If you’ve browsed Haircut Inspiration recently, you’ve seen a variety of short men’s haircuts, from the Caesar haircut to the Ivy League haircut. We’ve got another one for you––the butch cut.

Dave Franco, Butch Cut
Dave Franco Burr Cut, DFree / Shutterstock.com

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the butch cut on the heads of military men or athletes. Also known as brush cut, the butch cut is a short, uniform cut. The hair is cut to the same length all around the head using clippers. It’s a part of the buzz cut family, along with cuts like the induction cut.

While the butch cut has gained popularity among athletes and the military, it works well for any guy who simply wants a no-fuss haircut. If you like your hair short and want to achieve a clean look, then this style just might be for you.

This style is also good for young boys since it’s hassle-free. Balding men may also opt for a butch cut to help conceal the balding.

Justin Timberlake Butch cut longer
Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

How to Get the Butch Cut

The butch cut is one of the easiest haircuts to get. You can even do it yourself! Unlike some other styles, the butch cut is hard to mess up. And if you’re not comfortable taking a DIY approach, almost all stylists and barbers know how to cut a good butch cut.

However, since the butch cut has other names, you might want to ask your stylist to buzz your hair with a certain clipper setting.

Matthew Fox butch cut
Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Since clippers are used, if you have a favorite clipper setting, you can use that. Any guard number from #3 to #5 will give a good, tidy butch cut. #4 is a good intermediate setting if you’ve never gotten a buzz-style haircut before.

Once you’ve settled on a clipper setting, buzz all of your hair. That’s it! You will use the same clipper setting for the entire haircut to achieve the uniform look. Once all of your hair is clipped to the same length, the buzzing sound will stop.

Zachary Quinto short buzz cut with mustache
lev radin / Shutterstock.com

How to Style the Butch Cut

The butch cut doesn’t need much styling, so you can choose to go without. If you do want to style it, you can use butch wax, which is a hair product specifically made for buzz cut styles. While your hair won’t need much taming, applying some product can give it a nice shiny finish.

Still hesitating whether to get buzzed? Check these guys below:
Paul Walker – buzz cut
Paul's Simple Haircut with Equal Volume

Paul Walker liked to live a fast and furious lifestyle, so he didn’t have much time to style his hair. Here, the butch cut is perfect for him to get up and go.

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com
Jamie Dornan – buzz cut
Complimentary Beard with Simple Top

For men with hair that is starting to thin, the butch cut is right. Adding a beard to the look takes a lot of the focus off the hairline and onto the face.

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com
Buzz Cut Hardy
Fancy Smal Shaved Line with Shorter Sides

Even though the butch cut is supposed to be even all the way around, some areas can add a little flare. A line up top and sides that are cut shorter look really good.

Disconnected Buzz Cut
That Fancy Shaved Line

It wouldn’t be 2020 if we didn’t have something with a shaved side-line in it. Here, the butch cut gets upgraded with a skin fade on the sides and a thick side part.

Chris Evans Butch Cut
Chris Evans's Butch Cut

Captain America has to spend every waking hour saving the world, so the butch cut really is a great fit for him, no fuzz just works!

Chris Evans' Butch Cut, credits: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com
Steve Jobs Style
Steve Jobs Style

The world has not been the same since Jobs passed away. Here, a look-a-like salutes Jobs by wearing a turtleneck as well as a butch cut with a slight fade.

Military Buzz Cut
Military Buzz Cut

A butch cut can look a little monotonous if it’s the same all the time. Here, this man has a slight fade as well as some waves on the upper part of his butch cut.

Pink Hues Butch Cut
Pink Hues Butch Cut

If you have a pair of clippers and cut your own hair into a butch cut, why not go a little further and try some different colors? Here, the blond pink really stands out.

Finest Temple Fade
Finest Temple Fade

The butch cut goes mainstream with a very tight skin fade. In this, it even looks like the top has been styled a bit more than the usual butch cut.

Frizzled Top With Faded Sides
Frizzled Top With Faded Sides

This is about a level three butch cut. The top is cut in layers and styled upwards in a disorderly fashion. The sides have a skin fade that elongates the face.

Fancy Longer Butch Cut with Side Sway
Fancy Longer Butch Cut with Side Sway

If the butch cut grows out a little, there are ways to push it to the side a bit. Add a tight fade in there and this haircut is looking fancy. 

Pocky Line Up with Drop Fade
Pocky Line Up with Drop Fade

The butch cut comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. For this look, the butch cut on the top is only a small piece. The pocky line up shapes the hair nicely, and the drop fade gives it a bit of pizazz. 

Modern Butch Cut with Medium Top
Modern Butch Cut with Medium Top

When the butch cut grows out, things can get wild. Some try to snazz it up by parting to the side or making it a bit spiky. Here we have the butch cut dyed blond and combed forward, with an eyebrow line for good measure.

Waved Buzz Taper Fade
Waved Buzz Taper Fade

Waves are splashing onto the pages of fashion magazines in 2020. This butch cut gets a fancy makeover with waves plus an added bonus of a taper fade on the sides.

Fine Tapered Side Turned Butch Cut
Fine Tapered Side Turned Butch Cut

The butch cut and a beard are like peanut butter and jelly. They go perfectly together. These tapered sides add a little bit of style that make the look just right.

Classic Butch Cut with Moustache Pair
Classic Butch Cut with Moustache Pair

When the butch cut grows out a bit, it starts to look like the French crop. A moustache and some nice piercings accentuate his look.

Street Stylish Butch Cut with Temple Fade
Street Stylish Butch Cut with Temple Fade

While the regular butch cut can get boring, we all know the streets would make it hip. With the edition of a temple fade and some lines, this butch cut looks ready for the runway or any downtown nightclub.