100+ Excellent School Haircuts for Boys + Styling Tips


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One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Haircut Inspiration is about school haircuts. Many readers ask, “What’s a good style that’s appropriate for school?” It’s a great question; many young men want a clean-cut appearance for school, and some schools (such as private schools) have strict dress codes that include haircut rules.

Easy hairstyles for school

Often, business haircuts make for quick and easy hairstyles for school, but sometimes young guys want something a little different. So we’ve put together a list of hairstyles that are ideal for school hairstyles. These are flexible enough to suit both formal and casual occasions, and there’s something for everyone here. And these styles work for a wide range of ages: they’re good choices for boys in junior high school, men attending university, and all guys in between.

School haircuts and dress code

If you do attend a school with a strict school dress and school hairstyles policy, make sure that your desired cut falls in line with the rules. You can modify most of these school haircuts to fit even the strictest of dress codes, so never think you’re limited by any policies. If you attend a more lenient school, then feel free to experiment with these styles to find ones that work for you.

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