs removal through washing.

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Even though men usually hesitate when using mousse on their hair, this product can do miracles on volume, shine, and texture. Its basic components are polymers, rice proteins, rosemary etc. The mousse has to be applied from the roots of the hair to the ends. This product is suitable for any type of hair. It is advisable to use it together with other hairstyle products, such as paste or cream.

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The hair product that can offer shine and hold (between medium and definite hold) to your hair is the paste. This is known to be the most used hairstyle products by men. The hair becomes flexible after applying the paste, allowing for separating the hair. When applied on wet hair, the paste improves both the texture and the volume of the hair.

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A handy hair product among men is the gel, that has the main scope to make your hair shine, but at the same time, it can offer high hold. It is a common product generally used by men, independently of their hair type. However, is easier to apply it on long hair, as short or fine hair needs strong gel formulas or additional usage of wax for best results.

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