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2022 Trending Goatee Beard Styles (15+ Inspirations)

Shave that perfect goatee for that 2022 style!


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The goatee is a truly classic facial hairstyle. In the 1700s, Flemish painted Anthony Van Dyck first popularized goatees with an iconic version that accompanied a wide, pointed moustache and a narrow strip of hair on the chin. 

The goatee waned and waxed in popularity for a long time, but in the 21st century, you’re as likely to see goatees on Hollywood red carpets as you are in professional sports games. Let’s explore how to rock this hairstyle in the modern era.

What kinds of goatees are there?

Goatees are short, sometimes pointed beards that cover the chin but not the cheeks. Most pair with moustaches, but this isn’t necessary. Among the most common styles is the circular beard, which connects chin hair to a moustache. Another common variation disconnects the moustache from the chin beard, leaving the two to complement one another from a distance. Either of these styles can leave light scruff or closely-shaved skin where the rest of a beard would grow.

A few variations do away with the moustache altogether. The most basic goatee style is simply a patch of hair that covers the entire chin. The soul patch leaves the narrow hair strip from the Van Dyck style but leaves a shaved upper lip. 

Will I look good in a goatee?

Choosing a facial hairstyle that suits you means considering your overall facial shape. Men across history have long known that facial hair can balance weak and strong features, obscuring certain parts of the face while drawing attention to others.

Men with rounded faces often find that goatees suit them well. If the length of your face matches the width of your cheekbones, but both are larger than your forehead and jawline, you might find yourself in this category. A goatee can accent your face by creating the impression of a more pronounced chin.

Square-faced men also look great in a goatee. This term refers to men whose facial dimensions are all fairly similar and have sharp-angled jaws. If this describes you, consider a goatee to lengthen the appearance of your chin. This also helps add a chiselled look to your jawline.

How do I cultivate and maintain a perfect goatee?

The hard lines and contrasts of a goatee sometimes mean more regular maintenance than is required of a full beard. This can also result in a case of shaver’s remorse, in which a self-conscious goatee wearer rids himself of a perceived mistake by going clean-shaven. To avoid this, try using an electric shaver to reduce the length of your beard around the goatee area first. This will help you ease into the transition.

Once you’ve achieved the goatee of your dreams, it’ll require regular trimming. It’s helpful to use a combination of an electric trimmer and beard scissors. Start by using a beard brush to ensure all hair is oriented in the same direction. Experiment with beard trimmer guards until you find a length you like and remember it. Then trim slowly, taking your time especially on the sides where it transitions in length. Once you’re done, top it all off with some beard oil for a lustrous sheen.

Follow these simple steps and soon you’ll be rocking a goatee worthy of Brad Pitt or Idris Elba.

Below we have more inspirations for you to get closer to that Brad Pitt Goatee style, let’s have a look!

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Goatee is the Best, Challenge me

Did you even see my goatee bro? If that’s not his words then I don’t know what are. The goatee here is a great balancer for his hair and overall style. The key is to let it all grow to a point where it looks longer than one wants, then and only then taper ends of it for this long Bruce Wayne-ish look.

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Young and Modern Thin Goatee

A very minimal yet trendy approach to goatee here, as we see that the sides are shaved with some stubble whereas the mustache and goatee beard are all kept pretty neatly thick. The goatee looks thin here but as we always say, less is more!

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Nothing but the Goatee here

An overgrown goatee is a treasure and guess what? We just hit one. This style needs quite some patience especially when one has to let it grow to the desired length and then shave the sides while keeping the mustache quite even. This look is usually seen amongst hardcore bikers.

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Thick Goatee for Days

This goatee is a blend of dense strands with long lengths combined into one. As we know, the key is to let it all grow for once and then taper it off with clippers. The hair is a tad different shade than the goatee and that’s why the goatee pops even better.

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Thin Goatee with Stubble Beard

This goatee is a thin one that looks like a reflection of the mustache itself. The trick is to keep both thin in order to maintain the volume. The stubble beard here provides a good background to the goatee beard. This does require some maintenance from time to time but it is worth it.

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Afro Thick Goatee With White Strands

Density is when the goatee truly shines and as we see here, the goatee is full of volume and it matches with the mustache. The white strands here make this goatee more fashionble.

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English Inspired Thin Goatee

This look is all about the goatee and hardly anything else. The mustache is shaved and the sides are almost shaved but would be safe to say that it is stubbled. The goatee however is firstly thin and secondly elongated for that neat cheeky look.

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Goatee without Mustache

A goatee without a mustache is more than a look, it is a statement. The goatee here is quite well maintained so that’s the only facial hair that pops quite well. Remember to taper it every now and then so that it doesn’t go out of control.

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Sahara Prince/

Matured Take on Goatee

The key to this look is quite simple, let the beard grow for a couple of days, then shave off the sides while keeping the mustache and goatee intact. Then taper the rest with size 4 or size 5 clippers so that volume is not lost and BOOM! A very mature look is ready.

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Jason Stitt/

Happy-Go-Lucky Goatee

Different than the usual, the beard here plays an important role in making this goatee ten times better. The subtle beard helps the goatee pop. Keep in mind to taper the beard while letting the goatee and mustache grow. Taper them in the end and there is this look ready for you.

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Mature yet Grizzly Goatee Look

Well, the contrast from top to bottom is what gets all the attention. The top is side-parted with chill vibes whereas the bottom is grizzly and totally casual. This is the beauty of the goatee. The longer the goatee the better it looks sometimes.

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Asian Goatee with Side Shave

So you think less beard growth means you cannot do anything? Well, the trick is to get a tad creative like this lad. The guy has shaved the sides but kept his goatee and mustache. Although not too big on volume it still has quite a panache.

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Arabian Nights Goatee with Casual Look

One thing that immediately tells us about this look is that it is utterly casual. The goatee and mustache aren’t shaved and tapered pitch perfectly, rather it is very casual. Now, that is a very neat look in itself, one can use clipper size 2or 3 to keep it this way.

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Tough and Dense Goatee with Connection Mustache

Very much inspired by the French crop look this goatee has a connection to mustache with different shades. The goatee is so dense that it immediately pops up and lights the room. This is a very neatly done tough look. Remember to shave the sides for this to steal the show.

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Hippie Asian Goatee

Who says hip culture doesn’t like the retro style? Here is a very hippie version of it, while it is quite simple to rock the whole set makes a huge difference. To have this look, let the goatee grow and then taper it slightly or so. That’s all one has to do. Oh and don’t forget some hippie clothing style to go with it.

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Young and Clean Goatee

One thing that goatee does very efficiently is that it enhances the jawline pretty well. Given here the sides are shaved and the goatee is elongated, the jawline looks even better because of a goatee. The sides being completely shaved just make it one notch better.

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Thick Goatee with Royal Mustache

Would you just look at that dense and grizzly goatee? That’s not it, the imperial handlebar mustache makes it completely one whole look plus the slicked back hairstyle adds up to it. Shave the sides for maximum panache.

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Sharp and Thick Goatee Beard

Even perfect isn’t the perfect word to describe this more than perfect look. The goatee is immensely dense with blending into the mustache is such a great look. That’s not it, the extension of the goatee is what makes this special and helps it stand out. Check out his hair, it all blends together as a style.

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Thicker Goatee with Lighter Mustache

The equation changes here, the mustache is thinner and frizzed but the goatee is is dense and thick. The connection of mustache to goatee is also very thin and that is the advantage as it has all the space to shine. The goatee here grows outward and has more fluff.

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Alexander Sviridov/

Very Retro Inspired Goatee Look

Thick mustache, amazingly thick goatee, and round glasses, who can ever deny that this is a very retro-fied cool look. The goatee here is slightly longer with density matching that of mustaches. The sides are shaved for maximum attention to the goatee which therefore completely nails it.

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