The bowl cut (also known as the mushroom cut) used to be seen as a goofy style for little kids, but it’s made a stylish comeback in recent years. People have gone away from the traditional style and made interesting additions to the style, resulting in a bona fide haircut that can look great

Peter Dinklage’s Messy Bowl Crop
Peter Dinklage's Messy Bowl Crop

This loose bowl crop keeps the hair close to the head and uses a bit of messiness to create dimension.

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Stephen Moyer Parted Mushroom Crop
Stephen Moyer Parted Mushroom Crop

This style is much closer to the mushroom variation, with the fringe parted down the middle to push the hair to the sides.

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Hart Denton’s Wavy Crop
Hart Denton's Wavy Crop

This cut has tons of texture and flow. The loose fringe curls are the highlight of this style, and they nicely pair with a tousled top.

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Cody Fern’s Wet Look
Cody Fern's Wet Look

If you want to go for the “wet” look, you can use a gel or similar product to slick and weigh down the hair. Combine that with a bowl cut base, and you’ll get a great fringe-centric style.

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Mushroom Cut with Undercut
Straight Cut with Undercut

Bold enough to go for the original bowl look? Try pairing it with a bald undercut as shown above. This style goes especially well with substantial facial hair to add balance.

Wavy Mushroom with Steep Taper
Wavy Mushroom with Steep Taper

Not all bowl or mushroom cuts have to be short and plastered to the head. This variation takes medium volume hair and creates a bowl-type outline to give the effect of a bowl cut.

Jin's Ashy Bowl Crop

This trendy variation is characterized by an even cut that’s a bit lower than most bowl cuts. It’s a solid option if you have thin or fine hair, too.