20 Cool And Sexy Beard Styles For Black Men

Make a masculine statement with one of these styles!


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Black men are not only creative with their hairstyles but they also have some of the coolest beards out there. Their stylishly groomed facial hair is always a perfect complement to their impeccable shape ups and temple fades. Think those skillfully done haircuts look amazing? Add a beard and you’ve got a bolder and manlier look that really grabs stares!

While a beard serves a functional purpose — warmth or protection from the elements, for example — you don’t want it to just grow haphazardly, do you? There are so many beard styles for black men to choose from that it only makes sense to get creative with how you wear yours. Whether you’re going for a short goatee or a full-on lion’s mane, a subtle stubble or something a little bit thicker and more sculpted, there’s a beard style out there that you can rock and your barber can shape.

Take a look at 20 cool and sexy beard styles for black men below.

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