Little boys are about to become little men and it is time to let their haircuts embody what kind of men they will be. This article has all you need.

Even the little guys can have big style and there are hundreds of little boy hairstyles to choose from to bring out the personality in every little man, but it can be hard to pay for everything that a growing boy needs. In order to make things a little easier, strike a haircut off the expense list and learn how to cut the perfect head of hair for the perfect little boy.

layering hair little boys


For little boy haircuts, always hold the hair up when cutting lengths on the top and determine the length using the fingertips. When cutting or trimming the bottom, use a comb to comb the hair down and cut from the bottom.

Make sure to cut the same length all around at first and then go back through for any layering. Also, comb the hair in the desired areas before beginning the cut. Only use the ends of the scissors when cutting and always cut one small portion of hair at one time.

cutting hair toddler


When going back through a cut for layering, hold the hair up in the same way, but do not worry so much about cutting all the hair the same length. The point of layering is to add texture to the hair. Rather than cutting along one straight line, use a short of hacking technique where the hair gets trimmed into smaller and differentiating lengths. This is only going to be done on the top layers where texture is needed.

Keep this same idea in mind when cutting bangs, do not just do one clean cut but rather several wispy cuts to create a soft look. Razor blades are also often used instead of scissors to cut hair with a lot of texture. When using the blade, cut the hair in a slanted motion, making the hair get cut with a more chopped appearance as it goes down.

How to Cut Boys Haircut - Layering


Use clippers to blend different lengths of hair between the top and the bottom for little boy haircuts. Start from the top, creating the longer lengths first and, once the top is complete, use the clippers to cut the shorter lengths.

Once the clippers reach the line where the hair starts to get longer, use a comb along with the clippers to trim the very tips of the hair in order to make it blend with the shorter areas rather than creating a distinct line between short and long.

Another way to blend is by using a clipper head that is in between the sizes used for the top and the bottom, just make sure only to blend and not go too far up on the top.

blending boys hair

Clipper Lengths – Stand-Alone Clippers: used around the ears and neck


#1: one-eighth of an inch
#2: one-fourth of an inch
#3: three-eighths of an inch
#4: one-half of an inch
#5: five-eighths of an inch
#6: three-fourths of an inch
#7: seven-eighths of an inch
#8: one inch

With any cutting technique, it is suggested that someone practice in order to get the hang of any technique before trying it out on their children.

Need more inspiration? Here are a few examples of the most popular little boy’s haircuts:
Layered Hand Brushed with Undercut Taper
Layered Hand Brushed with Undercut Taper

For cutting a layered undercut like this one, start off by trimming the sides short. Pull off the clipper attachment to square up the hairline and around the ears, and it’s on to scissors. Snip the ends off the top hair until you reach the desired length, then style with fingers and gel.

Finger Styled Top with Low Skin Fade
Finger Styled Top with Low Skin Fade

Fades aren’t as complicated as they look. Start by trimming the sides with a medium-length attachment, and gradually go for shorter and shorter attachments trimming progressively lower. For the line, use a clean straight edge.

Red Headed Pompadour
Red Headed Pompadour

It’s similar rules for cutting a pompadour: trim the sides short, but go progressively shorter the lower you get. For the top, snip off any ends and comb back with plenty of product.

Asymmetrical Fringe Boy
Asymmetrical Fringe

Cutting a fringe can be difficult — less so if you’re satisfied with a messy look. As always, use trimmers for the side and transition to the top with scissors. For a layered effect like this, you’ll need to cut the top hair at a variety of lengths.

Blond Mohawk Boy Haircut
Fancy Spiky Texture with Shorter Sides

There are a few extra steps if you want to cut a spiky look. Aside from prepping the sides, you’ll need to use your artistic side to cut individual wisps to different lengths, like here.

Thin Spiky Texture
Thin Spiky Texture

A shorter spiky look like this one is also accomplished with scissors. Just buzz of the sides and cut the top to your chosen length, adding some peaks and valleys for contrast. Try using a mixture of scissors and trimmers, like here, to get a unique hairline effect.

Irregular Brush Up with Mini Line Up
Irregular Brush Up with Mini Line Up

There are a couple of elements that go into cutting a brush-up like this one. You’ll need trimmers for the sides and to square off any edges, plus scissors for the top half of each side, the back, and of course the top. This part doesn’t need a straightedge — just a comb will do.

shortened texture blond boy
Shortened Texture

Here’s a slightly longer style where you probably don’t need clippers at all. To cut this exact look, you’ll need to spend some time building the layers on top. Aside from that, you’ll probably want to thin the hair a little to prevent it from getting too bulky.

Clean Low fade
Clean Low fade

Cutting a low fade like this one is like cutting most other boys’ styles. Trimmers around the sides and neck, and scissors to transition to the top. In this case, the hair is kept a pretty uniform length for a tidy look.

Messy Emo Blonde Kid
Messy Emo Blonde Kid

The easiest hairstyles to cut are the messy ones. For a style like this, start by snipping off any long ends. Then use your artistic judgment to build locks of different lengths, thinning the top if necessary.

Hard Part Taper Fade
Hard Part Taper Fade

You can probably achieve this super tidy look with trimmers alone. Fade upwards from the shortest setting on the sides, and use a longer attachment for the top. To get a line this clean, you will want to use a straightedge.

Textured Brush-Up
Brush up Texture

This short look is another trimmers-scissors combo. The real art is in getting the top just right: it needs to look slightly messy. You might try cutting locks at an angle, to get plenty of contrast

Comb Over Fringe Little Boy Hairstyles
Comb Over Fringe

This comb-over couldn’t be easier. Snip the hair down to your desired length with some scissors, and brush it apart with your hands. A little thinning and some layering — and Bob’s your uncle!

Short Messy Blond Hairstyle
Short Messy Blond

Here’s another style where you’ll really have to hone your texturing skills. Getting this kind of spiky, layered look does require some intentional scissor work and will require thinning out thick hair.

Mohawk and Shades Style
Mohawk and Shades Style

Mohawks are easier than they look to cut since a lot of the flare comes in the styling stage. It’s your job to make sure the top is sufficiently long, and then it’s up to you what to do with the rest!

Finger Styled Medium Scissor Crop
Finger Styled Medium Scissor Crop
Pompadour and Classic Taper
Pompadour and Classic Taper
Dramatic Natural Part and Undercut
Dramatic Natural Part and Undercut
Angular Fringe on textured Caesar
Angular Fringe on Textured Caesar
Amazing Texture Boy
Amazing Texture Boy