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40 Textured Men’s Hair for 2022 – The Visual Guide

Texture it up! Or how to get that showy volume without professional styling


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If you follow the men’s hairstyles world you must have noticed how textured hair is getting more and more popular nowadays. How do the textured hairstyles work for us men? It is pretty simple: apart from the volume, it brings a pretty easily maintainable hairstyle that looks really fashionable. It’s really hard to go wrong with textured hairstyles. Below we’re presenting the gallery of our favorite looks that take texture to a higher level.

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Textured Wave

Building up the volume of the hair in your wavy style comes up effortlessly. Here texture is used to create beautiful contrast and inspire movement of the upper part.

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Long Lengthy Layered Strands

A lot of textured hairstyles might look a little too haphazard for your personal preferences. This style purposefully uses larger, smoother tufts for a refined look.

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Caesar Style Hair with Texture

A wispy top look with a Caesar cut gives them all the Roman emperor vibes! Haircut Inspiration approved!

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Bro Flow

It’s important to remember that texture is something you can almost always ask for at the stylist. Unless you go for a buzz cut that is; but with hair at a medium-long length like this, it is a given some added texture will complete the look!

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French Crop with Beard Fade

Featuring a thick head of hair and a hard part running the length of the head, this style is for guys who want to make a fashion statement with their hair.

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Textured Faux Hawk

If you usually style your hair in a quiff or pompadour and want to try something a little different, take a look at this faux hawk.

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Side Pushed Short Fringe

Short-to-medium length hair can do funny things when it dries. If you look towards the back of this cut, you can see a layered, spiky effect that likely appeared on its own.

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French Crop with Faded Sides

The French crop is another example of a hairstyle where a little texturing goes a long way. The added flare from those loose and haphazard tufts on top adds plenty of character.

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Brushed Up Mid Skin Fade Undercut + Textured Top

For an otherwise simple undercut, a little light texturing can do wonders. This look probably took a fair amount of time to get right, though!

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Textured Pompadour with Part

Plenty of tufty texture and a small but very noticeable part: what more could you want to spice up this easy pompadour?

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Spikes with Taper Fade

Texturing doesn’t always have to be intentional. If you try to spike up the front of your hair like this, using just your hands, you’ll find that a certain amount of texture comes about on its own!

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Textured Curls Faded Undercut

Texture and curls go hand in hand, and the faded undercut definitely lets them shine in all their glory.

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Brush Up with Classic Fringed Drop Fade

You can add texture to almost any haircut, and it becomes a textured style. Check out this faux hawk with a drop fade: it’s the added texture on top that makes it ultra unique.

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Curls Textured

Naturals curls are simply textured to give out even more volume. Those can be brushed up or left flying on the side.

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High Texture Blonde

Brushed up with blonde texture creating nearly spiky finish on the top of the head. Again the movement of this styling brings a lot of attraction.

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Experimental Textured Crop

Skin fade on the sides combined with the razor sharp cut our pattern and texture lifting hair on the top. The shape of the hairstyle contrasts with the experimental sides.

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JStone /

French Crop Undercut

This tousled french crop looks soft and retro. Cillian Murphy definitely has brought back a vibe we didn’t know we needed.

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Textured French Crop

This is a haircut that looks incredible wether you wear some product or not! Here seemingly product-less it looks every bit of perfect.

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Longer Textured Crop Red Hair

The copper locks with this amount of texture, looking like Michelangelo carved them into existence.

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Burst Fade

The mullet is making a comeback, and there’s no reason to not go full head in and give it the texture it deserves!

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Front Highlights with High Fade

Highlights are known for being an excellent tool to enhance the shadows and light play, going for a tone as contrasting as this one will perceptively lead the eye to the haircut’s texture.

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Simple Layered Texture

Basic yet effective, this layered look is mostly tidy with just a touch of messiness. This look will take a little bit of hair product, such as a hair gel, to achieve.

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Confident Texture with Taper Fade

For a spiky style that doesn’t look too spiky, check out this look. It will also work well with thinner or finer hair.

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Dyed Spiky Hair

We love textured hairstyles thanks to the exciting contrast they create. Another way to add contrast to any haircut is with some light dye. Check out what happens when you combine the two!

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@raduvitca / Instagram

Mini Angular Fringe with Tapered Sides

Asymmetry is really interesting when used with shorter styles because it pops. The slight notch in this fringe sticks out thanks to the otherwise tidy fringe and line up.

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Flow Back Texture

Longer hair with a lot of flow taken to the back of the hair. A lot of options to choose from if it comes to the sides of the head. This style needs more styling but it’s definitely worth the effort.

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JStone /

Liam Payne's Simple Texture

Simple yet stylish, this brush up shows how a little bit of smart styling can go a long way. If you have rough, coarse hair, this is an ideal cut for you.

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Fringes with Disconnected Skin Fade

For something a little more grandiose, you can layer larger, more intentional spikes like this. Side note: you’ll probably need a good amount of hair product to get this look!

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Street Style Pushed Over

Short, buzz cuts are easy to maintain, but there’s something about textured hair which some of us can’t resist. Why not get the best of both worlds and combine the two, like here?

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Texture Skin Fade

Skin fade accompanied by the sharp and spiky modern style fringe that gives this haircut a lot of traction yet still maintaining the texture with easiness.

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Side Brushed with Fingers

The beauty of textured hair is that you can do it anywhere, on the fly, with just your fingers. In this simple, side-brushed hairstyle, you can see this in practice.

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Spiky Front with Disconnected Low Fade

Here’s another faux-hawk-esque style with added texture. The unique elements in this particular cut are the small, horn-like tufts at the front.

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Casual Stranded Texture

If you have thinner hair, you can create some really unique textural effects. This simple, stranded look will come easy with just some light ruffling.

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Undercut with Skin Fade

This is a really bold undercut that utilizes a high fade to emphasize the textured hair on top. If you want something daring, this might be your new favorite haircut.

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Messy Hand Brush with Skin Faded Sides

If your hair is naturally curly, you can get a really cool effect just by embracing it. Here, a quick brush with the hands is all it takes to get the most texture out of some humble curls.