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The Regulation Cut: Practical and Appropriate

A discreet style that has all the chances to become your next favourite


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The regulation cut is one of the longer army haircuts you might see. This haircut according to army haircut regulation involves trimming the top down. The sides are then tapered off completely, leaving it up to you to decide how much skin you want to be visible. This cut definitely has its perks: it’s low maintenance, looks good, is very practical, and works in almost every environment.

How to get a regulation cut

This haircut is particularly easy to get, like most military cuts. If you’re doing this one at home, you can enlist the help of a friend to trim your hair for you, or even attempt to do it yourself.

Regulation Cut

To begin, just have your friend trim the top hair down to at most a number 3, and then begin tapering the sides. The simplest way to do this is to also clip the sides down to a #3, and then use scissors to gradually shorten the hairs as they get progressively lower. You can even shave the lowest hairs off entirely, so as to give that true regulation cut look.

Should you be cutting your hair alone, a better option is to go for a harder ‘taper’ and just shave the sides down to whatever length you want.

And as always, your barber can get you this cut with relative ease. Remember that a few photos can speak volumes.

How to style this cut

With such short hair, there isn’t much styling for you to do. If you do opt for a number 3 on top, then you might be able to get away with a little bit of hair product (e.g. gel) to style the front upwards or sideways.

Although this might not apply to just the hair on your head, this cut does benefit from a clean shave or at least a crisp shave.

If you need more examples of this haircut check the gallery below:
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Formal Blonde Regulation Cut

When you think of the classic regulation cut, this is the exact hairstyle that comes to mind. Clean, neatly slicked back with a side part, it’s the cut of every military man you see in period films.

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Wavy Top with Tapered Sides

When you want it neat but with a bit of texture, try this wavy top with tapered sides. This has a vintage vibe to it as well. Cary Grant, is that you?

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Casual Brush Up

Give the standard regulation cut a bit of flair by brushing up the fringe. Add a piecey texture too for a trendier, more modern look.

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Modern Regulation Cut

This hairstyle has a more relaxed feel than the classic regulation cut thanks to the slightly tousled top. The sides feature a very short taper that balances out the top volume.

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Clean and Sober Regulation Cut

There’s nothing like a clean regulation cut when you’re trying to make a good-boy impression. It’s such a neat look with its slick texture, perfectly straight side part, and thin taper.

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Shaved Hairline

This one is a classic-meets-modern regulation cut. The top looks like a pompadour from the ’50s but the shaved lines along the side adds a trendy touch.

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Chopped Side Burns

The absence of sideburns is the focal point of this regulation cut. That clean line definitely adds a sharp touch to the overall unkempt appearance.

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Combed Top with Thin Parted Taper

This regulation cut is extra slick and clean with a very thin taper. There’s just a bit of volume at the top front part, which makes it look like a toned-down pompadour.

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Thin Part with Combed Side Brush

Add great volume to the top by combing it upward then to the side. This has a ’50s pompadour feel to it and makes a nice contrast to the clean taper.

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Thinly Parted Undercut

Here’s another regulation cut that will give you retro vibes. The top is super slick and high while the taper is very short for a neat look overall.