To all the thick-haired ladies out there, we hope you know how lucky you are. While the rest of us have to deal with flat-hair problems every single day, you’ve got all that lush volume to do what you like with.

You might say that having thick hair has its challenges, like longer styling time and the need for tons of products. But then that’s hardly a problem because you can always opt for a shorter style, which also cuts down styling time and reduces the amount of product you have to use. Not only are short haircuts easier to manage if you have thick tresses, there are lots of chic options, too.

Does a shorter, lighter ‘do sound tempting now? Keep scrolling for 30 celeb-approved styles that will look flattering for your thick hair.

Scarlett Johansson’s Messy Pixie
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Scarlett Johansson's Messy Pixie

If you have thick hair like Scarlett Johansson, you can take advantage of all that volume to experiment with unique styles. Here, she’s wearing a pixie cut with side-swept bangs, which is done up is a messy style that really plays up the thickness and adds lots of character to her short hair.

Dua Lipa’s Textured Bob
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Dua Lipa's Textured Bob

Having thick hair means there’s no need to give it the illusion of volume. But a bit of layering like Dua Lipa’s results in a nice texture and shape.

Anne Hathaway’s Short Layered Bob
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Anne Hathaway's Short Layered Bob

Anne Hathaway’s bob is another example of how layering removes bulk from thick hair, especially at the ends, which gives it a stylish shape.

Natalie Portman’s Curly Pixie
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Natalie Portman's Curly Pixie

Thick hair, especially if it’s on the curly side, is a great base for a pixie cut. All that density and texture ensure that your short ‘do stays cute and doesn’t fall flat.

Yara Shahidi’s Afro
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Yara Shahidi's Afro

If you have thick natural tresses like Yara Shahidi, why not show it off in all its glory? Who doesn’t love a Black woman embracing her natural texture?

Zoey Deutch's Poofy Waves

Obviously, having thick hair means having zero volume problems. Frizz might be an issue, though. Try an anti-frizz spray to achieve a nicer wavy texture like Zoey Deutch’s.

Lupita Nyong’o’s Teeny Weeny Afro
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Lupita Nyong'o's Teeny Weeny Afro

If you want less thickness and volume than a full-on afro, you can opt for a TWA like Lupita Nyong’o’s. Give it a more structured shape by cutting the sides shorter and keeping much of the volume at the top.

Halsey's Retro Bob

When you have thick hair, it means you have a lot of room for experimentation in terms of styles. Fancy a retro wavy bob like Halsey’s? It’s achievable, especially if you already have a natural wave to your hair.

Janelle Monae's Stacked Cut

A stacked cut like Janelle Monae’s makes perfect sense if you have thick hair and want to remove bulk from it. The back is cut at an angle, balancing out the density while giving it a nice, modern shape at the same time.

Ruby Rose's Spiked 'Do

If punk is your thing, you’re lucky if you have thick hair because you can definitely pull off this spikey ‘do. It’s easy to achieve with a good gel and some DIY styling skills.

Jessica Alba’s Layered Bob
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Jessica Alba's Layered Bob

It’s a good idea to steer clear of blunt ends if you have thick hair. Ask your stylist for a choppy cut like Jessica Alba’s to avoid the triangle effect, which is when your hair takes on a triangular shape because of bulk.

Lucy Hale’s Messy Bob
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Lucy Hale's Messy Bob

Because volume is not a problem with thick hair, all you need is a stylish texture, like these subtle waves on Lucy Hale. And if you want to add a dose of edge, give it a tousle for that messy-chic finish.

Sarah Hyland’s Curly Bob
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Sarah Hyland's Curly Bob

If you are thick-haired and have always wanted to sport a cute curly bob like Sarah Hyland’s, you’re in luck, especially if you already have a natural wave. Your hair will hold curls better and the short length means there’s less weight pulling them down, which ensures they stay bouncy all day.

Joey King's Textured Pixie

Because you already have the fullness and volume, a pixie like Joey King’s is a good choice for a short haircut. The layering gives it a chic texture that looks perky all day and doesn’t fall flat.

Mary J. Blige’s Faux Hawk
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Mary J. Blige's Faux Hawk

Having thick hair means you can definitely pull off a faux hawk like Mary J. Blige’s. Because of all that volume, you can create impressive height, fullness, and texture at the top.

Taraji P. Henson's Purple Wavy Faux Hawk

Taraji P. Henson shows us another example of how thick hair can be styled into a faux hawk. Hers features tousled waves and a side fringe and looks really eye-catching with that bright purple hue.

Demi Lovato's Mullet

You might have noticed that the mullet is staging a comeback, and Demi Lovato was one of the first celebs to rock the look this year. Brave enough to try this style? It will look better if you have thick hair because you need volume and texture to pull it off.

Ruth Negga’s Short Curls
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Ruth Negga's Short Curls

If you have thick, curly hair, it makes perfect sense to wear it short like this. Not only does it look cute, you’ll also spend less money on products and less time styling your hair.

Jenna Dewan’s Piecey Bob
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Jenna Dewan's Piecey Bob

Who wouldn’t want to wear a messy, sexy bob like Jenna Dewan’s? However, you always run the risk of looking, well, just messy. The key is expertly done layers — and those highlights are not bad either.

Lisa Rinna's Layered Razor Cut

As far as iconic hairstyles go, Lisa Rinna’s shag is right up there with the most famous. You need thick hair to copy this, though, because it would be too hard to achieve if you didn’t have the volume.

Claire Foy’s Wavy Bob
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Claire Foy's Wavy Bob

We love the fullness and shape of Claire Foy’s bob. Obviously, this look is easy to create if you have thick, voluminous hair.

Taylor Hill's Short Half Updo

Thick hair can easily overwhelm your face. And it’s impossible to pull it back into a ponytail or updo if it’s short. Why not try a half updo like Taylor Hill’s? And leave some tendrils at the front for an extra dose of cuteness.

Kate Mara’s Piecey Pixie

Kate Mara's Piecey Pixie

Cutting your hair into a pixie removes a lot of bulk from thick hair. And because you have such rich volume, you have a lot of versatility in terms of texture. Try a piecey style like Kate Mara’s.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw's Tight Curls

Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s short curly hair has a lot of bounce and volume. If this doesn’t convince you to go natural, we don’t know what will.

Amandla Stenberg’s Natural Curls With Headband
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Amandla Stenberg's Natural Curls With Headband

If you’re wearing your natural hair but want all that volume out of your face, pull it back with a headband. Amandla Stenberg looks so cool and cute with her ‘do, don’t you think?

Jennifer Hudson's Natural Bob

Here’s another example of how you can style short, natural hair. Jennifer Hudson is wearing a thick, curly bob with eye-grazing bangs and we think she looks sassy!

Elsa Pataky's Messy Cut

What’s great about thick hair is you never have flat-hair problems, especially if you have a natural wave. Keep some anti-frizz spray handy for a casual yet chic look like Elsa Pataky’s.

Morena Baccarin's Tousled Pixie

Have we convinced you yet that a pixie cut goes perfectly with thick hair? Here’s another style you can try as demoed by Morena Baccarin. That tousled look is easy to create with a good texturizing product.

Alexandra Shipp's Natural Curls

As if the lush volume on Alexandra Shipp’s natural hair wasn’t stunning enough, the highlights are definitely amping up the glam factor!

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Short Bouncy Curls

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is giving us vintage vibes with this short curly ‘do. It’s tame at the top but party down the ends — definitely a cute way to style short, thick hair.