Timeless cut, stylish and practical

Choosing a haircut can be hard, especially if you’re looking for something stylish, but still practical. The crew cut is a relatively simple tapered hairstyle, with the top of the head trimmed short, and everything else even shorter. It works well on all sorts of face shapes, which is why you might see plenty of it in day-to-day life.

Ryan Reynolds crew cut short style
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This clean cut is truly the best of both worlds, because not only is it easy to maintain, but it also looks great. It can make your face seem more mature, and there’s just something about it that exudes confidence and athleticism. The crew cut works well on all sorts of face shapes, which is why you might see plenty of it in day-to-day life. It’s a great option if you’re looking to balance practicality and appearance.

John Goodman crew haircut
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The fact that there’s so little hair at all in a crew cut means that you can get away with starting from almost anything. As long as you’ve got some hair, you’re good to go. Even people with receding hairlines can wear this cut and look great (just take Jason Statham in his younger years as an example).

How to Get

Firstly, decide how long you want the top of your hair to be. The difference between the crew cut and any old tapered haircut is mainly in how short you cut your hair. It’s not typical to see this cut with any hair longer than, say, an inch or two.

crew cut short hair glasses stubble e1537424678927

This gives you the option to either trim it off, or cut it off, depending on what length you’re looking for. Your hairdresser should decide this on their own, but if in doubt (or for example, someone else is cutting your hair) just find out if you have a trimmer attachment as long as you want your hair – if not, go with scissors.

Then cut down the sides with a #2 or #4. After that, you’ll need to taper the top of your head down slightly from back to front, and then fade everything else downwards. It’s up to you whether you want to keep your sideburns or not with this cut.

Skin Fade with Mini Quiff e1537415273464
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Because of the short nature of a taper cut, styling might not be possible (let alone necessary). However, if you choose to leave some length on top, then you can style it as you wish. Some good suggestions are to just gel it upwards in one direction, or brush it to one side.

Check our crew cut gallery below for more ideas:
Skin Fade Crew Cut
Curly Crew Cut

This curled crew cut is a no-frills hairstyle (well, not literally) for the everyday guy. Need a clean and easy style? Look no further.

Skin Fade Crew Cut, by @mattjbarbers / Instagram
crew cut
Slicked Crew Cut with Line

An easy way to kick any hairstyle up a notch is by trimming a line into the top on one side. Here, that disconnect is the accompaniment to a side-slicked crew cut.

crew cut
Plain Crew Cut

Crew cuts really don’t have to be complicated. A natural, all-round cut with a light taper on the sides is all it takes to get this style.

crew cut.jpg
Fuzzy Crew Cut

If you’re looking to embrace good ol’ bed-head messiness, this fuzzy, textured crew cut might be a contender. It takes little extra effort and gives you a surprisingly unique end result.

crew cut
Short Ivy League

This short, “ivy league” -esque haircut is another take on the crew cut — this time tailored to a more civilized application, like playing bowls with distant family…

Matt Damon crew cut ivy league haircut
Textured Crew Cut

Here’s another variation on a texture crew cut — this time with a little bit of gel kneaded in by hand. As you can see, it’s a great option for those with a receding hairline!

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Crew Cut
Clean Crew Cut

This tidy crew cut features clean lines and lightly-slicked hair for a neat but youthful end product. Seriously; this style is as good for the football pitch as it is a job interview.

crew cut
Simple Crew Cut

Another neat and simple style, this crew cut is great for all types of hair. Even though this is a short haircut, the hair on top is still textured quite a bit.

Classic Laid Top with Shaved Neckline
Uniform Crew Cut

This crew cut will easily work for all kinds of situations. It’s short, respectable, and professional, so if you attend school or work in an office, this is a good haircut for you.

Layered Push Back with Temple Fade
Textured Crew Cut

This is a slightly longer crew cut with a ton of texture. The hair in front is brushed up ever so slightly to add a bit more motion and round out the cut.

Casual Brushed Up Top
Brushed Up Crew Cut

This cut blends a brush up with a crew cut to create a heavily textured look that goes perfectly with just about any style.

Crew cut
Tousled Crew Cut

Not all crew cuts have to be short and neat. For example, with this style, the hair is teased upward and cut much longer than other crew cuts. However, it’s not too unruly, so it’s still appropriate for students.

Dry Textured Thin Hair
Straightforward Faux Hawk

This hairstyle proves that faux hawks can be subtle and stylish. We like that this faux hawk uses shorter hair brushed straight up, as it offers a different take on this common style.

Thin Blonde Hair with Taper
Skin Fade Crew Cut

This haircut is very visually appealing thanks to the motion created by the texture of the hair. Neat faded sides and a subtle line up make this a great casual hairstyle.

Triangular Brush Up
Low Maintenance Crew Cut

Many guys are after low maintenance haircuts that still look great, and this crew cut is a prime example. It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to manage, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality or appearance.

Formal Top with Sleek Fade
Voluminous Crew Cut

This crew cut has much more volume than many of the others, but as a result, it achieves a very unique look. It’s excellent if you want to add a little flair to your overall style while staying fashionable.

Disconnected Buzz Cut
Faded Crew Cut with Design

At first glance, this crew cut seems pretty similar to the rest, but it’s actually quite different. The hair is kept fairly long for a crew cut, but the obvious highlight of this cut is the small line design cut out of the back. Think of it as a more stylish take on the Nike “swoosh” haircut that was popular in the 90s.

Short French Crop with Disconnected Fade
Disconnected Short Crew Cut

This is one of the shortest crew cuts on our list. However, because all the hair on top is the same length, it looks very balanced and neat. The disconnected part on the side adds another dimension that makes this cut stand out from the rest.

Faded Sides Brushed Up Blonde
High and Tight Inspired Crew Cut

The high and tight, and specifically the high and tight recon, is well known for its distinctive shape that creates something of a “landing strip” atop the head. This crew cut takes inspiration from that style, using a similar shape and an extreme skin fade. If you like the military style, consider this haircut.

Taper Fade with Messy Top
Neat Crew Cut

For guys who want a no-fuss haircut that doesn’t require any styling or maintenance, this neat crew cut has a lot to offer. It’s ideal for both formal and casual environments, and it looks great with all hair types, which makes this a very versatile haircut.

Brush Up with Skin Faded Sides
Short Crew Cut with Quiff

This crew cut takes inspiration from brushed up hairstyles, creating a small quiff in the front while keeping the sides and back clean with a sharp skin fade.

Textured French Crop with Disconnection Line_
Disconnected Crew Cut

Disconnected haircuts with hard parts are as trendy as ever, and this crew cut uses a hard part in a stylish way. The hard part separates the fade from the rest of the hair, providing definition and visual appeal.

crew cut
Neat Side Swept Crew Cut

This crew cut proves that even shorter hair can be styled in many different ways. Here, the hair is swept to the side, creating a mini pompadour of sorts. If you like clean, classic looks, this is for you.

Casual Brush Up with High Fade
Casual Brush Up with High Fade

This hairstyle is getting common these days. The best part of it being the tapered sides with a slight beard fade makes it pop out. Having a dry texture with wavy hair makes it very trendy.

Touseled Short Hair with Drop Fade
Touseled Short Hair with Drop Fade

The casual top with tapered sides makes it look classic and subtle. Although receding hair this longer top hides it very well with subtle beard balances the face pretty well.

Faded Line Up
Faded Line Up

Line ups like these are just perfect, the subtle fade on the sides makes adds the oomph. Moreover, the top is tousled making it look casual and care free.

Tapered Sides with Irregular Top
Tapered Sides with Irregular Top

This after bath look is perfect for a party or a hang out day with homies. The golden shine with the rough texture makes all the difference here.

Taper Faded Sides
Taper Faded Sides

The go-to haircut with side brushed front makes it perfect for a workday but it is just as casual as to go on a date. The slick fade is rich enough to blend into the beard.

Crew Cut and Ombre Faded Beard
Ombre Faded Beard and Straight Hairline

This haircut does well with thick hair and having pocky hair makes this style stick out. To stylize even further that small hairline shave makes it pop out in this trend.

High Temple Faded Mini Crew Cut
High Temple Faded Mini Crew Cut

The Drake inspired hairstyle is quite trendy but this one having an eyebrow shave makes it even further trendy. Don’t forget the supporting temple fade that comes to rescue here.

Thin Afro Brushed Butch Cut
Thin Afro Brushed Butch Cut

Thin and semi curled hair is naturally quite unique but this haircut makes it even more bubbly. Crew cut or butch cut which is short in volume is better and slap on a side fade and that’s all one probably needs.

French Crop With Modern Butch Cut
French Crop With Modern Butch Cut

Those pocky strands hanging on the forehead is what makes a traditional french crop a bit more modern. There is a slight mohawk haircut going on with undercut mid fade, this mixture is very hippy!

Long Wavy Butch with Skin Fade
Long Wavy Butch with Skin Fade

Curly hair without too much volume? Yes, curly hair can be trendy too, having a side fade makes it more generic with other haircuts while the curly top still stands apart.

Gradual Butch Cut with Faded Temple
Gradual Butch Cut with Faded Temple

This is the ultimate match between a crew cut with a butch cut with some buzz cut with its number 2 sized clippers. Perfect for almost every occasion and with that added beard, it’s just perfect.

Formal Semi Wavy Top with Sleek Hairline
Formal Semi Wavy Top with Sleek Hairline

For this type of classic and formal look, you need nothing but some medium to short sized hair strands. Cut it straight on the forehead with some clippers and add texture with comb, boom! That’s all you need!

Wispy Crew Cut
Wispy Crew Cut

This style needs medium length hair and some hair wax. Tossing up top with semi-faux and cropping the forehead hair to almost 2 cm long.

Modern Crew Cut with Faded Sides
Modern Crew Cut with Faded Sides

Shaved hairlines are becoming more trendy and it makes almost any haircut a modern one almost instantly. The one like above needs skin faded sides and less volumed top with a shaved line.

Textured Crew Crop
Textured Crew Crop

Thin hair can be a mess if not treated properly so crew cut turns out to one of the best ways to keep the mess under control and keep it trendy at the same time. Tapered Sides make it a hairstyle to wear almost in all occcasions.

Crew Cut and Low Fade
Crew Cut and Low Fade

Fades make crew cut very cool but this style takes it on another level. To have one for yourself firstly chop out strands and trim the forehead. Moreover, use hair wax in a pinching gesture and there you go!

Crew Crop and Irregular Fringe
Crew Crop and Irregular Fringe

This crew cut is made from stylized french crop and sides faded. The forehead strands have a slit in them adding more flavor to it. The top however is a little longer than usual making it slightly trendier.

Crew Cut with Shaved Line Design
Crew Cut with Shaved Line Design

This is the classic crew cut with a modern tinge to it. The slit shave makes it not normal. The clearly defined line up with dense top makes it suitable for all occasions.

Standard Crew & High Fade
Standard Crew & High Fade

The silky textured hair is better for crew cut because it still retains its shine and softer texture while fringing slightly on the forehead with fewer maintenance requirements.

Combed Together with Fine Taper Fade
Combed Together with Fine Taper Fade

This look is that one look which blends in totally almost in all situations, the key to this style is that subtle combed styling that brings the hair together. Not to mention, a clean taper on the sides makes it glow even further.

Hanging Strands with Shaved Mid Fade
Hanging Strands with Shaved Mid Fade

This is a very classic look with front falling small strands, the highlight here is that slit shave upon a neat mid fade, this style has a bit of everything yet look so minimalistic.

Combed Dye Crew Cut
Combed Dye Crew Cut

Ever wondered how to be low key yet not boring? This style makes it possible, chop a fine crew cut with finely tapered sides. Then dye the hair shiny blond to add that oomph. Wear this style in parties and there is no one else shining brighter.

Front Falling Fringes with Pocky Sharp Line Up
Front Falling Fringes with Pocky Sharp Line Up

Sharp Line Ups are trendy and when done rightly, look amazing. And this is the right example. Although this time it is paired with a taper fade and a crew cut on top. And yes you guessed it right, a well-kept beard compliments the whole style.

Classic Cocktail – Buzz Cut with Crew Cut
Classic Cocktail - Buzz Cut with Crew Cut

This is a great cocktail: A buzz cut, a mid skin fade, an undercut taper, and a dye. This crazy blend makes this style unique. Match it with a medium tapered beard to balance the face to make it more versatile. A cue tip, just trim the forehead for perfection.

Shiny Silver Modern Crew Cut
Shiny Silver Modern Crew Cut

The key to this style is to use some hair wax on top with pinching the hair on top. Added to the style slap on a slit shave for the smooth side part. And if that’s not enough, taper fade always comes in handy, doesn’t it?

GInger Brushed Up Top
GInger Brushed Up Top

This is an exquisite example of how modern a crew cut can be. Starting with a fine short-haired brush-up. Next on the list is the finely tapered and tight faded sides. This is that hairstyle that one can wear in a party and in a meeting, casual yet fancy.

Equalised Crew Cut with High Fade
Equalised Crew Cut with High Fade

Crew Cut can be classic and this is the modern touch to it. It has a subtle forehead hair with a tinge of the french crop. Next up is the clean high fade with a high volume top. Take this as a newer version of the crew cut with a hipster panache to it.

Ashy Crew
Ashy Crew

If you’re lucky enough to have natural waves like this, do consider an ashy tone for your hair because they look superb on this color! The crew cut left just long enough to appreciate it, what a match!

Super Short Crew and Line Up
Super Short Crew and Line Up

The fade work is outstanding, the style is kept sharp and clean. Just what the crew cut is supposed to do!

High Fade and Crew Cut
High Fade and Crew Cut

We get a bit of a military vibe from this one more than anything, the high fade and side comb work perfectly to keep it as neat as possible.

Short Blond French
Short Blond French

This blond texturized style does a fine job at looking like it could be a french, but technically, the top can still pass as a crew cut. This is what modernity does, all styles converge to create amazing results!

Crew Cut
Jaye Kaye's Crew Cut

Jaye has kept his style quite consistent when it comes to his hair. Ranging from a longer scissor crop with short sides to this incredibly sleep crew cut.

Brush Up Crew Cut with Low fade
Brush Up Crew Cut with Low fade

Nothing more can be balanced this, particularly with the classy brush up with taper on the sides. Plus the low fade makes it sleeker. The pocky brush up makes thin hair looks wholesome and the fuller beard makes the jaw thicker and balances it off. Keeping it slightly stubble on the ends makes it more fun.

Thin Hair Pocky Brush Up with Fade
Thin Hair Pocky Brush Up with Fade

Thin hair with tapered sides is what makes this crew cut special. The mid fade makes the top better with faded line ups makes it even better. The top is semi brushed up with a slight mohawk texture to make it pop, by the way, this look goes for casual days and also the classy days.