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30 Exclusive Female Examples Of The Wolf Cut Styles

A broad variety of ways how to style a wolf cut.


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No doubt that we should start with defining the meaning of the wolf haircut as there are so many uncertainties associated with this style. In simple words, it is some sort of a shag haircut mixture with a well-known mullet cut that can be done with any hair length.

Even though this type of cut doesn’t require comprehended styling, with the shorter hair this cut tends to look unkempt. To eliminate that possibility try using a hairdryer with a diffuser on low settings as well as any mousse with heat protection for adding some texture to your natural waves or curls.

While with short hair it is relatively easy to style the shaggy cuts, on long hair you will need to learn a few basic hot brush styling moves not to lose that root volume and any type of a salt or sugar spray to create the textured waves: salt spray for more beach-looking, dry curls and the sugar spray for a more glossy, smooth finish.

With a few styling tips, this wolf-cut mullet can give you some interesting possibilities to play with the length, volume, highlights, and more. Let’s see the examples below:

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