Undercuts, fades, and tapered necklines are more popular then ever. These cool hairstyling motives radiate 21st century masculinity like no other, and we love that. New and revamped tapered neckline haircuts are a particularly exciting trend, since they revive a truly classic element of mens hair fashion. Here are 15 of our favorite tapered neckline haircuts, ready for you to choose from:

tapered neckline

Spiky Hair with Asymmetric Taper

One of the easiest ways to add flare to an existing style is to make it asymmetric. Here, a harsh tapered neckline on the right side contrasts the softer tapered neckline on the left side, adding texture to this unique, spiky hairstyle.

tapered neckline

Formal Taper on Combover

Of course, tapered neckline haircuts aren’t just for those who want to look cool and out-of-the-box. You can add a taper to any haircut, including formal styles like the combover.

tapered neckline

Blowy Quiff with Gradual Tapered Neckline

The tapered neckline is a great tool for smoothing out the edges of a haircut, but it’s one of the only options for connecting up with facial hair on the lower half of your face. Easy and effective!

tapered neckline

Tapered Neckline with Disconnect

You can play with tapered neckline haircuts as much as you like — and that might mean adding a disconnect to the back half, like here. The taper provides a unique, soft look, which is contrasted by the sharp disconnect.


Sharp Tapered Neckline

With any hairstyle, you can achieve a really clean look by tapering off the edges nice and sharp. Here, the sharp taper creates a well-groomed and masculine look fit for any man!


Fading Taper with Sharp Edges

The taper exists on a two dimensional plane, so it can be smooth on one axis and sharp on the other. That’s the case here, where the taper runs off smoothly towards the back of the neck, but is trimmed sharp against the ears.

Disconnected Skin Fade + Neckline Design
Disconnected Skin Fade + Neckline Design, by @javi_thebarber_

Disconnected Skin Fade + Neckline Design

Here’s another variation on the disconnected taper neckline haircut, where the disconnect separates a thick mass of side hair from a simple fade. Fun? Yes. Unique? Yes.

Tapered Neckline
Tapered Neckline, by @agusdeasis

Smooth Top with Smooth Taper

For an extra suave look, try using a smooth (and very well-conditioned) top style with a soft taper on the side. Facial hair is optional, but we think it’s a nice touch!

tapered neckline

Soft Tapered Pompadour

This simple but effective hairstyle combines a bold and voluminous pompadour with a soft tapering effect on the sides. No matter what your face shape, skin color, or facial hair, this cut will work for you!

Short Afro with a Disconnected Tapered Neckline
by @javi_thebarber_

Afro with Taper

Tapered neckline haircuts aren’t mutually exclusive to other bold styles, like the afro. Here’s an example of a tapered-off afro, which features a single sharp line on the left side.

That Beard Cut Wound

That Beard Cut Wound

In God We Trust
@ fleetwoodthebarber

In God We Trust

Tornado Bottom with Fine Fade

Tornado Bottom with Fine Fade

Unified Back with Tri-Layered Taper

Unified Back with Tri-Layered Taper

Short Length Blow Out

Short Length Blow Out

Faded Haircut with Tapered Neckline
Faded Haircut with Tapered Neckline, by @rumbarber

Partially Faded Temple with Semi-Curly Top

Hard Parted Layered Neckline

Hard Parted Layered Neckline

Layered Neckline with Dyed Top

Layered Neckline with Dyed Top

Tilted Neckline with Shaved Line

Tilted Neckline with Shaved Line

Skin Drop Fade with Slit Beard

Skin Drop Fade with Slit Beard

Drop Fade with Pushed Back

Drop Fade with Pushed Back

Spiky Shaved Line with Faded Neckline

Spiky Shaved Line with Faded Neckline