30 Elegant Short Bob Haircuts for Women in 2022

Keep it straight or curl it, short bob is the look to go!


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Short bob haircut is one of those haircuts that started back in the ’70s and made its way to the modern era. In a nutshell, it is the one with the hair being neck length and sometimes fluffed or sometimes rocking a sleek profile. The part can be something that is a personal choice, some prefer to keep it middle while some part it on the side.

Rocking one is quite easy than one would think, keep the length short so that the hair rests above shoulders and below ears. There might be some variation with length sometimes touching shoulders but that is considered a bob too if it is not too long.

It has been one of the trendy hairstyles but as time progresses there have been some modifications to the original style which now we can a “Modern short Bob Hairstyle”

What is Modern Short Bob Hairstyle?

The modern version of the hairstyle is usually the normal short bob with added features from modern era hairstyle elements. A few of the most common ways to make it modern is to part it on the side or in the middle.

Or, to rock fringe on either side or to have bangs hanging on the forehead. One can also french crop the forehead for a more cute and trendy outlook. Don’t forget the dye or wave the curl for an even better look.

Let’s check out few celebrities that will inspire us more and give more ideas of how one can style the look.

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