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From Beards to Braids: The Hottest 40 Hairstyles for Hipster Men

Your chance to pick a unique haircut that will strikingly change your style

written by Shane McCarthy

Say the word “hipster,” and you’re bound to be met with a sour reaction. The pompously artsy, begrudgingly ironic types associated with the word have left a bad taste in the collective mouth of society. However, there’s something to be said about the men’s hairstyles that have emerged from the hipster realm.

Hipster hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes, and they lend a contemporary look to the guy wearing them. They look great with anything from a vest to a sweater, and they can be worn in any season. This versatility, combined with a sleek look, is one of the many benefits of a so-called “hipster” hairstyle. Running the gamut from trimmed and neat to long and messy, here are great hipster hairstyles for men:


What is the hipster haircut called?

The hipster haircut is basically an undercut (or a rather short back and sides) with hair on top that’s at least 2 inches (5 cm) long. This way, you can style the top – tie it in a bun for those with longer hair, perm it, or keep it messy – however, you like.

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