Long hair has almost always been a popular length for women because it can be flattering regardless of hair color, texture, or face shape. Whether you’re looking to completely change your look or just refresh it, here, you’ll sure find the perfect long hairstyle for you and your lifestyle.


Jlo’s Icy Highlights
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Jlo's Icy Highlights

Bring out the best of your hair’s length by adding attention-grabbing highlights like JLo’s. Start with a subtle color at your roots and go lighter at the ends to draw more attention to your face.

Laura Harrier’s Long Braids
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Laura Harrier's Long Braids

When you have long hair, there’s just so much opportunity to change up your style. Laura Harrier has opted for a protective braids style to give her locks a break while she looks stunning wearing it.

Olivia Palermo’s Poised Waves
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Olivia Palermo's Poised Waves

Olivia Palermo’s look is all about the center part and shine. To achieve a similar look, create different kinds of waves to show off as much of that shine as possible.

Madelaine Petsch’s Natural Curls
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Madelaine Petsch's Natural Curls

You don’t need signature red hair like Madelaine Petsch to rock these natural curls. While your hair is still barely damp, put it up into a simple braid, let it dry, and then use your curling iron to do touch-ups.

Golden Honey Balayage
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Golden Honey Balayage

Balayage is one of the most popular coloring trends for women with long hair; because these highlights don’t start at your roots, your hair can grow freely without needing touch-ups. Opt for a warm honey color to start.

Jaylen Barron’s Wild Curls
Eugene+Powers / Shutterstock.com

Jaylen Barron's Wild Curls

You can embrace a long hairstyle with your natural curls too! While you may want to use your favorite product to help them stay in place, don’t be afraid to let your curls loose.

Classic Side Braid
Dari+Ya / Shutterstock.com

Classic Side Braid

On days when your hair only seems to get in the way, go for a classic braid to tame it. This simple style is timeless and takes only minutes to create, making it perfect for any busy day.

Jourdan Dunn’s Princess Half-Up
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Jourdan Dunn's Princess Half-Up

Having a long hairstyle gives you plenty of room to try new things. For your next night out or dressy event, take a page out of Jourdan Dunn’s book and go for this romantic, feminine half-up ‘do.

Megan Fox’s Voluminous Waves
Ga+Fullner / Shutterstock.com

Megan Fox's Voluminous Waves

Bouncy, voluminous waves are the epitome of glamor. To achieve a look like Megan Fox’s, use a curling iron with a barrel that is at least two inches wide; for this look, the bigger the curl, the better.

Shailene Woodley’s Light Brown Balayage
s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Shailene Woodley's Light Brown Balayage

Balayage isn’t only for blondes; it’s based off your natural hair color, so you can rock it even if you have darker hair, like Shailene Woodley. Consider asking your stylist to use several different shades to create additional dimension.

Tania Raymonde’s Mermaid hair
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Tania Raymonde's Mermaid hair

Tania Raymonde’s long, cascading locks are similar to those of a mermaid’s. Apply a texturizing spray to your messy curls for a similar look.

Demi Lovato’s Beach Curls
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Demi Lovato's Beach Curls

Beachy curls are the perfect style for women with long hair. For an extra edgy look, add some product to slick it back and make it seem like you just got back from the beach, like Demi Lovato.

Hannah Simone’s U Shaped Bangs
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Hannah Simone's U Shaped Bangs

A full, blunt fringe complements long hair incredibly well, especially when the bangs are U-shaped and face-framing like Hannah Simone’s. Straighten the rest of your hair to further show off its length.

All Blonde Highlights
Alones / Shutterstock.com

All Blonde Highlights

Densely packed highlights like this are a great way to change things up and get to know how you look with totally different hair color. Now you don’t always have to go to this extent, opt for slightly thinner streaks to conserve some of your natural tone as a base.

Alexa Vegas’ Blonde Tones on Highlights
oranhall / Shutterstock.com

Alexa Vegas' Blonde Tones on Highlights

Alexa Vega is naturally a brunette but here she looks stunning with a beige base and golden blonde highlights.

Izabel Goulart’s Deep Brown Balayage Highlights
Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

Izabel Goulart's Deep Brown Balayage Highlights

I’ve always loved the sun-kissed look some girls get on their hair and balayage mimics the way the color changes naturally due to sun exposure. Of course, you can choose to go blonder with it but if you’re a natural brunette caramel tones look amazing on long hair.

Jameela Jamil’s Thick Curtain Bangs and Soft Waves
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Jameela Jamil's Thick Curtain Bangs and Soft Waves

Jameela Jamil has become ‘goals’ for a lot of us especially because she’s been constant in her hair color, her natural silky black long waves give me life. And what about that cheeky middle-parted fringe? It’s a super cute way of adding a little retro oomph to a long hairstyle.

Abbey Lee’s Green Undercolor
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Abbey Lee's Green Undercolor

Long hair can be a pretty great canvass to experiment with. Abbey Lee’s green under-cover highlights are an excellent example of this.
Do notice that here her hair is already quite blond, so if you wanna try this and have darker hair consider not doing it all at once since you might need to bleach your hair significantly and that means, yes, damage.

Logan Browning Thin Dreads with Highlights
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Logan Browning Thin Dreads with Highlights

We know Logan Browning from Netflix’s show Dear White People, and she’s been serving us looks ever since she’s shown as a student at Winchester University who tries to wake people up to social issues. We love the way she’s got long and highlighted dreadlocks tied up top, making the look playful and versatile.

Gigi Hadid’s Blonde Layers
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Gigi Hadid's Blonde Layers

There are so many songs inspired by long haired-girls, quite a few mention long sandy blonde waves and we can totally understand why. There’s just something about the golden tones of blonde that can inspire divine notes. Gigi Hadid knows this and looks stunning with her layered haircut.

Make Believe Mohawk with Braids
kobryn+mikita / Shutterstock.com

Make Believe Mohawk with Braids

One of the advantages of having long hair is that you pretty much get to experiment with tons of hairstyles, especially braids! Here we have various braids sizes, from thin to thick and they’re complemented by this make-believe mohawk. And I say make believe because this is the shape they’re creating here.

This might not be your everyday ‘do but it certainly is worth a try! It looks super unique.

Dakota Johnson’s Curtain Bangs
scarletsails / Shutterstock.com

Dakota Johnson's Curtain Bangs

Dakota Jhonson’s starring in Fifty Shades of Grey put her on everyone’s fashion radar. I for one, absolutely love her casual and seemingly effortless style and that definitely includes her hair styling. She has the look of the perfect girl-next-door, a look she completes with her curtain bangs and subtle highlights on her long-layered hair.

Rita Ora’s Platinum Blonde Locks
Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Rita Ora's Platinum Blonde Locks

Rita Ora’s platinum blonde wavy locks here show us that if you’re gonna do it, you gotta go all the way. The length, the shade looks amazing on her. Do consider that you’ll have to spend a considerable amount of time sitting on your stylist’s chair to get to this level of blonde.

Teresa Palmer’s Mid Part Ponytail
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Teresa Palmer's Mid Part Ponytail

Teresa palmer knows that a well-done ponytail can have a dazzling and sophisticated effect worth pairing with the most glamorous dresses, as well as your everyday clothes and you’d look perfectly put together.
What really does the trick here is her middle part and the way the hair has been neatly combed so that nothing’s out of place.

Half Up Bun
dolgachov / Shutterstock.com

Half Up Bun

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here we have the messy but cute half-up. I love a good up ‘do with a little texture like it’s shown; style a few curls or waves in and you’ll have a classically dainty hairstyle.

Ciara’s Long Curls
Jamie+Lamor / Shutterstock.com

Ciara's Long Curls

Ciara’s long hair makes her look like she came straight out of a Disney princess movie!