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20 Exquisite Spiky Hairstyles: Leading ideas for 2022

Spiky hair or spiky personality? No need to hide any of them!


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We have seen many men’s hairstyles come into the spotlight. From slicked back to long and flowing styles, nearly every sort of hairstyle has been trending this year. However, we think one category has been missing: spiky hairstyles.

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These cuts are youthful and energetic. They’re great if you don’t have a professional job or other requirements, like a strict school dress code. If you’re looking for a fun, carefree style with a bit of an attitude, then spiky hairstyles may be your new favorite. They work with most hair types since they mostly rely on hair products.

The best part about most of these spiky hairstyles is their flexibility. You can wear them either in their spiked “up” style or leave it unstyled and wear it “down.” That said, these spiky hairstyles will take some intense styling, so be prepared to spend some quality time in front of the bathroom mirror.

Without further ado, here are our top spiky hairstyles:
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Clear Mid Fade Plus Dyed Highlights

Hairstyles with designer touches are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. This designer look has tousled, soft spikes on top and a mid fade with a shaved line.

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Spiky Fringe

The spiky fringe style creates a windblown look thanks to the help of a high-quality hair product. The result is a slightly messy appearance that places emphasis on the hair on top.

Since this style makes your bangs the focal point of your haircut, so it’s ideal if you have a square or oblong face shape. If you have defined facial features, such as strong cheekbones or a prominent jawline, this is also a good style for you. You’ll need some sort of hair product for this style; mousse, gel, and wax all work well.

To start with, you’ll want shorter hair with length in the front. To achieve this, ask your barber or stylist to trim the back and sides while leaving length on top and on your bangs. 1 to 3 inches on top is best for this style, with the bangs having the longest length. This cut also looks great with a fade.

Once you have the right cut, it’s time to style. Start with towel-dried and slightly damp hair. Start with a small amount of product, about the size of a penny, and work it into your bangs thoroughly.

You can use a comb or brush to help you style, and once you’ve got a style you like, you can blow dry it into place. The key to most spiky hairstyles, including this one, is experimentation. It will take some time to figure out exactly what style you like and how to get it.

There’s no substitution for devoting some time to styling and playing around with different amounts of product and different ways of styling.

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Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a middle of the road haircut when it comes to spiky hairstyles. It’s not the most extreme style on this list, but it’s also not the most conservative.

The faux hawk is one of the more flexible spiky hairstyles. You have a wide range of options when it comes to styling the hair toward the middle. You can opt for a more fan-like appearance or a more subtle pushed-up look.

We recommend looking at different faux hawk styles and seeing what you like the best. This is one of the shorter spiky hairstyles. Anywhere from half an inch to 2 inches on top is good for this cut.

Ask your barber or stylist for your desired length on top. The sides and back can be faded or simply trimmed. To style the faux hawk, start out with damp, towel-dried hair.

Apply product to your hair and work in thoroughly. After the product has been applied to all of your hair, lift up a strip of hair in the center of your hair.

Anywhere from half an inch to an inch wide is good. Style this hair by pushing it together toward the middle. You can create different faux hawks with different styling techniques, so experiment. The rest of your hair should be flattened, and this hair can be styled in different directions as well.

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Dyed Spiky Fade

This dreamy colorwork reminds us of the snowy mountain peaks. Paired with a hardline design on the side it elevates this french crop to the next level.

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Highlighted Brush Up Spikes

Have fun and experiment with highlights! Here they do a great job at framing the face and accentuating this lovely texture for such a common hairstyle like it is the brushup.

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Thin Blonde Hair with Taper

Spiking thin or fine hair requires a bit more finesse. As shown here, the hair should be layered to prevent it from looking too thin. Spiking the hair in layers also provides fantastic texture.

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Side Turned Thin Texture

Spiky hair doesn’t have to be messy. If you want to rock spikes in a different way, this neat spiked style might be for you.

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Pocky Short Miniature Strands with Mid Faded Shave

Here’s another shorter haircut that provides a fresh approach to the spiky style. The hair is spiked forward and upward to create motion, and the mid fade draws the eye up to the spikes.

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Brushed Up Spiky Hairstyle

For those looking for something that falls on the adventurous side, we encourage you to embrace contrasts! On this look, the undercut bordering the temple has a funky vibe and we love it!

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Textured Spikes with Taper Fade

The spikes in this textured haircut are extremely defined and deliberately styled forward and upward for maximum motion.

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Spiky Short Fohawk with a High Skin Fade

A short faux hawk is such a versatile haircut, you can have fun with it and style the perfect spikes for a little bit of a punk vibe.

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Brushed Up Undercut

The brushup can be one of those hairstyles that look timeless, it’s pretty easy to style and will give you an elegantly playful look while the undercut has become a staple to mix and match between hairstyles.

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Pocky Irregular Spikes with Faded Sides

You can never go wrong with a textured crop! Especially with a style like this one that has the perfect fade on the sides to pass on the spotlight to the thin spikes.

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Spiky Textured Undercut + Line Up

Neat spikes, a subtle line up, and a smooth temple fade make up this super clean cut. If you want to have a little fun with your hair but maintain a well-groomed personal style, this might be the cut for you.

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Dry Texture with Fade

This spiky style has a matte finish that gives the hair a coarse yet fluffy texture. A high fade emphasizes the spikes that almost form a fohawk.

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Brushed up Spiky Hairstyle

The bed head look is still a popular one, and it often involves lots of messy spikes. This style takes the basic brush up and tousles the hair even more to give that purposefully unkempt look.

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Spiky Brushed up + Line up

For a youthful vibe, try a spiky style with lots of movement throughout the hair. This spiky brush up is a great option, with a gentle fade and a line up adding even more personality.

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Short Spiky Hair

Of all the spiky hairstyles, short spiky hair is one of the most timeless. It allows you to have a low maintenance cut and spike it up when you want to. It’s also one of the easiest to style and maintain.

The basis for short spiky hair is a shorter cut that you can then spike up with product. You can choose a variety of shorter cuts for this style, including the Ivy League and the butch cut. Then, grab some mousse, wax, or gel, and get styling.

If you don’t already have a short haircut, you’ll want to get one. Ask your barber or stylist for a short style you like. A longer style like an Ivy League is good for this cut.

We also recommend bringing in a picture of the exact style you want. To style short spiky hair, work product into your hair in the places you want to style. For example, if you want to concentrate the spikes on top of the head, make sure the product is thoroughly applied there.

Once you’ve done that, use your fingers and/or a comb/brush to spike the hair upward. You can have tons of small spikes or larger spikes, so experiment and see what you like.

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Shaved Hairline with Texture

Featuring swooping spikes and a shaved line, this hairstyle has a lot going for it. It strikes a nice balance between casual and edgy with its fun, chill look.

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Hunter Hayes' Blonde Spikes

If you want to have both spiky hair and a lot of flow, consider this style. The hair is styled into loose spikes with frizzy ends that make this haircut a hybrid between a more classic spiky cut and a brushed up style.

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Jeremy Renner's Spiky Undercut

Another fashionable take on short spiky hair, this spiky undercut has just the right amount of texture. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s definitely still a spiky style. The undercut on the sides keeps everything neat.

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The traditional mohawk isn’t too radical, but the punk variation known as liberty spikes is one of the most unique and standout hairstyles of the past few decades. This is also a flexible style. You can have a shorter mohawk that looks more like a faux hawk, or you can go all-out and style it in punk fashion.

Granted, the liberty spikes aren’t for everyone, but they’re probably the most iconic spiky hairstyle. The sides and back are usually shaved clean, but you can request them to be clipped with a shorter clipper setting (#1 through #3 or so).

Only a strip of hair in the center will be left, and you can get this longer or shorter depending on which style you want. For the liberty spikes style, you’ll need long hair. It should be at least down to your eyes in the front and past the earlobes in the back.

You’ll also need a product with maximum hold to support the spikes. Then, section off your spikes with hair ties or clips and blow dry each spike as you style it.

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Dyed Emo Hairstyle

While the emo haircut is not commonly categorized with spiky hairstyles, spikes are a commonly seen feature with this cut. Popularized by male musicians in the last decade or so, this cut is definitely one of the most eye-catching styles on this list.

This is a tricky style to get right, so we recommend taking pictures to your barber or stylist. The bangs should be left long, and the ends should be cut with a razor to achieve a choppy texture.

The hair on the back and sides can either be short or long, depending on your preference. To add spikes, simply apply the product to damp hair and style.

Common places for spikes are near the crown, the front, and the sides. You can create some crazy spikes with this cut if you want, or you can keep it relatively subtle.

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The Speedster Spikes and Drop Fade

The drop fade on this incredibly detailed hairstyle is perfect to contrast the horizontal flow of the whole look. It’ll take some time and considerable amounts of product to achieve.