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30 Space Bun Looks To Sashay Your Way Through 2022

Playful versatility for any ocasion


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Double buns are one of those hairstyles that can become as much as you want them to be, so even though they’ve had different levels of popularity throughout the years, space buns are still in style in 2022, especially with the y2k aesthetic making a comeback. From a simple fun, hairstyle to get you through the scorching summer heat, to a customizable look for any amount of festivals and parties you want to go to, this hairstyle is sure to become one of your go-to styles once you try them.

How To Make Space Buns Easy?

Some people might feel a little intimidated by the complexity they see in a lot of the space bun hairstyles out there, and while you can indeed get as crazy as you want with them, they are fairly simple and straightforward to style on your own. This is why, to encourage you, we’ve found a great space buns tutorial for you to follow and get the basics right. With the video below you’ll learn two different and easy ways of creating the space bun hairstyle.

There are different ways of creating the double bun hair-do, and the good news is that you can get as creative as you want with them.

Why Are Side Buns Called Space Buns?

If you were wondering how this particular hairstyle won its name, we’re going to have to take a look at Carrie Fisher and Star Wars director George Lucas. The director of the beloved space franchise wanted to create a look for princess Leia that represented strong women battling colonial invasion between two main cultures, he wanted to bring about something that wasn’t cemented in fashion.

There are different theories scholars discuss when it comes to the origin of the Princess Leia buns. Back in 2002 Time interviewed Lucas, and he said that for inspiration, he looked at Mexico and the style that the revolutionary Southwestern Pancho Villa women wore. We now call them space buns because of Princess Leia but their meaning goes way beyond Hollywood.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia with Space Buns
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Difference Between Afro Puffs Puffs and Space Buns

They look similar but they’re not the same. People with afro hair have a long history of styling their hair in a way that their natural texture creates the round shape of the “buns” except they’re not buns. And when we talk about space buns they are just that, buns that are more similar to what a ballerina’s bun would look like than to afro puffs.

Are Space Buns Unprofessional?

The answer is, that it depends. They may be widely considered to be unprofessional due to the high volume of people that wear this popular double bun hairstyle to go to festivals and events of the sort. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them in a professional setting. Styling is key here because you wouldn’t just wear festival hair to the office, would you? While some companies differ on what they’d consider work-appropriate attire, you could still pull off space buns styled in a way that doesn’t scream “festival”. If you’re thinking of wearing these lovely buns to work, try to style them so that they’re lowered and neatly put together or braided.

Now that we’ve covered some ground about the space buns, let’s take a look at 30 of the coolest space bun hairstyles you could try!

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@cecilialaulanne / Instagram

Messy Space Buns with Curly Hair and Bangs

The messy double bun hairstyle has to be one of our favorites! Not only are they pretty easy to style this way, but they will always look cute no matter your hair texture.

The buns here are teased to bring out more hair strands to fall naturally around and we absolutely love how they’re paired with curly and equally “messy” bangs.

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@jesicayezz / Instagram

Pointy Buns

The regular perfectly round buns are not the only option you got when wearing them, depending on how you wrap them you can get different bun shapes. For this particular double bun hairstyle, you might want to experiment with wrapping the buns tightly and securing any flyaways.

Wear these pointy space buns casually or add any amount of colorful hairpins you want for a more informal or youthful look. If you’ve got thinner hair don’t forget to tease your hair to achieve a fuller look and finish with some hairspray.

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@loonatheworld / Instagram

Yeojin with Space Buns

We’ve seen K-pop female group Loona’s YeoJin (hangul: 여진) wear double buns and knots in many different ways. We wanted to include this look as seen in their album “12:00” because they decided to add some youthfulness to her look by adding bow pins directly on her space buns.

Even though here she’s got a bob haircut and bangs, they managed to give her the cutest half-up half-down hair buns. If you got short hair this is a good option to keep in mind.

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@jheneaiko / Instagram

Relaxed Curly Buns

We love to see curly space buns because of the texture the natural coils give the buns. If you have curly hair and are worried that your buns won’t look neat enough, this relaxed curly look is proof that you have nothing to worry about.

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Rainbow Highlights and V-Shaped Braids

In terms of how much complexity you want to add to your space bun hairstyle, the options are limitless! Here we’ve got some thick framing bangs for the face, v-shaped braids, and rainbow highlights. What a combination, It looks amazing!

To recreate this look, you’ll have to start by parting your hair and sectioning the v-shaped braids. Once you’re done braiding, you want to secure your braids with a bobby pin while you move on to creating your space buns. Once you’ve got those tightly secured wrap the loose strands around the buns and pin them with more bobby pins.

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@abbiecurls / Instagram

Sleek and Curly

We wanted to add this particular style because we love the contrast in textures that the sleep part creates. Now, these might look a lot like afro puffs but we think that a style like this could very well be afro buns pinned down. A mixture of both hairstyles looks lovely!

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@haileybieber / Instagram

Hailey Bieber's Messy Buns

When space buns are done tightly they look a lot like space knots! For this look, you don’t have to worry about securing all hairs down with bobby pins or even wrapping around the loose hair strands. Think of Hailey Bieber’s space bun look like the lazy-girl approach to them!

The best way to go for this vibe is to treat them like you would a fast and tight bun you style to go to the gym without much thought, you just have to repeat the process twice, and voilà!

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Caila Quinn / Pinterest

Double Dutch Braids

The double dutch braids are a go-to hairstyle for a lot of people with long hair. They’re effective at keeping hair out of your face and they look super cute. We’re here to tell you to pair them with space buns!

This look is one that works well for a professional setting as well as for a summer date, the braids keep everything neat and tidy and the buns add uniqueness to the look. It’s a vibe!

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@taylorlashae / Instagram

Short Bob and Space Buns

This is another great example of how to do space buns if you have short hair. If you use the front part of your hair to set the buns it leaves the back free and there’s no need to try to pull shorter hair strands to try and fit within the buns.

The short bob hair and the bangs are a vibe on their own, but when you add double buns to the mix, it’s a party! This hairstyle is young and playful, it will certainly be a contrast to the chic elegance that a bob gives you.

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@abbiecurls / Instagram

Easy Side Half-Up

Due to the natural volume curly hair has, creating a look like this is one of the easiest to achieve. These space buns are placed on the side of the head as opposed to a common placement we see closer to the top.

The only styling products these half-up buns may require are the ones you already use on your curls to keep them hydrated and holding their shape. No need to try and make the middle part sleek, just go with your natural hair and you’ll shine.

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@joyjah / Instagram

Tight Buns with Curly Edges

We love bangs with buns and we also love curly edges with space buns! This really sleek and cool take on the high double bun hairstyle is surely here to stay. It’s right up the y2k aesthetic alley and it would pair perfectly with some low waist jeans and a crop top.

This particular hair-do does require a bit more care and products so they hold in place but that’s nothing a good strong-hold hairspray won’t fix.

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Julie & Christopher Sharp / Pinterest

Low Braided Buns

As we’ve mentioned earlier in the article, there are some people that question if space buns are considered professional. This is a pretty good example that you can make a double bun hair-do look as neat and clean-cut professional as you want and a good way to achieve that is through braids.

The placement of the buns can vary depending on your preference but we believe these fully braided buns would make a positive impression as part of any good professional-looking outfit.

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@gingersnark / Instagram

Princess Leia Space Buns

We couldn’t have an article on double buns without having at least one close-rendition to Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia space buns, could we? For those of you with long hair, this is an iconic look that you should try at least once.

This particular space bun hairstyle has left some volume in the hair partition, so when trying to recreate it, tease your hair, or if you got naturally wavy hair don’t secure the buns too tight. You might need a considerable amount of bobby pins to secure these buns.

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@rissi89 / Instagram

Messy Double Buns with Natural Part

Not all space buns need a middle part to work! This easy and relaxed space bun hairstyle holds the messy buns high on the sides of the head and doesn’t bother with a perfect middle partition.

For this look, it’s a good idea to grab a strand of hair and wrap it around the hairband that holds your buns. Even when they’re supposed to be messy, having your hair hiding the hairband is a nice detail to add to the contrast.

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@taylorsteingold / Instagram

Tight Buns and Short Bangs

Short bangs are in and they look incredibly cute when paired with some tight space buns. In this specific look, the makeup and hairstyle go hand in hand to create a fun and young look. Note how the buns are styled without much product, we have a couple of loose hairs here and there, but you don’t always need to go for a completely neat look.

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@sparkle4every1 / Instagram

Symmetrical Space Buns

As classic as they come for the most well-known version of the space buns, this hairstyle is on point. As are these two buns on their head. The most important part to execute correctly when trying to recreate this look is the symmetry between the two buns.

If you go for a more messy look you might get away with the buns not being aligned too well, but when you’re going for a minimalistic space bun hairstyle like this one, you want your buns to be in the right place. Just like your eyebrows frame your face, your buns will frame the whole look. Finish styling with some hairspray and you’ll be good to go!

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@stellacini / Instagram

Space Buns with Long Wavy Hair

Long hair could mean that your buns will be heavier and that alone may or may not have an impact on how you feel after a whole day of wearing them.

If the length of your hair is seriously a concern that’s stopping you from rocking a style like this, a half-up half-down situation might be the better option for you. In this look, we see the buns being high up and the other half of the hair is left loose. Consider how much hair you want to tie up into the buns and start working with that.

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@discoveringdaria / Instagram

90s Vibe Space Buns on Curly Hair

These buns on curly hair bring a beautiful texture to the look, and we especially love the two frontal hair strands left on the front to create a more y2k vibe.

Don’t forget that for this type of bun as for any other, you can use scrunchies to secure them, it doesn’t always have to be a plain hairband. In this look, they went with black scrunchies but you can use different colors to accentuate the look with a colorful pop.

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@carly.ann.childs / Instagram

Wrapped Buns and Curtain Bangs

When we’re talking about curtain bangs, we know they go well with any hairstyle. Here they look exceptionally cute paired with these space buns.

The buns are not wrapped in the most common way but that’s what makes this look so cute. You don’t need to pin all sides down equally, you could experiment with different ways of wrapping your hair around the buns, levels of tightness, and end with different shapes.

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@sophiehannah / Instagram

Half Up Buns with Short Hair

This double-color hairstyle comes closer to a fit for a fun night out, especially with the makeup they decided to pair it with. It looks gorgeous!

Here we see an example of how someone with a long bob can still pull off a space bun hairstyle without any concerns for their hair length.

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@stellacini / Instagram

Tight Knot Buns on Short Hair and Curtain Bangs

You got a short bob and want to wear space buns? No problem!

We love this look because it uses bangs to purposely frame the face. In a lot of looks for shorter hair sporting double buns we see that the hair from the front gets pulled back and into each bun, but here we’re not only seeing their bangs but also some hair is left out of the buns to give the bangs a little bit more weight.

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@rinao127 / Instagram

Rina Fukushi With Messy Buns and Bangs

Rina Fukushi drinking bubble tea and wearing messy space buns is such a vibe!

Her double buns are paired with long bangs and this is a combination that always works wonders, especially if you got the confidence and attitude to match it. This space bun hair isn’t polished perfect, in fact, the buns are different sizes. When you decide to go the messy hair route, not much else matters.

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@stellacini / Instagram

Subtle Highlights and Fringe

We think that colored hair and space buns are a match made in heaven, which is why we had to include an example of what this type of buns look like when paired with subtle, but colorful, highlights.

We also wanted to remind you that clip-on bangs are a thing, and if bangs are what you feel would complete your look, you should totally go for it. That’s exactly what we believe they did with this hairstyle and it looks stunning.

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@katya.harvey / Instagram

Colorful Half-Up and Braids

These hair colors are out of this world and so is this space bun look! Perfect for festival season and fit for any adventure you want to set a course to. The braided hair in this colorful half-up space bun hairstyle is a lovely way to bring attention to the hair that’s left loose.

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@meredithduxbury / Instagram

Bedazzled Space Buns

The rules for festival hair resume to pretty much “Do what you want, you’ll look amazing.”, and we couldn’t agree more! The double buns are a super fun hairstyle to decorate with as many accessories as you want because they’re a great way to display every piece of hair jewelry you decide to use.

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@freakensipster / Instagram

Pop Punk Pink

Bright colors are always a good idea when paired with space buns. In this hairstyle, we see bright pink hair buns that have been teased to perfection. If you’re going for a space bun look that requires a lot of hair volume, remember to tease, tease, and tease your hair!

A pro tip is to use dry shampoo before teasing your hair to add and hold the volume.

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Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com

Y2K Inspired Messy Buns

Space buns have made an impact everywhere, so it’s no surprise we’ve seen them on the runway shows! We sense some Y2K channeling through the “spiky” loose ends in this particular style. It gives it an early-2000s-it-girl vibe.

To recreate the look, make sure you leave some volume at the front and set the buns as messy as you can get them. Don’t worry too much about what hairs stay loose and you’ll nail it!


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Macy Blackwell / Pinterest

Half-Up and Messy Buns

These half-up messy double buns would be the equivalent of saying “There’s order to my chaos.” in terms of how they’re teased to create this unique look.

If you’re up for some space buns that look soft and wavy in unique shapes, make sure you go grabbing and pulling on specific strands. They need to look like they’re separate from the bun. Don’t forget to spray some of your favorite hairsprays for a long-lasting look.

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@dianamaracuja / Instagram

Medium Double Buns

You don’t need to go around and do the same space bun hairstyle placement that everybody else is doing. For whatever reason, you may prefer them higher, or in this case lower. You might want to find a middle ground between high and low space buns, which is why we decided to add this style to the list!

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@taylorsteingold / Instagram

Half-Up Half Down Pink Buns

Did we mention how much we love pink space buns? Because we really love them, and if you happen to have pink hair right now, we very much believe that you should probably make a style like the one in this example your go-to look.

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