20 of the Most Popular 10-Year-Old Boy Haircuts

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Finding a good haircut for a young boy can be tricky. In particular, it can be hard to find a hairstyle that will make a young boy stand out. We’ve compiled some of our favorite haircuts for 10-year-old boys to show you just what’s possible with a little exploration and creativity.

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@max.souza_ / Instagram

Textured Crop and Disconnected Fade

This scissor crop has been lightly textured and the fringe styled into spikes. The hardline is a great way of connecting the fringe shape.

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@markthebarber / Instagram

Smooth Blend and Braids

This braided style is super eye-catching, featuring a neat pattern on top of the head and tidy, evenly spaced braids.

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@lxbarbers / Instagram

Junior Ivy League, Yes Please

This dapper, formal haircut has been a classic men’s style for decades, and as you can see here, it’s great for little boys as well.

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@cutsbycameron / Instagram

Curled Top with Drop Fade

Definitely let those curls a little lose if you have them. This crop looks fantastic with the drop fade and a little bit of product on top to gain definition on the waves.

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@cheobarberpr / Instagram

Straight Fringe and Textured French

Some forms of the french crop variate in how the fringe is cut. A simple angle, or in this case, a choppy straight fringe can set the tone of the hairstyle.

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@cheobarberpr / Instagram

Finger Combed Long Ivy Variation

Yet another variation of the Ivy League, this cut has the hair finger-combed back to create subtle yet defined waves.

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@mikyy.ella / Instagram

Side Swept with Hard Part

This extremely fashionable style is great for 10-year-old boys who want a slightly “older” look. The hard part here is definitely the star of the show.

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@chop_a_gram / Instagram

Ready For School Side Brush

For a more dapper haircut, try this no-nonsense side brush. The side-swept motion creates depth and texture and prevents this cut from falling flat.

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@meha_barber / Instagram

Neat Fringed Top with Faded Sides

This youthful fringe look combines fashionable styles with a good amount of texture that’s great for a 10 year old boy.

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@kaisbarbershop / Instagram

Hard Part with Light Line Up

Here’s a stylish twist on a classic haircut. This short taper style is a barbershop favorite, but the hard part and line up give it an added flair.

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@chop_a_gram / Instagram

Casual Side Brush with Faded Sides

For more fun and rambunctious style, you might opt for something like this casual side brush. It’s trendy yet well suited to a young boy’s highly active lifestyle.

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@corneliucrihan / Instagram

Modern Ivy with Drop Fade

If you liked the Ivy League shown above but want something a bit more fun, then this modern Ivy with a drop fade will suit your needs.

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@cheobarberpr / Instagram

Medium Fade and Vertical Style

This tall style takes the hair straight up and pairs this volume with a medium fade to balance out the look.

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@kings_of_the_underworld / Instagram

Temple Fade and Short Crop

Short and simple, this low maintenance crop is ideal for boys who prefer shorter hair and want a flexible style.

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@max.souza_ / Instagram

Styled Textured Crop and Undercut

Another highly stylized crop, this haircut is a good choice for boys who want a messier style. The elephant trunk created by the fringe is a nice touch here.

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@ gabriele_iervolino / Instagram

Breezy Side-Comb on Medium Scissors Crop

A breezy, flowing style, this haircut is a simple scissor cut that has the hair swooping forward and to the side.

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@havanaclub_barbers / Instagram

Finger Combed Brush Up

If you want a voluminous style that will turn heads, you can’t go wrong with this textured, wavy brush up.

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@chop_a_gram / Instagram

Neat Rough Textured French Crop

This rough and highly textured crop-inspired style is a great fit for young boys who are always on the move.

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@mehdi.rashidi.77 / Instagram

Loose Pomp and Temple Fade

Want to have the best of both worlds? Keeping the top long while the sides are super short is just that! Undercuts are easy to look good in!

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@reyesthebarber / Instagram

Soft Drop Fade and Spikes

You want the short feel and also have a little fun with it? A drop fade with a medium length top is the perfect way to start styling the hair with spikes!

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