The Regulation Cut: Practical and Appropriate

John Goodman crew haircut
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The regulation cut is one of the the longer army haircuts you might see. This haircut according to army haircut regulation involves trimming the top down. The sides are then tapered off completely, leaving it up to you to decide how much skin you want to be visible. This cut definitely has its perks: it’s low maintenance, looks good, is very practical, and works in almost every environment.

How to get a regulation cut

This haircut is particularly easy to get, like most military cuts. If you’re doing this one at home, you can enlist the help of a friend to trim your hair for you, or even attempt to do it yourself.

Regulation Cut

To begin, just have your friend trim the top hair down to at most a number 3, and then begin tapering the sides. The simplest way to do this is to also clip the sides down to a #3, and then use scissors to gradually shorten the hairs as they get progressively lower. You can even shave the lowest hairs off entirely, so as to give that true regulation cut look.

regulation military haircut

Should you be cutting your hair alone, a better option is to go for a harder ‘taper’ and just shave the sides down to whatever length you want.

And as always, your barber can get you this cut with relative ease. Remember that a few photos can speak volumes.

How to style this cut

With such short hair, there isn’t much styling for you to do. If you do opt for a number 3 on top, then you might be able to get away with a little bit of hair product (e.g. gel) to style the front upwards or sideways.

Fresh Regulation Cut

Although this might not apply to to just the hair on your head, this cut does benefit from a clean shave, or at least a crisp shave.

The regulation cut is only one of many different military cuts, plenty of which have been featured here on Haircut Inspiration — just take a look at our  Awesome Military Haircuts for Men.

Military Regulation Cut

That brings this haircut guide to a close. You’ve learnt what it is, how to get it, and how to style it. If we’ve left any of your questions unanswered, be sure to leave them down below.