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Top 80 All Times Exceptional Men’s Hairstyles (Revised)

Your options just got bigger: find a unique style in the endless list of most popular haircuts in 2022

written by The Editors

Recent years were wonderful and controversial for men’s hair. We witnessed the reign of the undercut. We experienced the resurgence of retro hairstyles. We saw the roller-coaster-like rise and fall of the man bun. Trends came and went; some stuck around while others went the way of the mullet. More and more guys are pushing the boundaries of men’s hairstyles and taking them to new heights (sometimes literally). Fashionable styles are just for male models anymore, and men realize that now.

But the same question is always asked at the end of each year: Which hairstyles will be trending in the new year? To answer that, we’ve taken a look back at the successes of the last year and peeked into the future by seeing what’s currently fashionable. We’ve pinned down a few styles that resemble the best of last year and the near future of men’s hair. We’re excited to see what men’s hairstyles will bring, and we think you should be, too!

And what better time than the new year to reinvent your hair? All it takes is a trip to the barbershop and an idea. So if you’re looking for men’s hairstyles in the new year, look no further. We’ve got your bases covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top essential men’s hairstyles. Read on, and you just might find a new style to sport: