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Trending Goatee Beard Styles (15+ Inspirations)

Shave that perfect goatee for that 2022 style!

written by Heidi Pun

The goatee is a truly classic facial hairstyle. In the 1700s, Flemish painted Anthony Van Dyck first popularized goatees with an iconic version that accompanied a wide, pointed moustache and a narrow strip of hair on the chin.

The goatee waned and waxed in popularity for a long time, but in the 21st century, you’re as likely to see goatees on Hollywood red carpets as you are in professional sports games. Let’s explore how to rock this hairstyle in the modern era. Below we have some inspirations for you to get closer to that Brad Pitt Goatee style, let’s have a look!

What kinds of goatees are there?

Goatees are short, sometimes pointed beards that cover the chin but not the cheeks. Most pair with moustaches, but this isn’t necessary. Among the most common styles is the circular beard, which connects chin hair to a moustache. Another common variation disconnects the moustache from the chin beard, leaving the two to complement one another from a distance. Either of these styles can leave light scruff or closely-shaved skin where the rest of a beard would grow.

A few variations do away with the moustache altogether. The most basic goatee style is simply a patch of hair that covers the entire chin. The soul patch leaves the narrow hair strip from the Van Dyck style but leaves a shaved upper lip.

Will I look good in a goatee?

Choosing a facial hairstyle that suits you means considering your overall facial shape. Men across history have long known that facial hair can balance weak and strong features, obscuring certain parts of the face while drawing attention to others.

Men with rounded faces often find that goatees suit them well. If the length of your face matches the width of your cheekbones, but both are larger than your forehead and jawline, you might find yourself in this category. A goatee can accent your face by creating the impression of a more pronounced chin.

Square-faced men also look great in a goatee. This term refers to men whose facial dimensions are all fairly similar and have sharp-angled jaws. If this describes you, consider a goatee to lengthen the appearance of your chin. This also helps add a chiselled look to your jawline.

How do I cultivate and maintain a perfect goatee?

The hard lines and contrasts of a goatee sometimes mean more regular maintenance than is required of a full beard. This can also result in a case of shaver’s remorse, in which a self-conscious goatee wearer rids himself of a perceived mistake by going clean-shaven. To avoid this, try using an electric shaver to reduce the length of your beard around the goatee area first. This will help you ease into the transition.

Once you’ve achieved the goatee of your dreams, it’ll require regular trimming. It’s helpful to use a combination of an electric trimmer and beard scissors. Start by using a beard brush to ensure all hair is oriented in the same direction. Experiment with beard trimmer guards until you find a length you like and remember it. Then trim slowly, taking your time, especially on the sides where it transitions in length. Once you’re done, top it all off with some beard oil for a lustrous sheen.

Follow these simple steps and soon you’ll be rocking a goatee worthy of Brad Pitt or Idris Elba.

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