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50 Unique Short Hairstyles for Men + Styling Tips

When short hair is not a verdict: how to spice things up even with a super short cut


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Short hairstyles are more in style than ever before. It seems as if the era of longer, messier haircuts is coming to an end. If you look around, the professional, clean look has become very popular among young men, teens, and boys across the world.

If you want to stay in the loop, trim your longer hairstyle, or just try something new, getting a stylish, short haircut would definitely help you with that goal.

Short haircuts are so simple that you simply cannot go wrong. Some hair gel, pomade, or even matte hair wax will work great in pushing up the front of the top, or creating a side parted look. You can also run your hands through the top in random motions, creating a stylish “just woke up and got out of bed” look.

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Textured Style

A textured style with various lengths throughout creates a slimming silhouette for thick hair. This style works best for those with thicker hair and compliments round, square, or oval face shapes. It leaves many options for styling.

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Classic Short with High Fade

This simple fade is great for guys who want a trendy cut but don’t want to spend a long time styling their hair.

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Tousled Overgrown Ivy

There’s something a little James Bond about this cut. It’s young, it’s short — but not too short — and it pairs wonderfully with some slightly overgrown facial hair.

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High and Tight Inspired Brush Up

High and tight is not a haircut for everyone owed to the boldness and rebellious nature of the look, but if you’re looking into easing into the style this inspired brush-up crop will do the trick.

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Buzzed Top with Faded Line Up

Short hair cannot be shorter than this but that doesn’t make it boring. The top is very short as size 4 clippers are used. The sides are taper faded with line up carved out pretty clearly. The clean shaved look makes the style very neat yet classy.

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@andrewdoeshair / Instagram

Classic Taper

If you like slightly longer hair, you’ll probably like this cut. The sides are kept rather long but are balanced out by the messy hair on top.

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@meha_barber/ Instagram

Drop Fade with Short Texture

The drop fade, however classic will always fall under a little bit unconventional due to the interesting contrarsts it can create on a hairstyle. Pairing it up with a short crop and some shaved detailing elevates the crop giving it a unique flair.

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@horatiuthebarber/ Instagram

Side Brush Up and Taper Fade

This longer quiff works great for young and middle-aged guys. It’s not too much work, and it really does look the part.

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@tonisaura_barbershop / Instagram

Taper-Fade and Side Part Brush Up

This naturally parted brush up is up the bigger leagues. Just look at that volume and balance throughout it all. We love this option for a ‘longer’ spin on short haircuts.

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Rafael De La Fuente's Natural Waves

Combovers work great for slightly longer hair. There are no in-your-face lines in this cut; nope — it’s just a simple brush from one side to the other.

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@carlito_thebarber/ Instagram

French Crop and Lineup Without Fringe

To fringe, or not to fringe, tough choice. Sometimes adding a fringe to your look can swift things around, but opting to go without one can have the same effect by turning the tables 180 degrees.

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Wavy Short Quiff

Adding texture is a great way of adding spice to hair lengths like this that are rather an in-between version of anything considered medium and short hair.

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@jakfinchhair / Instagram

Wispy Fringe on White French

The weight of a long fringe like this can often be too much to handle for some, that’s why turning into a “choppy fringe” helps a bunch here! The dye? Top-notch and is what seals the deal on this french crop. 

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@jose.crespo_ / Instagram

Spiky French with Textured Fringe

Thinking of short hair but punk? Check out this french made spiky with a super clean drop fade.

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Side Pushed Quiff

This longer style features a side swept quiff for a dapper appearance. We think the slight messiness of the hair really accentuates this look.

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Rock The Fohawk

The faux hawk/fohawk is an eye-catching look, and we really like this clean take on it. Guys with thick hair will get the most from this style.

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@jelle.vissers / Instagram

Natural Texture Scissor Crop

Taking advantage of the hair’s natural texture is best done with scissors. That’s what gives these kinds of styles the slightly wild edge.

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@hayden_cassidy / Instagram

Faded Line Ups and Temples

Faded line ups with this size 1 clippers are just perfect. The tattoos on the side look better when the sides are faded and the sleek taper fade is what all it takes to makes this better. Plus the shorty short top is all you need to have that hipster style.

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@ zana_thebarber/ Instagram

Casual French

A light medium-length fringe goes spectacular with this sort of thickly texturized french crop. It’s a young hairstyle that can be worn by souls of any age.

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@joshlamonaca / Instagram

French Crop with Angular Fringe

Edgy way to give an edge to your fringe! An angular fringe has a super wide range of possibilities, and one of the most conservative ones is to pair it with a french crop!

A subtle change makes all the difference.

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@jarredsbarbers / Instagram

French Crop

Keeping the edges in close and tight gives straight hair a burst of volume at top.

The cropped hairstyle has been common for many years, but roughed up hair in the crowned area adds a more modern and rugged update. This style is ideal for those with fine hair.

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@tombaxter_hair / Instagram

High and Tight

Inspired by the styles popular during the 1920’s, this style has made a comeback. With short edges and about an inch and half on top, this hair style is best for straight hair. It’s trendy yet masculine, making it a popular choice with many.

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@jelle.vissers / Instagram

Ombre Curls

These curls transition in tone with soft grading on the sides much like the ombre trend on longer hair.

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Shaved Hairline with Pocky Short Hair

Playing shaved detailing is always fun when they’ll be such a distinct part of your look. Here we see quite a bold shaved partition that compliments this highly textured hairstyle.

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@ambarberia/ Instagram

Sleek Skin Fade

Wavy and full of texture, this undercut fade is an excellent choice if you like shorter hairstyles. Best for men with thick hair.

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@kevinluchmun/ Instagram

Simple Top with Skin Faded Sides

This skin fade cut creates a unique two-tone appearance. No styling is required with this cut, but it still allows you to make a statement with your hair.

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@adamjosephchase/ Instagram

Classic Taper

If simplicity is what you’re after, this is a great option. The hair on top is swept to the side while the sides are tapered.

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Blonde Crop

This hairstyle works very well for guys who enjoy short hair and who have softer, fluffier hair. The hair retains its natural texture and is tousled for effect.

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@jelle.vissers / Instagram

Round Scissor Crop

Lovely how they’ve left the sides with a high skin fade! This look needs expert scissor hands to achieve its peculiar roundness.

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@henlo_ / Instagram

Blonde Dye and Ginger Beard

The business cut is tapered and neat, but the contrasts here are superb! If you’re going for a dye job like this one and want to have the same vibe, make your beard and hair are noticeably different in color.

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@henlo_ / Instagram

Long and Pointy Regulation

If you’re not in the military, you should definitely try out this (very) long regulation crop. You could go without the pointy top, but honestly, it gives it so much attitude! Especially with that disconnected shaved undercut.

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@e_visionaire / Instagram

Buzzed Down Crop

The ultimate short crop right here! The subtle fade gives it dimension by uplifting the super short top part. Simple and classy.

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Highlights and Burst Fade on a French

Whether you decide to wear the top at the same length as the picture or not this burst fade really brings out even more of the thick highlights at the top.

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@jelle.vissers / Instagram

Buzz and Line-Up

A buzz like this leaves a little bit more hair on top which works perfectly with the curly hair texture. The sides are kept nice and clean with a low fade. 

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@tonisaura_barbershop / Instagram

Medium Fade and Short Faux Hawk

Faux hawks don’t need to be too long to fall under this category of hairstyles. Complementing contrast with a medium fade the top gets all the attention.

For a more ‘Punk’ look, style the texture with some product to create defined spikes.

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@tonisaura_barbershop / Instagram

Medium Fade and Short Textured Crop

A textured crop is always a good option to bring in some playfulness to the style. Here we see it paired up with a distinctly manicured beard to complete the look.

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@henlo_ / Instagram

Colored Spikes

Spiky haircuts are already full of texture but adding some color definitely can add a bunch more by playing with the contrasts.

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@jeremywexlerhair/ Instagram

Wavy Brush Up

This brush-up is simple and youthful. Grab a comb, curl your top hair up, and you’re ready for anything: the dance floor, the office, and the funeral.

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Side Part and Low Fade

A side part is a go-to classic for many people but when paired up with a low fade it takes a super elegant and put-together turn.

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Blend of Line Up Low Fade and Slit

This ultra-thick lineup hairstyle features a slit for some extra texture. The high fade creates an abundance of negative space from the side, which contrasts well with the thick beard.

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The Top Fade Hairstyle

The next hairstyle on this list of short haircuts for men is the top fade. It’s a very modern, classic look. It is a lot like a buzz cut, however, the top has a little more hair to it. It is a lot like the Angular Fringe, just a lot shorter.

The hair can also be styled and modified, as it can be spiked up or slicked down. Some styling cream, wax, or pomade can help you maintain one of these styles, or you can just leave it how it looks after you wake up for a wilder look.

The hairstyle is short enough that it always looks professional, but also versatile enough that you can make it your own. It is a very popular choice among the younger crowd, and the style is a timeless classic, just like a white tee-shirt, this look will always be in style.

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Hipster Style

This style is really set off by its significant pomp on top, which is why it is important to leave at least three inches on top when asking for this style. The side length depends on preference, ranging from short to medium. Best for straight to wavy hair.

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Mike Vogel's Natural Part with Medium Fringe

Middle parts can be difficult to style, but this haircut proves that they can work very well. The symmetrical waviness of the hair is key here.

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@javi_thebarber_/ Instagram

Butch Cut with Hard Line Disconnection

A bold take on the disconnected hairstyle, this shortcut is emphasized with faded sides and a striking hard part.

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@jeremywexlerhair / Instagram

Side Brushed Textures

We like this haircut for the massive amounts of texture it provides. Best for guys with thick hair, this cut requires a styling product or two but is well worth it.

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@hideoutbarber / Instagram

Crew Cut

You can never go wrong with a crew cut. This simple version keeps the hair neat and tidy all over.

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@adhbrand / Instagram

Touseled Short Hair with Drop Fade

We love this haircut for its curly, messy top. The gentle fade on the sides adds structure, with the short facial hair exuding a definite sense of youth.

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@lukedbeaumont/ Instagram

Interrupted Line Up with Skin Fade

We truly love the texture this short hairstyle has to offer. The rugged top, the line across the side, and the square sideburns work together to provide a style that’s totally unique.

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@lo__sceicco__/ Instagram

Styled Side Brush Back

Here’s another variation on the brushed-back haircut, again featuring short, faded sides and a longer, carefully-styled top. As always, earrings not necessary!

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@kevinluchmun/ Instagram

That Short Top with Faded Temple

Here’s a slightly longer haircut which has been shaped into a fringe at the front. Pair that with the fade on the sides and you have a very one-of-a-kind style.

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@mattjbarbers/ Instagram

Subtle Side Taper with Rough Top

Here’s a cut to rely on for any man. It’s a short, messy top — you don’t really notice the messiness since it’s so short — with a fade down the sides and some stubble.

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@jarredsbarbers/ Instagram

Medium Crop with Undercut

While this crop is certainly a little longer on top, it’s the buzz cut sides and the bit of facial hair that keep things in check.

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Back-Styled Quiff

This quiff is also well into long haircut territory, but it shows you what you can accomplish with just a bit more length on top.

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Chris Pine's Scissors Crop

Here’s another crop, this time parted in two definite directions. Sure, this one is pretty long, and we’ll understand if you think it’s too much maintenance.

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Side Part

This hairstyle has been around for generations and is a very classy look. If you have a son who wants to look like he is above his peers on an intellectual level, or you want to add some sophistication to your own look, this is the hairstyle to get.

It seems to be getting more and more popular, as people from all over the world are starting to sport this impressive look. This hairstyle is very flexible as it can be pulled off with hair of any length.

It can also be longer, so if you want to get the haircut short now and then grow it out over the next couple of months it will continue to look great.

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Brush Up and Tapered Sides

You’ve probably seen a brush-up like this one on plenty of the younger guys in your city. We think slightly longer cuts like this are a great way to balance the practicality of short hair with the style-ability of long hair.

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@robinmaeter/ Instagram

Ivy League and Classic Taper

This meticulously-combed Ivy League hairstyle can work for anyone, regardless of hair color, thickness, or face shape. There’s something very refined about this cut, too…

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@joshlamonaca / Instagram

Modern Caesar

The caesar haircut is such a distinctive haircut that it can get past many modifications and still preserve its particular style.

Adapting haircuts to your personal can be a whole journey to finding yourself, or as simple as changing the direction of a few strands here and there every once in a while. The choice is yours!

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Classic Short Style

The simple short hairstyle has been around forever, and it is still the number one choice for short haircuts for boys and men alike.

This is where you keep the sides and back of the hair short, almost buzzed, but you keep some length and thickness up on top. This allows you to mess with the top and make it your own, however, it is still short enough that molding it is not a problem, and it doesn’t need too much maintenance, especially just after you wake up.

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