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20+ Elemental Variations of The Regular Haircut

From essential to outstanding


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Whether you like to spend half an hour styling or prefer to be ready in 5 minutes, have shorter or longer hair, we got you covered.

The regular, clean-looking hairstyles can seem a little basic, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but who says you have to look boring? For those guys who don’t think much about the latest hairstyle trends, worry not, we have put together some of the best regular haircuts to guide you into achieving a simple, hustle-free hairstyle. From a burr cut to a simple brush up and a neat pompadour, we cover all hair lengths and types.

Check out this compilation of improved regular haircuts you can ask any barber to do!

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@gwilymcpugh / Instagram

Semi Wavy Hair with Sides Tapered

Pushed Back regular hair looks good with some curls. That being said, the sides are tapered with line ups being carved with a razor. Moreover, the beard is thick and dense plus it is quite well done so that it balances the face.

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@joshconnollybarber / Instagram

Natural Part and Undercut

The bar for regular haircut keeps getting higher and higher. This is the suavest a regular haircut can get, with the classic side-swept top. Next, the sides are pushed back but are short too, so there is a taper. And lastly, that fringe makes it all poppy and bling bling.

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@ eoinmccarthyhair/ Instagram

Pushed Back Quiff With No Temple

This being one of the cleanest looks we have seen is something obvious, what also is obvious is the pushed back quiff, which also happens to be straight strand bunch. Moreover, the sides are short but not just short, it is a sleek temple fade with undercut taper. Everything in this style is incredible.

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@thecommodoreatl / Instagram

Afro Coolness with Short Curled Top

Afro hair with short, tight, and dense curls adds a lot of panache, which is always hard to go unnoticed. But small things do make a difference, first, sleek tapered sides with a faded temple. This makes it look under control yet free at the same time. Lastly, don’t miss the neat line ups.

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@gutierstudio / Instagram

Most Regular, Regular Hairstyle

This is the most regular a regular haircut can get. The top is silky with a top with a dense side sweep. Moreover, the sides are tapered with the temple being skin faded. The key is to keep sides short yet not too short with top being dense to pull attention.

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@donnyblends / Instagram

Classic Semi Quiffed Pompadour

This is the classic sailor look with the top being semi quiff and semi pompadour. It is slightly pushed back with sides being tapered. Moreover, the line up is pretty sharp and on point with the temple being blended into beard.

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@domthebarberian / Instagram

Almost Straight French Crop but a Buzz Cut

This is by far one of the most controlled hairstyle with a subtle french crop. Next up the high fade on the sides is very sleek plus helps get attention on the top. There is no undercut but the taper does the job. The line ups and temple is faded pretty neatly.

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@ virgiltb / Instagram

Teeny Tiny Line Ups with Sleek Drop Fade

Mid Fades like these are tapered yet have an undercut tone to them. Moreover, the line ups are sleek and on point. If you notice, the top is still quite dense with medium length. Way to get that dry texture is by using hair wax.

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@napolesbarbershop / Instagram

Curled High Volume Top with Faded Sides

Short curls and especially with thin hair texture make it look very cool as it can be controlled and doesn’t look messy. That being said, the sides are tapered and low faded to pull the focus on the top. The curls are left to be themselves so it gives a very natural look.

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@jodytaylorhair / Instagram

Classic Taper and Hard Part

First of all afro hair in itself has so much life and can be styled in a million ways if done right. This is no different, the top has a shaved hairline with a controlled thick texture. The sides are tapered than the top yet the top is very manageable and less texture.

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@mellow_mikey / Instagram

Medium Scissor Crop

A trendy twist of the old-fashioned, this medium scissor crop suits most face shapes and ages. Pair this style with a neat stubble and you won’t only look classy, but also masculine and stylish.

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@luckybsmith / Instagram

Styled Scissor Crop

Believe it or not, your hairstyle can say a lot about you and your personality. Having medium to long hair gives a lot of room for creativity in styling your hair.

Take a look at this styled scissor crop, its refined yet laid back styling gives a strong charming first impression. It is one of the many styles you can try.

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@jaysfades / Instagram

Classic Taper and Brush Back

Thinking about growing your hair? The brushed back classic taper is one of the most popular ones since it’s easily done. Jazz it up with a little bit of pomade to create a quiff or a slick back.

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@liamjtwist / Instagram

Medium Scissor Crop

If you like to experiment, the medium length scissor crop is the one for you. Get your hands on some products and you can try out different techniques and styles, for example, you can brush your hair up sideways.

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@joshconnollybarber / Instagram

Short Straight Fringe and High Fade

French crop never goes out of style and makes a great regular cut with it needing not too much maintenance and styling on a daily basis. The line ups are pretty symmetrical and add that poppy flare to the game. Sides are undercut tapered with almost faded towards the temple.

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@kilianmaddison / Instagram

Side-Brushed Scissor Crop

Another take on the long scissor crop is to bring it to the side. The subtle asymmetry cut is perfect if you want to keep a part of your hair long and the other short with a tapered or an undercut style.

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@luckycatbarbershop / Instagram

Taper Fade and Scissor Top Crop

When you are blessed with thick hair, it can get frustrating sometimes. Sweep the top half upwards for a quick easy styling, while the tapered fade connects to your jawline beard, framing your face and highlighting your cheekbones.

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@luckycatbarbershop / Instagram

Curly Medium Crop with Caramel Highlights

Remember when Justin Timberlake had his blonde curly hair moment? Well, this is a much more stylish approach to that. Upgrade the standard crop cut with a subtle tone highlight will bring attention to your face and natural curls instantly.

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@v.hugostyles / Instagram

Thin Haired Brush Up with Low Fade

“Short sides, long top” style is one of the most popular and varied hairstyles for men. The low fade that starts an inch above the ears provides more freedom in styling. Paired with the brush-up, it creates an illusion of thicker and more voluminous hair.

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@kaisbarbershop / Instagram

Undercut Fade with Mild Line Up

If you want to spend much time on styling your hair but also want to keep it tidy and look neat, you can definitely try this style. The uniform length on the short fringe accentuates naturally your face’s angles, and combining it with the fade cut provides a smooth transition to the textured hair.

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@we_married_hair / Instagram

Neat Pompadour with Tapered Sides

Classy and timeless are the two words that describe a neat single-length pompadour. Comb your hair up and backward to create the illusion of smooth hair. Tapered side pompadour is an ideal blend of trendy and classic, perfect for all face shapes.

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@joshconnollybarber / Instagram

Ivy League and Medium Fade

Thin haired dense top with pocky texture is the best. And the sides are mid faded with a subtle fade towards the temple. The dry texture on top makes it so much more managed yet looks fancy. The stubble beard balances the top pretty well and gives the face an equal look.

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@joshconnollybarber / Instagram

Medium Business Crop

Presenting the business side of regular haircut with nothing but subtle yet classy elements. Starting with the classic pushed back top with a small pompadour in the front and the sides being tapered with regained texture as slight thick hair.

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@jose.crespo_ / Instagram

Angled Taper and Medium Crop

Can one ever decode this hairstyle? This is absolutely modern regular where it has an open pompadour on the top which has stranded texture with cornered temple fade. Next look at the neckline, the sharp faded neckline drips panache.

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@DTownBarbers / Instagram

Long Pushed Back Waves

The long straight strands always have a panache where it can be casual yet formal. having thin hair always comes to the rescue here and all you need is some hair wax to keep it in shape. Moreover, the sides are tapered with the temple being faded, can it be any better?

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Winged Brush Up with Puffy Top

Brush-ups are almost common but when one pairs it with a puff on the top with a slight winged corner makes it very trendy and cool. The sides are very important, the taper lowers the volume with the temple being faded into beard.

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@lxbarbers / Instagram

Side Brush Up with Mid fade is the Ultimate

Can it be any simpler? And yet so fancy? Well they say less is more and this is what they mean, the classic side brush up on the top with sleek mid fade and to make things even better, a very thick dense and maintained beard.

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@wesslane / Instagram

Combed Buzz Cut with Mid Fade

Please welcome one of the coolest buzz cut with a combed texture on top. Moreover, the sides are incredibly neat and sleek with that mid fade with high taper. The next best thing about this style is the balancing beard. It is conditioned in a very neat way.

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@emi_bertea / Instagram

Layered Pompadour with Temple Fade

Pompadour with layers along with slight quiff always helps. Next up are the sides, not only tapered with it being a clean low fade. Moreover, the temple is faded to add to the style. Lastly, the clean look overall gives a very dape look.

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@lxbarbers / Instagram

Simple Pompadour with Sides Short

Pompadour is always a good go-to option as it both a retro-style yet quite fancy. As one can see the flicks of dye on the pompadour bring it more to life and especially the sides make it look all perfect. The only pointer is to make sure you use some hair product to make it stay still.

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@barberiaharo / Instagram

Undercut Fade with Wavy Top

Spice up your classic undercut hairstyle with a simple “blurry” effect. The fade will give an impression of a gradient leading towards the focal point, the wavy hair on top.

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@napolesbarbershop / Instagram

Almost Steve Jobs Drop Fade

Sometimes simple does the trick, and here is one prime example. Simple pushed back to brush up with sides being tapered and sleek drop fades to end things more controlled. Moreover, the line ups are sharp bringing out the details of the style, not to mention the glasses make it more Steve Jobs-sy.

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@napolesbarbershop / Instagram

Neat Fade with Brush Up

If you’re just starting to get into styling your hair, the brush-up hairstyle is easy and suitable for most guys.

There are a lot of variations of this style, but if you want to keep the attention at the top part of your hair, we suggest a neat fade to compliment the look.

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@bladeandsoulbarbershop / Instagram

Short Crop and Hardline Detail

Although seen mostly on men with at least an inch long hair, a hard part can look amazing too with short hair. This hairstyle expresses refinement and edginess, a trendy twist of the classic.

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@barberofhellsbottom / Instagram

Simple and Subtle Brush Up

With shorter fade and hair that’s harder to style, simply brush up the entire hair to look put together effortlessly by giving it volume. This style also looks good for most face shapes.

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@barberiaharo / Instagram

Flat Brush Up with Skin Fade

Add more volume and texture to your straight hair by brushing it upwards. Combined with the seamless and clean gradient cut on the sides, it is excellent to beat the summer heat while keeping it stylish.

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@egobarbers / Instagram

Pompadoured with Thin Haired Swivel

Thin hair with pompadour makes it a great combination. Moreover, the puffed texture makes it look classy and elegant. Moreover, the sides are slightly tapered and pushed back a bit. Keeping that in mind, some hair products always help the look.

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@bern_cuts / Instagram

Fancy Slicked Back with Undercut

An undercut is quite common to spot but wait till you see paired it up with a slicked back top. It makes style word more stylish. The taper on the sides is neat whereas the fade towards temple is what makes it look all neat and under control. Don’t forget some hair wax or gel will be needed to keep it this intact.

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