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Trending 30 Haircuts for Men for 2022

Are you ready to rock this year's trendiest styles?


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Every year style statement changes a little as new trends come into place which in turn tweak old ones or replace some hairstyles completely. This year we have been noticing the rise of retro and modern hairstyle fusion with some significant dying options.

Long hairstyles seem to make a comeback with different variations, especially the modern touches where it is shaved on the sides.

We have compiled the top 30 hairstyle variations that you can browse through and check out for yourself what style you intend to rock this year!

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Dense Thick Blonde Side Sweep

These types of hairstyles need a good amount of dense volume with some dye on the top to add some life to them. The top has been side-parted with irregular strands that fall off. The beard here is equally dense that balances both the volume points.

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Bronze High Fade Curly Top

If you have ginger hair or even blonde hair, this is one of the hairstyles. The sides are faded and that look gives it a very shiny look on the sides. The top is mildly curly and that makes volume look even better on top.

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Futuristic Teenage Shaved Line Temple

Look closely at his tattoo and then look at the shaved hairline. The reverse fade here makes a great distinction as well as brings a lot of attention to the look. The top is a french cropped style with a pocky lineup.

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Cow Licked back with Pushed Back Top

Who says Cow Licks are over? The sheer volume here makes all the difference. The sides are faded with the top being pushed back and his temple has been faded into the beard. The balance of volume here is accomplished by hair and beard.

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Brush Up on Top with Mullet on the Back

The shift of volume is amazing on this one. The sides are low faded with the top with brush up. The back has mullet that adds a retro touch to it. The top has thick volume while the back is a little flattened.

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Hard Parted Side Part with Undercut Fade

The panache in this picture is terrific, the key is to blend a few style elements. The sides are hard parted with the side part on the top. The sides are shortly tapered and high faded to add that extra lushness.

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Curly Hair Heaven

If you have curly goodness then this hairstyle is pure class. The key is to retain volume all the way with sides always being a tad shorter than the top. However, there is no clear separation of top to the sides so that’s something to be considered.

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Birmingham's Finest Modern Shelby Cut

French Cut takes an interesting English influence with the top being longer and allowed to sway on the forehead with sides being taper faded. The neat outlook in general makes it pop especially the high fade is what makes the top pop.

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Classic Drop fade with Teenage Brush Up Look

This is what a classic drop fade looks like, it is almost always paired with mid fade with minimal volume whereas the top is a complete contrast. The top is a straight brush up and unidirectional wave.

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High Fade with Curled Top

That jawline only gets better with those sides being taper faded with that clean shave look. The top is however a different story. The curly strands make the volume look thicker with that rusty brown dye pops it amazingly well.

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Modern Caesar Cut with Rough Dye

The key is to keep the volume intact on top and sides. The key is to keep sides intact with tossed grey dye. This caesar cut has this modern touch because of this dye move.

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Mid Parted Suave Look with Thin Mustache

Does it get any better than this? This look is one of the most retro yet modern looks at the moment. The mid-part makes it very tasteful with thin rusty strands. The sides have a volume that is lower than the top with a mustache which makes it a great combination.

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Unconventional Side Part with Faded Sides

2022 is all about expressing yourself and here we see a very uncommon side part that also happens to be a hard part. The tossed look of the hair is possible because of the slightly thick hair’s less density. Leave the top long while chopping down the sides with fade towards the end.

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Multi Shaded Dye on Top with Low Fade

Dye doesn’t have to be one shade, here we see an undercut for dye. The top is a blondish-pink shade with sides being tapered with low fade. The beard blend here balances the look so well.

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Afro Braided Top with Low Fade

When was the last time you saw a neat braid plus it being brushed up? The key here keeping sides very uptight with taper fades. The grizzly beard here balances the look quite well.

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Penã Inspired with Mustache and Semi Curl

If you have watched the famous show “Narcos” on Netflix, this is a very close look from Penã. The top is medium long and pushed all the way back with slight curls. The key is that mustache makes it that tangy and flavorful.

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Greek Gods Brush Up Style

Look closely, the top is brushed up with the top holding the volume. The sides are tapered with very low fade as it clearly blends with the beard. The volume work is done by top and beard. The key is to use some product to keep that hair standing.

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Hollywood Inspired Buzzed Top

We see this tough look quite often these days with buzz cut on top with undercut high fade. The key is to keep it neat and classy and as we fade the sides the tattoos pop.

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Crazy Long Mullet with Shaved Sides

Feel funky yet, here’s a fresh one with a very long mullet with an undercut on sides with the top being swayed brush up. The sides are tapered with a low fade with the temple being faced into the beard. The volume distribution of the hairstyle is amazing.

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Afro Curly Undercut Fade

Look at that neat look, especially with that undercut and then fade on the sides. The top is very dense that is quite opposite to the sides which provides contrast. The dye color here is quite poppy with a clean shave beard makes it a very top-heavy style.

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Long Top with Longer Beard

Everything about this style speaks perfectionism, starting with the hair, the op is long yet pushed back efficiently with sides being tapered swiftly that goes shorter as it goes down. The beard is long and dense, don’t forget to notice that drop fade that only makes the style cleaner.

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Retro Puffed Top with Side Part

Bringing back to the old time with this side part with a puffy top looks awesome because it is layered. The sides are dense enough to blend into the beard. The key is to keep it neat with attention to detail with sides being tapered.

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Thin Brushed French Crop

A blend of the bowl cut with the french crop is very weird to imagine but when we see this it clears all our thoughts. The key is to keep it rough and tossy. The top is long strands that fall down the forehead with sides being tapered a tad.

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Thin Long Strands for That Emo

If you have the hair type that is long, thin, and straight textured then this sty;e is to go for. The simplicity of this is what makes it pop especially the distribution of volume is amazing. The sides are tapered while the top is swinging on its own.

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Boxed Afro Hair with Mid Drop Fade

Afro hair when detailed right is a very pleasant sight, as we see here the hairline is perfectly detailed with sides being mid-faded and line up being very angular and faded towards the temple. Plus the hair on top is very dense and stands tall giving a very boxy look.

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Swagged Hard Parted Side Brushed Fluff

Layers extend beyond hair and as we see here, the top has the most volume with quite good fluff and it gets cleaner as we go to the temple where it is mid-faded with it being faded into a beard that helps balance the face.

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Pitch Perfect Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts can be amazing but this one doesn’t get any better. The key is to keep the volume thick with a straight texture. The sides as you would notice are still kept a tad short.

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Retro Side Part with Touch of Brush Up

Wet-looking hair has its own charm with the top being side-parted and has a touch of brush up that waves to the side for a unique look. The sides are tapered and then low faded for that neat look.

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Retro Classic Curled Side Part

I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy shows up in “Peaky Blinders” The hairstyle is a very English gentlemen look with a subtle side part with the top being slightly curled yet amazingly put in place. One might have to use some product to keep this hair in place.

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Retro Inspired French Cropped Mullet

Mullet is where it gets the most retro, it is paired with a grizzly french crop and blends two vintage looks in one hairstyle. The key to that grizzly look is to keep the volume without shaving any sides. In fact, it blends with the beard to make it look seamless.

Danny Puopolo is an expert that works at Rakis, a professional hairdressing salon in Melbourne. His work has been featured in a variety of publications such as OK Magazine, Vogue, and INSTYLE. He has also managed classes for Shu Uemura Australia and Loreal Professional.