Edgar Haircut 1-1
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The Edgar Haircut: Trendy Ways to Rock the Style

The Edgar is a lot more versatile and stylish than you think.

written by The Editors

If you’re familiar with the Caesar cut, then you know the Edgar cut. The Edgar, also known as the takuache haircut, is the Mexican cousin of the Caesar and is a trendy hairstyle among Latino teenage boys.

The defining characteristic of this style is the blunt fringe. The front section can be worn very short, mid-length, or closer to the eyebrows, but it’s always a stark line cutting across the forehead. The top part, meanwhile, has fuller hair that is brushed forward, while the sides and back are faded.

While the Edgar is one of those haircuts that people either like or don’t like, there are many ways to give it a modern and trendy twist. It might remind you of an old-fashioned bowl cut, but there’s a lot of versatility to it. Ahead, we’ve gathered several trendy styles that might just convince you to give the Edgar cut a try.