30 Flattering Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Short and sophis-THICK-ated!


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To all the thick-haired ladies out there, we hope you know how lucky you are. While the rest of us have to deal with flat-hair problems every single day, you’ve got all that lush volume to do what you like with.

You might say that having thick hair has its challenges, like longer styling time and the need for tons of products. But then that’s hardly a problem because you can always opt for a shorter style, which also cuts down styling time and reduces the amount of product you have to use. Not only are short haircuts easier to manage if you have thick tresses, there are lots of chic options, too.

Does a shorter, lighter ‘do sound tempting now? Keep scrolling for 30 celeb-approved styles that will look flattering for your thick hair.

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