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60 Skin Fade Haircut Ideas (Trendsetter for 2022)

The most extensive guide on trending skin fade styles you will ever find


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If you’re looking for a haircut that’s up to date with the latest men’s hairstyle trends, look no further! We introduced you to the skin fade haircut in our article on 2020 men’s hairstyle trends, and now, you’re going to learn all about it.

The skin fade is particularly unique because it stands out––or, rather, it jumps out. The contrast of shaved sides and a full head of hair is instantly attention-grabbing. It’s an especially trendy, contemporary look, and best of all, it’s easy to get.

A skin fade is achieved by cutting the hair shorter and shorter as it moves toward the neck. Whereas some haircuts require the hair to be the same length all around the head, skin fade haircuts demand the hair to be cut at decreasing lengths.

High skin fade haircut, @tombaxter_hair / Instagram

How do I get the skin fade haircut?

The skin fade haircut is all in the cut itself. You don’t really have to style the faded hair at all; it’s the hair on top you’ll want to style. So for the skin fade haircut, it’s important you go to a barber or stylist who’s experienced with the cut or at least similar cuts.

Regarding the hair on top of the head: It’s important to note that the type of skin fade haircut you get will dictate what you tell your stylist. Read on for more information on skin fade variations and styles.

For the sides and back, however, it’s almost always the same. You’ll simply ask your stylist for a fade. Specify the starting point (depending on the exact hairstyle you choose), and tell your stylist you want your hair to fade into your skin.

In most instances, you’ll see guys with skin fades have gotten the fade extremely short. Many men typically request a shorter clipper setting like #3 or #4 for the top part of the fade (above the ears). Some go as short as a #2. The length of the clipper setting can completely change the look of your skin fade, so make sure you know what settings you want.

Also, consider how gradual you want your fade to be. If your fade starts at #5 and goes all the way down to skin level, it won’t stand out as much. If you’re going for a subtle, classy look, then consider starting from a higher clipper setting.

On the other hand, if you start your fade at a #2 or #3, it will pop out. That’s because your fade starts at a low setting and doesn’t have much lower to go. It only decreases 2 or 3 lengths before fading into your skin.

Take a look at examples with both of these styles, and see what you like. As always, we recommend taking in a picture of your desired haircut to your stylist.

And finally, guys with straight or slightly wavy hair will get the most out of a skin fade. It’s more difficult to achieve with curly hair, though it can be done.

Check the gallery below for more ideas.
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z_ramsey /

Precise Faux Hawk

Cutting your hair into a satirical faux hawk is a versatile way to go from edgy to cultured, depending on how its worn. When a skin fade is cut into the sides, the haircut can be styled back to look slick and professional or defiantly gelled up.

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@mikeyyyyyyy_ / Instagram


We mentioned earlier that it can be difficult to achieve the skin fade with curls. However, this is one option that will come in handy for curly-headed guys.

In this style, let the hair on top grow out so your natural curls show. Add a skin fade on the sides and back, and you’ll have unbelievably unique hair. This is similar to the textured curly undercut.

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mattjbarbers /

Skin Fade Crew Cut

Crew cuts go hand in hand with a skin fade. The shorter hair on the crown coordinates well with the gradient and shorter sides. It is a universally flattering look that is always on trend.

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barber_djirlauw /

Skin Fade Side Part

Wait is that high fade or mid fade, I’ll tell you what, it is a mix of both. Now slap on a slicked back texture but make a pompadour on the top. How does that sound? Well, this is exactly what it is, don’t forget to mid fade line ups, it is quite essential.

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braidbarbers /

Side Part Undercut

Is this straight from the renaissance? The sleek faded sides with that undercut side sweep, not to mention the temple fade which is so neat. The highlight of the look is the mustache that stands tall and firm. One would definitely need some product to style this one.

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@kevinluchmun / Instagram

Caesar Taper Fade

The Caesar cut is similar to the French crop, except that the fringe and crown is usually cut shorter than that of its French counterpart. Both styles are usually done with an undercut or a taper fade; The latter being a less severe option.

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conortaaffehair /

High and Tight High Skin Fade

This skin fade starts close to the crown with a shorter fade. The high and tight fade allows the crown to quickly move into the bald area of the nape, which provides a nice high-contrast look.

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barberdeano /

Side Swept Undercut with Fade

A fade can be the perfect addition for those with mid-length hair who want a chic look without having to sacrifice length. Sweeping hair to one side gives the illusion of movement. It is equally as casual as it is sophisticated. The short undercut provides a nice equilibrium to the longer top.

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braidbarbers /

Experimental Textured Crop

This cut is a symphony of geometric shapes and form. The symmetrical balance between the textured top and the graphics line art is experimental and exciting.

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braidbarbers /

Side Quiff Low Fade

Thick hair always has its benefits and one of it being this amazing side sweep which is both neat and quite strict. The taper faded sides are quite a banger with that perfect hairline to which the line ups do so much justice with that angular shape.

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z_ramsey /

Ivy League Fade

We absolutely love a striking skin fade with an Ivy League haircut. The bald sides give this classic style an edgy, modern quality. The side-swept crown maintains the refined feel of a traditional Ivy League cut.

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@blackfishbry / Instagram

Skin Fade with Pompadour

The pompadour was a popular style in 2016, and we expect to see more guys embracing the pomp in 2017. This also combines old with new, and it’s a surprisingly versatile look.

As with the skin fade/side part combo, this style is simply a pompadour combined with a skin fade. That’s all you need to ask for to achieve this style. After that, it’s all about maintaining the pompadour regularly to keep it in tip-top shape.

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braidbarbers /

Textured Curls Faded Undercut

Curls, curls, curls; can we talk about them enough? No! The straight side taper is just too neat to talk about. The mid to low fade just brings all the fun to the top. The top, however, is high on density with thin-haired short curls to make it fun, have a stubble beard.

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braidbarbers /

Brushed Up Fade

Behold the entry of a rough and quite tough style of the year. The brush up is not at all pocky which means it is slightly pompadoured with sides not being undercut. The sides instead are high tapered with a neat fade. All of that with a clean shave makes this is a very sleek look.

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conortaaffehair /

Textured Short Top with a Line Up

This sharp lineup is especially nice on short, naturally curly hair. It polishes up any disorderly waves by taming the hairline and creating a strong foundation. For those with straight hair, this look can be achieved by adding layers and piecing wax through the crown. Regular visits to the barber are necessary to ensure the lineup remains fresh and straight.

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lianos_urban_cutz /

Brush Up Undercut Faded

Akin to the pompadour or quiff, this brushed up look also offers high style and meticulous structure. The excellently crafted gradient detail makes this look extra respectable. It showcases elements of refined grace and power.

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tommie_hardgrind /

Side Part Swept

If you want a style that can go from nice guy to tough guy with little-to-no effort, look no further than this side-swept cut. This look is achieved with a high gloss, strong hold gel or pomade. To avoid a comb-over, ensure that gelled hair is being combed slightly back and to one side; don’t comb hair straight from one ear to the other. The skin fade should be tight, high, and well maintained. This look grows out nicely, but frequent visits to the barber help keep this cut looking fresh.

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dannyandcobarbers /

French Crop Low Faded

Yes, this is a french crop but it is not one of those common ones you see lying here and there. The sides are tapered quite low than usual and then faded. The low taper is done to regain the girth on the sides whilst the fade gives that finishing touch.

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Side Swept Undercut Wet

Quite straight no beating around the bush, a thick hard part with taper faded sides. A perfectly combed side swept with a tapered line up to go with it. The temple fade is quite obvious just to keep the look neat and so is the shaved approach.

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londonschoolofbarbering /

Textured Top Skin Fade

We have been seeing this hairstyle more often these days with a small french crop with sides that are mid faded. The fade isn’t too strict which makes it give a casual feel. The top is also side brushed with a slight brush up the texture. All in all, this is a casual look but side sweep it and it becomes a formal one.

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londonschoolofbarbering /

Drop Curl Fade

Skin fade doesn’t have to be generic all the time and here’s a cool variation, the drop faded skin fade gives it a very unique flair. The top is actually enhanced by that and especially that curled top with that taper on the sides is just a lovely look overall.

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braidbarbers /

High Skin Fade Undercut

Is this from the streets? Yes, sir, the sides are hard parted with that cheeky taper fade also the temples are gone. The top is brushed up with that unique hard part makes it what it is. Don’t miss the lineup, it is straight yet curved.

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anton_marchenko_ /

Line up with Pompadour

The front edge of this pompadour is shaved clean into a widow’s peak. The sharp border creates angles and lines that parallel the full beard. This geometric cut can give anyone instant style.

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anton_marchenko_ /

French Crop with Skin Fade

A French crop is a modern, short style with bangs that skim the forehead. It compliments most face shapes and is an easy way to disguise a receding hairline. The skin fade is a standard feature for the French crop. A bold bolt is carved into the side; great for those looking for extra presence.

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@seuelias / Instagram

Tiger's Claw Shave with Fine Fade

As we’ve already seen, the skin fade is a great canvas for interesting line art. The bottom of this fade is fine and close to the skin. This leads the eye to the two lines that are sculpted across the darkest section of the fade.

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@barberiaharo/ Instagram


A relative of the pompadour, the quiff has emerged as a men’s hair trend in recent years, and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. This lively look requires some serious styling to achieve, so if you’re up for a challenge, this is for you.

You’ll need a good bit of length on top––2 inches is probably the shortest you can go. The longer the hair, the taller the quiff. To style it, apply product to damp hair, then brush your hair up while blow drying it at the same time. This styling process is similar to that of a pompadour.

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z_ramsey /

Skin Faded French Crop

French Crop can be very versatile and this is no less of an example where the curled texture covers the forehead making a sleek french crop. Plus the sides are low faded that helps to bring attention to the top with that sharp angular line up.

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@seuelias / Instagram

Curly Hair with Line Up

Curly hair can be finicky, making it a bit more difficult to achieve a flawless fade. So, keeping edges clean and well-maintained is a must when going for this look. The line design cut near the back of the hair breaks the continuity of this skin fade and adds drops of character to the look.

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z_ramsey /

Textured French Crop

This is what we call a very balanced hairstyle with a very small length texture. The top is brushed up yet it is slightly tossed with sides being taper fade. The fade is dropped with line up shortened and mid faded. The beard balances the face quite well.

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z_ramsey /

Sharp Skin Fade Faux Hawk

This one lingers quite in between few styles, first the classy military-style where the texture and volume are controlled and second a very hipster side of the cut because of the sides as there is a slit shave with a dropped skin fade.

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@chris_barbercode/ Instagram

Highlighted Wavy Hair

Highlights suit wavy hair especially well because they give dimension to the curves of each strand. The cool-toned gradient highlights pictured here work nicely with the base color and contrast well with the fade below it.

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@barber_djirlauw/ Instagram

Taper Fade with Beard

This look is all about proportions. The hair on top is long enough to balance out the beard. The sideburns are faded out to keep the look from feeling too heavy. This is a great example for those who want to pair a beard with a fade but are afraid of having a harsh line disconnect the two.

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@javi_thebarber_/ Instagram

Disconnected Buzz Cut

Often, when we think of the buzz cut, we imagine a mom sheering a little boys’ hair with his dad’s beard trimmer. A buzz cut with a skin fade is an updated variation of the traditional buzz cut. For a classic buzz cut, the hair is typically shaved all over with a #1 or #2 guard. With a skin fade, the sides of the hair will have a gradient from the temples down. In this look, a curved line is carved into the darkest part of the fade.

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z_ramsey /

Razor Part Loosely Styled Pompadour

We can easily call this one a blend between classy retro style with a modern touch to it. The combed push back with a taper faded side is what one needs. Also, the temple is two-fold with a sleek drop fade with a shaved side part.

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@alan_beak / Instagram

Hand Brushed Small Quiff

A quiff is similar to the pompadour in that length is styled with the volume on top. The hair on the back of the head is kept shorter and the sides are usually swept back. In this variation, the quiff is kept shorter and the sides are shaved down to a skin fade. Because the quiff in this example is a bit smaller than the classic quiff, hair can simply be brushed up with some wax instead of having to blow dry it up as would be needed with a classic quiff.

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@braidbarbers / Instagram

Designer Temple with High Volume Top

The curves in this line design are placed strategically on the border of the fade. It cleverly mirrors the arc of the hairline to create a graphic look. Volume is kept high on top to add more structure to an already striking style.

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@evan_thebarber/ Instagram

Classic Taper Fade

This is your traditional taper fade; Some might say the OG of fades. The look works well on any hair texture and can be adapted to any face shape. The perfect blend of old and new, it’s sure to take your look to the next level.

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jackrobinsonpullen /

Mid Skin Fade + Tapered Neckline

The gradient in this cut is more abrupt than traditional skin fades. But it works. Why? The contrast between the mid-length hair on top and the vanishing sides helps draw attention to the face. And, the clean sides and tapered neckline keeps this medium length top from looking too heavy.

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javi_thebarber_ /

Line up and Disconnected Fade with a Pompadour

This skin fade is quite gradual but gives the style a good base to work off of. The perfectly curved line follows the curve of the pompadour. It starts at the temple and thins out as it moves closer to the back of the head.

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javi_thebarber_ /

High Fade Crew Cut and Line up

A great cut for thick hair, the high fade offers structure and style while being easy to maintain day to day. The two short lines that are shaved into the fade are a refreshing jolt to the high fade crew cut.

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javi_thebarber_ /

Disconnected Skin Fade Pompadour

A similar cut was seen on Brad Pitt around the time he made the movie Fury. It’s a slick style that grows out well. To get the cut, leave the top long enough to slick back (at least 2 inches). Have an experienced barber cut the sides close to the skin with a short fade near the crown. To style, use a gel or wax on damp hair, brush back, and let the hair air dry in this position.

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z_ramsey /

Finger Combed Faux Hawk

Puffy pompadour with quiffed top is so much fun, the sides are neatly taper faded with that cheeky mid fade. All of it is paired with that drop fade and a half faded line up. The temples are faded and have a slight cowlick feel to it but in reverse, what do you think?

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hairbyharley /

Slicked Back and Beard

High fade is always so much fun with that pushed back pompadour. This also qualifies as a puffed slicked back with that quiffed texture. The beard adds the balance that the face needs with that fuller and thicker texture.

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m13ky /

Long Layers Skin Fade

Having a strand textured top with a pocky feel to it is quite the buzz these days plus these are pushed back which makes it look like a quiff on the forehead. The sides are very neat to make the top look quite neat, just fade it with size 0 clippers and you’re set.

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andrewdoeshair /

Skin Fade

Drop fade is also a fade maybe with more panache and style. That cheeky temple fade comes complementary to the style and the top is a whole new ball game. That side-swept undercut with a cheeky hard part makes everything so modernized and yet has a retro vibe to it.

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@paul_barbercode / Instagram

Skin fade with a Hard Part

This is the most simplistic skin fade haircut, and it’s one of the most classic. Combine the age-old, retro side part with a contemporary skin fade, and you’ll be the definition of style.

After you know exactly what you want for the top, just ask for a fade on the sides. Again, be specific with your clipper lengths, and bring in pictures if you have any doubts.

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hairbyharley /

Hard Part Slicked

That hard part with a side-swept top is always so much fun to play with plus it only gets better with sides being faded. That mid fade with a cheeky temple fade always becomes a great pair. The top is pushed back slightly to give that side part a good flair.

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barber.josh.o.p /

Disconnected Skin Fade

Another great example of a disconnected skin fade; this haircut shows a darker fade with a crisp line cut through one of the thicker areas. The line looks clean under the heavily weighted top.

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@barberdeano/ Instagram

Slicked Back

If you’re going for an insanely retro, dapper look, slicked back hair is a must. This is a great skin fade haircut variation for gents who desire a classy appearance.

You can achieve this look in many ways. One good option is to get a cut that’s ideal for a side part. Then, slick back your hair with a nice water-based pomade. This way, you can sport the side part, slick it all back, or do both!

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@calebthebarber/ Instagram

Low Fade with Line Up

There are a few differences between a drop fade and a low fade. With a drop fade, the fade starts around the temples and aggressively drops to the nape of the neck. With a low fade, the fade starts from the sideburn and gradually slopes down the neck. A low fade is only light on the bottom and darker from the middle of the head to the top of the fade.

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@the_ramsey / Instagram

Skin Faded Afro Hair

A skin fade is an easy and sleek way to maintain thicker hair. The top of the hair can be grown to mid-length or kept short, as seen in this photo. For a distinguished look, keep the hairline clean and sharp.

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@ambarberia/ Instagram

Spiky Texture with Vanished Neckline

Spiky hair is quite simple to achieve with the right product and hair length. This style works best on shorter hair, as the weight from long hair prevents hair from staying up. Using gel through the hair will keep hair very spiky. For a more wearable look, run a wax from the front of the hair towards the back. This will separate sections and get them standing up. The vanished neckline gives a sleek and polished feel.

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@paul_barbercode / Instagram

Side Swept Hard part

The contemporary skin fade updates this traditional look. Hair is parted on one side and gelled to the other. It is best to follow the natural part, however, if you prefer one side over the other, blow-drying hair from above the head and in the direction, you want your hair to be parted can force a partition on your preferred side. This is a classic look for the dapper gentleman.

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javi_thebarber_ /

Disconnected Skin Fade + Neckline Design

In most line designs, the line is cut in the darkest area of the fade. What makes this design interesting, is that it delineates the fade right above the transition from the darker area to the lighter area: creating two lines, like a line and its shadow. The shallow curve down the neck leads the eye down the neck, where the hair is kept tidy and clean.

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criztofferson /

Skin Fade with Messy Top

Spruce up your mid-length locks with a messy top and skin fade. This fade bursts from the ear and severs the cool top from the beard. The divergence leads to focus on the facial hair and the engaging mess on top.

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braidbarbers /

Pompadour Part Braid

Never have I ever seen a haircut that clean with such a premium feel to it. Especially that braided side part is something you find once in a blue moon. The skin fade on the sides just enhances the braid with a side-parted top.

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spukthebarber /

Skin Faded French Crop

The bald fade in this haircut emphasizes the texture in the French crop. The French crop stands out because of how it contrasts with skin fade, which is different in color, texture, and length. The fringe can be cut in a variety of ways, but in this example, it is cut straight across the forehead and rounded up near the temples.

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z_ramsey /

Mid Skin Fade Pompadour

Because a skin fade works best to give a high-contrast look, a voluminous pompadour is often paired with faded sides. The mid-skin fade provides a unique take on the ever so popular pompadour.

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londonschoolofbarbering /

High Top Fade Hard Part

Let’s go back to the mid-’80s where this style ran through the streets of New York City. This fade is masterfully done and is a look for the fun and bold. The back and sides are shaved close to the skin. An abrupt line acts as a cartoonish part that pleasantly adds character to the look. For those with straight hair, a perm is necessary before a barber can carve out the high-top shape.

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@mikeyyyyyyy_ / Instagram

Skin Fade Hard Part

The hard part really helps to define that skin fade a step further because it enhances the taper on the side which in return brings fade into the light. It actually balances the whole quite well especially with the side sweep with an angular and sharp line up.

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mattjbarbers /

Mini Pompadour

Remember the retro look with that classic side part, well here it is with a modern twist to it. That cheeky taper skin fade and especially that sleek temple fade which just makes everything quite neat and clean. The hair on top is brushed on the sides which clearly make this a gentlemen’s cut.

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ryancullenhair /

High Volume Brush Up

Brush up with some highlight dye with some undercut with some taper and finally, some skin fade is the recipe for this cool look. Plus the top is specifically is longer than the sides for this rough and rugged look.

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baldysbarbers /

Pompadour Fade

Is that pompadour or a slicked back? I reckon it is a mix of both, plus the sides are subtly undercut with a cheeky mid skin fade. Do you also notice that sharp and amazingly clean line up? That is just a message that looks at that neat haircut.

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z_ramsey /

Curly Hair with a Fringe

Straight Taper Fade is totally a thing and this hairstyle makes that statement quite loud and clear. The top is amazingly controlled in spite of semi curls with a slightly thick texture. The skin fade is quite vivid and is a sharp one.

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