Recent years were wonderful and controversial for men’s hair. We witnessed the reign of the undercut. We experienced the resurgence of retro hairstyles. We saw the roller-coaster-like rise and fall of the man bun. Trends came and went; some stuck around while others went the way of the mullet.

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More and more guys are pushing the boundaries of men’s hairstyles and taking them to new heights (sometimes literally). Fashionable styles are just for male models anymore, and men realize that now.

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But the same question is always asked at the end of each year: Which hairstyles will be trending in the new year? To answer that, we’ve taken a look back on the successes of the last year and peeked into the future by seeing what’s currently fashionable.

We’ve pinned down a few styles that resemble the best of 2018 and the near future of men’s hair. We’re excited to see what men’s hairstyles will bring, and we think you should be, too!

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And what better time than the new year to reinvent your hair? All it takes is a trip to the barbershop and an idea. So if you’re looking for men’s hairstyles in the new year, look no further. We’ve got your bases covered.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 essential men’s hairstyles. Read on, and you just might find a new style to sport:
side part
Skin Fade with Part

While the skin fade has been popular for a while now, it’s finding its way into more hairstyles.

A skin fade simply means that the hair is faded down to the skin. As the hair moves toward the neck, there’s less and less until it’s just your skin. The skin fade gives you a clean, polished look. It’s ideal if you want to tap into the fashion power of your hair and give it a makeover.

Skin fades work best with straight or wavy hair. Combining a skin fade with a part is an easy way to get a great, trendy hairstyle. You can also pair a skin fade with other styles (check out the next style).

Skin Fade with Pompadour

One of the most popular men’s hairstyles in the past years was the pompadour, and as a result, it’s getting more attention. More variations are thought of, so it’s likely we will see quite a few pomp-based styles.

This pompadour with a skin fade is a newer take on the classic style, and it’s undoubtedly dapper. You can make the pompadour more or less dramatic depending on your style, and both work for different situations.

If you like the ultra-short look, ask your barber or stylist to use a #2 or #3 on the sides and fade from there. Anything longer won’t give you this look. There should still be some length on top, but the amount is up to you. We think 2 to 3 inches is a good benchmark.

As always, bring in a picture to your barber or stylist. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the hair world, it’s worth ten thousand.

Brushed Up Wavy Hair with Glasses
Textured Quiff

The quiff has been the hairstyle of choice for many a fashionable man, but in the past year, it was somewhat dwarfed by undercuts and pompadours. In 2017, the quiff will reemerge as a trendy style, but this time around, it’s all about the texture. The idea is that the textured quiff looks lusher and fuller than a regular quiff. You can get some serious volume, or you can keep it short and styled.

Another key to the 2017 quiff is the super short cut on the sides and back. We expect to see quiffs paired with skin fades to create a contemporary, high-contrast look that will soon be popping up on male heads everywhere.

If you’re going for the quiff, it’s crucial to get the right product and have the right length. Your hair will need to be 2 to 4 inches to get a good quiff going, and you’ll need to take your time styling it. Look out for a guide to the textured quiff in the coming months.

Textured Hairstyle
Natural Texture

Of all the men’s hairstyles, the natural textured look is one of the most surprising. This is sort of an anti-hairstyle; while it requires a stellar cut by a knowledgeable barber or stylist, it doesn’t require too much styling, and it looks like a tidier, flatter version of the “rolled out of bed” look.

The idea here is to get layers in order to get the most natural volume and texture out of your hair. To style, spray your hair with blow dry spray and then blow dry it flat. You can finish up with a light oil spray, being careful not to disturb the natural layout of your hair.

The result is a look that’s a far cry from towering pompadours but still fashionable. It’s also easy to style quickly, so if you’re often pressed for time, this could be your new favorite style.

Men’s Hairstyles – Man Bob
Man Bob

The man bob is one of 2018’s most elusive men’s hairstyles. We’re not exactly sure when it will take over, but our sources say that it’s going to be the 2018 version of the man bun. It’s a controversial yet popular style that’s gaining traction.

In the man bob, the hair is worn long enough so it reaches the chin, creating a practical long hairstyle. Kurt Cobain famously sported the look, and it’s suitable for similarly straight-haired dudes. If you’re thinking about getting the man bob, you’ll need some patience.

Short Choppy Curls
Styled Curls

There’s a variety of ways to style your curls, from subtle, gentle curls to curly-fry locks. You can pair your curls with an undercut or a skin fade for a look that will stand out from the rest for its uniqueness.

If you have curly hair, get your hands on some high-quality styling products and get ready for the new year. Whether you go short and defined or long and loose, you’ll be part of a new wave of men’s hairstyles for this year and beyond.

George Clooney side part hairstyle with grey hair
Side Part

Even though this might be an obvious choice, we decided to include it because of its versatility and the eternal spot in the men’s hair hall of fame.

This classic style is still as fashionable as ever––in fact, it’s probably more fashionable than ever before. The side part is especially wonderful because it goes with so many hairstyles. Rock a pompadour? Add a side part. Prefer an undercut? A side part goes great with that, too.

If you want a super trendy look, combine a skin fade with a side part and a short pompadour. It’s an easy way to make many men’s hairstyles stand out.

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David Beckham’s slicked back undercut + facial hair combo
Slicked Hair

Slicked men’s hairstyles (like the slicked back undercut) were prevalent in the past years, and they show no signs of stopping.

Like a side part, slicked hair is a versatile technique that can be paired with other styles. It’s appropriate for both short and long hair, but curly-haired fellows may not be able to achieve the look.

To get the slickest finish, you’ll want a pomade with high shine. Apply a generous amount to damp hair and style to your liking. Whether you’re going for a pompadour or a skin fade, adding some slick will give it an extra touch of style.

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Mullet with beard

That’s right––hairstyles aren’t just about the hair on your head. The hair on your face will play an important role. Facial hair can complement and balance hairstyles when the two work together in harmony.

While the hipster beard may have gone (somewhat) out of style, we expect to see lots of facial hair on the trends. Whether you’re capable of growing only a bit of stubble or a full beard, you’ll find endless ways to incorporate your facial hair into your hairstyles.

It’s not about how much you can grow––it’s about synchronizing your head hair and facial hair to add another dimension to your hairstyle.

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Ed Westwick’s Angular fringe
Angular Fringe

Lots of recent men’s hairstyles are focussing on the fringe. This is an element that hasn’t been in play for a while––styles like quiffs and pompadours have no fringe. However, we’re seeing lots of shorter to medium-length cuts that all feature a fringe. In particular, the messy and styled fringe is making a comeback.

With the help of some spray (like a sea salt spray) and a light mousse or paste, you can easily create a vibrant fringe to pair with a cut of your choosing.

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Slicked Back Pompadour with Glasses
Undercut with Stylish Pomp

Nothing is as simultaneously edgy and classy as an undercut with a pomp. The pomp is a classic style, but the undercut makes the look fresh and modern.

Colin Farrel’s Window’s Peak-3-4
Colin Farrel's Slicked Back

Slicked back hair is a timeless look that suits virtually all face shapes. It’s a simple way to look professional without much effort.

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Chord Overstreet’s Mop Top

A mop-top is a relaxed look that is perfect for any casual occasion. However, it can take some time and product to ensure each hair falls into place.

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Garrett Hedlund’s Quiff
Garrett Hedlund's Neat Quiff

Let Garret Hedlund inspire you before your next job interview or a big night out. His neat coif is put together without looking too formal.

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Garrett Hedlund’s Ear Tucked Hairstyle
Ear Tucked Part

A deep side part is one of the most universally flattering hairstyles, regardless of face shape or even gender. After parting your hair, tuck it behind your ear for a youthful appearance.

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George Clooney’s Slicked Back Side Part
Always Classy Slicked Back with a Part

This style is a sophisticated favorite of many men. To achieve it, simply part your hair and then slick it back with your favorite pomade or gel.

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Justin Bieber’s Side Swept Dyed Fringe
Edgy Side Swept Fringe

Buzz or shave the sides of your head but leave plenty of fringe on top to sweep to the side. You may have to use some product to keep the fringe in place.

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Bryan Cranston’s Induction Cut
Bryan Cranston's Induction Cut

Induction cuts are simple and easy to maintain. This haircut is perfect for those who prefer a clean look but don’t want to spend a lot of time on styling.

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Drake’s Burr Cut with Line Up
Drake's Burr Cut

Similar to an induction cut, a burr cut is a low-maintenance ‘do. To add some personal flair, consider adding a funky cutout like Drake.

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Nick Jonas’s Buzz Cut
Nick Jonas's Buzz Cut

If you like the idea of an induction or burr cut, but still want some length, go for a buzz cut like Nick Jonas’s. You can still have the simplicity of that style of cut without fully shaving your head.

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Brad Pitt’s Undercut-3-4
Drastic Undercut

An undercut is an attention-getting hairstyle, but if you want to be sure that all eyes are on you, opt for one that’s more drastic. You can still keep the fringe on top and style it depending on your mood.

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Classic taper, gentlemen, high volume, sleek back
Classic Taper

A tapered haircut goes from shorter to longer hair, following the shape of the head. Try slicking it back for a classic look, or spiking it up if you want to be more modern.

Mid Skin Fade

Go bold with a mid skin fade. Instead of having it extend lower on your head, have the fade end above your ears for a truly arresting look.

Patrick Dempsey’s Classic Brush Up
Patrick Dempsey's Classic Brush Up

A classic brush up works best for those with short to medium length hair. You will need to use your favorite product for this style, but don’t use so much that your hair becomes stiff.

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Liam Payne’s Ivy League Hairstyle
Liam Payne's Ivy League Hairstyle

The ivy league haircut is similar to a crew cut but leaves the hair on top long enough to be parted. This style helps frame the face and modern adaptations may be styled with curls or a comb-over instead of being flicked back.

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Faux Hawk with Trendy Glasses and Tuxedos
Classic Faux Hawk

Faux-hawks are the ideal hairstyle for men who want a hip, edgy look. Shave the sides of your head, but leave your hair long in the center so it can be spiked upward.

Comb Over Taper Fade
Comb Over Taper Fade

Comb overs are a classic style, and fades are one of the most popular styles today. Mixing the old with the new is an unexpected, eye-catching twist on two favored looks.

Nick Jonas’s Slicked Back
Nick Jonas's Slicked Back

Slicked back ‘dos aren’t just for guys with short or medium length hair. Even if your hair is long, like Nick Jonas’s, you can still slick it back and enjoy this hairstyle.

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Messy Man Bun and Beard
Messy Man Bun

A messy man bun is the best of both worlds. Not only does it keep your hair back and out of your face, it is also a low-maintenance and relaxed style that you can wear even if your hair is dirty.

Dane Cook’s Flat Top
Dane Cook's Flat Top

Don’t be afraid to add your own twist to a classic style like a flat top! Dane Cook’s ‘do is slightly uneven and spiky, making it unique, but it’s still characteristic of the popular hairstyle.

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Modern Caesar
Modern Caesar

Typically, Caesar haircuts have short and straight bangs. For a modern update, try spiking your bangs up or tousling your hair so it’s messier than a traditional Caesar cut.

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Brad Pitt’s Long Blonde Hair
Brad's Pitt Long Hairstyle

Growing your hair out long is not for the faint of heart. Long hair may look simple, but it often involves much more maintenance and styling time than a short style. However, it’s worth the effort; long hair is a universally flattering look that anyone can pull off.

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Layered Taper Fade
Layered Taper Fade

Add some variety to the typical fade style by incorporating a taper and some layers to your ‘do. It’s unexpected but still trendy and stylish.

Samurai Haircut
Samurai Haircut (aka. Top Knot)

Top knots are similar to man buns, but instead of growing all of your hair out, you shave most of your head and leave a lot of length on the top. This is an adventurous hairstyle that works best in casual situations.

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Donald Glover’s Afro
Donald Glover's Afro

Unless you have naturally coarse hair, growing an afro is difficult. However, more people, such as Donald Glover, are choosing to embrace their natural hair by sporting afros, even to formal events.

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David Beckham’s Modern Mullet-3-4
David Beckham's Modern Mullet

Many people associate the mullet with the 1980s, but they are easily adaptable to modern times. A short mullet is a youthful, fun haircut that’s perfect for men who like a messy look.

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Classic Taper with Part
Classic Taper with Part

Few hairstyles are as classy as a taper with a deep side part. For a modern twist, add volume to your bangs for a small pomp.

Barrett Foa’s Curly Angular Fringe
Barrett Foa's Curly Angular Fringe

Men with curly hair can rock a fringe too! Trim or shave the sides of your hair, but leave your curls on top. Style them at an angle to create a fringe.

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Liam Payne’s Comb Over Hairstyle
Liam Payne's Comb Over Hairstyle

Comb overs are tried and true hairstyles that generations of men have worn. To create the comb-over effect with a full head of hair, slick your hair away from your part and comb it over. Use your favorite product to hold it in place.

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Nick Jonas’s Clean Undercut
Nick Jonas's Clean Undercut

For an unexpected spin on an undercut, try making it soft and clean. Leave your hair longer on top, but be sure not to style it too much. Keep things simple and gentle, with no harsh lines.

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Adam Levine’s Disconnected Undercut
Adam Levine's Disconnected Undercut

Currently, disconnected undercuts are one of the trendiest male hairstyles. They make a statement but can still be modified to suit your personality. To start, shave the sides and back of your head, but keep your hair very long on top.

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Chris Pine’s Longer Buzz Cut
Chris Pine's Longer Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts can be intimidating, but you can still wear one without shaving your head. Get an even, short cut all over your head but keep your hair at a medium length.

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Ashton Kutcher’s Straight Fringe
Ashton Kutcher's Shaggy Fringe

For a hairstyle that makes you look youthful and carefree, consider a shaggy fringe look. Let your hair grow out, then style it back to accomplish the perfect messy ‘do.

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Liam Payne’s Mop Top
Liam Payne's Mop Top

While mop tops were especially popular in the 1960s and 70s, they are still trendy today. Add some texture to your hair with your favorite mousse or texturizing spray to give it a more modern feel.

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Nolan Funk’s Messy Brushed Up
Nolan Funk's Messy Brushed Up

Unkempt haircuts are some of the most stylish today. For this look, cut the sides of your hair short, and leave a full head of hair on the top. Proceed to style as messily as desired.

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Josh Duhamel’s Wind Swept Undercut with Widow’s Peak
Josh Duhamel's Wind Swept Undercut

This ‘do is almost like a blend between a comb-over and spikes. To achieve it, use your favorite product to spike your hair up, but also over, to make it look like the wind blew it into position.

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Nick Jonas’s Tousled Curls
Nick Jonas's Tousled Curls

Curls can be chaotic, but with a little product to enhance their bounce, they can be controlled. For something out of the ordinary, you can even show off a deep side part, which contrasts nicely with the curls.

s_bukley /
Ryan Gosling’s Side Part-3-4
Ryan Gosling's Classic Side Part

Short, straight hair with a side part is classy, understated, and popular for a reason. Take a page from Ryan Gosling’s book and brush your hair both up and to the side to add a modern edge.

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Robert Downey’s Ivy League Haircut with Glasses
Robert Downey's Ivy League Haircut

Ivy league haircuts aren’t always as long as Robert Downey’s is, but having extra length is a few, easy way to make the look more contemporary. Add some texturizing product to help things stay in place and to add more dimension to your ‘do.

Jaguar PS /
Henry Cavill’s Elephant Trunk Hairstyle
Henry Cavill's Elephant Trunk

An elephant trunk is a classic, refined look from days past. To rock it in the modern era, you must cut most of your curls off, except for one or two in the front. Use your preferred holding product to style the curls and keep them in place.

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Jeremy Renner’s Spiky Undercut
Jeremy Renner's Spiky Undercut

The modern undercut is often extremely short, with much longer hair on top. However, Jeremy Renner’s undercut is subtler and more refined. Don’t cut your hair too short on the sides or let it get too long on top, and spike up the top of your hair to achieve this style.

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Fancy Taper Fade with Shaved Neckline
Fancy Taper Fade with Shaved Neckline

A great no-fuss summer look! This gives you a clean look that can be slicked back for the professional or tousled for that night out!

Thin Hair Brush Up and Mid Fade, Perfect Combination
Thin Hair Brush Up and Mid Fade, Perfect Combination

Have thin hair? You are not alone. Try this brushed up look coupled with a strong mid-fade. This puts a fresh spin on the classic hairstyle!

Fancy Thin Hair Pompadour
Fancy Thin Hair Pompadour

The pompadour has made its way back to the 21st century! Named for King Louis XV’s mistress, this is not the look to be sleeping on. Made popular by the King himself, Elvis broke hearts with his pompadour. Go for this simple one, with close-cut sides.

Elegant Quiff
Elegant Pompadour Quiff

Pompadour with a taper on the sides becomes a modern one but this is a classic evergreen look that will never get old. The sides have just trimmed a tad to take care of the volume but the top is as retro as it can get, with that small quiff and tossed look, we’re back in the ’90s.

henningstad /
Natural and Scissor Taper
Natural and Scissor Taper

We all notice that the volume on top and on the bottom is pretty equalized with that long beard. The top however is a whole new story with that side sweep texture and a subtle side part tells how dapper it is especially as it is not tapered on the sides too much.

kovacart /
Breezy Brush Back with Step Ladder Design_
Breezy Brush Back with Step Ladder Design

Here enters the modern touch to panache with that classy pushed back strands and an open pompadour. The sides are undercut low faded with drop fade that is not your usual one. It is line shaved for that modern look plus the clean shave look puts all the focus on the top.

Gentleman’s Slicked Back with Taper
Gentleman's Slicked Back with Taper

Woah! Now that is an exquisite one, first things first, make sure to balance the longer texture of hair on top and on the bottom. The mid fade is so sleek that it pulls all the options up for a beard blend which then the beard does pretty good especially with longer length as it goes to the chin.

Thin Hair Swiveled Groove
Thin Hair Swiveled Groove

The whole shorter sides and the longer top are very common but this is not that common. The top is swayed at the same time is pompadoured whilst keeping the texture of hair-thin and not stranding it pocky. The sides are just tapered enough to maintain a balance and notice the sideburns?

Thick Spikes and Undercut
Thick Spikes and Undercut

Talking about pocky strands here is a good blend between a fine brush up with a pocky pinch top. The undercut on the sides gives a good way out for taper with the temple being faded to its maximum. Give a sharp angle to the lineup and there you go, detail level 100!

Brushed-Back Scissor Crop
Brushed-Back Scissor Crop

Is it just me or you think too that the intense look goes well with that fighter-slicked-back textured top. The sides are tapered slightly to match the volume needed on the sides but the top is simply rolled back like a gentleman. The temples are in place without fade because this one is all rugged and no fancy.

henningstad /
Volumized Brush-Up
Volumized Brush-Up

High volume can be really ideal if and only if pulled right. The top is brushed up with longer strands while the sides are tapered in a way where the volume is still there but the attention still goes to the top. Having a cheeky stubble here just adds more life to this style and makes it less stubborn.

henningstad /
Curly Medium Crop
Curly Medium Crop

Having short yet intense curls almost instantly ramp up your volume by quite a bit. The sides are just tapered enough so that they go well with the beard. Moreover, the side sweep texture is less obvious and more chilled out. The dye on the top acts as highlights and makes it more lively.

henningstad /
Icy Cold Young French Crop with Highlights
Icy Cold Young French Crop with Highlights

This is surely not just another haircut with dye. Everything about this one is quite fancy plus the icy blue dye on the fringe makes it ten times better,. Adding up it, the sides are hard parted with taper fade which is blended into beard and that is whole another story itself, just look at the beard.

High Volume Surf Top with Shaved Hairline
High Volume Surf Top with Shaved Hairline

What do we say about this, brushed up open quiffed top with sides being taper faded and line up shaved from the middle. Not just that but the temple fade with a slight drop fade makes everything so much better. The beard blend sneaks in the beard and it gets dense towards the chin.

Sharp Side Combed Undercut
Sharp Side Combed Undercut

Thick hair does wonder when you know what to do with it just like this one. Nothing crazy but a clean side sweep with some subtle hard part with a tapered side and a faded temple The drop texture on the fade is what makes it a neat one. Not to mention the side part isn’t your usual one, it is slightly towards the center.

Neat Side Part with Temple Fade
Neat Side Part with Temple Fade

Who says the classic ones are gone? Look at this one clean look with a slightly modern twist to it. The side part is just amazingly thick and turned a tad towards the back for a push back look, plus the part is a hard one for that extra oomph. Lastly, the fade at the temple is just pure class.

Swirvy Top with Tapered Sides
Swirvy Top with Tapered Sides

The recipe is thin hair plus some hair wax plus pure panache. There is no obvious part here which makes this a very unified look plus the sides are slightly tapered for that extra volume control. The beard balances just right with the top being slightly quiffed and swayed to the side.

Diagonal Fade with High Volume
Diagonal Fade with High Volume

We have been seeing quite a few side parts and it is quite right to say that it is one of the exceptional classic ones of all times. The straight taper with a fade is just too good to be true with that lineup being faded as well. The beard doesn’t need a blend to start and hence it doesn’t have one.

Matt Lanter’s Classic Scissor Crop and Side Part
Matt Lanter's Classic Scissor Crop and Side Part

The side part plus tuxedo plus tapered sides are just too good to watch on any given day. Plus the cleaner look overall is a feast as the attention automatically goes on the top without hunting for it. Use some shiny wax to add that extra glowy strands of hair.

Kathy Hutchins /
Undercut Brush Back
Undercut Brush Back

Slicked back are always in so much fashion and when they are paired with the extremely rugged, military-style look it makes it even better. The sides here makes a difference especially with that undercut and a beard blend, how can one go wrong, not to mention the beard is just on point.

Tapered Curls
Tapered Curls

And we all did miss afro hair a little when we talk exclusive hairstyles. This is very close to the trendy Drake style where the sides are faded with a slight taper and the top is all thick and dense. The top is short curls and that’s exactly what makes it special and more afro-y.

Classic Medium Crop and Side Part
Classic Medium Crop and Side Part

Hard Parts on a side part hit so differently. Plus the thick hair side sweep is very sleek making it look very royal and elegant. Adding up it, the sides are tapered slightly and then pushed back just like the hair. Don’t forget the beard, it is thick enough to balance the whole look of the face.

Low Fade and Curly Quiff
Low Fade and Curly Quiff

Now, this is one step further to the generic afro look with that longer curls and taper faded sides, one can never go wrong. The side brush on these haircuts just looks so well done if used some amount of product and given a little hair dry. The dense rugged beard adds to the chaos, balancing the whole look.

Textured Top and Shaved Undercut
Textured Top and Shaved Undercut

This could easily qualify for one of the fanciest mushroom or bowl cuts but this is even better, The undercut shaved sides are just too perfect with that tossed texture on top gives it a whole different look. Have a cleaner beard for the whole look go very clean and casual at the same time.

Arch Fringe and Scissor Taper
Arch Fringe and Scissor Taper

Well, this is what exclusive absolutely means, right? I mean just look at this, the straight fringe on the forehead giving french crop vibes is no joke. The sides being flat straight with the top being slightly tossed is something people look for.

Short Crop and Low Undercut
Short Crop and Low Undercut

Post Malone, is that you? The top is pocky combed with that pinch pattern on the top. The sides are tapered with the temple being exclusively faded just to add more attention to the sides. The color overall is a shiny golden dye which is what makes this style pop out even more.

Mountain Top Hair
Mountain Top Hair

Woah, no one saw this coming, neither did I. The top is, of course, afro hair but the pattern is a high raise brush up with an inverse bump in the middle and the back is again bumped. This is for sure not just any other hairstyle, it is quite a unique one which might get you some stares.

Auburn Wavy Blowout
Auburn Wavy Blowout

Blowouts hit differently when done right. The top is very thick but it is puffed hides the density quite well. The fringe hanging from the top is something a lot of people long for. Not to mention the sides are just tapered enough to make it look sleek and blend with the beard.

Curly Fringe and Classic Taper Fade
Curly Fringe and Classic Taper Fade

Do Surfers have curls too? This one is just fresh outta surfboard, with that curls on top this is what thin density does if done right. The sides are taper faded for that clean sleek look on the sides which extends to no beard which further makes these curls pop out even more, plus that shiny dye makes a day.

Pushed Back Shiny Pompadour
Pushed Back Shiny Pompadour

Please welcome slicked back but with more style and added pompadour that is not your another day combination. The top is pushed back with a fluff whereas the sides are tapered and not faded. That being said, the sides are slightly longer so that they are pushed back as well.

Side Swept Undercut
Side Swept Undercut

Anything I say is going to be less for this one as we can see, the top is side brushed but with a lot of quiff texture. That plus the layers on top is just something to feast up. The sides are tapered and not faded so that volume is distributed equally, all of that plus that highlight dye makes it a perfect one.

Side Swept Trumpet Fringe
Side Swept Trumpet Fringe

When we say retro we kind of mean something like this but this takes that retro look to a whole another level with this elephant trunk or trumpet fringe. The strands are comparatively longer with sides being tapered to blend in with the beard. Notice the density of beard and top, quite similar isn’t it?

Casual Irregular Top
Casual Irregular Top

When we say exclusively it doesn’t mean all those fanciest styles, sometimes exclusive can be something casual yet not casual like this one. The top is dense yet the volume is controlled with the lighter texture and the sides are tapered, nothing fancy so that it blends with that beard, which it does quite well.

Simple Stranded Forehead
Simple Stranded Forehead

Another take on a simple yet exclusive style is this, the hair strands lay down pretty calm with a shorter length. The top is very calm and the sides are no different, the sides are tapered and faded, however, the fade is quite strict and adds a little flavor to the whole look.

Side Brushed Taper Fade
Side Brushed Taper Fade

Side brushes are always fun this one hits different especially with that layered side brush and added push back texture to it to make it all into one look. The best part is that everything about this style is subtle, the side part is subtle, the taper on the sides is subtle and so it fades towards the temple.

Confident Quiffed Brush Up
Confident Quiffed Brush Up

Is it just me or even you think that brush up looks better with raised eyebrows? This hairstyle with that panache is impeccable. The sides are tapered for that look without any obvious parting. We don’t see any fade as the approach is quite cleaner and elegant rather than being upbeat.

Thin Hair Neat Side Swept
Thin Hair Neat Side Swept

Clean and subtle is always the way to go if you have second thoughts. The side part is quite obvious but not at the same time. The layers on top support the side brush quite well especially since this being a thin hairstyle, it definitely cannot get any better than this.

Thick Hair Touseled Quiff
Thick Hair Touseled Quiff

Who doesn’t love when thick hair is tossed left, right, and center. This is no different with some added exclusivity. The sides are undercut tapered without any obvious side part also the fact that the top is quite long is relevant as it turns quite a few ways giving hints of brush up as well.

The Classic Moustache to Mid Fade Duo
The Classic Moustache to Mid Fade Duo

Wait, who thought this duo could so much exclusive? Clearly, the mustache trend has not faded especially with a hairstyle like this, this is pure class. The top is brushed up with the side brushed a little for that specific look plus the sides are mid faded so that no one steals the attention from the mustache.

Dyed Highlights with Low Fade
Dyed Highlights with Low Fade

If we choose something exclusive in modern days, this will be it for sure. The cheeky brush up which is also in the shape of a mohawk gives a very hippie vibe at the same time the sides are in support with that slit shave, The temple fade just makes an easy way for the beard to blend it, also, don’t forget the mustache and goatee.

Texture Design and Temple Fade
Texture Design and Temple Fade

Fringes have been in fashion for a very long time and this one is quite a unique one. The thickness of the top plays a role in having that swing on the fringe, especially near the mid part. The sides are tapered for sure but that sneaky drop fade makes it so much of an art.

Messy Cropped Top and Low Fade
Messy Cropped Top and Low Fade

Who said fluffy curls can’t do wonders? Check this bad boy out with that undercut taper on the sides. The curls have a natural fluff with a shiny golden dye as highlights and that is what makes this pop even better. Keep it clean with a shave for this to look just good as it does.

Temple Fade and Side-Swept Mop
Temple Fade and Side-Swept Mop

Haven’t seen a cool mop top or a long-stranded haircut in a while? Take a deep look as this is quite fancy especially with that temple fade and the dye on longer strands. The best part is you can style it in so many different ways that it becomes very versatile, try a slicked back!

Low Fade and Medium Scissor Crop
Low Fade and Medium Scissor Crop

Quite simple, let’s break this down! It starts with a brush-up top that is thick in volume and has high density. That plus the sides are taper-faded with it being mid fade just to mention the slit shave is a wave pattern shave line and then a simple temple fade. As I said, quite simple, right?

Angular Fringe on French and High Fade
Angular Fringe on French and High Fade

Angular fringes are very trendy but it has to accept one as a style, in here he clearly rocks it in every way shape, and form. Plus the top is quite tossed with sides being taper faded and that tiny slit shave sits on the sides with peace.

Scissor Crop and Mid Fade
Scissor Crop and Mid Fade

Wow! So when we say volume, this must be the gods of volume, isn’t it? The top is side brushed with an obvious side part without the use of a hard part which is quite good. Plus the sides are mid-faded with temple fade which gives room for the beard to grow fancy.

Thin Spikes Texture Crop and Burst
Thin Spikes Texture Crop and Burst

Isn’t it too much style in one picture? Those amazingly waved strands on top with added rough brown dye that makes the whole look so cool yet quite poppy at the same time. The sides are taper faded with the temple being a drop fade, this is just too good to be true look.

High Fade and Textured French
High Fade and Textured French Crop

Who doesn’t like a clean french crop with a straight taper all around the head. This is an epitome of how regulated a haircut can be. Plus, the top is tossed slightly so that it looks slightly poppy but not at the same time. Don’t forget the temple fade here, this is something neat.

Sharp Edges French
Sharp Edges French

Who said french crop had to be all straight strands laying down over the forehead? This one is one of its kind with pocky sharp strands are brushed up as well as hanging down the forehead for that french crop look. The sides are taper faded but the best part is that cheeky drop fade that peaks in.