Butch Cut
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7 Masculine Butch Cut Haircuts for a Modern Man

No need to grow your hair long; short hair can do some magic as well

written by Heidi Pun

If you’ve browsed Haircut Inspiration recently, you’ve seen a variety of short men’s haircuts, from the Caesar haircut to the Ivy League haircut. We’ve got another one for you––the butch cut.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the butch cut on the heads of military men or athletes. Also known as brush cut, the butch cut is a short, uniform cut. The hair is cut to the same length all around the head using clippers. It’s a part of the buzz cut family, along with cuts like the induction cut.

While the butch cut has gained popularity among athletes and the military, it works well for any guy who simply wants a no-fuss haircut. If you like your hair short and want to achieve a clean look, then this style just might be for you.

This style is also good for young boys since it’s hassle-free. Balding men may also opt for a butch cut to help conceal the balding. Still hesitating whether to get buzzed? Check these guys below:

How to Get the Butch Cut?

The butch cut is one of the easiest haircuts to get. You can even do it yourself! Unlike some other styles, the butch cut is hard to mess up. And if you’re not comfortable taking a DIY approach, almost all stylists and barbers know how to cut a good butch cut.

However, since the butch cut has other names, you might want to ask your stylist to buzz your hair with a certain clipper setting.

Since clippers are used, if you have a favorite clipper setting, you can use that. Any guard number from #3 to #5 will give a good, tidy butch cut. #4 is a good intermediate setting if you’ve never gotten a buzz-style haircut before.

Once you’ve settled on a clipper setting, buzz all of your hair. That’s it! You will use the same clipper setting for the entire haircut to achieve the uniform look. Once all of your hair is clipped to the same length, the buzzing sound will stop.

How to Style the Butch Cut?

The butch cut doesn’t need much styling, so you can choose to go without. If you do want to style it, you can use butch wax, which is a hair product specifically made for buzz cut styles. While your hair won’t need much taming, applying some product can give it a nice shiny finish.

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