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Our Top Bowl Cuts That Show Why They’re Back In Style

A unique style for the unique individual


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The bowl cut (also known as the mushroom cut) used to be seen as a goofy style for little kids, but it’s made a stylish comeback in recent years. People have gone away from the traditional style and made interesting additions to the style, resulting in a bona fide haircut that can look great

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Long Hair Bowl Style

One, long hair is already attractive but when you combine it with other styling elements it makes one amazing hairstyle with a lot of unique traits. The one here is a blend of straight long hair with a bowl cut. The cherry on cake is the grizzly beard to balance the face.

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Hart Denton's Wavy Crop

This cut has tons of texture and flow. The loose fringe curls are the highlight of this style, and they nicely pair with a tousled top.

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Cody Fern's Wet Look

If you want to go for the “wet” look, you can use a gel or similar product to slick and weigh down the hair. Combine that with a bowl cut base, and you’ll get a great fringe-centric style.

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Straight Cut with Undercut

Bold enough to go for the original bowl look? Try pairing it with a bald undercut as shown above. This style goes especially well with substantial facial hair to add balance.

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Wavy Mushroom with Steep Taper

Not all bowl or mushroom cuts have to be short and plastered to the head. This variation takes medium volume hair and creates a bowl-type outline to give the effect of a bowl cut.

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Mid Faded Bowl Cut with French Crop Front

Bowl cuts are very teeny and trendy but here we see a slightly mature version of it with that side fade that adds clean touch to the hair. The top is slightly puffy with a french crop on the front and mid fade. That combination is something that works in a party and a meeting.

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Peter Dinklage's Messy Bowl Crop

This loose bowl crop keeps the hair close to the head and uses a bit of messiness to create dimension.

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Stephen Moyer Parted Mushroom Crop

This style is much closer to the mushroom variation, with the fringe parted down the middle to push the hair to the sides.