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60 Skin Fade Haircut Ideas (Trendsetter for 2023)

The most extensive guide on trending skin fade styles you will ever find

written by The Editors

If you’re looking for a haircut that’s up-to-date with the latest men’s hairstyle trends, look no further! We introduced you to the skin fade haircut in our article on 2022 men’s hairstyle trends, and now, you’re going to learn all about it.

The skin fade is particularly unique because it stands out––or, rather, it jumps out. The contrast of shaved sides and a full head of hair is instantly attention-grabbing. It’s an especially trendy, contemporary look, and best of all, it’s easy to get. A skin fade is achieved by cutting the hair shorter and shorter as it moves toward the neck. Whereas some haircuts require the hair to be the same length all around the head, skin fade haircuts demand the hair to be cut at decreasing lengths. Guys with straight or slightly wavy hair will get the most out of a skin fade. It’s more difficult to achieve with curly hair, though it can be done.

Take a look at the examples below, and see what you like. As always, we recommend taking in a picture of your desired haircut to your stylist.

How to get it?

The skin fade haircut is all in the cut itself. You don’t really have to style the faded hair at all; it’s the hair on top you’ll want to style. So for the skin fade haircut, it’s important you go to a barber or stylist who’s experienced with the cut or at least similar cuts.

Regarding the hair on top of the head: It’s important to note that the type of skin fade haircut you get will dictate what you tell your stylist. Read on for more information on skin fade variations and styles.

For the sides and back, however, it’s almost always the same. You’ll simply ask your stylist for a fade. Specify the starting point (depending on the exact hairstyle you choose), and tell your stylist you want your hair to fade into your skin.

In most instances, you’ll see guys with skin fades have gotten the fade extremely short. Many men typically request a shorter clipper setting like #3 or #4 for the top part of the fade (above the ears). Some go as short as a #2. The length of the clipper setting can completely change the look of your skin fade, so make sure you know what settings you want.

Also, consider how gradual you want your fade to be. If your fade starts at #5 and goes all the way down to skin level, it won’t stand out as much. If you’re going for a subtle, classy look, then consider starting from a higher clipper setting.

On the other hand, if you start your fade at a #2 or #3, it will pop out. That’s because your fade starts at a low setting and doesn’t have much lower to go. It only decreases 2 or 3 lengths before fading into your skin.